FREELANCE DIGITAL MARKETING: Meaning, Job Description & Salary

FREELANCE DIGITAL MARKETING how to become job description salary courses

In the field of digital marketing, becoming a freelance digital marketer can give you the most freedom and flexibility. You may have wondered, “How can you start a freelance digital marketing business?” What is the freelance digital marketing salary? “How to become a freelance digital marketer?, freelance digital marketing job description?, and what freelance digital marketing courses can i take?” You don’t have to worry because this article will provide you with all of the answers you require.

Let’s embark on the journey together!

What Is Freelance Digital Marketing?

If you’re a marketer who doesn’t want to be an employee, you can work as a freelancer. Depending on the task or project, freelancing is done. Companies and businesses outsource a variety of responsibilities to independent contractors. There are several advantages to working as a freelancer, as well as some drawbacks.

What Does a Freelance Digital Marketer Actually Do?

A self-employed professional who employs one or more marketing approaches and channels to assist companies in promoting their goods and services is known as a freelance digital marketer. Professional digital marketers often choose to focus on just one of the many digital marketing avenues.

How to Become a Freelance Digital Marketer

Thinking of becoming a freelance digital marketer? Here are steps you can take to become one:

#1. Establish Your Niche

Niching is essential for the success of your job because digital marketing is a large field. If you attempt to accomplish everything, you can end up overextended and perpetually feeling like a novice beginning from scratch with each endeavor.

Niching doesn’t require you to perform the same thing every day, though.

Your niche should ideally be where your hobbies, skills, and the abundance of well-paying jobs converge. You might be interested in social media marketing, for instance. You’ll rapidly discover that certain niches of the workforce appeal to you more than others. Perhaps you favor the management of Instagram rather than Pinterest. Additionally, you’ll discover that some jobs pay more than others. After that, you can use that knowledge to select a niche.

#2. Build a Portfolio

As a self-employed digital marketer, you require a website regardless of your niche or business. Your website serves as the online office or storefront for digital marketers, who operate online. To get started, you can choose inexpensive web hosts and straightforward setup choices like Notion.

The best evidence that you are computer smart and know how to sell yourself is your website. You can showcase a variety of abilities on your website, including SEO, copywriting, design, video production, and content creation. Your professional portfolio and references can both be hosted in one location.

There’s no resume or references yet. Be your first client, then. Create blog content and expand your social media following and personal brand. Inform clients of the SEO success your site has achieved. Become your first success story, and clients will start to pour in.

#3. Find a Network

Marketing without a following or network is much like shouting into space. For a freelancing business to be successful, networking is crucial.

You can learn how to set prices based on the market and your experience by networking with other independent digital marketers. Social networking is the finest resource for finding other freelancers that share your interests. Make a profile that accurately represents what you do (or, if you’re just starting out, what you hope to do).

Be curious about other freelancers on social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, especially those in your sector or area of expertise. Make friends with them, tell them about your business, and even mention that you’re seeking work!

Facebook is renowned for providing helpful networks and groups for independent contractors. Find groups with freelancers in your niche by quickly searching online. Join in and get involved. Freelance groups exist beyond Facebook as well, so it’s worth looking into your particular field of expertise.

#4. Promote Your Business

A multifaceted strategy is necessary for marketing your freelance digital marketing firm. In particular, acquiring a high-paying clientele requires self-promotion. However, self-promotion can be challenging when you’re just starting out in the industry and don’t have many contacts or a large body of work. Fortunately, it’s not impossible.

It’s time to get everything legal as soon as your business starts to grow (which it will!). Get a tax ID if it’s required in your nation, register your firm (as an LLC or sole proprietorship; I prefer the latter), and begin keeping track of your earnings and outgoings before tax time.

Learn fundamental business skills like sending bills even before you register your firm—yes, even for your first job. Use a contract for every business activity (you can send yours if your client doesn’t send one) and include payment terms in it. This is another strategy to put into practice right away.

Freelance Digital Marketing Job Description

The goal of digital marketing is to create effective and cutting-edge ways to sell the company’s brand, goods, and services. A successful use of all marketing tools and strategies, including PPC, SEO, SEM, email, social media, and display advertising, is expected of a digital marketing expert. All of the aforementioned topics and more are covered in a typical job description for a digital marketer, including:

  • Find insights and trends
  • Allocate funds for marketing
  • Construct and manage marketing campaigns
  • Maintain and manage a website for an organization while keeping best practices in mind.
  • enhance the website’s and social media platforms’ content
  • Work with a variety of content formats, such as audio podcasts, videos, and blogs.
  • Keep track of website traffic
  • Implementing and evaluating performance indicators
  • Measure and evaluate objectives in light of ROI
  • Conversion testing and device experiments
  • Frequently provide internal reports
  • Implement innovative and imaginative cross-platform collaborations

All the above listed freelance digital marketing job description is something you can look into. However, the options are infinite for a digital marketer, who can operate in a wide range of different businesses. In comparison to other forms of marketing, the job descriptions indicate an engaging role with strong ROI and data insights.

Freelance Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketers may improve their talents in a variety of ways, and there are numerous resources at their disposal that can help them do so. Gain knowledge of the ins and outs of digital channels, including social media and apps, efficient inbound marketing methods, and assessing success with quantifiable metrics by taking advantage of a broad array of marketing training courses.

Any organization needs digital marketing expertise, and having this skill set is advantageous. Specialization classes in this field may give your CV the competitive edge you need to draw in the top clients. The following are freelance digital courses you can go for:

#1. Udemy: The Complete Digital Marketing Course

The Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Course offers a wealth of resources for aspiring digital marketers. With the help of this top-rated course, students can quickly brush up on subjects like Google Ads, Google Analytics, copywriting, and social media marketing for sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. No prior knowledge is necessary to enroll in this certificate program, which offers 20 courses in one location.

#2. Coursera: Digital Marketing Specialization by the University of Illinois

The Coursera platform, which is supported by numerous colleges and well-known corporations like Google, Intuit, and IBM, aids entrepreneurs and people who wish to advance a skill set that is in demand. Users can study from professionals in the field and acquire the most recent digital marketing skills with the University of Illinois’s Digital Marketing Specialization.

#3. edX: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media, and E-Commerce by Wharton

EdX wants to remove obstacles so that everyone, wherever can receive high-quality education. In a variety of business management and marketing courses, including Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Social Media, and E-Commerce from a top business school, the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, EdX participants receive useful real-world skills and knowledge. Learners may grasp new kinds of engagement, tools and principles, new media platforms, and behavioral foundations in just four lessons.

#4. Skillshare: Free Digital Marketing Classes

Short online courses geared for real-world scenarios are offered by Skillshare. Skillshare empowers the creative community with continuous relevant course offerings guided by industry professionals since it was created with lifelong learners in mind.

Members can choose from a variety of artistic workshops that motivate, inspire, and provide them with the necessary skills to launch a career in digital marketing. Numerous free digital marketing courses are available, including Instagram Engagement Secrets and SEO Basics for Non-SEOs.

#5. Simplilearn: Digital Marketing Specialist Program

Gain an advantage with Simplilearn and re- or up-skill with professionals in your field. Simplilearn offers a wide range of professional certifications to assist professionals in advancing their careers and bills itself as an “Online Bootcamp” for digital abilities.

The Digital Marketing Specialist Program is a highly regarded online course that equips students with cutting-edge information in the field of digital marketing and maps directly to the most prominent industry certifications, including those offered by Google Ads & Analytics, Facebook Blueprint, and HubSpot.

Freelance Digital Marketing Salary

The freelance digital marketing salary varies greatly because this is not a job. Your ability to hustle for clients and market your services will determine how valuable your services are, the types of clients you work with, and how useful your services are.

Digital marketing can be profitable in different ways. For instance, compared to other forms of digital marketing, email marketing, growth marketing, and paid advertising positions frequently fetch greater costs.

There is a clear disparity in salary between sectors. The industries that typically pay the highest wages and contractor fees include finance, electronic manufacturing, sports teams, internet publishing and broadcasting, and well-funded startups.

In the US, entry-level positions in freelance digital marketing can expect to earn $46, 313 per year, while more seasoned marketers can expect to make $80, 288 per year. With 16 data points, the average is $59,963.

Finding out how much money you can make as a freelance digital marketer involves far too many unknowns.

Let’s just say that depending on other income streams you can earn anywhere from practically nothing to more than six figures annually.

What Skills Do You Need to Become a Freelance Digital Marketer?

In order to work as a freelance digital marketer, you’ll need to have a variety of abilities. To develop particular talents, you can enroll in an online professional course.

The domain of digital marketing is broad. Every domain requires a unique set of hard (technical) skills. Regardless of the area you choose to concentrate on, there are also general freelance skills.

#1. Content Writing and Copywriting

Writing is the foundation of all digital material. Because of this, having strong content writing abilities is essential. You need to be knowledgeable enough to be able to recognize quality writing and copywriting, review drafts, and offer helpful recommendations even if you or your customer elect to engage a freelance writer or copywriter separately. You’ll gain confidence by becoming familiar with the fundamentals of content marketing.

#2. Marketing Analytics

You must be able to gather and analyze marketing data regardless of whether you want to handle Facebook advertisements or offer email marketing services. The ability to analyze, track, and optimize almost every facet of digital marketing is why understanding marketing analytics is so important.

#3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Publishing blog entries, LinkedIn articles, product descriptions for Amazon or Etsy, or app store descriptions all require search engine optimization. Your target audience can locate your digital material more easily with SEO. Without it, you’ll need to rely on paid advertising and recommendations to get people to see your content. If you don’t want to focus on offering SEO services to clients, you merely need to know the basics of SEO.

#4. Business Skills

You also need to have crucial business abilities in addition to hard and soft marketing talents. Keep in mind that you are now working for yourself. To start and maintain a successful business, you need to have these skills.

Is a Career in Freelance Digital Marketing Right for You?

With this trend continuing through 2021 and beyond, 59 million Americans were self-employed in 2020. Many people are thinking of quitting their full-time employment and working for themselves as a result of the thriving freelancing economy. However, is independent digital marketing the best choice for you?

Consideration should be given to both a profession in digital marketing and freelancing itself.

Freelancing’s Benefits and Drawbacks

Freelancing can appear to offer a lot of independence at first glance, and in some ways, it does. But I can tell you from experience that there are other factors to consider first. What are the benefits and drawbacks of freelancing?


The following are the pros of freelance digital marketing:

  • freedom to select your work assignments, specialty, and clientele in accordance with your interests
  • flexible working hours
  • Possibility of increasing your income and business as wanted
  • You are solely responsible for your work.
  • You own all business profits.


The following are the cons of freelance digital marketing you need to know:

  • fluctuating income
  • You’ll have to handle everything and promote your company.
  • Finding a balance between work and life can be difficult.
  • no health coverage or other employer perks

What Are the 4 Types of Digital Marketing?

Here are the 4 types of digital marketing:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics and Affiliate Marketing

Which Digital Marketing Skill Pays the Most?

The most in-demand digital skill set is social media. Depending on the nature of a particular industry or brand, technical skills across significant platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok may be essential.

What Qualifications Do I Need for Digital Marketing?

The minimum educational requirement for digital marketing managers is a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline, such as marketing, digital media, communication, website/graphic design, English, or liberal arts. While managing digital content is what these individuals do most frequently, some may also lead and mentor a team.

Can I Work from Home in Digital Marketing?

Yes, you can work from home! The marketing sector has traditionally been one of the greatest for finding remote work because the majority of duties can be completed totally online. But with the outbreak of the epidemic, remote marketing jobs have proliferated much more.

Can I Work for Myself as a Freelance Digital Marketer?

Yes! A dependable occupation is freelance digital marketing. Regardless of the field, the nature of employment lends itself to a freelancing schedule. Just choose a market!

How Can a Novice Digital Marketer Become Successful?

Take beginner courses to learn more about the subject, and then use what you learn to your business. Start an SEO blog to polish your writing skills if you want to get into the industry. Don’t want to spend money on your own blog? Then, for no cost or a small fee, assist a friend in optimizing theirs. Your first portfolio client and your experience are there.

What Credentials Are Required for Digital Marketing?

There are no specific educational requirements for digital marketing. If you already have a degree, a marketing or journalism degree can be useful. However, if you don’t, concentrate on obtaining experience because that is what really matters.

Final Thoughts

Diving into the world of freelance digital marketing is a very lucrative one. You will surely find it interesing, so why not give it a try today!


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