TOP YOUTUBE INFLUENCERS IN 2023: How To Find Influencers Explained!


Millions of people enjoy YouTube videos every day. So is it any surprise that YouTube is a tremendously important area where businesses may find influencers?
Our top YouTube influencers list is loosely based on YouTube followers. Some of the most subscribed YouTube channels are not really suited to be considered influencers for brands. We have eliminated YouTube’s own genre channels, such as Music, Gaming, and Sports (these are actually the three channels with the highest subscribers, more than 97 million users opt for YouTube’s music channel). People who are considered YouTube influencers (also known as YouTubers) are those who have gained a huge following on the network by establishing themselves as experts in a topic.
Because of their platform, these YouTubers have the capacity to generate trends and influence audience members. As a result, corporations seek YouTube influencers to discuss their products in front of a wide audience, which has led to the birth of YouTube influencer marketing.

General Top YouTube Influencers In 2023

#1. Mr Beast – 99,8M followers

Not only has MrBeast one of the most subscribed YouTube channels but he also has one of the best communities. With an excellent engagement rate of 3.67%, a flawless Favikon score, and an excellent buzz ratio, he obviously has highly supportive subscribers. His videos are usually impressive. From bizarre challenges like “ I didn’t eat anything for 30 days” to epic movies like “Would you swim with sharks for $100,000?”, you can be sure to be amused by his work.

#2. Dude Perfect – 58M followers

With 58M subscribers and an excellent interaction rate of 3.69%, these groups of 5 pals are among the most popular artists on the network. They established their channel in 2009, so they undoubtedly have experienced the progression of YouTube throughout the years. Their contents are fairly diverse: humoristic sketches, challenges, testing out unusual objects…

#3. Kimberly Loaiza – 37,1M followers

37M subscribers and an excellent interaction rate of 6.68%, Kimberly Loaiza clearly understands how to create quality videos. She is a YouTuber but also a vocalist from Mexico. Created in 2016, her YouTube channel attracted 100k subscribers in barely a week. Nowadays, she usually posts vlogs with her family and also her music videos.

#4. BB Ki Vines – 25,5M followers

BB Ki Vines, popularly known as Bhuva Bam is an Indian singer, actor, and YouTuber. He started his YouTube career in 2015. He is recognized for his video series which chronicles the life of an adolescent and his friends and family. All the distinct characters are portrayed by Bhuva. His YouTube channel currently has 25.5M subscribers and an exceptional interaction rate of 8.66%.

#5. Brent Rivera – 20,3M followers

Brent Rivera is a 24 years old content creator from the USA. He first garnered notoriety on the social network Vine but has since created a significant fanbase on YouTube. Presently he has 20.2M members and a fantastic engagement rate of 6.62%. He mainly posts funny videos such as “this is the most expensive first-class seat” or “my 30-day physique transformation”.

The Top YouTube Influencers by Category

Now let’s have a look at the top Youtube influencers by category!

#1. Markiplier – 33,3M followers

Gaming influencer

Gaming is a prominent category on YouTube. Video game aficionados can learn about new titles, and see if they are worth purchasing. Markiplier aka Mark Fischbach is one of the most popular creators in this genre. He began his channel in 2012 but first started with sketch comedy. He presently has 33.3M members and a great Favikon score of 4.5.

#2. James Charles – 23,9M followers

Beauty influencer

What would be YouTube without its cosmetic tutorials? This category has been popular since the establishment of the platform. James Charles is recognized for his stunning makeup looks and hilarious films. He started uploading on YouTube in 2015 and now has 23.9M subscribers.

#3. Zach Choi – 14,1M followers

Food influencer

Who doesn’t enjoy food? There are numerous types of videos in these categories but this highly popular YouTuber is known for his asmr mukbang vids. Eating a huge amount of food or very hot foods, nothing seems to intimidate Zach Choi.

#4. Emma Chamberlain – 11,6M followers

Lifestyle Influencer

Finally, the lifestyle category! Emma Chamberlain is the Youtube influencer you wish you were friends with. She is recognized for her vlogs. From fashion weeks to mental breakdowns, we follow her life without any censorship. She presently has 11.6M.

Why Your Brand Should Consider Partnering with a YouTube Influencer

Top YouTube influencers reach millions of viewers with each video. And their recommendations and corporate collaborations may convince their dedicated followers to purchase new things or connect with brands online. Influencer marketing stretches beyond social networks. But viral videos on YouTube can reach millions. So working with a popular YouTube star may enhance your marketing reach substantially.

Ways to Find YouTube Influencers

Before we begin, it’s necessary to determine your target audience. Knowing who you want to target through YouTube influencer marketing will help you make the proper choice.
You should be judicious about who you partner with, as it directly affects your brand image and revenue.
Let’s look at the ten ways you may find the top influencers for your next campaign.

#1. Use an influencer search tool

Let’s start with the most dependable technique to find YouTube influencers – using a YouTube influencer search engine.
A software platform gives you your greatest shot at locating YouTube influencers fast and easily, even at scale.

#2. Search on Google

Google is a terrific location to find anything — including YouTube influencers.
Write “your industry + YouTuber” and check out the search results. You will notice several articles presenting the greatest YouTubers in your respective field.
Also, check out the “Video” page and go through the top videos to find related influencers.
Try to be as descriptive as possible. Your search will undoubtedly show you all the prominent names in the industry.
So, to find the ones that meet your budget, focus your search on being as exact as possible. For example, instead of searching for beauty vloggers, consider searching for “best eyelashes” or “skincare” YouTubers.

#3. Search on YouTube

Let’s go on to the platform itself. Search “Your industry + influencers/experts” and discover the top results.
You may find extremely relevant results on YouTube by using hashtags. Creators are now adding crucial hashtags in the video descriptions and titles to make their content more discoverable. You can see thousands of relevant YouTube creators by scrolling through the hashtag results.
If an influencer has used a hashtag relevant to your brand, it suggests that your product or service is most likely relevant to their audience. Connecting with influencers who are currently providing relevant material provides authenticity within the content, increasing dialogues and interest in your business.

Also search for ad disclosure hashtags like #sponsored, #ad, or #paidpromotion. These posts are specifically geared to market and advertise a product and are frequently generated by influencers.

A significant advantage of this strategy is that some other business has already done the hard work and study to find these influencers. Their study has shown them the influencer is authentic, has good reach, and has a suitable audience. So by searching for sponsored content, you can find reputable influencers for long-term collaboration.

If you are seeking for influencers to market your luxury hand sanitizer, don’t try to look for hand sanitizer influencers. There simply aren’t any (or enough) creators who talk completely about hand sanitizers. Think about compiling a list of all the people who will utilize such a thing – celebrities, public figures, and models. Now, find influencers who are on these people’s radars and interact with them.

#4. Establish a brand ambassador program.

One of the most successful methods to work with influencers that are truly interested in your company is through a brand ambassador program. Long-term cooperation with influencers who love your items is possible with brand ambassadors.
With an ambassador program, you can begin generating inbound attention from influencers.

The goal is to create a brand ambassador program that emphasizes the benefits of being an ambassador while also emphasizing the program’s exclusivity. You want to instill FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in relevant influencers so that they apply for the program.

Create a specific landing page for the ambassador program so that it appears when someone searches your brand name + ambassador name. They might presume you don’t have such a program if you don’t have a landing page, and you’ll miss out on the opportunity.

#5. Look for influencer clones

Assume you’ve had previous success with YouTube influence campaigns and want to work with more comparable influencers. In that situation, you can utilize an influencer lookalike tool to find influencers who are similar to you.

#6. Hire YouTube Influencers marketing firms.

Time is running out, and you still haven’t located influencers who are a good fit for your brand. So, what are you going to do now?
Seek out a YouTube influencer marketing firm. You can find the greatest influencers for your needs with the assistance of these specialized influencer marketing organizations.
Hiring an agency provides you more time to focus on other areas of your campaign rather than spending all of your time researching influencers.

An influencer marketing agency may assist you with everything, depending on your aims and budget, including:

  • Conducting research on your intended audience
  • Influencer pairing
  • Management and development of content
  • Monitoring relevant indicators, such as ROI Campaign analysis

#7. Request recommendations.

Influencers are aware of other influencers. They also like to collaborate and highlight each other in their content on occasion.

So, if you’ve identified an influencer you’re interested in or have previously worked with someone, ask them to connect you to some amazing and relevant influencers.
Another method to use the influencer’s network is to look at their videos and other content, as well as the other influencers with whom they have collaborated.

#8. Keep an eye on the YouTube Explore tab.

Searching the “Explore” tab in the left toolbar is another way to find influencers and interesting producers. The Explore tab displays all of the trending videos in various categories such as Music, Games, News, Sports, and so on.
The Explore tab also lets you see what’s popular on YouTube. The creators who appear on the trending tab are well-known in their field and have a large following.

#9. Check Out Other Platforms

Just because you’re looking for YouTube influencers doesn’t mean you have to limit your search to the platform in order to find the best fit.
Influencers frequently have accounts on multiple social media sites. Someone who has a large following on YouTube may not have the same amount of followers on Instagram or Twitter. They will, however, have a loyal and engaged community of followers.

Many influencers have dedicated blogs where they give detailed updates in addition to uploading videos to YouTube. Consider the blogger Tanesha, who runs the blog Girl With Curves and shares fashion, beauty, and wellness ideas and recommendations. She also has a 12.2k subscriber YouTube channel with the same name.

Similarly, you can look on other platforms, such as Instagram, to see if an influencer you admire has a successful YouTube channel. Holly Gabrielle, who has 90K Instagram followers, shows her daily life through incredible vlogs on her YouTube channel, which has 432K subscribers.

#10. Examine the speaker lineups for industry conferences.

This is a less popular method of locating influencers, but it works — especially for B2B companies.
Searching the speaker lists for conferences and summits in your industry is an excellent way to find collaborators and influencers relevant to your audience. These speakers are already creating content that is relevant to your business and have access to your target audience.
Remember that contacting these speakers does not guarantee that they will want to work with your company. However, it can provide you with a larger influencer pool to work with and is a great way to diversify your options.

How To Check Out YouTube Influencers

You’re well on your way to finding your next influencer to collaborate with thanks to these ten brilliant and simple methods.
So, what comes next?
Finding an influencer with thousands or millions of followers is insufficient. You must ensure that their values are consistent with yours.
Here are a few things to keep in mind before working with influencers.

#1. Ensure they create meaningful content

Before proceeding, consider the type of content they are producing. Scroll through their social media feed (ideally across all platforms) to get a sense of their brand identity and the values they stand for.
Is their content provoking discussion among your target demographic? What kind of reaction do their posts get? Do they interact with their fans and respond to their comments?

#2. Ensure that they are credible.

Influencers must have industry credibility to demonstrate their expertise. Check to see if they have authority on the topics that are most important to your brand.
Do their posts and comments sound well-informed and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the subject matter?

#3. Target audience

The influencers you choose should be able to reach your target market authentically. The goal of influencer marketing is to get your brand in front of people who are interested in your products or services.
You can review audiences using data (quantitatively) as well as engagements and comments (qualitatively).
Use an influencer analytics tool to obtain quantitative data (such as a YouTuber’s audience breakdown). You can use it to check:

  • Location of the audience (country or city)
  • Demographics of the audience (age, gender, and language)
  • The influencer’s audience’s growth rate… and more

You can also look at the comments section to see what kind of interactions are taking place. If more comments are negative or mock the content the influencer is posting, it may indicate that the influencer is unaware of their audience’s preferences.

Why Should You Collaborate With These YouTube Influencers?

Perhaps our list didn’t persuade you and you’re still unsure why you should incorporate YouTube influencer marketing into your strategy. You could work with Instagram or TikTok influencers, but don’t expect the same results!

Working with YouTube influencers entails creating unique and high-quality content. Remember that YouTube videos are mostly viewed on computers, so the quality is far superior to TikTok videos, which were designed for phone users. Many YouTubers are true professionals who understand video production.


Marketers seeking some of the world’s most popular YouTube influencers, celebrities, and creators understand that they will have to pay a premium for their brands to be endorsed by these top YouTube stars. You can also use other influencers who might provide higher engagement rates at a fraction of the cost of these mega Youtube influencers.


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