Target Affiliate Program: 2022 Review, Commission & How-to Guide.

Target affiliate marketing
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An affiliate program is a marketing tool used by the eCommerce sector that compensates external affiliates with commissions in exchange for directing visitors to websites or promoting goods. The target organization is one of many that provide an affiliate program. But are you aware of how to take advantage of this chance to earn a commission? You should be able to utilize it. Here, we go into great detail about the requirements and review the target affiliate program.

With regard to the conditions of their affiliation and payment arrangements, merchants and affiliates enter into an affiliate agreement, also known as a partnership agreement. The majority of the time, affiliates are compensated based on how many visitors they send to the merchant’s website or how many people make purchases using their special link.

About Target

What then is Target’s cooperation? Minneapolis, Minnesota serves as the corporate headquarters for American department store Target Corporation. It is a part of the S&P 500 Index and the seventh-largest retailer in the US. In 1962, Target was founded in Minneapolis as a discount arm of Dayton’s department store.

As part of the Dayton-Hudson Corporation, it started expanding the store nationwide in the 1980s. In the 1990s, it introduced new store formats under the Target brand. As a participant in the market, the company has found accomplishments as a popular brand. Target is currently the 37th largest U.S. corporation by total revenue on the 2020 Fortune 500 list and runs 1,931 stores across the country as of 2019.

Among their retail formats is Target, a discount retailer, SuperTarget, a hypermarket, and “small-format” stores that were formerly known as CityTarget and TargetExpress before being merged under the Target brand are the retailers that fall in this category. Their official site is here.

Does Target Have an Affiliate Program?

Actually, the answer is yes. Anyone who can generate enough traffic, regardless of the niche they specialize in, can join the target’s affiliate program. Target is known for being an all-purpose retailer, so most affiliates can make use of this program regardless of the niche they specialize in.

What is the Target Affiliate Program?

A Target Affiliate Program is an affiliate marketing structure that allows the content creator to create awareness and market target products to earn a commission. Through the partners’ program, creators promote products by directing their followers to the target online store; in exchange, they receive a cut of every sale made by those followers.

Impact Radius is the company that hosts the Target affiliate program. From the Target affiliate landing page, you can create an Impact Radius account and sign up for the program. You must have a website that receives the majority of its visitors from the USA in order to be accepted into the program.

Target welcomes affiliates from all over the world, but the US market must be the focus of your content. Promoting Target would be pointless for you anyway if you don’t have US traffic because Target doesn’t ship internationally.

What Products Can You Promote on Target?

Even though Target has different categories, you can only get a commission for specific products. You can only promote the following categories:

  • Apparel & Accessories
  • Home & Outdoor Living
  • Baby Gear & Furniture
  • Health & Beauty

Target Affiliate Program Review

The Target affiliate program can be a great alternative to both Amazon or Walmart affiliate reviews. We use The target affiliate program review to know if it is worth it. This review includes their pros and cons so you can decide whether the program is worth your time.

There is no need to introduce Target. Even though it’s way smaller in size than Amazon and around 20 times smaller than Walmart, Target still belongs to the top 10 biggest retailers in the USA. It’s a big and trusted brand in the USA with hundreds of thousands of different products.

Is the Target Affiliate Program Worth It?

When determining whether the Target affiliate program is worthwhile, there are many different factors to take into account. Even though there is no cost to join, you might still spend time and resources producing content that yields a meager return on your investment. Depending on what you are promoting and how much traffic you receive to your site, the Target affiliate program may be a useful affiliate program.

The biggest benefit is that since it’s a reputable retailer, conversion rates are frequently higher than with many unfamiliar businesses. Access to live affiliate managers is provided by Target to affiliates. You can interact with them one-on-one to get answers to your questions and boost your conversion rates.

Before deciding whether the program is a suitable option for your affiliate program, weigh these advantages and disadvantages.


  • With more products sold, one may earn higher commission rates.
  • No charges or entry restrictions
  • The cookie keeps for a week.
  • every purchase generates a commission Within the seven-day cookie.
  • Target is a reputable company.


  • Some categories have low commission rates or none at all.
  • Sites that receive the majority of their traffic from outside the United States are not profitable

Target Affiliate Program Commission

While checking the target affiliate program review, the commission rate is one of the factors to keep in mind. It might begin at 1% and increase to about 8% over time by selling more products. The fixed commission rate for whole health products is 4.5%.

Here is what your commission rate should look like:

  • Apparel & Accessories – 7%
  • Baby Gear & Furniture – 4.5%
  • Health & Beauty – 4.5%
  • Home & Outdoor Living – 8%

Target also makes a lot of efforts to support each affiliate partner, including sending each affiliate partner a weekly affiliate newsletter with discounts, advice, and recommendations to help you.

Target Affiliate Program Payment Frequency and Payment Type

Given that Target is a retailer, you don’t anticipate them releasing your payment right away. It is typical in the sector. This is due to the fact that they process each product through online retail stores. As a result, any sales are initially locked for two months. You’ll get paid for your commission once the product order has been processed.

However, no sales are made if the product processing is not completed in its entirety or if there is a problem with the product with the customer’s refund. You are therefore not subject to any commission rate. All orders in that category for that month are affected by each sale you make, and the payment is processed using the corresponding commission rate at the conclusion of each month. Please be aware that any rise in sales will be recognized as a flat bonus and applied to your affiliate commission account in accordance with the usual payout schedule.

Target monitors all of your payment processes on Impact Radius, as we have previously stated.

Target Affiliate Program Requirements

To join the Target affiliate program, you must specify how you wish to promote the products. You must reach the Target requirement to approve an affiliate program.

Who Should Join the Target Affiliate Program?

Almost any type of creator who has a following is a good candidate for the Target affiliate program. The program would be a good match for the following common types of creators.

#1. Bloggers or website owners

If you run a website, it only makes sense that you would use affiliate marketing to generate revenue and earn commissions. You can give a product review or a suggestion. You can start making money right away by linking your website visitors to the Target site.

#2. Social Media Influencers

A unique opportunity for affiliate marketing exists for social media superstars with a sizable following. As an influencer, you already have a following that respects you and your recommendations.

To help advertise Target products, you can use reviews or product recommendations. You don’t want to alienate your audience as an influencer, though. Ensure that you only promote goods that you would buy for yourself. Stay in your specific area of expertise. For instance, you shouldn’t advertise camping gear if your posts are about beauty products.

Finally, avoid oversaturating your followers with affiliate posts. They follow you for your content, but if your posts start to sound too promotional, they will stop following you

How Many Followers Do You Need to Be a Target Affiliate?

Having between 5,000 and 15,000 followers is a sufficient number to qualify as a target affiliate marketer. The average is 7000 followers. Additionally, you should have an engagement rate of at least 100 likes per post. Remember that marketers keep tabs on your activity and organic engagement.

How Do You Get Approved for Target Affiliate?

  • Register yourself.
  • Utilize our application to delve into the details.
  • Fill out your application and ensure you have all the necessary requirements.
  • Motivate your audience.
  • Create content for the target.

How to Join the Target Affiliate Program.

Joining the Target affiliate program is relatively easy. You just have to fill out an application. You’ll be applying through Impact Radius, the company that manages Target’s affiliate program. Even if you already have an Impact Radius account, you still need to apply through the Target website.

The application is quick and simple. You’ll input your personal information and some basic information about your business, including what channels you plan to use for marketing

It is easy and not time-consuming as long as you meet the target affiliate program requirements.

Other Target Affiliate Programs’ Requirements

There are only a few minimal requirements to join the Target affiliate program. Once you sign up, all you need to do is make sure you follow these rules, and you’re good to go.

#1. A Family-Friendly Website

  • Target requests that your website be suitable for all ages.
  • That suggests that all languages be rated G.
  • There shouldn’t be any offensive or suggestive material on your website
  • The use of hate speech and other harmful materials is also prohibited

#2. Traffic Generation

You must receive the majority of your traffic from the United States. When you submit an application, Target will look at your website and social media accounts to determine where the majority of your visitors and followers come from. You’ll get away with it as long as your visitors are mostly from the United States.

Information details you are likely to encounter while signing up for Target affiliate program requirements

  • Name: You must provide your actual names
  • Email: You should type in the email address you want to use for your affiliate account.
  • Username & Password: You must select a strong password and a straightforward username.
  • Country & Company info: You must enter your nation and additional company details.
  • Partner Type: You must decide how you want to advertise Target products, including through coupons, content marketing, ads, offline marketing, emails, and more.
  • Property Type: You must choose from the options of website, mobile, or social. Since you’ll be opening one, the website operates best.
  • Sign up:  All you have to do to process your account is click on Sign up to get started because everything is already looking good.

How Long Does it Take to Get Approved for the Target Affiliate Program?

The Target affiliate program may be something you’re ready to start right away, but you’ll have to wait until they approve your application.

Most candidates receive a response from the brand within a few business days, but it could take longer depending on how many applications they have. If you get rejected, don’t give up. Discover the reason(s) behind your rejection.

You can work on boosting traffic to your following on your website or social media channel. You can constantly reapply after your website matures.

How to use Target Affiliate Program

The Target Affiliate program is an alternative to Amazon with a high commission rate and cookie rate. To participate in the target affiliate program you have to reach the requirements and apply. You can register with the Target affiliate program and earn a commission. That is only if you know how to use the target affiliate program.

How Do Target Affiliates Make Money? 

It depends on a variety of factors as to how much money you can make using the Target affiliate program. Even though you have the potential to make 8% in commissions, you probably won’t.

Different categories have different commission rates and rates go up as your sales volume increases.

The commission rates vary by category and rise as your sales volume does as well. Your earnings will fluctuate depending on the products you promote because the commission structure differs by product category. Additionally, expensive items may have the potential to generate higher sales revenues per unit, but less expensive items might move more units. EPC (Earnings Per 100 Clicks) for Target is $12.

This means that for every 100 click-throughs you get on an affiliate link, you’re estimated to earn between $12 and $13.

How Does the Target Affiliate Program Work?

The Target affiliate program is fairly straightforward and works much as other affiliate programs do. It’s easy to join and almost everyone is accepted. There are no fees to join the program. Once you join, you’ll be given unique, trackable links to use to promote Target products.

How to Promote Target Products

If you have a following, you can promote Target products. You can use text links, widgets, banners, and more to direct your visitors to the Target website. When your followers use your affiliate link, a cookie is set on their browser.

This cookie lasts for seven days. If they make a purchase within this seven-day window, then you’ll get a commission or a small percentage of the sales. The person doesn’t have to buy the product you initially linked them to. You’ll get a commission on any product they buy from Target during those seven days. Also, unlike other programs, you’ll earn every time the person makes a purchase during the seven-day window, not just the first purchase


Target can be a great alternative to the Amazon affiliate program. They offer decent commission rates and a solid cookie rate – and as a large, well-known brand, are sure to offer good conversion rates. The more you sell the more you make.


How do affiliate program work?

A product or service that an affiliate wants to advertise can be found once they build a profile on the affiliate network. The software offers a special URL that may be distributed to loved ones and followers on social media. The affiliate is paid a commission for each sale when a customer clicks on the link and makes a purchase.

Affiliate networks are used by retailers to draw in new clients. To maintain track of their affiliates, these networks frequently offer tracking technology. Affiliates may receive payment from merchants just when they result in sales, or on a performance basis. The majority of well-known affiliate networks offer their merchant partners payment processing and technology. For instance Amazon Associates, and ShareASale Affiliates. eBay Partner Network, and ClickBank Affiliates

What is niche?

In affiliate marketing, the word “niche” has a specific meaning. Although it has many definitions, a niche in the context of affiliate marketing refers to a specific area of a sizable sector. The practice of promoting a particular area of a business is known as niche marketing.

How to sign up for Target affilate program?

To sign up as an affiliate, simply visit the Target Affiliate Program page and register.


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