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Trade Show
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Even though it had somewhat diminished as a result of the health issue, the trade show is still a need in b2b transactions. It is a significant financial commitment for a business, which is why there is a strong emphasis placed on maximizing profits. There are thousands of trade associations that put on events every year, and a trade show is an event that is sponsored by trade associations that represent specific industries. However, the general public is not permitted to attend a display at a trade show; rather, only representatives of participating companies and members of the press are permitted to be present. In this article, we will discuss more on the trade show booth for a designer and its marketing strategy.

What is a Trade Show?

A trade show is a convention where businesses and professionals from a specific field may showcase their wares and network with one another. Convention centers in larger cities are the typical venues for these multi-day trade events. Businesses in the area can network with potential customers during trade exhibits held in a nearby arena or hotel.

Most trade shows, also known as trade exhibitions or expositions, allow only members of the trade or industry to attend because their sole goal is to bring together people working in that specific field.

Furthermore, to find out when the next trade show will occur in your area, contact your local convention facility. If an event is scheduled for the next 12 months, the facilities manager’s office will have the dates. Your local Chamber of Commerce is another good resource for learning about upcoming trade shows in your area. In addition, the internet is a great resource for finding performances that aren’t in your immediate neighborhood.

Showing off your wares at a trade show might help you gain exposure and attract new consumers. The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) found that 86% of show visitors were either the final decision-maker or heavily affected purchasing decisions, however, 82% of them had not been contacted by a sales representative prior to the event.

What Are the Different Types of Trade Shows?

Obviously, the types of relationships firms may build with consumers often determine the success or failure of these marketing activities. It’s hard to seal a sale with a consumer who doesn’t respond or build rapport.

Because of this, companies’ promotional efforts should vary depending on the format of the staged trade show. There are industry-specific trade shows as well. Electronics manufacturers and retailers have their own conventions. Other gatherings may be recruitment-oriented job fairs. Companies considering attending a trade show would benefit greatly from research about the event’s focus and target demographic.

Hence, let’s take a look at several of the most popular types of trade shows. 

#1. Healthcare Trade Show

Since healthcare is one of the fastest-growing businesses globally, it stands to reason that expos devoted to healthcare technology, subfields, and jobs would attract enormous numbers of people and media coverage.

In the US alone, there is a plethora of healthcare trade shows to choose from. Consider the Radiological Society of North America’s annual meeting, which is traditionally held in Chicago. Every year, tens of thousands of people visit this convention to learn about breakthroughs in radiology. There will be displays of radiological equipment, laboratory wares, AI, and more. Exhibitors’ theme-based approach makes the Radiological Society of North America’s annual convention one of the most cutting-edge healthcare events.

Furthermore, The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons’ annual meeting is another healthcare trade expo that showcases cutting-edge innovations. It moves every year, but its purpose is to expand our knowledge of orthopedics, musculoskeletal problems, and orthopedic surgery.

In addition, the United States plays host to a plethora of medical conferences and expos every year. The American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting, American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting, and Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference are examples.

#2. Restaurant & Food Trade Show

Massive manufacturing names in the food processing business frequently attend this sort of trade show. Conventional food trade show focuses more on advertising the complete brand rather than individual products. However, these events may present digital promotional videos, such as the organization’s origin story, to provide participants with a background. It might also serve as an exhibition of the most cutting-edge manufacturing techniques used in their factories. Likewise, if these businesses are showing new products, one approach to entice customers is to provide free samples of the new foods they are selling.

#3. Agriculture

Trade shows have been useful for the agricultural sector, as well. But, due to the unique nature of the industry, they require specific utilities and services in order to effectively market their wares.

That’s why it’s so important to locate them near adequate sewers, water for irrigation, and human consumption. Since it has services that benefit private agriculture, the World Trade Center Metro Manila is excellent for this.

Promo materials that convey the relevant information in a readily consumable style tend to do better at agricultural trade shows. For instance, flyers advertising the latest in culinary technology are one such type of promotional material.

In addition, agriculture exhibits, like other trade shows, need a variety of display strategies to attract the largest audience.

#4. Manufacturing Industry Trade Show

Even though it shares certain similarities with the IT sector, the manufacturing business is a separate commercial sector with plenty of exciting developments planned for 2021. For instance, each year the United States hosts Build Expo USA, a free manufacturing trade show that travels to different towns around the country. The trade show offers free workshops, live product demonstrations, and information on the latest roofing and building materials. Recently, the manufacturing industry has been at the forefront of several advances, including eco-friendly building practices and materials.

The annual Duluth Energy Design Conference & Expo is yet another choice for a manufacturing display. This trade show’s exhibitors include experts in sustainable building methods like alternative energy, good design, and high-quality construction. In addition, like many business conferences, this one has many breaks and receptions for attendees to network.

Trade Show Booth Designer

The trade show sector has had a rough go of it during the past two years. Quite a few major events have been delayed or canceled. Covid 19 is still around in 2022, but the event business has changed to accommodate it, and trade shows are back and better than ever. In 2022 and 2023, live events will be crucial to the success of any company looking to expand its operations.

It seems that since the relaunch, trade show booth design has become increasingly remarkable across all sectors. If you go to a huge convention in any city, anywhere in the world, you will probably be happy with what you see. Talent, originality, and technological proficiency in designing display booths are at an all-time high. Trade exhibitions can overwhelm attendees as they walk the floor, peek down aisles, and investigate the showcase halls.

It is more important than ever for exhibitors to harness this innovative spirit and work with the best trade show design firm available to attract the attention of attendees in today’s crowded marketplace. Also, you’ll find an ever-expanding roster of the industry’s top trade show booth architects and designers below. In the samples below, you can see some of the excellent work they’ve done in the past, such as booth design, display stands, and all the equipment your sales staff will need to shine at their next event and close deals. Here is some trade show booth designer.

#1. Expo Marketing

ExpoMarketing is a leading provider of display design and fabrication services, renowned for its ability to build lasting connections between brands and consumers at trade shows. They provide their clients with the artistic edge they are seeking through the combination of their inventive design style and skilled display designers. Its first-rate project management services allow its customers to easily organize their trade shows. The company’s support staff is exceptional and always willing to help. They work closely with their clients throughout the entire process of designing and building the exhibit to make sure it accurately represents their brand. site

They do everything from buying and renting displays to building inline booths, island booths, and double-decker stands. 

These are a few examples of events where an ExpoMarketing booth has been chosen as a client’s trade show designer:

  • CES Consumer Electronics Show
  • Natural Products Expo West
  • Black Hat
  • InfoComm
  • ConExpo
  • ISC West
  • PMA Fresh

#2. Marketing Genome

Marketing Genome creates exceptional, emotionally engaging brand experiences for your target demographic. In the realm of “experiential marketing,” they are unrivaled as creators and organizers of shows and events. With over 30 years in the industry, they have ingrained marketing into their very being, devoting their enthusiasm to creative solutions, excellent customer service, and tangible outcomes. There isn’t anyone else out there who offers such a comprehensive suite of services as they do. Once they’ve started using it, many people don’t usually stop. They take care of absolutely everything if you go with this service.

You can make as many drafts, 3D models, custom fabrications, and quality control models as you like before the show even opens. Exhibit registration, shipping, booth set-up, and breakdown, show scheduling, packing, shipping, and storage. The client’s only actual obligation is to display their product. Fabrications to order are another one of their specialties. Any project, from a set replica like their Jurassic Park gates or Spider-Man experience to a one-of-a-kind creation like their corn swing for Weight Watchers, is welcomed with open arms.

Events where companies have relied on Marketing Genome to create their trade show booth designer:

  • CES Consumer Electronics Show
  • E3
  • Toy Fair Licensing Expo
  • Pack Expo
  • Westec Vision Expo

#3. Best Displays & Graphics

The company has been making trade show displays for over 30 years, so they confidently claim the title of “display experts” and promise to provide consumers with “the best” displays possible. The BDG team can deliver a display solution that is both cost-effective and time-efficient, regardless of the scale or complexity of your project.

Furthermore, Best Displays & Graphics has rapidly risen to prominence as a leading expert in a variety of display-related fields. Their goal is to provide better support for their growing clientele across North America, therefore they keep expanding their offerings. There is a wide range of needs that can be met by their existing trade show offerings, which include graphic design and rendering, set-up and take-down, display and furniture rental, maintenance, storage, transport of exhibit booths, and more.

Here are just a handful of the conventions where Best Displays & Graphics has served as a client’s go-to resource for a trade show booth designer.

  • Toronto Auto Show
  • Toronto Gift Show
  • National Home Show
  • One of a Kind Show
  • The Franchise Expo

#4. Rockway

Rockway Exhibits + Events is the go-to company for companies in need of fresh ideas to address their trade show challenges. Their team of designers and the quality of their custom exhibits have made them a go-to for firms presenting at trade fairs and events in the United States and abroad. Rockway Exhibitions is proud to work side-by-side with its clients from concept to completion to deliver an experience that is uniquely tailored to their needs. site

Their expert staff is committed to providing peace of mind for customers. However, this is why they offer services like a strategy for design, making displays, and providing logistical backup. They can make the best exhibits possible without sacrificing quality or customer service by avoiding the hassle of dealing with various vendors.

In addition to selling bespoke booths, they also provide entirely bespoke rental exhibits, which are a popular choice with customers since they allow for immediate access to a high-quality, bespoke booth, without the need to make any long-term financial commitments. This service is for companies that refresh their designs frequently, attend few trade shows, or are financially constrained.

The quality of the final exhibit can suffer when many builders outsource the production to their clients. Having a fully operational wood shop on-site at Rockway Exhibitions + Events’ offices allows us to create the entirety of an installation without ever leaving the building. Because of the strict controls in place, they are able to use any method or material they like to build their clients’ shows while yet keeping costs low and quality good.

Some of the many trade shows where Rockway Exhibits + Events has served as the preferred exhibit booth designer for their clients.

  • Global Pet Expo
  • InfoComm
  • Enterprise Connect
  • Supply Side East

Is It a Trade Fair or a Trade Show?

A trade show (also known as a trade fair) is a temporary market built to encourage trade, where buyers and sellers meet to do business and investigate new opportunities.

How Do Trade Shows Work?

Trade show exhibitors pay for booth space, set up a display featuring their brand, and network with attendees. Industry notables will be giving keynote addresses, and there will be seminars and demos for attendees to check out as well. Some of these groups hold workshops with talks and activities centered around a central industrial topic, while others give out awards or arrange networking events.

Trade exhibitions are effective because they allow members in the same industry to meet face-to-face, hence increasing the likelihood of commercial deals and networking possibilities being struck.

Benefits of a Trade Show

For a long time, and especially with the advent of the digital age, the importance of trade exhibits to the marketing funnel has been questioned. But, nothing can replace genuine personal connection. When dealing with new products and services that need to be seen in operation, no number of webinars, video conferencing, or social media can substitute the necessity of actual presence.

Trade shows will likely continue to exist for a number of reasons. There are still many benefits to using them, so let’s go over the top five.

#1. Raise the Profile of Your Company

It’s undeniable that trade exhibitions are a great place to spread the word about your company, especially if the people you’re trying to reach are influential members of the media and other professionals in your field. An unmatched experience is provided by letting key players try out your goods while you explain your company’s goals and plans to them. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to interact with current and prospective consumers, allowing you to reach a larger audience than ever before.

#2. Profit from expert knowledge

A trade show is the best place to get a feel for the current state of your field. You’ll be in a prime position to gain key insights from the industry’s top minds while also gaining valuable insights from your fiercest competitors at this event. Go around the convention hall and take note of what your rivals are doing properly and wrong. To learn about things like price and new features, you can even play the role of a consumer. You can learn a lot about your competitors’ ideas and methods that can aid your business with only a few hours of work.

#3. Networking

A no-brainer. At the core of each and every trade show is the opportunity to make new connections. Be sure to set aside some time during the day for this, and also plan to attend the activities that will take place in the evening so that you can make the most of the opportunity to network with influential people in your field. You can even utilize social media before the event to reach out to the connections you’ve been wanting to meet so that you both know where to locate each other and can make plans to meet up.

#4. Seal Deals

Keep in mind that most trade exhibitions are by invitation only, so the list of attendees will be highly targeted and will likely consist of companies and people already on your shortlist. Use this chance to its full potential by identifying the right people to speak with in advance so that your sales team can focus on sealing the deal.

Trade Show Marketing

The annual trade fair attracts hundreds, and often thousands, of people who work in the same field. Showing off your wares at one could provide your firm a much-needed boost. You can make a lot of money and make some really valuable connections at a trade show if you know what you’re doing with regard to marketing before you go.

Definition of Trade Show Marketing

Trade show marketing means showing off and promoting your products and services at one of these large, industry-specific events. Because trade shows are meant to help businesses raise awareness of their brands, you’ll get a lot of exposure and a whole new audience if you exhibit at one. You’ll also get to meet new customers and other professionals in your field. You’ll also find out what your competitors are doing and learn more about the larger trends, products, and services that are shaping your industry.

Let’s say you own a company that produces plastic products and you want to exhibit at the annual trade show for your sector. The most effective way to promote your business at a trade show is to have a booth there that highlights your organization’s latest innovations, awards, and other noteworthy achievements. Your presence at the booth, accompanied by that of a select handful of your staff, is all that’s needed to attract the attention of those who could be interested in what you’re selling to the guests of the trade show.

The increased visibility is why trade show advertising is so crucial. You can meet many people who are enthusiastic about learning more about your company, its products, and its services. Also, it’s a terrific location to meet new people and expand your professional network.

Tips on Making the Most of Your Next Trade Show Experience and Marketing Efforts

Building a solid event marketing plan is the best approach to preparing for a trade show. It’s not as hard of a notion as it sounds. Here are tips

#1. Go to the Appropriate Commercial Events

Attending the annual construction trade show is not going to help your kitty litter business very much. That’s why it’s crucial to participate in trade shows targeted toward your industry.

Furthermore, you should seek out industry-specific trade exhibitions where your target audience might be found among the exhibitors and buyers. Those that have cats and are interested in purchasing your premium kitty litter. It would be great if there was a yearly trade show dedicated to cats.

#2. Make up a Reason to Go

Your trade show objectives may not always align with your reasons for attending. While sales targets may be part of your motivation, research into the marketplace and introductions to potential partners are more fundamental factors. That’s perfectly OK.

New merchandise is another compelling argument for attending a trade fair. The trade show floor is the best venue to show off your prototypes and get the word out. To make sure that the release of your new product coincides with a trade show, check the schedule to see if you can find a suitable one.

#3. Set Forth Your Objectives

It’s useless to attend a trade show without a plan. These objectives should be realistic, quantifiable, and unique to the trade show.

There are many reasons why people go to a trade show, but the most common ones are:

  • Attract more business
  • Communicate with the vendors
  • Get email addresses for a mailing list.
  • Distribute business cards
  • Acquire Prospective Client Information

It’s acceptable to use a great deal of guesswork if this is your first time exhibiting. You may avoid disappointment by setting attainable goals.

Consider setting a more reasonable goal, perhaps 25 new prospects, rather than 1,000. Your ability to zero in on realistic targets will improve as you gain experience.

#4. Always Make Sure to Follow Up

Now that the trade show is done, you have a wealth of data from prospective customers. The next step in trade show marketing is follow-up.

Send an email to every one of your new connections a day or two after the trade show concludes, saying how pleasant it was to meet them and mentioning anything you talked about. This makes it easier for your contacts to recall not only you and your company but also the reason they initially reached out to you.

Is a Trade Show an Exhibition? 

Yes, a trade show is an exhibition. Also, the purpose of a trade show is to exhibit a company’s latest offerings to other professionals and firms in the same industry.


The advent of convention facilities like the World Trade Center Metro Manila has allowed previously unrelated businesses to collaborate on advertising their wares to a wider audience.

Guests in conference centers won’t have much time to kill because there are so many different kinds of trade exhibitions to see. Your understanding of the most common trade show setups used by various businesses and groups should have been much enhanced by the information provided above.

Trade Show FAQs

What type of event is a trade show?

A trade show is a convention where businesses and experts in the same field may exhibit and network. Also, convention facilities in major cities are the usual venues for such multi-day trade exhibitions.

What is the size of a standard trade show booth?

Typically, a 10×10 booth is the standard size. Also, this standard plan provides enough room for a decent booth at a reasonable price. Choose a 20×20-foot stand if possible.

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