ALIEXPRESS AFFILIATE: What It Is, Review and All You Need To Know.

AliExpress affiliate
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The Alibaba Group owns the Chinese-based online retailer AliExpress. Small enterprises that sell goods to customers worldwide through the internet make up this industry, which is present in China and other places like Singapore. In Brazil, it was the 10th most popular website, and it is the most frequented e-commerce site in Russia.  Read on to learn more about AliExpress, its commission, and how to make money with its affiliate program.

AliExpress Affiliate

The AliExpress affiliate program is equivalent to all other affiliate programs. You will receive a specific link to products on AliExpress, which you can start promoting to start earning a commission on each item sold.

Depending on the product, different fees apply. Some goods even pay up to 50% of the commission earned from each sale. Therefore, using this program, you can earn a fortune.

The best revenue-generating tool for marketers is the AliExpress affiliate program. Over $100,000 is paid out each month on AliExpress, and top sellers may earn up to $20,000 in affiliate commissions each month.

Another online retail website, similar to Amazon, also provides an affiliate program. However, AliExpress provides a significantly better commission and incentive than Amazon.


  • The AliExpress affiliate offers a minimum 8.5% commission.
  • For 30 days, AliExpress cookies are good.
  • International shipping is available through AliExpress.


  • Delivery takes a while.
  • Updates to affiliate reporting often take 1-2 days.
  • Amazon and eBay are more reliable than AliExpress.

Interesting AliExpress facts:

  • Nearly everything you can imagine is available on AliExpress. There are more than 130,000 active sellers who cater to more than 200 different international markets.
  • Although free shipping is offered by the majority of AliExpress sellers, delivery takes 30 to 40 days. Numerous companies provide shipping via e-packet, which cuts the period down to 15-20 days while charging little to nothing.
  • Due to the fact that most products are created in China, you may find the bulk of them on this platform for the lowest prices.
  • It is one of the largest online shopping platforms in the world. AliExpress reached the 100 million buyer milestone in 2017.

How Do I Sign Up For AliExpress Affiliate?

It’s really simple to sign up to become an AliExpress affiliate.

To start selling products on AliExpress and earning a commission, you only need to create an affiliate account. Visit the, click Register, and then create an account.

Your affiliate account on AliExpress is now active, and you may start marketing products there as well as on your website, blog, social networking profile, and elsewhere. You will receive an API from AliExpress that you can use to market the products.

You will receive a commission for each sale resulting from your exclusive affiliate link.

AliExpress Affiliate Programs

Bloggers and online business owners are familiar with AliExpress through drop shipping. On its platforms, which are also accessible through CJ Affiliates, AliExpress hosts its own program.

On the other hand, you can immediately sign up for the self-hosted affiliate program by going to its affiliate landing page. To increase sales on its site, AliExpress runs an affiliate program. For the affiliates only, it provides a top-notch function that streamlines order processing and shipment.

Affiliate(s) are given a unique link to the products offered on AliExpress, and they are paid a commission for each item they sell. To boost sales, spread the word about this link. The commission rates obtained on each product sale are completely based on the type of product.

On some products, you can earn up to $50 in commission for each sale, while on others, the fee is quite minimal.

Features of AliExpress Affiliate Program

The following are some key features of this affiliate program:

  • Category: e-commerce and retail
  • CPA: Cost per action Price per sale
  • Rate of commission: up to 9%
  • Type of commission: Onetime, non-recurring
  • Duration of cookies: Session-based
  • Payout minimum: $16
  • Options for payment: Bank account
  • Affiliate networks/software: CJ Affiliate, FlexOffers, and in-house developed

How Does the Affiliate Program for AliExpress Work?

The AliExpress Affiliate program gives you the ability to highlight a special product or even a service on your website.

A “cookie” is placed on a visitor’s computer each time they access your website and see a mention of one of your products or services. This “cookie” function is essential because it is the only way to track and inform AliExpress whether a clicker arrived at the website via the affiliate link or not.

The “cookie” also establishes whether the customer has visited their page again after viewing the product on the affiliated website or whether the visit resulted in the sale of that good or service. You can profit from every sale made through your associated websites in accordance with the AliExpress Affiliate Commission Rates.

Aliexpress Affiliate Program Review

China-based AliExpress is a well-known international e-commerce network that links Chinese entrepreneurs with customers from around the world.

The subsidiary group, which belongs to the Alibaba Group, was established in 2010. Small-scale retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and suppliers make up AliExpress.

A wide range of products is available on Alibaba, including mobile phones and accessories, clothing and accessories, cars and motorcycles, home improvement products, tools and equipment, cosmetics and health care items, outdoor appliances, furniture for the home and garden, consumer electronics, jewelry, and watches, among many others.

The nicest thing about AliExpress is that, in comparison to other marketplaces, it enables buyers to purchase directly from manufacturers and wholesalers at a more affordable price.

When it was first introduced, it did not offer goods or services directly to users or consumers. Its main goal was to be acknowledged as a method by which dealers and middlemen could easily purchase goods from wholesalers at a reasonable price. Now that things have shifted, it is also working with B2C.

The shipment time, particularly when you choose free shipping, is the largest disadvantage of purchasing any item from AliExpress. This is because they ship all goods from China.

Therefore, it could take several weeks or even months to arrive at your door. In the event that you choose paid delivery, you can get the item within a week or two.

AliExpress Affiliate Payment Method

Credit cards or Mastercards are the most popular and extensively used payment method for customers from other countries. Although bank transfers and other payment options are available on AliExpress, most customers choose to pay using a credit card.

Currently, AliExpress does not accept popular international payment options like PayPal, Stripe, etc. One aspect of the AliExpress affiliate program is that they serve as a drawback; they only pay via international wire transfer and the minimum withdrawal amount is $16, since $15 is the processing cost.

AliExpress Affiliate Commission

The generally low commission rate is one factor that deters many people from signing up for various affiliate programs. For instance, the Amazon affiliate commission might be anywhere between 1% and 10%, but 4% is more common.

 AliExpress commission rates start off generously at 8.5% and rise to 10%. In addition, AliExpress occasionally provides new users with an additional commission of about 6%.

 How Do You Make Money With AliExpress Affiliate Program?

Because there are no additional qualifications to join the program other than owning a website or blog, the AliExpress Affiliate program is pretty comparable to its competitors, Amazon Associates and eBay Affiliates.

To can make money with aliexpress affiliate program through your website or blog, you can make money by recommending people. You receive a commission each time someone purchases something through your affiliate link. According to the type of product, you will receive a commission.

Remember that a potential customer has three days to finalize the deal after clicking on your link (pay). You won’t receive any commission if the specified time has passed. It may take up to 60 days after a customer uses your affiliate link to make a transaction for you to get your commission, since the customer must receive and accept the product.

You wouldn’t be paid if they filed a disagreement or complaint. As usual, AliExpress reimburses the customer. Currently, there is just one method of payment available: an international bank transfer, which costs $15 in addition to any other charges your bank may make.

To issue a payout, an account must have at least $16 in it.

Can I Affiliate With AliExpress?

Yes, you can easily establish an account by clicking Register on the page.

How Much Do AliExpress Affiliates Make?

Affiliate programs often offer percentage commissions, with a range of 5 to 30% as the average. If you sell a variety of goods, percentage commissions could encourage affiliates to market the ones that increase average order value.

How Do I Set-up Affiliate Program on AliExpress

Easily make an account by going to, clicking Register, and following the prompts.

Since you now have an affiliate account with AliExpress, you are free to start marketing products there as well as on your website, blog, social network profile, and elsewhere.

What Is AliExpress Commission?

By providing 4% commission on all sales, AliExpress is dedicated to assisting their affiliates with their success. Site conversion rate is around 3.5%.

 How Do You Get Paid on AliExpress?

It could take up to seven working days for the deposit to show up because the seller doesn’t be paid until the buyer confirms that they’ve received the goods.

Watch out, your account with AliExpress gets credited with the deposit. You can transfer the funds to any bank account of your choice once the available balance shows.

Which Is The Best Affiliate Program?

The greatest affiliate marketing platform for newbies is Amazon Associates, because you don’t have to worry about achieving a set threshold in sales to receive a greater reward.


You can see from all explained that the AliExpress Affiliate Program is one of the best platform for you to buy and even get paid on everything you purchase. I hope are now informed on how to can make money with aliexpress affiliate program.

Aliexpress Affiliate FAQs

How Long Do Orders From AliExpress Take?

The shipping method you selected when placing a purchase on AliExpress will determine how long it takes for your order to be delivered. On AliExpress, they prompt you to select a shipping method when you place an order. Right next to the shipping choices is a date that is expected for the order to arrive at your location.

Can affiliate marketing be successful on AliExpress?

With over $240 billion in sales, AliExpress has overtaken all other marketplaces. With millions of things available for sale, it has more sales transactions than Amazon and eBay combined. The best part is that AliExpress offers a bigger commission than Amazon.

How to Make Money With Aliexpress Affiliate Program?

To Make Money With Aliexpress Affiliate Program through your website or blog, you can make money by recommending people. You receive a commission each time someone purchases something through your affiliate link. According to the type of product, you will receive a commission.

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