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In recent years, affiliate marketing has become a source of income for millions of people around the world. You may wonder if you need a website to become an affiliate marketer. You should know that the affiliate marketing business is one of the most successful businesses globally. Not only is it one of the highest paying businesses, but it is also a business that allows you to work from home, and after a sale, you receive a commission. Are you an affiliate marketer? Or are you in search of a website to promote or sell products online for a commission? If so, this article is for you. We will be providing more insight on what an affiliate marketing website is and some examples of the best affiliate marketing websites. 

Affiliate Marketing Website Examples 

Affiliate marketing websites allow an affiliate to promote a brand through content in the form of a blog, videos, podcasts, and others. It is a platform where you can market a brand in whatever way you choose. You may or may not need a website to share content. However, here is a list of affiliate marketing website examples:

#1. Finder:

VisitFinder official website.

Finder is one of the most successful and visited comparison websites in Australia, with over 9.8 million visitors in a month.

It is also listed as an award-winning Fintech. That allows people all over the world to make a huge profit and improvement in their life and skills. Finder is a site that provides partners and clients with service advice maybe on how to improve their performance or how to make improvements to their products.

Finder is not only the fastest and highest-growing comparison website in Australia, but it also went from being privately owned and self-funded in 2006 to be the most recognized and successful website in Australia in 2022.

#2. SaasList:

Visit SaasList‘s official web.

SaasList is a website that provides comparison guides. It is also a website for affiliate marketing. SaasList is an independent comparison resource that provides assistance for buyers; and users in finding product offers.

Customers can use SaasList to get detailed descriptions of different products and services, which can help them make smarter buying decisions. Simply put, SaasList is a platform that allows users to score and analyze SaasList services.

#3. AffiSe:

Visit AffiSe Official web.

AffiSe is an online platform for affiliate marketing made for advertisers and marketers. It is a partnership marketing website for brands and products.

AffiSe is a free platform to use. You will be charged only for sales, and it is also ranked 159,782 among websites used all over the world, with over 485,392 monthly visitors. Its headquarters are in San Francisco, CA, US.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website Examples 

Amazon is an e-commerce marketplace for a variety of products. With an Amazon affiliate website, you can make tons of money through commission. The Amazon Affiliate Program is open to all. When a customer buys a product on Amazon through your affiliate link or website, you will receive a commission from Amazon.

If you plan on earning through the Amazon Affiliate Program, check out some of the top Amazon Affiliate Marketing Website Examples:

#1. Dog Food Advisor: 

Dog Food Advisor is an affiliate website that provides genuine dog food reviews. This website does not rely on their information alone; they also redirect you to another website that will be useful to your search. Visit the Food Advisor official page for more insight.

#2. ETSY:

Visit ETSY’s official web.

Similar to Amazon, ETSY is an eCommerce marketplace for a variety of products, which are also available on Amazon. There are affiliate links that will redirect you to Amazon. Each time a product is bought, the website owner will receive a commission from Amazon. Visit the ETSY website.

#3. Gift Idea Geek:

Gift Idea Geek is a website that offers unique articles on gift ideas for all genders and ages. Some of these gifts that are recommended have affiliate links that direct you to the Amazon store. Visit the Gift Idea Geek official web.

#4. Homegrounds:

Homegrounds is one of the best coffee websites. The Homegrounds website has amazon affiliate links that will redirect you to some stores that sell coffee. When you make a purchase, the Homegrounds will receive a commission. Visit the Homegrounds official website for more insight.

#5. The Prepared:

The prepared is one of the best websites that deal with survivalism. Created by John Ramey and john Adama. The website provides a unique and intelligent guide on how to survive deadly encounters. Check out their official web to help with your website. 

6. Wirecutter:

Wirecutter is one of the best websites. It is a product review website. It was created by Brain Lam Nu in 2016 after the New York Times bought the website. For each product review, there is an affiliate link. When a client purchases a product through this affiliate link, the wirecutter will receive a commission. Visit the wirecutter’s official web.

Best Affiliate Marketing Website Examples 

Here is a List of the best affiliate marketing websites:

#1. Affilorama:

Visit Affilorama

Affilorama is an affiliate program that offers 50% commissions and more than $30 commissions per sale. Affilorama provides you with offers of free affiliate marketing training, software, and support.

#2. AliExpress:

Visit AliExpress

AliExpress is an online retail service it’s headquartered in china. They offer a confirmed platform for affiliate marketing.

#3. Amazon Associate 

 Visit Amazon

The Amazon Associate Program specializes in advertising products on their sites. It is easy to make money from your blog or website through Amazon Associates.

#4. Awin affiliate program

Visit Awin

Awin is an affiliate program that takes a deposit of $5 to join the network. It allows access to over 14,000 advertisers and brand owners.

#5. CJ Affiliate: 

Visit CJ Affiliate.

One of the advantages of CJ affiliates is they have more data on how a product sells. They focus on how to boost your business, whether by advertising or by boosting your customer service.

#6. ClickBank:

Visit ClickBank

Using the ClickBank affiliate program will allow you to connect with the number of merchants or marketers available. You will also be competing with other affiliates globally. ClickBank also provides offers of high commission rates and advertising offers.

#7. eBay partner network: 

Visit eBay

eBay partner network pays a commission only on the profit you make per sale. It is a good affiliate marketing website for online marketers and bloggers.

#8. Elementor:

Visit Elementor

Elementor is a platform used by web creators, to create WordPress websites, and build their websites. They provide development services.

#9. Email marketing:

Email marketing assists users and marketers with everything they need to promote and increase sales. It helps grow your opportunities of earning a higher commission. 

#10. EverFlow:

Visit EverFlow

EverFlow is a platform that offers services in the process of tracking partners and affiliate management.

#11. Fiverr:

Visit Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the world’s biggest marketplace for services. They connect people and businesses with freelancers that are offering digital services.

#12. GiddyUp: 

Visit GiddyUp

GiddyUp is a marketing platform that helps brands that are searching for how to promote their products and services get the chance to connect with marketing partners.

#13. Impact Partnership Cloud:

Visit Impact partnership cloud.

Impact partnership cloud helps businesses all around the world handle different forms of partnership. It helps by making the best out of all their partnership programs.

#14. LeadDyno:

Visit LeadDyno

LeadDyno is one of the easiest software to use. It has built its reputation from a marketing program to an industry leader in affiliate marketing. LeadDyno also helps you automate your affiliate programs. It tracks affiliate performance, increases sales, and saves time.

#15. Rakuten Advertising: 

Visit Rakuten Advertising

Rakuten advertising formerly known as Rakuten marketing specializes in connecting customers with products and brands. They provide offers from emerging and established merchants.

#16. Refersion:

Visit Refersion

Refersion is an affiliate marketing platform that helps you manage all your programs. They also help create and track affiliate offers by links and emails.

#17. Sendinblue:

Visit Sendinblue

Sendinblue affiliate program allows affiliates to earn a commission after every sign-up. they let you manage, add and show your affiliate link from any platform.

#18. ShareASale:

Visit ShareASale

ShareASale is a marketing network for affiliates. It is free to sign up for and has hundreds of merchant partners. ShareASale offers high commission rates and helps you find the right affiliates, creators, and Influencers.

#19. Shopify:

Visit Shopify

Shopify gives a 200% commission to people after a referral. It is one of the most used and leading eCommerce software. Shopify is the best website for affiliate marketing.

Visit SkimLinks.

Skimlinks affiliate program specializes in helping publishers and bloggers make huge profits. It is free to join and displays your affiliate links from any platform.

#21. Solvid affiliate:

Visit Solvid affiliate 

Solvid affiliate is a website that offers up to 20% commission on every purchase made on the platform. The more you refer to their products, the more commission you earn.

#22. Tapfiliate:


Tapfiliate helps businesses host their affiliate program. They also track software and allow advertisers to create and optimize their affiliate programs.

#23. TradeDoubler: 

Visit TradeDoubler

TradeDoubler is a global affiliate marketing program/network that provides buyers and affiliates with mouthwatering offers. They offer perfect performance solutions all around the world. It is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Visit VigLink

VigLink specializes in helping you connect with customers via in-text advertising and marketing. They help you earn money with every link on your site.

#25. Wix:


Wix is an affiliate program that allows affiliates to earn a commission after driving traffic to Wix.

What Is an Example of an Affiliate Marketing Website? 

A top example of an affiliate marketing website is NerdWallet. This is a website that provides information on finances, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and more. There are backlinks available on the website that generates a commission for the web.

Other examples of affiliate marketing websites are DatingAdvicePC Part Picker50em.comThepointsguy, and others.

What Kind of Website Is Best for Affiliate Marketing?

Here is a list of the website best for affiliate marketing:

#1. WordPress:


When it comes to affiliate marketing, WordPress is among the best websites available. It is free, and there are many unique features available on the platform.

#2. Gocentral:


When it comes to affiliate marketing, GoCentral is another one of the best sites available. The interface of this platform makes it accessible and easy to understand.

 #3. Wix:


Web pages can be created with Wix. Consider Wix if you want a unique website for your affiliate marketing.

How Do I Build an Affiliate Marketing Website? 

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build an affiliate marketing website:

#1. Select Your Web Hosting Plan:

Web hosting is an online plan that makes your website contents and articles accessible on the internet. If you select and purchase a hosting plan, you are buying space to store all your documents, files, images, and data.

There are different types of web hosting. They include Shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, cloud hosting, virtual private server hosting (VPS), reseller hosting, and WordPress hosting.

  • Shared hosting: is the best website hosting for entry-level. It is cost-effective, easy to set up, and one of the easiest methods for beginners to host a website. 
  • Dedicated server hosting: one of the best choices in web hosting is dedicated hosting. It provides you with benefits and allows you to have complete control over all the server settings, and you will have a dedicated server that belongs to you only.
  • Cloud hosting: one of the advantages of cloud hosting is you can allocate resources in line with the arising needs of a website. You can also back up in the cloud regularly.
  • Virtual private server (VPS) hosting: this server is a virtual appliance that makes a website accessible online. It imitates a dedicated server domain within a shared server.
  • Reseller hosting: reseller hosting is also a web hosting plan that has a large number of features. It is created for those that want to resell hosting.
  • WordPress hosting: WordPress hosting is among the 50% of hosting plan that has both free and paid-to-host plans, with faster sites and web security.

#2. Select the Right Affiliate Product for You:

To select a good affiliate product, you need to follow these steps:

  • Make sure the business and products have a good reputation 
  • Make a list ( also means choose a product you are familiar with.)
  • Make your research about the product and the market slot or join an affiliate program.
  • Know the terms and conditions of the product.

#3. Create Your Account:

If you choose to become an Amazon affiliate then follow this step:

  • Go to an Amazon website or blog and sign up for the Amazon affiliate program 
  • Enter your information and details 
  • Enter your website address or mobile app
  • Set up your profile 
  • Describe how you drive traffic to your site
  • Add your payment method 
  • Start creating your affiliate links. 

4. Select payment:

Choose your payment method by adding your tax and payment information.

When you’re creating an affiliate program or account, you’ll see a cost per sale (CPS), Pay per sale (PPS), pay per click (PPC), or Pay per install (PPI). There are also more, but regardless, the payment method will tell you what you’re getting paid for.

5. Set a new password:

You can create an account by entering your email address and password, then click sign up. You should also see Re-enter password, put the password you entered before, then log in.

6. Create a WordPress account 

  • Choose a host or set up your affiliate program 
  • Select your products and partners 
  • Promote your WordPress affiliate website 
  • Add good quality contents 
  • Create links for your affiliate.

7. Name your website 

Search for a good name for your website and also The length of a website name should be no less than 17 characters, something like affiliate triumph, or growing sales market.

Do Affiliate Marketers Need a Website? 

No. While having a website may seem like a great idea, you do not have to own a website for your affiliate marketing.

However, if you plan on making this your full-term income source. It is recommended you have a website mainly for your affiliate marketing.

What Is the Highest-Paying Affiliate Website?

Here is a list of the highest-paying affiliate website:

1.) Mangools:

Mangools offers marketers a 30% (which is up $300) recurring commission per sale or by their referrals.

2.) SEMRush:

SEMRush is digital marketing that offers you $200 for any new subscription, $15 for any new lead, and $0.02 for any new sign-up.

Who Is the Most Successful Affiliate Marketer? 

Pat Flynn

Visit Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is the most successful affiliate marketer with a net worth of $3m +. In the year 2008. Pat Flynn became an affiliate marketer. From then in November 2008, he earned his first income which was $8,000, and that increased to $65,000 in 2013. 

Today when it comes to affiliate marketing, his name comes first among the richest and most successful affiliate marketers. Pat Flynn is a successful affiliate marketer, and he has a network of over $3m.

Pat Flynn quote

 Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. With each failure, you move one step closer to success. It’s when you give up, that you truly fail.”

How Do I Create a Free Affiliate Website? 

To create a free affiliate website, you have to utilize free website builders like WordPressWixGocentral, and others.


Having a clear idea of how affiliate marketing works will enable you to earn more from being an affiliate marketer. An affiliate website is a site that advertises and promotes products and services to users or visitors in exchange for a sales commission, which means for every sale you make, you get a payment. Affiliate marketing websites can be a form of inspiration to those looking forward to owning theirs someday. We hope our overview is helpful for your search.

Best Affiliate Marketing Website Examples FAQs

What Is An Affiliate Program?

An affiliate program is an agreement in which an online business or merchant web pays a commission for every sale made or for sending traffic.

What Are The Advantages Of Affiliate Marketing?

Low risk, cost-effective, helps you boost your reputation, limited investment, etc.

You can promote your affiliate link by placing an affiliate banner or logo on your website or advertising your link on any social media.

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