VIRTUAL PHONE SERVICES: The Best Virtual Phone Services For Small Businesses, Updated!!!

Virtual Phone Services

Are you looking for virtual phone services that are ideal for your small business or startup? You’ve arrived at the right location.

You might be wondering what a virtual phone service is and how it works. This and other questions are answered in these guide.

We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best cloud-based business phone service companies. So, if you’re looking for a virtual phone services and auto-attendant service that offers competitive prices, rich features, high call quality, and excellent customer service, we’re convinced you’ll find one below.

Virtual Phone Services

Virtual phones services are as simple to use as your email inbox and run on a broadband internet connection. The following is how it works: To receive a discount, select a service and give a credit card to pay monthly or for the entire year if offered. Then, in a matter of minutes, you’ll choose your phone number(s) and download an app to begin making calls from your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone. There are no long-term contracts. There is no hardware, and you must wait for a specialist to install more cables.

Most services give you a variety of numbers, including local, toll-free, vanity listings, and other combinations if they’re available.

You’ll need to port (transfer) your existing business number(s) away from your present service if you want to use them. Your new provider will handle this for you, but it will take a few weeks for you to be able to utilize your old phone numbers with the new service. In the meanwhile, you can start using the service with a new number from the new provider and even have calls from the old service moved.

If you want to make and receive calls through a physical phone, some carriers charge an extra fee for compatible VoIP models.

Why use virtual phone services?

Here are the benefits of using virtual phone services for your business:

  • Increase Productivity 
  • Redirect calls easily
  • Gives a professional appearance to a business
  • Maximize cost savings

>. Increase Productivity 

You may work from anywhere with a virtual phone system. There’s no need to wait for that essential phone call or fax at your desk. Calls are transmitted to your mobile phone immediately; voicemails are delivered as an MP3 or text to your inbox, and faxes are transferred as PDF attachments to your e-mail. This unrivalled flexibility enables you to make sales calls or meet with vendors while being connected to your company.

>.Redirect calls easily

When you’re not in the office, call filtering prevents you from being inundated with calls. Simply pick one of the screening options: answer the call, transfer the caller to voicemail, or listen to the caller’s phone number.

When you can’t afford it, this option helps you to avoid the stress of a long chat. Callers will remain on hold and will not be aware of the difference when they reach your voicemail box.

>. Gives a professional appearance to a business

Small firms and start-up companies can be disorderly. You don’t want your customers to realize that your business processes aren’t always perfect (yet). Virtual phone services are ideal for entrepreneurs who operate from non-traditional office places because it projects a professional image regardless of whether you’re at a desk or at the dining room table.

>. Maximize cost savings

A virtual phone services most notable feature is that it saves your most valuable resources: time and money. Something that we can all get behind! Everything you need is online and in the cloud with virtual phone services.

You won’t have to buy any expensive hardware or software, and your startup costs will be nothing.

Best Virtual Phone Services

The top virtual phone services for small businesses are listed below.

  • UniTel Voice
  • Grasshopper 
  • Callture
  • FreedomVoice
  • MyOperator
  • TalkRoute 
  • Vonage
  •  RingCentral
  •  CallHippo
  • eVoice
  • MightyCall

#1. UniTel Voice 

UniTel Voice is a cloud-based virtual phone solution tailored to the needs of small businesses and startups. It has you covered when it comes to pricing, features, call quality, ease-of-use, and customer service.

There is no gear to maintain or software to download. You can manage all of the capabilities of your cloud-based business phone system online and continue to operate your business with your existing phones (home, office, cell, landline, VoIP, or smartphone app).

The platform simplifies all of the features and capabilities of other popular auto attendant phone systems. A professional virtual PBX that you can quickly set up and afford, whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur, a busy small business owner, or a bootstrapped startup. There is no need for instruction manuals or technical knowledge.

You may also utilize the service mobile app to add your business phone number as a second line to your existing mobile phone, thereby converting your personal smartphone into an office phone while on the road.

#2. Grasshopper

Are you a small business that wants to appear larger than it is? Grasshopper is a low-cost virtual phone system featuring a variety of business phone system capabilities.

Grasshopper makes it simple for businesses to receive calls on their existing mobile devices. Extensions, call forwarding, and voicemail-to-text are all included in Grasshopper’s services, and none of them requires expensive hardware.

#3. Callture

Have you ever wished you had a little more information about earlier talks before picking up a call from a customer or a coworker? Wouldn’t it be good to know a little more about someone before saying, “Hello?” That’s exactly what Callture’s virtual phone services, which includes their patented “memo-on-call” feature, provides.

You can record a memo after a call with the memo-on-call feature. The memo will then be played to you as the caller hears the ringing on the other end when the individual calls back.

Callture is a virtual phone system that stands out from the crowd because of its unique features. The service can assist you if you frequently require additional context when you dial a phone number.

#4. FreedomVoice

The cloud-phone system solution provided by FreedomVoice comprises a virtual auto attendant and a mobile app for tracking the utilization of your company lines.

It’s a professional phone system that you can control straight from your smartphone, saving you money on expensive equipment. Throughout their history, the organization has served both large and small businesses and offers low-cost options.

#5. MyOperator

Do you require a more versatile business phone system? MyOperator is a VoIP provider that offers a variety of business phone options. Their Cloud PBX system ensures scalability by allowing firms to divide calls across their team members. Toll-free numbers, virtual numbers, bespoke IVR, call recording, and in-depth call analytics are all included in their services, allowing businesses to better assess their call operations.

Call Desk features in MyOperator allow organizations to attend to all business calls without skipping a beat.

The MyOperator system does not necessitate the purchase of pricey hardware. Their software focuses on providing businesses with a comprehensive business phone solution for different departments. Their prices increase according to the number of monthly minutes required by the consumer, but all include limitless extensions.

#6. TalkRoute 

Do you wish you could find a business phone solution that would allow you to preserve your present phone while avoiding the need to invest in costly equipment and hardware? TalkRoute gives you access to local and toll-free numbers, extensions for everyone on your team, call forwarding and routing, voice messaging, and in-depth tracking – all from your mobile device and without the need to buy any additional equipment.

On their website, TalkRoute offers a live sample of their service, which you may utilize to assess how it would fit into your present workflow. TalkRoute enables businesses to take advantage of all the advantages of business phone services from the comfort of their own mobile device.

#7. Vonage

In the business phone industry, Vonage is a force to be reckoned with. The company offers a variety of VoIP business phone services that allow businesses to get their own toll-free number and take advantage of the company’s superior mobile features.

A dependable mobile app, desktop app, conference calls, online meetings, video conferencing, file sharing, multi-level auto-attendant, CRM connectors, call recording, group conversations, and visual voicemail are just a few of their capabilities.

After signing up with Vonage, you may immediately download the app and begin using their service on your mobile device.

 #8. RingCentral

Do you want to try out a business phone service but aren’t quite ready to commit just yet? RingCentral gives businesses a free 15-day trial and an instant 800 number so they may test the service before committing to a monthly plan.

Customers may take calls from any device, return calls with a single click, greet callers with a personalized greeting, track incoming and outgoing calls in their log system, and port existing toll-free numbers into their service with RingCentral. RingCentral is a feature-rich, competitively priced choice for expanding enterprises.

#9.  CallHippo

Do you wish you could have a virtual phone system that could learn more about your company the more you used it? That is precisely what CallHippo offers. Their clever virtual phone system includes workflow automation, allowing you to plan exactly how your customer care personnel will handle customer calls.

CallHippo may assist organizations in improving customer service, analyzing and optimizing staff productivity, and training new employees on how to operate within the processes that are built into their system. Their detailed activity feeds provide you with a top-down picture of your activities.

They presently provide numbers from more than 50 nations around the world and boast a system setup time of fewer than three minutes.

CallHippo is a great option for teams who wish to establish their sales and support procedures through their business phone provider.

#10. eVoice

Wouldn’t it be great if your company phone service included a free toll-free number? That is precisely what eVoice contributes. A free local or toll-free phone number is included in their plans. Also, every plan also includes call forwarding, which allows you to create advanced call routing rules to route inbound calls anywhere you need them to go. It’s a great tool for salespeople who are continually phoning to meet quotas.

The auto-attendant option on eVoice plans allows you to tailor your phone answering services and direct customers to the appropriate extension within your company.


Virtual phone services are a great method to keep your personal and business texts and phone conversations separate. Auto-attendants, voicemail, and fax are included in the services.

These elements are all beneficial to the entrepreneur who is responsible for running a business without the assistance of employees. Small businesses will gain credibility by using virtual phone services.

The ten virtual phone services companies listed above give the best virtual phone services available. Any of these providers would be a good choice for business owners looking for virtual phone services with a good set of features.

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FAQs on virtual phone services

How does a virtual phone call work?

When a call comes in, the virtual service routes it to each representative’s landline or cell phone, either through the phone tree provided with your account or straight to the forwarding numbers, and the system manages your calls much like a traditional system.

What Is a virtual phone number?

A virtual number, also known as direct inward dialling (DID) or access number, is a phone number that does not have a physical phone line attached to it. In most cases, these numbers are programmed to redirect incoming calls to one of the client’s pre-determined phone numbers: fixed, mobile, or VoIP.

Using virtual phone services is legal in all countries, but you cannot use them for illicit purposes.

Why would someone use a VoIP number?

VoIP allows you to use the same phone number on numerous devices. Calls to that number can be answered from any device that has the same number, which eliminates consumer missed calls and the requirement for call transfers.

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