Marketing Skills To Boost your Sales.

marketing skills to boost your sales
Every aspect of human endeavour has an element of sales and marketing; from the way you dress, to the way you carry yourself, to your personal interest or passion. these can become strong marketing skills to boost your sales

Every aspect of human endeavour has an element of sales and marketing; from the way you dress, to the way you carry yourself, to your personal interest or passion. these can become strong marketing skills to boost your sales
An individual who love red color will most likely buy products packaged in red. What that means is that we buy things that appeal to us, not necessarily what we need or what we cannot do without.
The most intriguing, interesting, yet frustrating aspect of any business is the sales or the marketing strategy of producers. Of course, no business thrive without effective marketing strategy, so if you wish to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must pay adequate attention to your sales strategy, else you may end up losing so much as a result of little or no sales.
Whether your service is product based or solution based, you need to brush your sales skills to boost your revenue and of course smile to the bank.
In this article, I shall enumerate sales skills that will boost your sales, increase your credibility and also attract more customers to your business.
Do you remember the Coca-Cola advert that inscribed different names on the plastic bottle of their products? Do you think they were just having fun? Nope, that was Coca-Cola building a relationship with her customers. People patronize you more when they feel connected to you, your brand, or your products.
If as an entrepreneur you do not keep a healthy relationship, you do not socialize,  you do not nurture the friendship or relationships around you(whether social or real}, how do you hope to make sales?
Buyers do care to know how much you  care, how  genuine you are, and how your product or service connects with your passion and personality. So your number one strategy is to build relationship with those you hope to sell your products and services to.
Humans connect with a story, whether fake  or real, we are all influenced by a story. Human being is an embodiment of stories: childhood stories, teenage stories, personal stories, happy-sad-moody-indifferent stories, and our stories influence our buying decisions.
As an entrepreneur, you must learn how to be a good story teller, not necessarily being able to write a novel, but being able to connect your passion with your profession and then your product or solution.
Buyers are always listening and will always buy into your story once it is relatable, genuine and honest.
All songs are stories, and all business sells with good stories. stories can help you attract loyal customers. Find out 7 other ways on how you can attract loyal customers:
One of the worst mistakes most entrepreneurs do is that they sell a price, they undo themselves because they want to gain the customer of their competitor. Fact is, every product has its own clients, and the worst thing to sell is prize, because the moment you start selling price, you expose yourself to being manipulated by buyers.
When you hear things like, won’t you sell for $x less? I have someone who could offer this product at 50%, that is manipulation which arose because the entrepreneur is selling price, instead of value.
You should always sell value, content, service, and stress on the efficacy, efficiency, and satisfaction that your service brings to clients, anything else may ruin your business.

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Almost every year, Malta Guinness re-brand their Malta drink and other products they produce, do you know why? Because buyers will always be attracted to beautiful products, or services.
To be honest, I paid additional $20 for a product that was worth $10,  simply  because the business owner repackaged the same product in such a manner that I  couldn’t resist it.
No matter how effective your product might be or how efficient your service might be, poor packaging will most definitely reduce your sales and profitability in your business.
Every product or service demands promotion and publicity, and where you carry out your publicity determines your sales efficiency and your profitability.  We are in business to make money, and we will only make money by pushing our products and services consistently to the face of our potential clients. These days, we have strategic, effective and affordable ways to publicize your products and get the right clients to your business.
Today, you can generate  over 50% sales by promoting your business on social media alone. That shows how flexible and effective social media tools are to entrepreneurs and to businesses.
Though no publicity is a bad publicity, not all publicity is effective in sales, so as an entrepreneur, you must be strategic in your publicity to avoid spending your profit on publicity alone.


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Every entrepreneur is the number one Sales executive of his or her company or brand, and your volume of sales is dependent on the following:
[]Quality of your product and service.
Trust is the most expensive commodity in business, and once your prospective clients have lost their trust in your brand and business, you may as well close the business because you will most likely make losses in the business.

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As an entrepreneur, you must adopt these skills if you hope to thrive in your business, and build a brand that will stand the test of time.
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