5 Social Media Managing Mistakes You Might Be Making


Social media is more appealing today than it has ever been. When over half the world is now using social media websites, you have many opportunities to expand your reach. That makes social media a vital part of any online marketing strategy.

However, many social media management mistakes are easy to make. Below are five things you need to look out for to learn how to manage social media correctly.

#1. Not Making Branding Consistent

It’s easy to try and follow the crowd when working on social media. After all, it makes sense to do the same things as other popular social media accounts.

However, some of those social media strategies may not fit your brand image. If you go this route, you can confuse your customers by not having a consistent brand image. Make sure everything you do on social media stays consistent with your brand.

#2. Not Responding to Fans

People like to engage with the brands they follow on social media. They’ll send direct messaging, respond to posts, and share things they enjoy with their friends. It’s a mistake not to engage with any of the people that interact with your page.

Engaging with your fans creates a closer connection to your brand. It makes people enjoy your content and more likely to purchase your products instead of your competitors.

#3. Not Focusing on Quality Content

It’s easy to get swept up in content on social media. You want to create as much engagement as possible, so you post as much as you can. Doing this is a mistake.

Having a lot of content isn’t worth much if it isn’t good. Too much poor content will cause people to stop following your account. Focus on quality before everything else to increase engagement and fan retention.

#4. Not Using Hashtags

One of the great things about using social media is going viral. People use hashtags to look for new content. However, you need to know what hashtags to use if you want to appear in searches.

Before making your social media posts, look for trending hashtags that match your post’s content. This will help you appear in more search results and gain more views and followers.

#5. Not Investing in Tools

The chances are good you have social media accounts on several websites. While this makes good business sense, it does create more work for your social media managers. They have to log in to each account and handle everything manually.

There are many social media tools for businesses that can help. You can automate and streamline a lot of your social media work to allow your marketing team to focus on more meaningful tasks.

Don’t Make the Common Social Media Managing Mistakes

Yes, marketing with social media is a great way to get the word out about your brand. However, you can still make many social media management mistakes that will detract from your company’s message. Keep the mistakes with managing social media above in mind so you don’t fall into common traps.

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