Customer support: How, why and when to implement. (+bonus guide)

customer support

Previously, We have been able to establish that to create a loyal customer base, customer support skill must be top-notch.

The customer support varies from giving listening ears to the customers and answering their questions, rendering assistance where necessary, and providing them with relevant information especially when there’s a new commodity or product.

For instance, when I go to a shop or mall for the first time, what sticks the most is their customer services skills and this is same for most people.

Therefore, Educating and properly training your customer support team is very important in every business.

In this article, we have been able to give you in details, the How, why and when to implement customer support.

Customer Support.

By Customer support, we refer to varieties of services offered to aid customers to enable them to gain utility form your products as well as solve their issues.

In the same vein, these services are offered by well-trained representatives who have mastered the art of listening, rendering help with empathy and making information readily available to these customers.

How To Implement Customer Support.

It’s very important to adopt these official customer support standards in your business as it is the major way to prove that you and your employees are dedicated to your visions and policies.

Also, It gives clarity and helps to set the path straight in Daily interactions.

Here are some detailed steps on how to implement this customer support service.

Rule Number 1: Know Their Needs:

Here at business yield, one major thing that always surfaces anytime this topic comes up is “the feedback policy”.

You can’t possibly know the need of your customers except you ask them.

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Afterwards, take time to go through those feedbacks attentively.

Here are some necessary things that should be found in your feedback form;

1. Quality of the Product

2. Customer service

3. Efficiency in handling the customers’ complaints.

4. Delivery services(if you offer that)

5. Other improvements they would want to see, etc.

Note: don’t ask for these feedbacks if you are not ready to implement and grow.

Rule Number 2: Make your Vision Statement known:

Your Vision Statement is simply what you want the business to represent and the main problem you intend to solve through your business.

Also, the vision statement should be a result of the brainstorming consisting of your major priorities and how you intend to use your qualifications or selling point to solve an existing problem.

However, the vision statement will act as a daily reminder to your employees and your customers and become a way of life for you all.

Rule Number 3: Have a functional Customer service policy:

This should be flexible and amended when new policies are discovered. The goal of this is to build excellent customer service. Read about this excellent customer service strategies

However, you can start by writing out all types of customer interactions that fit into your business.

For instance, Retail businesses can consider implementing these policies;

1. Customer complaints management.

2. handling of funds.

3. Restocking.

4. The POS system establishment, etc.

Once you have this, map out strategies that will make the running of these policies swift.

Rule Number 4: Train and Equip all employees on the customer policies relevant to their field:

This is one of the major 7 keys in building a visionary company that will go from good to great. Don’t just leave this at distributing handbooks to employees, they should also be trained on policies relevant to their field.

Why Implement Customer Support?

Good customer support helps you to;

1. Earn trust:

Listening to your customers and attending to their needs makes them feel secure in relating their needs to you thereby securing their trust.

2. Enhance brand awareness:

A happy Customer refers and recommends you to people without being paid or asked to.

3. Build A Strong Customer Base:

Show me a man who treats his customers well and I will show you customers who always returns to maintain that relationship and attention.

4. Make great sales:

When your customer support game is good, there is a guarantee on your constant sales and restocking.

5. Attract new and loyal customers:

especially through recommendations and unpaid advertisement by the loyal customer base.

In as much as your business is important, Retaining customers is very important as well.

Meanwhile, let’s look at this.

Customer Support Representative.

Customer service representatives or customer service team are personnel who specialise in effective interaction with customers to take care of their complaints, orders and relate information about the products and services of a business.

There are some highly recommended qualifications for choosing or training these customer support representatives, as the case may be.

They are;

1. Good Communication skills:

They are simply a series of activities that maximumly makes interaction swift.

Effective communication is beyond relating information, it has to do with understanding the feelings behind this information and people who needs the information.

Also, It helps us understand people and situations better.

They include listening skills, non-verbal communication, emotional control, etc.

2. Problem-solving Skill:

Problem-solving skill helps you find the source of a problem and a suitable solution to it.

3. Computer skill.

Customer Support System.

Customer Support System is solely in charge of managing customers’ requests and communication with the customers to resolve their complaints.

Furthermore, the Customer support system is a strong backbone of the business and huge assistance in handling customers which gives you an edge over most businesses.

When To Implement Customer Support Services.

Although it is best to implement these policies while branding your startup, however, it’s never too late to implement a customer support service. It’s not enough to read this article, implement that idea immediately as this important also for online businesses! Lastly, kindly let us in on your thoughts on how and why customer support should be implemented.


How do you define customer support?

This support is offered by well-trained representatives who have mastered the art of listening, rendering help with empathy, and making information readily available to these customers.

What is difference between customer service and customer support?

Customer service representatives or customer service team are personnel who specialize in effective interaction with customers to take care of their complaints, orders and relate information about the products and services of a business.

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