SurePayroll: 2023 Review, Pricing, & All You Should Know


SurePayroll is a great software for businesses, especially small firms. Moreover, it easily handles setup, data administration, and payroll services. And it also comes in versions tailored to a variety of industry sectors. This article will show us SurePayroll review, complaints, careers, and calculator

SurePayroll Now (21st Century) Review

SurePayroll review, now in its 21st year, has historically been capable of producing and managing employee information. Executing payroll runs, handling relevant taxes, and keeping small businesses up to date on their responsibilities. Moreover, with SurePayroll software review, it has improved aspects like onboarding, navigating, support, and, of course, COVID-19 tools and adherence to regulations since our last study.

Meanwhile, according to the review, SurePayroll is adaptable, and its user interface is slick and competent. But still, it lags behind our Editors’ Choice winners Gusto and Rippling by a few steps. Their user experiences, customizability, employee portals, and feature depth outperform all other sites. 

According to the review, SurePayroll is ranking 5th position of the Best Payroll Software of 2023 with Intuit QuickBooks. Moreover,  customers claim it’s simple to use and has everything you need to operate payroll.  Such as direct deposit, unlimited payroll runs, and benefits administration.

SurePayroll is suitable for a wide range of small enterprises. It lacks some of the noteworthy HR and reporting capabilities are given by its more expensive competitors in our ratings. But it is likely to outperform them in terms of price. SurePayroll’s basic plan begins at a reasonable $19.99 per month, plus $4 per employee, but you’ll need to get a quote to find out exactly how much you’ll pay. SurePayroll review charges additional fees for specific features, such as time clocks and accounting connections.

SurePayroll has two plans to choose from self-service and full-service. The former is less expensive, however, the latter contains additional features such as state and local tax filings.

SurePayroll Calculator

SurePayroll launched a two-tier subscription plan last year, with both offering a free two-month trial. Furthermore, SurePayroll calculator Full Service is the same solution we reviewed in previous years. It costs $29.99 per month and an additional $5 per employee every month with the SurePayroll calculator. However, you may have to pay additional expenses, such as the fee for preparing and distributing W-2s and 1099s (competitors offer those forms for free and they can really add up in the SurePayroll calculator)

SurePayroll calculator Self Service costs $19.99 each month plus $4 per worker per month. And everything under Full Service is included, but you must submit your own payroll taxes and forms. Then, the SurePayroll calculator accomplishes this automatically in the Full-Service form, but it still does it at this level. But, there are no HR tools in Self – service options, as there are in Full Service, however, the SurePayroll calculator does not give similarly as much in this area as OnPay. But If you prefer Full Service’s two-day payroll processing rather than the regular four-day, you must pay an additional $7.99 every month.

How to Start with SurePayroll

Every payroll provider I’ve lately examined performs an outstanding job of getting you up and running with payroll. Moreover, all offer human assistance as well as step-by-step tutorials of the application. Regardless of whose service you select, this part of the whole payroll process is extremely complex. And you must be completely accurate.

SurePayroll launched a new registration process two years ago. This fantastic onboarding tool guides you through the needed processes using a step-by-step tutorial. The site always displays three navigation icons (go back, continue, or return to the Dashboard) in the lower-right corner of the page for this wizard and others on the SurePayroll site. Most websites do not provide this kind of navigational freedom, which can be annoying.

To start with SurePayroll

Once you’ve created your SurePayroll login, the site will redirect you to its central setup hub, which is organized into five areas. By this time, you should have entered the details for the About You tab (name, email, and phone), but you can change it if required. Then select the next option, Company Information, to enter your legal name, company type, and other details. Next, you decide on a payroll schedule (SurePayroll is exceptionally accommodating in this regard) and the first pay cycle.

On the following screen, you specify whether or not you have previously paid workers in your current business. If so, you must supply your payroll history for the current year (workers, earnings, and deductions). If this is the truth, a SurePayroll representative will notify you instantly. 

The next step is to enter personnel information

SurePayroll staff can also assist you with this process, but you cannot ask employees for this information during the setup. Furthermore,  On the first screen of this four-part wizard, you provide your contact information, date of birth, and gender. You can also choose if the employee should be able to change their personal information and access pay stubs, time of data, and W-2s via a mobile app.

On the following screen, you enter the employee’s status (active, new hire, or dismissed), type (full-time, part-time, or 1099 contractor), and hire date. You may also enter your work address here. The next screen displays pay type choices: hourly, salary, units, or miles. These final two options are not available on any other website.

Additionally, you indicate if you wish to pay the worker by printed check, bank transfer, or both after inputting the regular rate and any applicable overtime rate. Lastly, you input his or her social security number and answer a series of withholding-related questions by clicking buttons, selecting from drop-down options, or entering data. W-4 information, filing status, and federal and state withholding tax information are all included.

Another step is set up to enter information regarding federal and state taxes.

If you’ve previously paid staff, you should have the needed information on hand. If not, you will need to conduct some research in order to give the necessary facts. SurePayroll can assist you with this. Finally, you give SurePayroll with the numbers for your payroll bank account, which it verifies.

The site’s setup tool enables you to proceed through the wizard even if you are lacking some information. When this happens, once you return to the Dashboard after the wizard, you’ll notice a Fix Issues button. When you click this button, a screen appears that lists all of the missing data. To return to the relevant page and enter the information, simply click the wrench icon at the end of each line. Simply keep clicking Fix Next Item until you’ve entered all of the necessary information and can quit the setup wizard. This setup review feature is unique to SurePayroll and quite useful.

SurePayroll Features

The following are features that make SurePayroll more reliable to use.

Payroll Flexibility

SurePayroll provides a level of flexibility that other competing systems do not. It can manage the particular needs of a wide range of organizations, including households, nonprofits, restaurants, and dentistry practices. Vertical businesses like transportation, agriculture, and healthcare are also supported. It also integrates with more accounting programs than its competitors. SurePayroll, in addition to QuickBooks and Xero, shares payroll data with sites such as Kashoo and Sage 50, and now, Zoho Books. No competition has as many integrations as OnPay, though it comes close.

Mobile Access and Reports

SurePayroll provides all of the reports you’d anticipate from a small business payroll website and even more than Gusto. Many more are payroll reports that exhibit precise payroll output over a range of dates, while others deal with deductions and needed COVID-19 material. Moreover, there are also reports that target employees and employee benefits, as well as those that focus on departments and accounting integration. Finally,  SurePayroll’s reports provide better display and export choices than Gusto’s: PDF, Excel, Rich Text, and Printer-Friendly are all options.

SurePayroll Benefits and Complaints

The benefit of SurePayroll

  • The application is user-friendly; if a payroll agent is unable to complete the process, the system will walk us through the payments and calculations.
  • SurePayroll delivers monthly automated emails to remind us of late payments, payments that need to be made, or when a new hire has joined the organization to complete all outstanding tasks and update payment data.
  • When mistakes are made, the application accepts full legal responsibility. When we encounter budgetary problems due to system errors, they have a delegation that takes care of the issue without engaging us.
  • If you know the requirements, you can use SurePayroll to calculate and file the taxes that a business must pay. To avoid tax complications, the program, on the other hand, automatically generates a report of the taxes that are canceled.
  • In addition to tax payments and payroll creation and payment activities. The program files and processes payments with 1099 contractors and generates entire W-2 forms in a very practical and straightforward manner.
  • Setting up the statuses of incoming and exiting personnel, as well as running relevant reports, is extremely simple. Similarly, their tax processing system exceeds expectations.

SurePayroll Complaints

Below are some SurePayroll complaints

  • First SurePayroll complaints. For the previous four years or so, license prices have been increasing dramatically year after year. And we believe that if we were a slightly smaller company, we would not be able to afford it. Despite these SurePayroll complaints, the application keeps us from having to deal with legal issues regularly.
  • Second SurePayroll complaints. When upgrading payments for accounting purposes, the application occasionally changes statuses. Occasionally, employees receive payroll checks, and their status changes to the recent contract the next month. Therefore we must terminate and rehire them at the system level to modify it.
  • Finally, another SurePayroll complaints. When a payroll problem occurs during processing payments, the application only offers you 30 seconds to reverse the operation; afterward, the operation is irreversible.

SurePay Careers

Did you know SurePayroll was a pioneer in online payroll? For nearly 20 years, we’ve been assisting small business owners with their payroll needs. With SurePayroll careers, you can anticipate being part of a range of projects aimed at enhancing our product and keeping small company owners in mind. We believe in working hard while maintaining a sense of balance in your life so you may spend time with family, friends, and interests.

Advantages of Careers in SurePayroll

The following are the benefits of SurePayroll Careers
SurePayroll Careers believes in assisting you in achieving a work/life balance. We seek to help you live a healthy life by focusing on FitBit health competitions among employees, health clinics, 8 hours of paid time to volunteer, and other benefits.

Other common SurePay Careers advantages include:

  • Compensation should be competitive for Surepay careers
  • Extensive training programs, prospects for progression, and development programs
  • Paychex provides comprehensive, inexpensive medical and dental coverage.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), as well as life and disability insurance supplied by the corporation for SurePayroll careers
  • 401(k) plan with a $.50 employer match on every dollar up to a maximum of 4% remuneration
  • Wellness activities include free flu vaccines and health checks on-site for SurePayroll careers
  • Employees’ children are eligible for tuition aid and a scholarship program.
  • During severe weather, the company supported a lodging program.
  • Insurance on one’s life for SurePayroll careers

Is There a SurePayroll App?

It’s not always the most easy to process payroll on a computer, especially if you have a desktop. We provide a free mobile payroll app that can be used on iOS or Android smartphones because your small company demands can take you anywhere.

Does SurePayroll Use the Cloud?

A cloud-based payroll service for small businesses is SurePayroll by Paychex. It provides information on how to complete tax forms legally, calculate payroll, set up direct deposits, and more. To facilitate time clock integration, SurePayroll has worked with a number of time clock providers.

How Much Does SurePayroll Cost Each Month?

The self-service plan from SurePayroll is $19.99 per month + $4 for each employee. In addition to offering direct deposit and unlimited payroll runs, the package also offers other helpful features like new hire reports and payroll automation.

Do You Have Time Tracking in SurePayroll?

Our server ensures the accuracy of all clock times. Time off, compensated tasks, and much more.

What Are the Requirements for Direct Deposit?

Businesses often need to submit their employer identification number (EIN), financial documents, a completed application, and a voided business check in order to set up direct deposit.

What Distinguishes Paychex and SurePayroll From One Another?

Paychex can be expensive but expands with a firm, from a start-up to a major corporation, whereas SurePayroll is less expensive and focused on smaller enterprises with simpler demands.


SurePayroll is a software that provides excellent customer service, employee tracking, and payroll integrations. Furthermore, it’s best for small businesses due to its low pricing (apart from additional expenses) and customizability.

SurePayroll FAQ’s

Is SurePayroll a legitimate company?

This is the trusted provider of easy online payroll services to small businesses nationwide. … SurePayroll is a wholly owned subsidiary of Paychex.

Is Paychex and SurePayroll the same?

In 2011, SurePayroll joined the Paychex, Inc. family as a wholly owned subsidiary, now providing even more resources to our customers.

What is the cheapest payroll service small business?

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  3. OnPay. OnPay. Visit Site. Best for business owners on multiple devices. …
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