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How to gain customer loyalty. [8 easy ways + case study]



Gain customer loyalty and attract loyal customers

Customers rarely would walk up to you to make a deal because they like your face. Knowing how to attract loyal customers is important. Gaining Customer loyalty can be quick and easy if you become deliberate about it.  The following are 7 vital steps to attract loyal customers.

1. Awareness:

customer loyalty starts by gaining the customer first to purchase your products or services but no one buys a product they don’t know of its existence. Whether you’re offering services or products, bring it to the notice of your target markets. Do you ever wonder why companies sponsor events just to have their logo associated with that event with no call to action?

Awareness! That’s what you call ads with no call to action.

This is one reason you should have a launch with each new product/service. You can check out how to have a great product launch. With every new release of Apple iOS phones, they create massive awareness, build expectations that the market already becomes hungry for the product before its release date. This is the power of awareness. One way is to do a great launch

2. Interest:

In the game to gain customer loyalty, awareness isn’t enough. In fact, the goal of awareness isn’t just to announce your coming but also to stir up interest in what you’re offering. If you don’t capture interest, then they consider you a disturbance whenever your ads pop out.

One way to gain customer loyalty is to wow the market, know what value means to them, and build your product around it while exceeding their expectations. More than Apple, Samsung and notable brands thinking their customer are always right, it’s actually their customers who think they (the companies) are always right. Why? They raise the standard before the customers realize it. They lead the market.

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Why you’re still thinking of and being wowed by the recent release, they’ve added more wowing features and launch the next mind-blowing innovation, when you lead the customers, they will follow, this is the genesis of gaining customer loyalty. This keeps the market anticipating and guessing the next big release. People want their expectations to be exceeded. Simply wow them and of course live up to it. This is why gaining trust in business should be important to you. If you do this well, you can get people so hungry that they can pay in advance before the release date.

In 2017 when TStv created awareness in Nigeria, What glued people’s attention to them was their “too good to be true” offers and features that were incomparable to that of their competitors like DStv, CTL, and GoTv to the point that the government gave them 3yrs tax break. These features became the talk of the day so much that everyone anticipated their launch, They did not only gain customer loyalty, they also gain the loyalty of the government. However, other factors brought them down which included the inability to get view permission to some in-demand channels.

Gaining customer loyalty

3. Understanding:

Do the intending users understand the product? How it will be of benefit to them must be clear to them. Communicate the value strong enough that intending users begin to think in terms of the cost of not having the product in a way that it out-weights the cost of having the product. Understanding is key to gaining customer loyalty

4. Engagement:

Engage these potential clients whom you’ve ceased their interest. Become the talk of the day on social media even if you don’t make it to the news headlines. Fashion designers give out their designs to celebrity to wear to major events. It’s all in these steps, awareness is created, it ceases interest, they understand the value, engagement on various platforms start out and not long they would want to try it out. Gaining customer loyalty goes beyond one-time purchase into multiple purchases until they become an advocate for your product. Engage the public so much that even people who have not used your products can be infected to advocate and evangelize your product.

5. Trial:

This is how the cycle of customer loyalty forms. E.g, A laundryman who volunteers to keep your wardrobe clean does this for 3weeks or more for free. Then adds a commensurate charge to his service. It’s harder for you to fall back to doing your laundry yourself than paying him. The goal is to lure people into getting addicted or create a habit around the value of the services/products you offer not on the service/product itself. At this point, they are not only aware or interested, they understand the value, tasted it, and already addicted to the value.

However, Trial won’t always ensure sales. It works mainly for products paid for on a subscription basis. The other types of payment methods, you can focus on giving added value services like buy one and get some other products free. Then go ahead to sales than opting for trial.

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6. Purchase:

What people get free, they don’t really account for the value. But once they start paying for it, they really want to ensure they get the best of value out of it. Someone who doesn’t pay for water. For example, wouldn’t be conscious of the usage but once payment is attached will forgo some usage of the same water. Starts to restrict the dog from going to dirty places so as to minimize unnecessary regular bath to save cost. If each time a customer thinks of saving cost and your service or product is forgone then your value isn’t strong enough to keep such customer. The point is this, let the value be so strong to keep them addicted. Customer loyalty is almost impossible without a strong value proposition.

7. Repeated purchase.

Loyal customers are ones that keep coming back to patronize your products and services. However, this is not the ultimate goal until you get them to the point where they become your product advocates. They become the free marketers that you don’t pay. This is where 80% of the goodwill comes from.
No marketer is as good as a satisfied customer. This is the point you can boldly say you have gained customer loyalty.

Favour Emeli is passionate to see businesses grow and yield increasing profit. He consults for business and has helped some secure grants and funding. He is the Author of 365days Business Devotional For Entrepreneurs

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    customer relationships

    Customer support: How, why and when to implement. (+bonus guide)



    customer support

    Previously, We have been able to establish that to create a loyal customer base, customer support skill must be top-notch.

    The customer support varies from giving listening ears to the customers and answering their questions, rendering assistance where necessary, and providing them with relevant information especially when there’s a new commodity or product.

    For instance, when I go to a shop or mall for the first time, what sticks the most is their customer services skills and this is same for most people.

    Therefore, Educating and properly training your customer support team is very important in every business.

    In this article, we have been able to give you in details, the How, why and when to implement customer support.

    Customer Support.

    By Customer support, we refer to varieties of services offered to aid customers to enable them to gain utility form your products as well as solve their issues.

    In the same vein, these services are offered by well-trained representatives who have mastered the art of listening, rendering help with empathy and making information readily available to these customers.

    How To Implement Customer Support.

    It’s very important to adopt these official customer support standards in your business as it is the major way to prove that you and your employees are dedicated to your visions and policies.

    Also, It gives clarity and helps to set the path straight in Daily interactions.

    Here are some detailed steps on how to implement this customer support service.

    Rule Number 1: Know Their Needs:

    Here at business yield, one major thing that always surfaces anytime this topic comes up is “the feedback policy”.

    You can’t possibly know the need of your customers except you ask them.

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    Afterwards, take time to go through those feedbacks attentively.

    Here are some necessary things that should be found in your feedback form;

    1. Quality of the Product

    2. Customer service

    3. Efficiency in handling the customers’ complaints.

    4. Delivery services(if you offer that)

    5. Other improvements they would want to see, etc.

    Note: don’t ask for these feedbacks if you are not ready to implement and grow.

    Rule Number 2: Make your Vision Statement known:

    Your Vision Statement is simply what you want the business to represent and the main problem you intend to solve through your business.

    Also, the vision statement should be a result of the brainstorming consisting of your major priorities and how you intend to use your qualifications or selling point to solve an existing problem.

    However, the vision statement will act as a daily reminder to your employees and your customers and become a way of life for you all.

    Rule Number 3: Have a functional Customer service policy:

    This should be flexible and amended when new policies are discovered. The goal of this is to build excellent customer service. Read about this excellent customer service strategies

    However, you can start by writing out all types of customer interactions that fit into your business.

    For instance, Retail businesses can consider implementing these policies;

    1. Customer complaints management.

    2. handling of funds.

    3. Restocking.

    4. The POS system establishment, etc.

    Once you have this, map out strategies that will make the running of these policies swift.

    Rule Number 4: Train and Equip all employees on the customer policies relevant to their field:

    This is one of the major 7 keys in building a visionary company that will go from good to great. Don’t just leave this at distributing handbooks to employees, they should also be trained on policies relevant to their field.

    Why Implement Customer Support?

    Good customer support helps you to;

    1. Earn trust:

    Listening to your customers and attending to their needs makes them feel secure in relating their needs to you thereby securing their trust.

    2. Enhance brand awareness:

    A happy Customer refers and recommends you to people without being paid or asked to.

    3. Build A Strong Customer Base:

    Show me a man who treats his customers well and I will show you customers who always returns to maintain that relationship and attention.

    4. Make great sales:

    When your customer support game is good, there is a guarantee on your constant sales and restocking.

    5. Attract new and loyal customers:

    especially through recommendations and unpaid advertisement by the loyal customer base.

    In as much as your business is important, Retaining customers is very important as well.

    Meanwhile, let’s look at this.

    Customer Support Representative.

    Customer service representatives or customer service team are personnel who specialise in effective interaction with customers to take care of their complaints, orders and relate information about the products and services of a business.

    There are some highly recommended qualifications for choosing or training these customer support representatives, as the case may be.

    They are;

    1. Good Communication skills:

    They are simply a series of activities that maximumly makes interaction swift.

    Effective communication is beyond relating information, it has to do with understanding the feelings behind this information and people who needs the information.

    Also, It helps us understand people and situations better.

    They include listening skills, non-verbal communication, emotional control, etc.

    2. Problem-solving Skill:

    Problem-solving skill helps you find the source of a problem and a suitable solution to it.

    3. Computer skill.

    Customer Support System.

    Customer Support System is solely in charge of managing customers’ requests and communication with the customers to resolve their complaints.

    Furthermore, the Customer support system is a strong backbone of the business and huge assistance in handling customers which gives you an edge over most businesses.

    When To Implement Customer Support Services.

    Although it is best to implement these policies while branding your startup, however, it’s never too late to implement a customer support service. It’s not enough to read this article, implement that idea immediately as this important also for online businesses! Lastly, kindly let us in on your thoughts on how and why customer support should be implemented.

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    Business strategies

    The hidden sales secrets that increase profit.



    sales secrets that increase profit.

    It’s not new to face rejection after rejection in your pursuit to make sales. Everyone does and the more you persist the more people avoid you. There are sales secrets that increase profit you haven’t learnt. When you learn these sales secrets you will get to close more sales and increase profit. The following are the sales secrets that increase profit. They aren’t new it’s just that you’ve not discovered them.

    1. Build rapport:

    you wonder while you spend so much money developing quality proposals that inevitably will catch attention but you end up not been called for the project? Proposals alone don’t win the project! Yes, it’s a bitter truth.

    You wonder why you’ve to visit an office to make sales and you get rejected severally till you’re almost frustrated. The more you persist, the more you’re avoided by people who think you’re a nuisance. You’re told, “The manager isn’t around” right from the gate even when you obviously can see the manager from the office window.

    Proposals alone don’t close sales, persistence makes you a nuisance.

    The moral is that all sales are built on relationships. Before pushing for sales, build a rapport first.

    This is where persistence should help. Be persistent about building the relationship not about closing a sale. People know the difference.

    They want to feel your genuine interest in them before they can give interest in whatever you want to offer. Someone you’ve not spoken with for over 6 months, then you walk into him in a mall and start telling about this new product you’re selling. If you’re the one, how would you react? Or you call him for the first time only to tell him about your new product. Renew the relationship first.

    You might not have the time to build this relationship with someone especially if it’s someone you have never met before. Then let someone he trusts well introduce you. Same with submitting proposals, let someone introduce you and preach your Goodwill added to your wowing design.

    People tend to trust you when they have a level of rapport with you. There are gimmicks on building rapport but people are wise enough to know when they are manipulated. It won’t close sales rather it closes the door when people discover ingenuity.

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    Consider instead building rapport the old-fashioned way: Be your best self, find things in common, it could be that you both went to the same school or worship in the same church or putting on the same shoe or an award in the office you’ve also won. Be friendly and helpful. People rarely buy from someone they do not like and, conversely, will go out of their way to buy from someone they do. Another instant way to build rapport is to find out what real customers want.

    2. Find out what the customers want:

    The most frustrating form of sales is trying to sell to someone what he doesn’t need. You must understand that sales are not about finding a product and then trying to sell it. It’s finding a need and then offering a product that solves that need at a place and price they want to buy provided you make enough profit to sustain the business. By so doing, you save energy and time. sales are much easier that way.

    This is why you must link your product to the need of the customer. They want to know how your product will solve their problems not so much about how wonderful your product is or the sophisticated features.

    If you want to succeed in sales, you will focus on the benefits to the customer, on how your product solves their problem. Do not focus on your product’s features. Benefits, not features, is Sales 101.

    This is a sales secret that increases profit.

    3. Introduce the product/Topic:

    When you’ve achieved the above, it’s now time to talk about the product. You’ve gained trust through your rapport, so there are high chances you’ll close the sales.

    This is one of the top secrets of car salespeople. They give you a variety of options in a very friendly welcoming “feel at home” manner. Ask seemingly innocent questions to know your taste and budget while directing your cars of such ranges. It makes you feel like, she understands your needs or ego as the case may be. This is a sales secret that increases profit.

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    4. Get them emotionally involved:

    sales secrets that increase profits

    A shoe salesman wants you to wear the shoes not necessarily to check for size match but to birth in you that feel, emotions, and imagination of how good you look on it. Same with the car dealer, she tells you to sit, hands the key to you, and asks you to take some time to drive the car.

    This builds an emotional connection and a sense of ownership as though the car is yours already. If you’re not strong enough, you’ll make more of an emotional conclusion than a logical one. Humans are more of emotional beings than logical beings. This is another sales secret that increases profit.

    5. Highlight benefits:

    People want to see their problems solved. A car might solve a different problem, for different individuals. One might buy just to feel belonged to a class of the society, one might buy for the simple reason of having a car. You must know what their needs are and tailor your benefits to their needs.

    People buy Mobile phones for different reasons. Yes talk about the features but if you don’t explain how the features attend to those needs then it’s of no gain. Highlight benefits and tailor it to needs.

    6. Give an incentive to close the sale immediately.

    Incentive could be something that will help them buy now. A sense of urgency to make them quickly buy or make a monetary commitment. An example could be buy now and get 7% off with 2 months’ support.

    If it’s a seminar you want people to register it sound like register now and qualify for a free seminar guide and an ebook that cost 20$ for free or register at the venue and pay for the ebook too. The goal is to create urgency and close the sales immediately. Don’t forget to add money-back guarantee.

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    customer relationships

    Marketing Skills To Boost your Sales.

    Every aspect of human endeavour has an element of sales and marketing; from the way you dress, to the way you carry yourself, to your personal interest or passion. these can become strong marketing skills to boost your sales



    marketing skills to boost your sales
    Every aspect of human endeavour has an element of sales and marketing; from the way you dress, to the way you carry yourself, to your personal interest or passion. these can become strong marketing skills to boost your sales
    An individual who love red color will most likely buy products packaged in red. What that means is that we buy things that appeal to us, not necessarily what we need or what we cannot do without.
    The most intriguing, interesting, yet frustrating aspect of any business is the sales or the marketing strategy of producers. Of course, no business thrive without effective marketing strategy, so if you wish to succeed as an entrepreneur, you must pay adequate attention to your sales strategy, else you may end up losing so much as a result of little or no sales.
    Whether your service is product based or solution based, you need to brush your sales skills to boost your revenue and of course smile to the bank.
    In this article, I shall enumerate sales skills that will boost your sales, increase your credibility and also attract more customers to your business.
    Do you remember the Coca-Cola advert that inscribed different names on the plastic bottle of their products? Do you think they were just having fun? Nope, that was Coca-Cola building a relationship with her customers. People patronize you more when they feel connected to you, your brand, or your products.
    If as an entrepreneur you do not keep a healthy relationship, you do not socialize,  you do not nurture the friendship or relationships around you(whether social or real}, how do you hope to make sales?
    Buyers do care to know how much you  care, how  genuine you are, and how your product or service connects with your passion and personality. So your number one strategy is to build relationship with those you hope to sell your products and services to.
    Humans connect with a story, whether fake  or real, we are all influenced by a story. Human being is an embodiment of stories: childhood stories, teenage stories, personal stories, happy-sad-moody-indifferent stories, and our stories influence our buying decisions.
    As an entrepreneur, you must learn how to be a good story teller, not necessarily being able to write a novel, but being able to connect your passion with your profession and then your product or solution.
    Buyers are always listening and will always buy into your story once it is relatable, genuine and honest.
    All songs are stories, and all business sells with good stories. stories can help you attract loyal customers. Find out 7 other ways on how you can attract loyal customers:
    One of the worst mistakes most entrepreneurs do is that they sell a price, they undo themselves because they want to gain the customer of their competitor. Fact is, every product has its own clients, and the worst thing to sell is prize, because the moment you start selling price, you expose yourself to being manipulated by buyers.
    When you hear things like, won’t you sell for $x less? I have someone who could offer this product at 50%, that is manipulation which arose because the entrepreneur is selling price, instead of value.
    You should always sell value, content, service, and stress on the efficacy, efficiency, and satisfaction that your service brings to clients, anything else may ruin your business.

    Read more: Hidden sales secrets that increase profit

    Almost every year, Malta Guinness re-brand their Malta drink and other products they produce, do you know why? Because buyers will always be attracted to beautiful products, or services.
    To be honest, I paid additional $20 for a product that was worth $10,  simply  because the business owner repackaged the same product in such a manner that I  couldn’t resist it.
    No matter how effective your product might be or how efficient your service might be, poor packaging will most definitely reduce your sales and profitability in your business.
    Every product or service demands promotion and publicity, and where you carry out your publicity determines your sales efficiency and your profitability.  We are in business to make money, and we will only make money by pushing our products and services consistently to the face of our potential clients. These days, we have strategic, effective and affordable ways to publicize your products and get the right clients to your business.
    Today, you can generate  over 50% sales by promoting your business on social media alone. That shows how flexible and effective social media tools are to entrepreneurs and to businesses.
    Though no publicity is a bad publicity, not all publicity is effective in sales, so as an entrepreneur, you must be strategic in your publicity to avoid spending your profit on publicity alone.


    Read more: Marketing strategies: How a “free delivery offer” can boost your sales

    Every entrepreneur is the number one Sales executive of his or her company or brand, and your volume of sales is dependent on the following:
    []Quality of your product and service.
    Trust is the most expensive commodity in business, and once your prospective clients have lost their trust in your brand and business, you may as well close the business because you will most likely make losses in the business.

    Read more: 4 ways to build trust in business

    As an entrepreneur, you must adopt these skills if you hope to thrive in your business, and build a brand that will stand the test of time.
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