AFFILIATE PARTNERSHIP: Definition, Examples, and Agreement Templates

Affiliate Partnership
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Day-by-day, affiliate partnerships create an avenue for anyone interested in earning through marketing a brand one way or another. At times, most people consider affiliate partnership a difficult task. In an actual sense, an affiliate partnership is not complex to understand. Unlike other forms of marketing, when an individual or influencer signs up for an affiliate partnership, they will earn a certain commission. When a customer uses an affiliate’s code to buy a product or buys a product through them, they will receive a commission on the sale. We consider affiliate partnership a win-win for many reasons. This overview will not only describe some of these but also talk about affiliate partnership agreement and programs.

What Is an Affiliate Partnership?

Are you considering going into an affiliate partnership? Here is all you need to know about affiliate partnership:

An affiliate partnership is an arrangement between two or more parties. This agreement can be between a company and an individual (usually an influencer), whereby this individual promotes your brand through their means. In return, they get compensation for each product sold through them.

Most people often assume that an affiliate partnership can only occur between a company and a public figure. This is not true, as anyone can sign up for an affiliate partnership with a company. 

In an affiliate partnership, all parties get to benefit from this agreement. An affiliate partnership can be between two brands, and this can be called an affiliate partner. 

This will help the first brand to advertise the other brand’s product and vice versa. 

Generally, affiliate partnership is important for every business. Regardless of what you are producing and what your brand stands for. You will gain more from an affiliate partnership agreement.

Affiliate Partnership Programs 

There are thousands of affiliate partnership programs you can easily benefit from. Most of which you will not need a website for. Instead, you can utilize your social media account as a means of advertisement. 

Here is a list of the best affiliate partnership programs:

#1. Sendinblue:

Visit Sendinblue

Sendinblue is one of the affiliate Partnership Programs. They will offer a commission of €5 when you refer a new user, and if the user purchases an active subscription, you will receive an additional €100. 

Sendinblue affiliate program allows affiliates to earn a commission after every signup. They let you manage, add and show your affiliate link from any platform. Their Cookie life is 90 days.

#2. Refersion:

Visit Refersion

Refersion is an affiliate marketing platform that helps you manage all your programs, they also help create and track affiliate offers by links and emails. They offer a commission on their products.

#3. Rakuten Advertising: 

Visit Rakuten Advertising

While the commission rate for Rakuten Advertising may vary, it remains one of the best affiliate partnership programs. Rakuten advertising is formerly known as Rakuten marketing. They specialize in connecting customers with products and brands. They also provide offers from emerging and established merchants.

#4. LeadDyno:

Visit LeadDyno

LeadDyno is one of the simplest software to use. It has built its reputation from a marketing program to an industry leader in affiliate marketing. 

LeadDyno also helps you automate your affiliate programs. It tracks affiliate performance, increases sales, and saves time.

#5. Impact Partnership Cloud:

Visit Impact partnership cloud.

Impact partnership cloud helps businesses all around the world. They handle different forms of partnership. It helps by making the best out of all their partnership programs.

#6. GiddyUp: 

Visit GiddyUp

GiddyUp is a marketing platform that helps brands that are searching for ways to promote their products and services get the chance to connect with marketing partners.

#7. Fiverr:

Visit Fiverr

Fiverr offers $15-50 commissions, and the cookie duration is 30 days. Fiverr remains one of the world’s biggest marketplace for services. They connect people and businesses with freelancers that are offering digital services.

#8. Affilorama:

Visit Affilorama

Affilorama is an affiliate program that offers 50% commissions and more than $30 commissions per sale. The Affilorama website provides you with offers of free affiliate marketing training, software, and support.

Amazon Affiliate Partnership 

Amazon remains the largest eCommerce marketplace. On Amazon, you can buy a variety of products on the platform. Then imagine having to earn a commission on every product you get to sell or buy. With the help of the Amazon Affiliate Program, you can earn from 1% to 20% commissions on the products you sell and when you refer a new user. The cookie duration for amazon is 24 hours.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to become an Amazon affiliate Partnership:

  • Go to an Amazon website or blog and sign up for the Amazon affiliate program. 
  • Enter your information and details 
  • Enter your website address or mobile app
  • Set up your profile 
  • Describe how you drive traffic to your site
  • Add your payment method 
  • Start creating your affiliate links. 

Affiliate Partnership Agreement 

A legally binding contract has to be in place for an affiliate marketing program to hold. An affiliate partnership agreement is a contract between a company and an individual. The individual will receive a commission when they sell a product through their means. While the company will gain more attention and sales. 

It is a win-win case for every party in an affiliate partnership agreement. The partner in the agreement can be another affiliate program, a company, or an individual (influencer).

Affiliate Partnership Agreement Template 

This Affiliate Program Agreement is made effective as of [DATE] 

BETWEEN: (Name of the “Owner”), a (name of company/business), with its office, located at (the company’s address)

AND: [name of the “RECIPIENT”, a [name of recipient’s business/ corporation /limited liability company] organized and existing under the laws of the [name of State/Province], with its head office located at: [the company’s ADDRESS]. 

In order to participate in the ____________________________ Affiliate Program (the “Program”) to refer traffic to the Company’s website.

WHEREAS, the Company is the sole owner and operator of the Internet site known as ____________________________________________ [URL] (the “Site”); and

WHILE, the company has founded a program that gives access to affiliates to refer internet traffic to the site from the website(s) or advertising networks of others in exchange for agreed consideration; and

WHEREAS, you are the sole owner of the website(s) known as _______________________ [URLs]; and 

BESIDES THAT, you desire to participate in the program, as evidenced by your application, which application the Company may approve or disapprove, in its sole discretion.

THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises herein, the Parties agree as follows: 

  • Collaboration
  • Affiliate Site And Content.
  • Compensation For Your Referred Traffic.
  • Fulfillment And Customer Information.
  • Limited License Rights.
  • Representations And Warranties.
  • Disclaimers.
  • Limitation Of Liability.
  • Term And Termination.
  • Relationship.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Waiver.
  • Indemnification. 
  • Assignment; Succession.
  • Choice Of Law.
  • Dispute Resolution.
  • Waiver Of Jury Trial.
  • Remedies.
  • Force Majeure.
  • Interpretation.
  • Counterparts.
  • Severability.
  • Amendments.
  • Notices.
  • Entire Agreement.

Schedule 1


  1. You will be paid $______________.for every click through from the affiliate site to the Site.
  1. For every completed project, you will receive a __________% of the net sale price.
  1.  Other: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Schedule 2

Website(s) : [Links to the website and Social Media Account Handles]

Contact Information

[Business Name of Affiliate]: 

[Primary Contact (First & Last Name)]: 

[Primary Contact Email Address]: 

[Notification Email Address]: 

[Mailing Address]: 

Is an Affiliate the Same as a Partnership? 

Yes. affiliate is the same as a partnership. Many people often think an affiliate is not a partnership, however, Affiliates are a partnership.

It is no doubt that partnership oversees different settings, programs, e.t.c. it also covers Affiliates. So it is safe to say an affiliate is the same as a partnership. 

There are several affiliate programs for partnership, which is why it is important to discuss the terms of the agreement before finalizing it. 

An affiliate partnership is a long-term agreement between two parties; some of the top programs will in discussed in this overview.

How do you set up an affiliate partnership?

Setting up an affiliate partnership is not as difficult as may seem. Having a clear knowledge of what an affiliate partnership is will be the first guide towards setting one up for your brand. 

Here is our guide on how to set up an affiliate partnership:

#1. Decide on What You Want for Your Brand: 

An affiliate partnership will enable both parties to gain the recognition they truly want. To set up an affiliate partnership, you need to be sure of what you want for your brand. This should also include the brand you wish to sell out more or decide on whether you are setting up an affiliate partnership for all your products.

#2. Partner With Big Name Brands:

As a company looking forward to setting up an affiliate partnership, do not limit your company to Influencers/individuals alone. Try partnering with companies that are more advanced than yours. This is a strategic means in affiliate marketing and it is a win-win for all parties in this agreement. 

When an advanced brand market your product, you will most likely gain recognition and more sales. In exchange, you will have to market their products also. This could be a similar industry or the same products. 

#3. Understand the Types of Affiliate Partnerships:

As said earlier, understanding what an affiliate partnership is will help you in the long run. While setting up an affiliate partnership, you must understand and decide on what type of affiliate partnership you want for your brand. Whether a commission affiliate, Search Affiliates, Coupon Sites, or others. 

#4. Enlarge Your Network

Networking is important in every business. As a brand that wants to set up an affiliate partnership, you have to enlarge your network by associating with Influencers and employing brand ambassadors for your brand.

You can enlarge your network by engaging in events that are similar to your industry. 

Events, whether online or physical; can help to widen our network base. And this will be a huge benefit to your company. By attending events, you are most likely to find suitable affiliate partners for your brand.

Do not miss out on backlink opportunities, as this is also a means of advertising your product to millions of blog readers online. 

Many big and small companies utilize backlinks for their brands. You should know that not all Influencers are on Instagram, but most Influencers have their blogs, and with a unique backlink, your brand will gain recognition from individuals visiting the blog.

#6. Recruit a Brand Ambassador for Your Brand:

Another way of setting up an affiliate partnership is by employing celebrities as brand ambassadors. Although, this may not be ideal for companies that are just starting up, as you will have to pay your brand ambassador.

A brand ambassador will help you market your product. By using their popularity and influences, your brand will most likely gain more client base and fame. There are several benefits associated with recruiting a brand ambassador for your company.

How Much Do Affiliate Partners Make?

Affiliates are high in demand, and it signifies more income. An affiliate partner earns an average of $52,130 annually. However, this could vary for reasons like location, the scale of the company, and other factors.

In a compensation affiliate partnership, the affiliate will receive compensation on a product each time a customer buys a product through the link provided by the company. Regardless of the number of products sold out by the affiliate. They will receive compensation.

Is Affiliate Marketing Partnership Marketing? 

No. Affiliate marketing differs slightly from partnership marketing. Although in most instances, there are both looking forward to more sales and recognition for a product.

In affiliate marketing, the marketer can only receive commissions when they sell a product provided to them through the company. 

In partnership marketing, the company has to pay the influencer/brand ambassador to help promote their product. 

A partnership marker will receive their payment whether or not the company gains more clients or recognition. However, a partnership will help the growth of your company in different ways that will be beneficiary to you.

What Is the Difference Between an Affiliate and a Subsidiary? 

Here are the key differences between affiliate and subsidiary:


An affiliate can be likened to a parent company/organization if it has 20 to 50% control proprietorship of the business. When a company owns an affiliate, it can expect greater returns in many forms. 

An affiliate can also be used to explain a connection between two companies, in which one party owns lesser stock than the other party.


A subsidiary is an entity whose parent company has more than 50% to 100% of the share in the majority stake. Unlike an affiliate, a subsidiary has more proprietorship of shares.

In some scenarios, the parent company can own 100% of the shares. A subsidiary can be called a fully-owned or independent parent company.

What Are the Three (3) Main Types of Affiliates? 

There are various types of Affiliates. Understanding the types of Affiliates will help you decide on how you want to promote your brand through affiliate marketing. 

Here are the three (3) main types of Affiliates:

#1. Involved Affiliates:

An involved affiliate is an individual that has a significant relationship with the product they are marketing. An involved affiliate usually has a better idea of how the product works; because they are also regular customers of the brand. Most people love to buy products from involved Affiliates more than other types of affiliates.

#2. Unattached Affiliates:

Unattached affiliates are marketers that advertise products without any significant involvement with the product. They do not advertise nor recommend. Instead, they promote the brand on their platforms. Unlike involved Affiliates, they do not have a keen understanding of what they promote.

Related affiliates utilize their popularity and influence to advertise and market a product. However, they have no real connection with what they advertise, but due to their influences, they can help increase a brand’s customer base.


It is a win-win case for both parties in the affiliate partnership agreement. When an affiliate partnership agreement is drawn, it creates access for more people to know about your brand, and also get to buy from you. While the other party in this agreement gets to pay in exchange for promoting your brand. We hope our overview is helpful for your search.

Affiliate Partnership FAQs

What is an Affiliate Partnership?

An affiliate partnership is an arrangement between two or more parties. This agreement can be between a company and an individual (usually an influencer), whereby this individual promotes your brand through their means. In return, they get compensation for each product sold through them.

What are the best affiliate partnership programs?

Sendinblue, Refersion, GiddyUp, LeadDyno, and Fiverr to name a few

What do we mean by affiliate partnership agreement?

A legally binding contract has to be in place for an affiliate marketing program to hold. An affiliate partnership agreement is a contract between a company and an individual.

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