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If your employees are anything like you (human), they desire acknowledgment and praise for their efforts just as much as you do.
Recognition is frequently associated with lavish perks such as all-expense-paid trips, a new car, or a fancy watch. Perhaps it is something more practical, such as monetary bonuses, or something modest, such as a handwritten note or an employee of the year award.
These are all ideas that fall somewhere in the range of what is conceivable. Instead of one-time ideas, how about an employee spotlight program?
Continue reading to learn how to create and sustain an employee spotlight program while also improving your company brand.

What is an Employee Spotlight?

An employee spotlight is a content that focuses on an employee’s background, what they do, their personality, and why they appreciate their job.
This content can include everything from on-camera interviews and styled videos to written articles and blog postings. Many businesses use employee spotlights in various forms for their social media, career pages, and internal communication channels.

Employee spotlights can provide candidates with information about a firm’s culture and mission, as well as the day-to-day activities of roles inside the organization and employee benefits.

Benefits of Employee Spotlight

Employees that perform well get the job done and usually do well in areas other than their job description. It usually entails helping others, taking risks, and seeing initiatives through to completion in areas outside of their job. Still not convinced if an Employee Highlight project is worthwhile? Consider the following advantages:

#1. Employee Recognition

Employees in the Spotlight spotlights individual employees’ outstanding work. Recognition increases drive. As a result, they work harder and give everything they have. Employee engagement and retention are fueled by employee motivation.

#2. Developing a Culture of Appreciation

Employee spotlights contribute to the creation of an environment in which management recognizes and rewards good performance. It contributes to the formation of a workplace in which employees recognize and value one another. It also signals to the outside world your company’s favorable workplace culture. Future employees learn about your fantastic company culture by reading internet posts about the happy and engaged staff.

#3. Employee collaboration

When working in a huge firm with several teams working remotely or in different places, it might be difficult to get to know one another.
In a remote work setting, communication and collaboration are essential. Because it reduces barriers between coworkers and teams.

Employee spotlights can be used to spark interaction between people and departments. These first discussions can lead to stronger interpersonal ties. When various groups connect on a deeper level, it leads to increased engagement and teamwork.

#4. Genuine employer branding material

It is challenging to find personnel who understand your company’s branding and culture. When people are looking for their next job, they want to learn as much as they can about the firm. They are curious about the advantages and potential colleagues.

Candidates want accurate information about working for you. They have three times as much faith in your personnel as they do in the firm to offer such information. To make your organization a pleasant place to work, you must address the issues identified in the reports of your (former) employees. A well-designed employee highlights program can also serve to improve the image of your organization. What employees say about their work environment may indicate whether or not your organization is a rewarding place to work.

#5. A potent sales tool

Employee spotlights can be used as a sales and branding tool for your organization. Prospective clients should look at a company’s About page while discussing its reputation. Knowing the people who work for the firm might help you have faith in its products and services.

Employee spotlights on your website are effective on their own. When you share them on social media, where your employees and future customers can view, like, comment on, and share them, their worth to your company skyrockets.

You may also use them as content for your company newsletter. Because you will not be competing with other businesses on LinkedIn. When you use email, you increase your chances of being noticed by prospects. It’s also a more intimate way of communicating with them. Because you’re communicating one-on-one with them.

How To Set Up an Employee Spotlight Program

Launching successful employee spotlights requires the same planning and preparation as any other form of content or employee engagement ideas you execute in your company. To maximize the potential of each spotlight and make it measurable in the long run, you need to incorporate particular procedures and best practices into the process.

This will also help you to evaluate and improve your strategy in the future.
Make the following considerations while developing an effective employee spotlight program:

#1. Choose the appropriate format.

Employee spotlights can be created in a variety of content formats to cater to various demographics and social platforms. Try a photo and simple yet interesting copy for internal promotion.

#2. Candidates for the spotlight should be chosen and prioritized.

Think vertically and horizontally, and prioritize high-performing, up-and-coming, and senior workers. Make careful you select people from various departments.

#3. Create a thorough questionnaire.

This is an opportunity to showcase the employee’s personality, individuality, and connection to the company. Make sure your questions are varied and pertinent.

#4. Create a marketing strategy.

In an ideal world, you will develop a promotional strategy for all of your important marketing platforms. Consider social media posts, dedicated blog entries on your website, email marketing, and other methods of communication.

#5. Monitor progress and generate reports.

Ask your staff what they thought about the spotlight, and then incorporate the KPIs from your blog, social media, and other promotional platforms.

Questions Regarding the Employee Spotlight

Keep in mind that employee spotlights are about your people. As a result, you want to collect as much relevant information as possible to allow your employees’ personalities to shine through.
Make sure your questions are intriguing and motivating to them in their career and personal lives. Other employees will be able to relate to their stories, resulting in significant ties throughout the firm.

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It can be a good idea to create a template for employee spotlight questions that covers the important questions for individual interviews.
Below are some examples of employee spotlight questions.

  • How long have you been with the company?
  • What exactly is your job description?
  • Can you sum up your job in a single sentence?
  • Who inspired you to pursue your present job path?
  • Where do you want to be in five years?
  • What is your finest piece of advice for someone just starting out in their career?
  • What are the most difficult challenges you’ve experienced at work?
  • Can you tell me about a hidden talent that no one knows about?
  • How do you keep yourself motivated at work?
  • What are some of the problems you’ve faced at this company, and how have you overcome them?
  • Which of your successes makes you the most proud?
  • Can you name a few persons at this company who inspire you?
  • Which team did you have the most fun working with?
  • Can you tell me something about yourself that most people don’t know?
  • Can you tell me about an important project you worked on and how it impacted the organization?
  • What jobs have you previously held in other organizations?
  • What do you enjoy most about your job?
  • Which company values are you most familiar with?
  • How much have you progressed professionally and personally since joining our company?
  • What would you ask the CEO if you had the opportunity?
  • Is there anything in particular that you enjoy about working here?
  • What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Creative Ways To Spotlight an Employee Spotlight

You may retain your best employees and increase overall productivity by implementing a creative employee spotlight. They’re also useful for organizational branding, employee recognition, attracting talent, and distinguishing oneself from the competition.

#1. Video Highlights

Recognizing excellent employees with images may not be sufficient. You can use videos for employee spotlights if your organization has a social media presence (with their permission, of course).
You can use film of them in action, such as while they are assisting clients, on a task site, or at a presentation.

#2. Interviews with employees

This will be especially useful for a corporation with a huge workforce. You can use interview features to reward outstanding employees and create employee connections. Record brief interviews with the chosen individuals, preferably from various departments. You can ask brief, simple questions that fit in a short film while still conveying the intended message. You can also add employee photos with interview captions.

#3. Employee participation in social media

Encourage employees to interact with company platforms on their chosen social media channels if your organization has an online presence. Increase employee advocacy by using prompts, hashtags, and other innovative ways to communicate with employees online. It might be as basic as uploading a photo or reposting something from their LinkedIn profile with your employer branding hashtag.

#4. Organize competitions

Organize appropriate contests or encourage staff to participate in them both within and outside of the organization. It might be sporting activities or quizzes to encourage competition and foster business camaraderie. You can conduct a poll ahead of time to determine where the majority of people’s interests lay.

#5. Testimonials

Customers that frequently mention your personnel in customer feedback should be highlighted. Recognize your staff by highlighting their contributions to the public. Customers benefit from public employee performance reviews because they encourage the company’s and employees’ high standards. You can also share employee reviews from Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, and other sites.

#6. Make use of a blurb.

Use a brief summary that covers your employee’s background, how they got their present position, their talents, and how they contribute to the company’s success. This might be included on your website, in a news release, or as social media material. Readers get a peek at how your organization operates, and staff appreciates the thrill of being recognized.

#7. Internal newsletter or client newsletter

A newsletter contains more information than a general blurb. Employee spotlight sections could be included in your newsletter. It can include brief interviews or a link to learn more about an employee.

Designing Employee Spotlight: 4 Things to Consider

Here are a few things to keep in mind while creating employee spotlights.

  • Every member of staff should have an equal opportunity to be in the spotlight. It should not be limited to senior executives or noteworthy employees.
  • Recognize persons who are frequently recognized for their contributions to the organization. Everyone is undoubtedly working to advance the organization.
  • Make it a point to recognize and reward employee accomplishments as soon as they occur.
  • Use a format that your target audience is accustomed to.

Examples of Employee Spotlight

If you need additional ideas on how to build employee spotlight programs, look no further than the examples we’ve provided below!

#1. Delta

Aside from a large social media following, Delta has an active Instagram account dedicated to highlighting all of its employee activities. Life at Delta was well-titled.
This employee spotlight is a video depicting “A Day in the Life” of Lamia, an airline reservations brand ambassador.

The video depicts Lamia’s morning routine and the work process. She also mentioned that company diversity and culture are two of her favorite aspects of working at Delta.
The post highlights a firm department and what it’s like to work in a certain capacity there. It could be a useful resource for prospective employees interested in learning more about the organization.

#2. Winery E.& J. Gallo

Another excellent example of how to spotlight staff is Life at Gallo. They, like Delta, have a sizable social media following.

Zach, an associate brand manager, is one of the employees featured in their spotlight. In the photo, he is holding a certificate and talking about how he has learned at Gallo. Also, the company’s assistance in expanding his knowledge base.

This is an outstanding demonstration of the company’s learning and development culture. A successful recruitment plan!

#3. SHL

Our final example of an employee spotlight is SHL, a talent assessment and management tool. An employee who is interning at the company publishes a blog post regarding her work experience.

Azraa, the interviewee, describes the familiar experience of looking for a stepping stone at the beginning of one’s career.
Her interview focuses on the importance of discipline when working remotely. She also counseled early-career employees to be genuine and take advantage of possibilities.

Employee Spotlight Template

An employee spotlight template is a guide that is used to highlight individuals’ work history inside the organization and throughout their careers.

Employers use these templates to highlight staff who are excelling in their roles. They are meant to express gratitude and encouragement and often include employee background, length of stay, formal education and training, triumphs, and problems.
Depending on the purpose of the employee spotlight, it may also include parts of personal life and personality.

Employee spotlight templates can be used for the following purposes:

  • Make your personnel feel valued and appreciated for what they do for the company.
  • Create a positive work culture to ultimately lower turnover rates.
  • Improve your productivity and performance. Happy and willing to go above and above for work, an appreciated employee.
  • Boost job satisfaction. Employees are less likely to leave a company that goes above and beyond to reward their efforts.


One of the numerous advantages of launching an employee spotlight program is improved employee engagement. When employees are more engaged, they are not only happier and more productive, but they are also more loyal to the brand and are more likely to stay with the company in the long run.

This type of program can be a lifeline for many organizations in a competitive market at a time when job-hopping has become highly common. Employee spotlights provide numerous benefits that can assist you in developing your competitive advantage and propelling your organization forward as a whole.

Implement these best practices and tips as soon as possible to create an engaged employee collective and a strong employer brand.


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