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Individuals or companies could ask for free employment verification through their form to validate the information you provide on your documents. Verification of your employment enables a third party to establish that you really work for the organization you claim to. The necessary details of your employment will be included in a proper verification letter without jeopardizing your privacy. Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) makes use of an automated employment verification service and a number that makes it simple for third parties to confirm employment and compensation information for both current and retired DOL workers. In addition, the work number is a quick and safe service used for applications for loans, mortgages, leases on apartments, and anything else requiring evidence of work.

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What Is Employment Verification?

Employment verification is when a third party requests evidence of your current or former employment status.  A government agency, for instance, may request employment verification to validate a variety of facts, including wage information, current work status, job position, training or accomplishments, and employment dates.

However, employment verification requests are sometimes a part of a bigger background investigation the third party is doing to verify your identity before they will continue processing your request or provide the service you have requested. 

Furthermore, obtaining a loan or establishing a certain kind of account at a bank, for instance, may include providing proof of current or previous work. A prospective employer may research your work history, duties, pay, and chances of being rehired to make a hiring decision.

How Is Verification of Employment Done?

To lawfully do an employment verification check, the candidate must first sign a form. The background check agency then contacts the applicant’s previous employers to verify their employment history. The applicant’s pay stub, W-2, or other tax records may serve as proof of employment even if the firm is no longer operating.

Why Do Companies Want Verification of Your Employment?

A corporation or organization may request your employment verification to confirm the information you gave. Hiring businesses, landlords, and lenders request employment verification letters to verify your financial status, including your present job, pay, job title, or work duties. Common causes for an employment verification check include:

#1. Immigration Purposes

It is common practice for government agencies to demand evidence of employment and income from applicants seeking permanent residence status. Governments often need proof of financial stability before issuing permits or visas. The government may inquire about your pay, job title, and length of employment from your company.

#2. Offer of Payment

Most employers want to know the candidate’s current wage and desired compensation for the role. For the purposes of benchmarking and establishing your new wage, the corporation may require employee verification including salary data. In addition, hiring managers often look at previous salaries when deciding what to pay you for a new job.

#3. Loan Offer

Lenders usually request employment verification before lending money. Financial companies demand proof you can afford the loan amount and make regular payments.  However, your creditworthiness may be based on your wage and employment stability. Verifying personnel helps institutions validate loan form accuracy. Lenders demand verbal confirmation over the phone, but they may want written confirmation from your employment.

What Are the Importance of Employment Verification?

When people apply for jobs, they often lie about their past work history. This has serious consequences for companies. The quality of an organization’s workforce is crucial to its success. As such, checking references is an essential part of the recruiting process. To begin with, it is the most efficient method of building and sustaining a competent staff. Here is the importance of employment verification

#1. Facilitates a Risk-Free Working Environment

It’s crucial not to employ someone who has a checkered past to keep others safe. If for no other reason, verifying the employment of a candidate is important to ensure that your business and current staff are not put in danger.

#2. To Ensure Cultural Compatibility

It is important to hire people who are a good match for the position and the company as a whole. However, hearing from a candidate’s previous manager or HR contact via verification of the employment process might provide you insight into the candidate’s fit with the culture of the organization.

#3. It’s a Reliable Method of Confirming Crucial Information

To ensure that the applicants you’re interviewing have the appropriate level of experience for the job, you should verify their claims regarding their employment history.

#4. The Reason Why People Tend to Switch Jobs Often Becomes Clear

An employment verification letter might explain why a candidate was only working for a prior company for a short time. You may question them directly during the interview, but it’s also vital to verify if the business really did lay off employees, move the job, or do away with it altogether.

Employment Verification Letter

For various reasons, you may need to prove that you have a job. These letters might be useful for employees when negotiating with prospective landlords or applying for mortgages. They may be used to verify a candidate’s employment history or insurance coverage or to determine whether or not they are eligible for a certain position.

It’s excellent news that a  letter of verification of employment is often a short and straightforward paper that may be easily drafted or acquired. Reviewing templates and samples of letters might help you get started when you need to make a request or compose a letter.

What Is an Employment Verification Letter?

An Employment Verification Letter often called a letter of employment or proof of income letter, is a document used to vouch for a person’s present or prior employment and income. Employees, governments, landlords, mortgage lenders, potential employers, and collections agencies may all make such requests.

Furthermore, it’s possible that the employer may ask for confirmation of the employee’s employment dates, pay, and rehire or continuation status. The requestor has the right to know the cause for the employee’s termination if the employee has been terminated.

How Do Request a Letter of Employment Verification?

In order to maintain a professional relationship with your employer, it is essential that you ask for a letter of verification of employment in a businesslike manner. First, be sure that you have contacted HR (human resources).

A third party may request access to your employment record, and the firm may need your consent in accordance with its policy on the sharing of information. Frequently, your HR point of contact will either write the letter for you or supply a form for you to customize and present to your supervisor. If you have any questions, you may always consult your superior.


Contents of an Employment Verification Letter

Your name, dates of employment, job title, and income, as well as the name and address of the organization seeking the document, will often be included in an employment verification letter or form, along with your employer’s address. Your date of birth and social security number might also be included in the document for verification reasons.

However, remember that state laws regulate the disclosure of employee information to other parties.  in addition, to allow your current or former employer to share your information with a third party, you may be asked to sign a release form.

How Do I Get Proof of Employment?

There is just no way to avoid this. To qualify for a mortgage, you’ll need to provide proof of employment. Lenders will check your credit and history, but they will also require proof that you have a stable source of income to repay the loan.

However, having a letter from your employer stating your income level is a smart approach to show that you can pay your bills on time. It indicates that your income is sufficient to cover your financial commitments. Some other proofs include:

  1. Make your financial records and tax returns available.
  2. Make Business Financial Statements.
  3. Wage Statements

Free Employment Verification

It may take an official letter or a phone call to the human resources department to confirm someone’s employment status. How you go about it will depend on whether or not you plan to offer the candidate a job and whether or not you have access to a list of references for them. You shouldn’t ever have to pay for a complete background check, no matter what your motivation is. For free employment verification it includes:

#1. Using an Employment Verification Letter

Find out what a letter of verification is. If you need to verify your employment history or employment term, you may get a letter of verification from your current or former employer. You may also add salary details in the letter.

It is imperative that the letter be formal. In other words, it has to be on official corporate letterhead and provide contact information for the business. There is no way for the worker to make up a fake letter of verification if it is an official letter.

#2. Ask for a Letter

Include a request for an employment verification letter in your advertising for this position. This letter might be requested after the interview, or during the interview itself. If you want mail sent to you to remain private, ask that it be sent in a sealed envelope. If you have any queries, feel free to contact the company.

#3. Character Reference

A character reference might help you get a job. It’s similar to verification of employment but with additional details to the form. Specifically, the reference writer describes and evaluates the applicant’s competencies and capabilities in the workplace. This letter or form may serve as a stand-in for an employment verification letter since it should include information regarding the employee’s length of service at the company.

Can HR Verify Employment?

Most big companies utilize their own HR or payroll departments to verify employee employment, while some use an independent service. Employers may rest easy knowing that everything on your CV is true thanks to the employment verification service.

Employment Verification Documents

What kind of income do you get from your work, a salary or hourly wage? If so, there are several documents that you might provide to demonstrate that you are working and that you are being paid for that employment. The most common employment verification documents are as follows:

#1. 1-9 Form

The I-9 form won’t reveal the amount of money you make, but it will demonstrate whether or not you are authorized to work in the United States. The I-9 form gathers all the paperwork required to verify an employee’s identity and place of employment. Employees must fill out their social security number, name, and address in the first section of Form I-9.

Additionally, this form contains the employer’s verification of an employee’s eligibility for employment, which is the crucial component of Form I-9. The Form I-9 requires the following three types of documentation:

  • Identification and work eligibility documentation
  • Proof of identity only
  • Proof of employment eligibility only

#2. Pay Stub

Every time you are paid, you should get a pay stub, either in physical form or digitally via your employer’s portal. In addition, Paycheck stubs from the last several months may attest to the veracity of your employment claim and detail your regular earnings.

#3. W-2

At the conclusion of each fiscal year, you will get the following tax documents in order to assist you in preparing your annual return. A W-2 form will detail how much money you made during the year.

#4. Employment Screening and Verification Company

When it comes to checking up on potential new hires, some companies would prefer to use an outside agency. Provide the inquiring party (i.e., your lender) with your full name, position, and company code if your business engages in this practice.

#5. A Legally Binding Arrangement or Contract

Before beginning a new job, many workers are presented with a legally binding contract, employment agreement, or offer letter. You may verify your employment and income with any one of them.

How Long Does It Take for Employment Verification?

There are a variety of circumstances that might cause employment verification to take longer than 72 hours.

Employment Verification Number

Verification of employment or income is an essential step in many of today’s life events, including the obtaining of credit, financing, or the securing of benefits or services. The Work Number® is a quick and secure method to offer this employment verification or income. Verifiers have access to The Work Number’s online employment verification system around the clock, 7 days a week, making it possible for them to streamline the verification process and make credit judgments more quickly.

However, verifiers are required to obtain Consumer Consent and a legitimate Permissible Purpose for requesting the data, and their activity is monitored and audited to guarantee compliance with the following protections in The Work Number®. 

Furthermore, thousands of companies throughout the country have put their faith in The Work Number® employment verification to deliver this vital service on behalf of their workers, and hundreds of thousands of certified verifiers use it to quickly and safely access information essential to making decisions.

How Do HR Verify Documents?

To that end, you might provide HR with a letter or form of employment verification: A proof of employment letter, sometimes called an employment verification letter, is written to verify your current or former job, as well as information such as your start and end dates and income. Get in touch with HR if you don’t have one yet.

Employment Verification Companies

Workforces are increasingly geographically dispersed, the employee onboarding process is difficult, and many companies have switched to remote recruiting techniques in today’s complicated employment market.

In this new environment, it might be difficult to keep up with the shifting criteria for conducting employment verifications, but it’s more crucial than ever to do so. That’s why employment verification companies are out there to be of help to your firm. Here are some of the employment verification companies you might consider.

#1. Ameriwide Screeners

Background check provider AmeriWide Screeners works with clients across all sectors and all 50 states to guarantee promptness and regulatory compliance. Our objective is to empower employers’ choices and ensure safer workplaces via rigorous screening. Pre-employment background checks, tenant screening, etc. are our specialties. 

In addition, Our comprehensive screening results are based on national and county-wide criminal court records, national and federal criminal database searches, motor vehicle & driving records, national sex offender registries, drug testing, credit reports (when applicable), license & education verifications, past employment verifications, and federal sanctions list searches.

#2. Paychex

Paychex, Inc provides payroll, benefits, HR, and insurance services. They help small and medium-sized company owners by integrating software-as-a-service technologies and a mobile platform with personal service. However, Paychex has more than 45 years of industry experience and services more than 670,000 payroll customers in the U.S. and Europe. It pays one out of every 12 private sector workers in the U.S. It is on Twitter, LinkedIn, and paychex.com.

#3. C4 Operations Background Check Services

Our organization provides tenant and employer verification services all over the country. We’d love to help you hire or rent one employee per year or one hundred per day. Carefully go through the details and make sure they meet your requirements. I’m grateful for the chance to tell you about C4 Background Check Services.

What Does an Employment Background Check Show?

In almost all cases, the applicant’s Social Security number and other identifying information are used to look up their criminal past. A comprehensive background check will show crimes, misdemeanors, ongoing cases, and jail time.


An individual’s employment status, employment dates, job title, and remuneration should all be made clear in the verification of the employment statements.  But sometimes, a more thorough background investigation that looks at the particulars of the job may be necessary. 

In some circumstances, you have the right to request information regarding an applicant’s driving history, credit history, or criminal record. The position the applicant is seeking will determine if these questions are appropriate

Employment Verification FAQs

Does HR call previous employers?

In most cases, they will contact your previous manager or the HR department. Instead of asking for feedback on your work, most companies will contact your prior places of employment to double-check the details on your resume.

How do employers check employment history?

Usually, a prospective employer would request a list of references from your past employers and then follow up with at least one of those people. In addition to past employers, the corporation may also inquire about academic advisors, coaches, and other mentors.

Can a previous employer deny an employment verification letter?

There is no legal requirement for the employer to perform an employment verification, thus they can legally reject.

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