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With over 300 million active users, Twitter has emerged as the dominant social media platform. Additionally, studies indicate that this number is only rising. If you have not been using Twitter in the past few years, it would be wise to start using the best and most free Twitter management tools in 2022 if you are a marketer, influencer, or in business to connect with your audience and encourage high-quality engagement. With the aid of these tools, you can manage Twitter like a pro, get followers, and improve your business’ branding, conversational effect, and revenue growth.


Twitter initially appears to be uncomplicated. However, everyone who has used it to engage with clients, advertise goods, or expand a business understands that Twitter can be a challenging platform to succeed on. The platform demands ongoing interaction, productivity, and content. Without any assistance, it is practically impossible.

While hundreds of apps exist with the lofty goal of making your life on Twitter easier, these apps tend to specialize in different areas. It’s all too common to overpay for services with more bells and whistles than you’ll ever use or to be stuck with ones that provide far too few.

Here are some of the Twitter management tools.

#1. SocialPilot

When it comes to managing your Twitter account, SocialPilot is a strong contender. It’s the tool of choice for experts who need to tweet flawlessly and sell effectively. In addition to Twitter, it works with other social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Pinterest. Hashtag usage, mentions on Twitter, audience participation, and top tweets are all things that may be improved with the help of SocialPilot’s in-depth analysis.

The best Twitter management tools will give you access to comprehensive data so you can plan and schedule your Twitter presence with ease. Organizing, analyzing, curating, and managing time, resources, and people (including clients) are just some of the many functions you may access from its one control panel.

#2. Sprout Social 

Once you’ve mastered Twitter, Sprout Social is your best bet for a comprehensive marketing solution. Sprout Social’s social listening features are what set it apart. You may tell Sprout Social to “listen” for certain keywords, and it will collect any mentions of those terms so you can read, monitor, and respond to them in one place. The platform’s outstanding analytics and constant availability make it stand out. You can understand why our Sprout Social reviewers and users love it so much.

Keep in mind that if you’re new to Twitter and social media marketing, Sprout Social may seem overwhelming at first, despite its many training resources (knowledge base articles, webinars, etc.). So long as you know what you’re doing with Twitter, I think this platform is fantastic.

#3. Audiense

With the assistance of Audiense, you can find the best influencers and marketers to help you get the most eyeballs on your content. This management tool is designed for large organizations, and it may help them launch automated message campaigns, follow or unfollow inactive Twitter users in bulk, and more.

This useful instrument facilitates efficient targeted advertising by giving an analysis of your target audience and revealing insights. Here are some of the advantages of using Audiense:

  • Audiense lets you input customer email addresses to find out if they are active on Twitter, where you can then begin a conversation.
  • The tool’s dashboard can be adjusted to suit the requirements of individual users.
  • Using the in-depth analytics provided by this Twitter management tool, you may more precisely sell to your target demographic.

#4. Sendible

Both “solopreneurs” and more established enterprises can benefit from Sendible’s features. The platform’s single-user subscription is cheap and gives you access to features like advanced scheduling of social media posts, rapid report creation, and centralized mailbox management. The high marks it received in our Sendinble evaluation are well-deserved.

Communicating with others is a breeze when using the Sendible platform. Easy task assignment and management, user hierarchies, and Tweet approval protocols can allow your social media team to work together effectively.

Free Twitter Management Tools.

Promoting and communicating your brand in real-time, as well as spreading news in a timely manner, are two of Twitter’s many strengths. A small business can use free and the best Twitter management tools in 2022 to reach a wide audience if they use the platform properly.

There are free management tools for managing followers, monitoring brand visibility, tracking competitors, monetizing postings, and promoting a business or item on Twitter. These tools all have free plans available. Additionally, several provide premium versions with more features. Here are some of the free Twitter management tools.

#1. Media Studio

Your Twitter videos allow you to organize, analyze, and make money from them. Manage material for many channels by uploading, sorting, and publishing. The analytics dashboard allows you to keep tabs on the success of all of your content in one convenient location, including detailed numbers for tweets and videos, as well as earnings from paid videos and more.

#2. Twitter Shops

Twitter stores allow businesses to showcase up to 50 products of their choosing. Shops on Twitter can be accessed via a “View shop” button that appears in the top right corner of a user’s timeline. However, you can look through the vendor’s wares by clicking on the button. Consumers would make a purchase by tapping a product, which would launch a web browser within the app so they could complete their transaction on the retailer’s site.

#3. Twitter Live Shopping

Tweets during live events can now include shoppable product links. During a live-shopping video stream on Twitter, users can do a number of things, including viewing the stream on the merchant’s website with an in-app browser (by clicking the shoppable banner and the Shop tab from the live events page), switching back and forth between the Latest and Shop tabs, and more.

#4. TweetDeck

Twitter account management is a breeze with TweetDeck, a highly adaptable dashboard. Monitor your timeline, conversations, mentions, DMs, trends, hashtags, and tweets. Tweets may be scheduled in one place, and searches can be narrowed down based on factors like popularity, followers, and content category.

Which One of These Tools Is Used to Manage TWITTER?

Twitter account management is a breeze with TweetDeck, a highly adaptable dashboard. Monitor your timeline, conversations, mentions, DMs, trends, hashtags, and tweets. Tweets may be scheduled in one place, and searches can be narrowed down based on factors like popularity, followers, and content category.

Best Twitter Management Tools 2022

Making the most of Twitter requires familiarity with the free and best Twitter management tools of 2022, which will allow you to schedule posts in advance, gain huge followers and save time.

Using a Twitter post scheduler, you can preplan, automate, and maintain a lively Twitter feed without being present on the platform at all times. The ability to prearrange tweets can be found in a number of different social media scheduling apps.

Additionally, you can use the free and best Twitter management tools to control all of your Twitter accounts from one central location in 2022 and gain some followers. Locating the best Twitter post tools will significantly reduce the time spent maintaining an active account or actively working within the Twitter network. Using these tools, you can boost your Twitter marketing and get the most interaction possible by tweeting three to five times a day. If you really want to grow your Twitter account, embracing the best Twitter management tools in 2022 is essential. Here are some of the tools.

#1. Twitter Analytics Dashboard

The Twitter Analytics Dashboard is available to anyone with a Twitter account at no cost. Learn how many people saw your tweet and how many interacted with it at different periods of the day and week. It is possible to monitor how well your Twitter cards operate.

#2. LeadSift

To save time, use LeadSift’s specifications instead of going through websites in search of potential customers. However, this application searches through millions of interactions to see who is communicating with your rivals. Target consumers who have made up their minds to buy what you’re selling. LeadSift may be found in the Hootsuite App Directory.

#3. Hootsuite Streams

You may set up many streams on your Hootsuite dashboard to follow different social media channels, hashtags, and keywords. It’s simple to start discussions by posting comments, liking, or sharing anything from here. 

#4. StatSocial

Use StatSocial to learn more about your online followers. This tool analyzes user preferences across more than 40,000 classifications. Hootsuite users can download the free StatSocial app to see the top five segments in each interest category, as well as the most popular cities and personality traits, among their social media following.

#5. Twchat

Certainly, it’s sparse (in what year was this site initially developed?) Sometimes it’s best to keep things straightforward. TwChat provides a clutter-free, in-depth view of your Twitter interactions. You may help keep the dialogue flowing smoothly by filtering out replies that are just retweets, or by bringing up any mentions of Q&A or chat that have been made.

The above tools are the best Twitter management tools you can use in 2022 to improve your Twitter account.

What Tool Does Twitter Use?

Without a doubt, SocialPilot is one of the most effective Twitter management platforms available today. Connect more than 50 accounts, find fresh and evergreen material, and set up a publishing schedule all with this convenient tool.

Twitter Tools Followers?

For effective advertising and promotion of a business’s brand, social media platforms are indispensable. For individual purposes, it can also serve as a means of self-expression. With only 280 characters to work with, successful accounts have developed unique tactics for expanding their reach. Individuals are better able to memorize and comprehend data presented in a more compact style.

Furthermore, Twitter accounts and the number of people who follow them can be expanded with the help of specialized tools, which in turn can lead to greater exposure, more sales, and, perhaps, more followers. Here are some of the Twitter tools to increase your followers.

#1. Owlead

Owlead focuses on the expansion of its user base and number of followers. They put their energy into attracting high-quality, genuine followers who add value to the content they post. Language, gender, geographic areas, and keywords in tweets and biographies are common criteria that Owlead uses to obtain these high-quality targets. Plans for their service begin at $19/month after a 10-day trial.

#2. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is ideal for small business owners and offers an intuitive dashboard that enables users to keep an eye on up to ten different social media accounts. Their analytics assist businesses of any size in increasing their following by offering features and services like mentions, bulk posting, managing team profiles, and working within the Crowdfire app. Additionally, crowdfire is free for the first account, and premium subscriptions begin at $7.48.

#3. Buffer

Buffer concentrates on luring potential customers rather than reaching out to them. When the material is produced, Buffer assists in creating it and planning its release so that more content is released, providing businesses a greater opportunity to be noticed.

Eventually, tweeting more frequently and more frequently can hasten the process of getting new followers. The tactics Buffer employs are the same across all social media channels. Services from Buffer start at $15 per month.

#4. Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck, is one of the most well-liked Twitter-specific management tools, manages accounts as well as produces content like photographs and videos, and sends out tweets and messages to users. The Tweetdeck dashboard is easy to use and provides a comprehensive snapshot of a user’s social activities.

#5. Twiends

Twiends, a free Twitter tool, assist accounts in gaining followers by connecting each audience to a user’s profile through a wide range of people. In order to boost the quality of interactions with followers, Twiends also aids in removing bogus profiles.

How Do I Manage TWITTER?

Here are a few tips on how to more effectively manage your Twitter account.

  1. Save the most relevant and up-to-date posts to your feed.
  2. Maintain a Log of Interactions.
  3. Create Twitter Lists
  4. Make use of some really cool hashtags.
  5. Choose your new followers wisely.
  6. Use private conversations to your advantage.
  7. Schedule your tweets in advance with Postcron.

How Do I Get to the Twitter Manager?

To get in touch with an account manager, simply write to [email protected]. If an ad meets our criteria, a member of our staff will get back to the advertiser and show them where to go next.

Twitter Business Tools.

Twitter is an effective medium for spreading brand awareness and sharing breaking news in real-time. The correct tools on Twitter may also assist a small business in reaching a wide audience.

However, there are tools for managing followers, monitoring brand visibility, tracking competitors, monetizing postings, and promoting a business or item on Twitter. These tools all have free plans available. Additionally, several provide premium versions with more features. Here is a selection of Twitter tools for a small business, both official and from third parties.

#1. Amplify Sponsorships

This is a tool for promoting and making money off of content on Twitter, including sponsored moments, live videos, and other storytelling formats. One-to-one sponsorships provide more specialized branding options by pairing your video content with pre-roll from select marketers. No charge.

#2. BuzzSumo

This allows you to examine which content on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit performs the best for any subject or rival. Investigate material that performs well, examine data points to improve your marketing, find influencers to support your brand or campaign, and monitor feedback and trends to act quickly and seize opportunities. Up to 10 searches are free each month. Starting monthly at $99 are premium plans.

#3. SocialOomph

SocialOomph allows you to plan when the material will be published. Automatically feed your blogs and social networks based on predetermined or flexible timetables as well as customizable seasonal windows. Make posts that expire after a certain amount of time. The Personal Suite is cost-free. Beginning monthly at $15 are premium plans.

#4. Amplify Pre-roll

This is a simple way to make money off of videos on Twitter. Simply choose to join the revenue-share program when watching video material. To monetize as many videos as you want, pick your default settings. Then, classify your content by choosing appropriate tags from among 15 content categories. To reach specific audiences, Twitter automatically pairs videos with advertising partners. No charge.

#5. Twitter Spaces

It is a tool for real-time audio chats. The timeline is topped with Live Spaces, making it simple for anyone to join yours. No charge.

Does Twitter Have Business Tools?

Yes, Twitter has a business tool. The two third-party tools to help you do that are TweetDeck and Hootsuite.

How Do I Use Twitter to Manage My Business?

Here are a few tips on how to use Twitter and manage your business.

  1. Use hashtags.
  2. Address issues using direct messages.
  3. Use images, GIFs, and surveys.
  4. Display live tweets.
  5. Organize and take part in Twitter discussions.
  6. Engage consumers and influencers in conversation.
  7. Advertise on Twitter.
  8. Don’t buy followers.


If used effectively, Twitter is a platform that has the potential to catapult your company’s growth to new heights. However, the level of commitment that is necessary is enough to make even the most seasoned marketers shake in their boots.

Twitter Management Tools FAQs

What do tools such as Twitter search help a marketer do?

Finding people, locations, events, and discussions connected to your clients is simple with the help of this application. Find out who and what your consumers are saying when they are speaking. To more effectively reach them, modify your marketing plan.

What is Twitter marketing strategy?

Conversations and interaction with the intended audience are the main goals of Twitter’s marketing strategy.

Which Twitter analytics tool do you trust the most and why?

Unbox Social combines the best of both worlds with its strong insights into your Twitter account. One of the best Twitter analytics tools you’ll ever need to increase your follower count in 2020 is this one.

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