Best easy advertising campaign guide (+free strategy)

An advertising (ad) campaign is essential for any business. At the end of this post you’ll know the different types of advertising campaign and advertising campaign ideas.

It is however not complete without an accurate strategy to back it up,  therefore we have provided a free strategy at the end of this post.

We know the importance of a proper advertising campaign, which is why we have provided a well structured guide to help you in your campaign.

Above all, an advertising campaign is more than just creating an ad.

It requires proper structure and organisation and sometimes it is advisable to get a specialist in that area to yield better results.

In this post, we’ll walk you through what an advertising campaign is, why it matters, the different types, advertising campaign ideas, management and strategy.

What is an advertising campaign?

An advertising campaign is a well laid out strategy designed to be used across different mediums, to achieve brand awareness, promote sales and generate revenue.

It can be defined as the series of similar advertisements by a company or a business that carries the same message, to convince their target customers to purchase their products.

In other words, it is a way to promote your products or services to a specific audience.

It can be carried across several mediums, keep reading to get the full scoop.

Importance of advertising campaign

There are several reasons why brands need to put in more efforts into their campaign.

Now note this, if you don’t have a fat budget to run an ad, you shouldn’t beat yourself up because of that.

In addition, you’ll need to carefully choose a medium that would give you the results you need.

Now, why is it important to put in efforts to your advertisement campaign?

It increases brand visibility

Effective ad campaign helps in increasing your reach, and turning your audience into paying customers in no time.

No matter the medium used in conducting an ad campaign, be it social media, pay per click, broadcast placements or print resources.

These practices grows your ability to build a long lasting audience, thereby generating sales.

In addition, it informs the customers about the value you’re offering.

Customer attraction

The core importance of a campaign is to reach out to prospective customers convincing them why they should choose you over others.

However, this kind of ad campaign may require constant repetition to build your authority, and when this is done effectively, you’ll have a steady flow of customers trooping in.

It increases sales.

Effective campaign increases your ability to make more sales.

Types of advertising campaign

You’ll need to review the proper type of ad campaign, so that you can attain your desired goal.

If you’re not sure what type to work with, we’ve listed the 3 best types of advertising campaign you should try out today.

Social media

The whole world is now on social media; advertising on social media can give you a quick ROI.

Social media is one of the very effective types of advertising campaign medium because of your ability to showcase your brand personality.

If you can choose the right social media platform to leverage on, then you’re good to go.

If you haven’t considered newspapers, magazines and all other print mediums, then you should.

Print media is one of the effective ways to gain traction to your brand, a lot of people read newspapers and magazines daily.

It will provide you with the wide reach, exposure and relevance you desire.

Radio campaigns

The airwaves can be used to your advantage, hundreds of people tune into the radio daily.

You can use this medium to get in touch with your customers directly.

Radio ad campaign promotes brand intimacy and can be cheaper to use than various diverse mediums.

Ad campaign ideas

If your budget isn’t friendly enough, you need not to worry.

This 21st century business owners have more options than ever.

Here’s a list of some advertising ideas you can try today.

Traditional Advertising campaign Ideas

1. Radio advertising
2. Newspaper advertising
3. Magazine advertising
4. Local television advertising
5. Trade show advertising

Online advertising campaign ideas

1. Banner ads
2. Business listings
3. Google my business
4. Online contest or giveaways
5. Website space trading

Advertising campaign ideas

Social media advertising campaign ideas

1. Facebook advertisement
2. YouTube ads
3. LinkedIn ads
4. Promoting social media post to ensure organic sharing
5. Influencer marketing

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Local advertising campaign ideas

1. Business card sharing
2. Sponsor a local event
3. Post on community bill boards
4. Send our direct mail flyers
5.Distributing brochures

One out of the many listed ideas above will help you in effective ad campaigns.

Ad Campaign Management

Advertising campaign management means identifying business goals, and strategies, using it to design, plan and monitor your advertisement campaign.

However, the most effective campaign won’t yield any result if it isn’t evaluated and reviewed from time to time.

Management here entails tracking your progress, checking what works and what doesn’t.

Management is the only way your campaign will yield better results

Advertising campaign strategy

A strategy is a well laid out plan that will help you achieve the results you want.

The following steps are used in strategizing accurately

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Define your goals

First, you need to be specific in setting goals, your goals need to be SMART – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Any goal that is void of any of the previously listed will be ineffective.

Define your audience

Secondly, ask yourself: Who do I want to reach with this content? Where are they?

This would help you choose the best medium for advertisement as well as the right content to put out with each campaign.

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Identify your marketing campaign tool

Thirdly, after identifying you goals and audience, you’ll need to determine the best ways to reach them.

The tools range from social media, broadcast, TV commercials et al.

Don’t limit your campaign to one medium, test many waters

Identify the resources and budget that fits your campaign?

How much are you willing to spend for the campaign?

Your budget must include all the costs that is associated with your marketing campaign

Create the right content

With all the listed above in mind, it’s time to create content that suits your ideal audience/ make sure your content resonates with your audience.

Moreso, make sure it’s easy to understand.

Your content must solve your audience problems and answer their questions.

Evaluate your campaign

Lastly, and most importantly always evaluate and monitor your campaign, to know what works and what doesn’t.

In conclusion, marketing campaigns never ends once it is created, the process continues.

How can you do a simple advertisement?

Select Your Intended Audience. When creating an advertisement, the target audience must be determined initially.
Perform Market Research. Market research is vital to the promotion of a campaign.
Determine Your Platform.
Establish a budget.
Develop a Message.
Get People Talking.
Determine What You’re Constructing.
Include a CTA.

How can a marketing plan be created in 10 simple steps?

Start with Your Objective.
Develop Your Budget.
Define Your Audience.
Identify the products or services that will be featured.
Perform a SWOT analysis.
Utilize the SWOT Analysis to Determine Your Key Differentiators.
Create a marketing plan.
Consider Additional Low-Cost Options.

What are the five steps of a campaign for advertising?

Creating Advertising Campaigns: 5 Steps
Step 1: Determine Your Audience.
Step 2— Goals.
Step 3– Media Plan.
Step 4— Deployment.
Step 5: Success Metrics

How do you develop a marketing campaign?

There are six crucial steps to creating a successful marketing campaign:
Determine your objective and budget in the first step.
Step 2: Determine Your intended audience.
Create Your Message in Step 3.
Develop Your media strategy in the fourth step.
Implement Your marketing campaign as the fifth step.
Measure and evaluate your results in Step 6.

What are the seven steps involved in building a marketing campaign?

Seven Steps to Marketing Campaign Planning
Determine what you will advertise.
Choose a concept or topic for your campaign.
Set campaign goals.
Determine which marketing channels you will employ.
Determine the type of material you wish to produce for each channel.
Formulate a plan for the execution of your campaign.
Evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign.

What are the five components of advertising?

A Well-Determined Target Audience. To make a great advertisement, you must know to whom you are communicating and eventually selling.
What’s In It For Them? – Value Proposition
Excellent content and design.
The Request for Action (CTA)
The Next Step.

We hope this detailed post was very helpful.

We hope you’re fully informed on the processes required to kick-start the advertising campaign you’ll need to increase your audience reach and generate more revenue.

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