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This article is for you if you’ve heard of direct sales and are interested in learning how they operate. You’ll learn how direct sales companies work, as well as the top jewelry and makeup companies that you can affiliate with. Some of these direct sales companies have Christian ethics as well, which makes our list concise.

What Is A Direct Sales Company?

A direct sales company engages in consumer goods sales outside of the conventional retail setting. Through their own internet store, their home, or the home of the customer, salespeople do direct sales. Since they market and sell their own goods directly to customers, they play the roles of distributor and salesperson.

The manufacturers of the goods send them straight to the direct sales company, which then gives them to the sales representative to sell to the clients. When a customer wants to buy a certain product, they must go to the direct sales representative since direct sales organizations frequently sell distinctive products that are unavailable in retail stores.

You work as an independent contractor and are regarded as a small business owner for the majority of direct sales organizations. You frequently invest in the inventory, market the products, and sell the goods yourself. Starting your own direct sales company is an additional choice. To do this, you must create your own brand and product, as well as create your own unique selling proposition and hire salespeople.

The Highest-Paying Direct Sales Companies

#1. Mary Kay

Selling beauty items to others in your neighborhood will be your responsibility as a distributor for the cosmetics company Mary Kay.

Distributors for Mary Kay are referred to as “beauty consultants.”

You’ll need to spend $100 on a beginning kit to join Mary Kay.

Your next objective is to market the company’s products and find new employees to work with you.

In addition to receiving a commission from the sales of the individuals you help recruit, you may make up to 50% commission on the products you sell directly.

#2. Avon

Avon is another well-known beauty juggernaut and a program with a wide range of advantages for participants.

In addition to a skincare line, anti-aging products, body care items, cosmetics, and even wellness supplements, Avon also sells body care items.

Selling Avon’s goods to friends and family will be your responsibility as an Avon representative.

In addition to selling goods in person, you can also do so through your own free Avon online store.

Avon demands that its distributors purchase beginning kits, which can cost anywhere from $25 to $100.

On the first kit you order, the firm promises you’ll earn a 40% commission.

It might be an excellent possibility to look into if you’re interested in the kinds of things that Avon sells and possess the people skills necessary to persuade others to buy.

#3. Tupperware

Want to socialize and entertain with friends? then benefit from Tupperware’s party-centric business model.

We have Tupperware as we go from food storage to cosmetics.

There’s a decent chance that you now have some of the company’s reusable, high-quality food storage containers in your cupboard.

If you enjoy throwing parties, selling Tupperware can be a good opportunity for you.

Hosting parties where you show your guests the variety of Tupperware products is a big aspect of the company’s sales model.

You can even get free things from Tupperware just by hosting a party.

Tupperware starter sets cost $99 each.

#4. Pampered Chef

Another company that focuses on parties, but has strategies to make the party a success. This company’s products are well-known.

Via its network of consultants, Pampered Chef distributes a wide variety of kitchen accessories.

Hosting parties is the main sales strategy here, just like with Tupperware.

You’ll show the merchandise to your visitors during these parties.

If the visitors are satisfied with what they see, they may place an order with you directly at your gathering or later at your online Pampered Chef store.

Pampered Chef will provide you with party ideas to get things going along with recipes that show how to use their items.

You must choose a beginning kit, which might cost between $149 and $249.

Naturally, if you enjoy (and are somewhat skilled at) cooking, this chance will benefit you the most.

#5. Thirty-One Gifts

Offer a range of goods, such as pillows, totes, backpacks, and purses. Love accouterments? Check out this business

A range of purses, totes, backpacks, pillows, and other printed things are available at Thirty-One Gifts.

If you enjoy keeping up with the newest accessory and home décor trends, it’s a wonderful firm to sell things for.

Thirty-One Gifts has $99 starter packages available.

A monthly subscription cost of $14.95 plus tax is also required to access your exclusive Thirty-One Gifts website.

The business asserts that you may make at least a 25% commission by selling their goods, and consultants can get a 40% discount on the business’s goods.

#6. Scentsy

A well-known brand with comparable high-quality products. Nearly everyone can use these goods to fulfill their need for a pleasant-smelling environment.

Scentsy, as the name of the business suggests, specializes in fragrant goods.

The company sells laundry products, bath products, bath warmers, essential oil diffusers, and more.

The fact that each product smells amazing unifies them all.

Scentsy costs $99 to get started, plus $10 monthly for your own unique webpage (though the first three months are free when you purchase a starter kit).

Although you can also sell products through your Scentsy online store, the firm encourages consultants to host parties.

#7. Traveling Vineyard

A rare chance to profit. Become a local wine specialist and sell fine wines for every occasion.

Do you enjoy wine? Enjoy assisting others in selecting the ideal wine for every situation?

Then it could be worthwhile to investigate Traveling Vineyard.

You will organize complimentary in-home wine tastings for your loved ones as a Traveling Vineyard Wine Consultant.

The objective is to introduce them to new wines (and then purchase them from you at the end of the event).

The cost of the Traveling Vineyard startup kits is $179.99. (plus shipping and taxes).

The monthly fee for your own Traveling Vineyard site is $15.95. (though the company waives this for the first three months after you sign up).

#8. Beachbody

One of the most well-known at-home exercise regimens available is from Beachbody. Become a Beachbody coach to assist others in achieving their fitness objectives.

Are you devoted to healthy eating, exercise, and weight loss?

If so, it might make sense to offer Beachbody products.

To combat obesity and promote a healthy lifestyle, the organization provides a range of fitness programs, nutrition programs, and nutritional supplements.

You’ll be able to make up to a 35 percent commission on the products you sell when you work as a Beachbody Coach.

To sign up to be a coach, you must pay $39.95 in addition to $15.95 each month.

If you’re passionate about the product and on a tight budget, this might be a wonderful chance because it’s far less expensive than some of the other programs we’ve reviewed.

#9. Tastefully Simple

Profit on the popular post-COVID trend of meal boxes. For any busy schedule, these time-saving packages are ideal.

Meal planning is made easier with the help of Tastefully Simple’s culinary products and meal kit options.

Meal kits are available from the company that is suitable for a range of dietary requirements and food sensitivities, such as vegetarian, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

You will market these meal packages as a Tastefully Simple consultant by holding events and running your online shop.

You must buy a meal box, which starts at $69.95, in order to sign up.

Also, you’ll have to pay a $39.95 joining fee to receive starter packets of order forms, party invitations, and product brochures.

If you’ve ever thought about working in direct sales, jewelry companies are currently quite common.

However, if you make it a point to wear the items while you’re out and about, these products frequently sell themselves, as many direct sales consultants will attest to.

You no longer have to rely just on your close friends and acquaintances to generate sales either, with social and online sales now being such a major deal!

Best Jewelry Direct Sales Companies

#1. Stella & Dot

Consultants, often referred to as “Independent Stylists,” are paid up to 40% of sales as compensation. Your commissions are distributed by Stella & Dot weekly to a Stella & Dot debit card.

Currently, you can create your company for $59 thanks to a Stella & Dot promotion. When compared to what many other direct sales organizations charge, this is affordable.

With the current $59 sign-up offer, you have yearly access to:

  • 25% off Beauty and Accessories year-round, paid monthly, with the opportunity to boost it to 50% several times throughout the year.
  • Bonus and incentive programs for ambassadors
  • The chance to acquire limitless Product Credit to use in our store during your first 60 days

Also, you can receive discounts of up to 75% on jewelry purchases for yourself. This is a cost-effective technique to obtain some samples to present potential customers.

#2. The Origami Owl (now part of Think Goodness)

Fashionable jewelry that may be totally customized is Origami Owl’s specialty. They now belong to the Think Goodness company.

Via Think Goodness, you may become a Purpose Partner and make money by selling Origami Owl jewelry. Regrettably, the Think Goodness brand page does not provide a lot of specifics, including commission.

#3. Paparazzi

All of this company’s jewelry can be purchased for just $5, which is one of its interesting features. You receive a 35 to 45 percent commission on all purchases after purchasing your starter kit.

You can select from three starter kits with prices ranging from $99 to $499 that include a large number of items at a big discount for you.

The kits also include business supplies and marketing materials in addition to jewelry.

#4. Magnabilities

This business specializes in interchangeable, magnetic jewelry that may be customized.

Magnabilities offers up to 50% commission on all product sales. For $50, you may launch your own business with them, and you’ll get an enrollment package with $300 worth of goods inside.

During the first month, they do provide you with a free website, but after that, you’ll need to pay $12.95 a month to maintain it.

#5. Plunder Design

Plunder focuses on producing inexpensive jewelry for “ordinary” women.

At the least priced level, you can sign up for $99 and receive a starter package of $300 worth of Plunder stuff.

#6. Touchstone Crystal

This business specializes in inexpensive jewelry from the Swarovski brand, which you probably already know. The majority of the jewelry may be bought for less than $50.

Touchstone’s cheapest beginning bundle is $99 and includes $500 worth of products. Starting out, you’ll get between 25% commission on the sales of this jewelry.

Direct Sales Makeup Companies

Here, we’ll look at some of the most well-liked and well-known direct sales companies in the makeup sector.

#1. Avon

This brand, which was established in 1886, is well-known throughout the world and unquestionably one that most of us have grown up with. Although Avon sells a variety of goods, the most popular items are well-known cosmetics, skincare, and beauty products.

Being an Avon representative is completely free.

The company will provide you with an Avon website so you can set up your own store to take both in-person and online orders. The commission is 25% of what you sell.

#2. Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Since 1963, this business has been around and is most known for its pink containers.

For years, Mary Kay has advertised free facials for you and your friends as a way to market the product. Yet, if you want to sell online, this organization will also provide you with a website.

A beginning kit costs $100 and includes a very basic kit in addition to all the necessary papers to start selling. 50% of what you sell is and always has been your commission, along with opportunities for career advancement, trips, and the coveted pink Cadillac.

To stay active, you must submit a minimum $200 wholesale order every three months.

#3. Motives Cosmetics

It was established in 2008 and takes pride in its high-end cosmetic expertise, in part because so many celebrities wear it. Motives continues to gain popularity after being mentioned in magazines including Vogue, Allure, Lucky, People Style Watch, and InStyle.

One individual can use the makeup in the $149.95 starter package. With Motives, you may make up to 40% in retail profit in addition to receiving commissions for the sales of your team. Also, you can run your own website.

#4. BeautyCounter

This business takes pleasure in offering non-toxic items that won’t result in dangerous allergic responses.

A customized website, product lookbooks, recruiting brochures, hosting materials, order forms, and a CD with product training instructions, the best operating procedures for your business, among other things, are included in the starting kit, which costs $85 and can be purchased here.

Earn up to 35% commission from the items you sell, and expand your company by hiring and developing a staff. There will also be chances for your team to win prizes, trips, and other benefits.

Top Christian Direct Sales Companies

Here are some of the best Christian Direct Sales Companies

#1. Thirty-One Gifts

Thirty-One Gifts was started in 2003 by Cindy Moore. Their main office is in Columbus, Ohio.

The company is in business to make money, but they’re also in it to give back. They have a humanitarian initiative called 31 Gives that assists women, girls, and families in leading meaningful lives.

Many of the items available at Thirty-One Gifts are meant to be gifts for other people.

#2. La Bella Baskets and Gifts

La Bella Baskets and Gifts, with its headquarters in Lakeway, Texas, was established in 2009 by two women by the names of Janis and Mia.

You can clearly discern the La Bella website’s Christian principles by looking at the variety of things it offers.

#3. Mary Kay

In 1963, Mary Kay Ash established the now-horrific MLM Corporation. Mary Kay Ash also had a strong faith in God and a great desire to help other women succeed.

#4. Just Jewelry

Just Jewelry, which was established in 2004 and has its corporate office in Springboro, Ohio, places God at the center of its enterprise. Their core conviction is that God created every one of us with a specific purpose.

The light is also being let in by Just Jewelry. They have a project that goes by the name of Plumpy Nut. For each Faith, Hope, and Love bracelet purchased, two Plumpy’ Nut Treatments are given to hungry kids. 47,000 dinners have been served thus far.

#5. Initial Outfitters

With the power of God and prayer, Jim and Alicia Storbeck were able to make their dream come true when they founded Initial Outfitters.

Initial Outfitters, with its headquarters in Auburn, Alabama, contributes to Charlie’s Lunch Ministries, a wonderful nonprofit organization. Every dollar generated by IO Loves, a company that sells embroidered lunchboxes and custom backpacks, goes toward feeding underprivileged kids.

#6. Damsel in Defense

The staff at this Christian-based company has great faith in God, but they also understand how crucial it is to arm women with the tools they need to protect themselves against predators.

The Damsel in Defense executive team, which is based in Boise, Idaho, praises our Creator in unison. They offer a variety of products that might help ladies feel secure.

#7. First Fitness Nutrition

Some of the biggest personalities in sports have backed this well-known Christian company, but God is their biggest supporter.

Why? Because God is prioritized above all else by First Fitness Nutrition. The weight loss regimen is regarded as extraordinary.

#8. Mary & Martha

So, we can see right away from this MLM’s name that it is a Christian home décor firm.

Jesus’ friends Mary and Martha were present when he was crucified.

This company is heavily influenced by biblical teachings. Even Bibles are being distributed to kids by Compassion International.

#9. Daisy Blue Naturals

Daisy Blue Naturals is a brand of skin care products with its main office in Albert Lea, Minnesota. Even by looking at its website, you can see that it was founded on Christian principles.

I appreciate Daisy Blue Naturals’ support for Kids Inspiring Kids. assisting in the feeding of children in Uganda and fighting the unrest of children in cities across the country and the globe.

Can You Make Money From Direct Selling?

People from many areas of life have the chance to earn extra money by selling goods and services they value, while also taking advantage of flexibility, mentoring, and social connection through direct selling.

Who Is World No.1 Direct Selling Company?

Amway is ranked as the top direct selling company in the world.

In Concluion,

That completes our list, then! If starting a business from home appeals to you but you are unable to create the jewelry yourself, you can spend some time looking into all the businesses mentioned above.

Go through their merchandise and websites, read about their individual beginnings, and decide which one has a “style” that you and your friends will find appealing.

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