CARGO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Definition, Features, and 2023 Pricing

Cargo Management System
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Cargo Management Systems are useful technical solutions for transportation companies. These are online platforms designed to assist with freight and transportation. Cargo management systems assist transportation companies with the advanced shipping process, delivery tracking, carrier rates, paper trails, routes, and other activities. Every second, millions of pieces of cargo move around for one reason or another, and with the help of cargo management systems, it becomes easier to transport from one place to another. In this overview, we will provide more details on everything you need to know about cargo management systems: definition, features, and 2023 pricing including truck and air cargo management systems.

The cargo management system controls the import and export of goods. It has so many operating systems to manage your cargo business. A cargo management system is an advanced way of storing bulky goods and ensuring that the procedure did not come with any errors.

Cargo Management Systems 

As the name indicates, the Cargo management system is an application that helps you store all needed information and data in ways that pen paper work would not be required.

Cargo management systems have become one of the most used systems in businesses today. Because of their ability to deliver cargo to its destination on time. So no matter what kind of business you have, you are dealing with cargo in one way or the other.

The major function of this software is the way it adds a lot of credibilities and increases the reliability of your business by managing the delivery of goods, having said that, it is useful to know that, a cargo management system has a lot of benefits to it, which includes:

#1. Rate Negotiation: 

A cargo management system allows you to negotiate the costs of shipping, and also helps you reduce the cost by lowering the shipping planning.

#2. Claim Management:

All lost or damaged goods are handled by the organization. You can claim compensation, restitution, or reparation if any of your goods are found damaged.

#3. Minimize Errors:

Minimizing errors is one of the top benefits of having cargo management software. It helps you process all data and information without making any mistakes.

#4. Better Customer Service:

Improvements in customer service levels are provided. Your goods will consistently meet customers’ expectations.

Best Cargo Management Systems 

#1. FreightView:

Visit freightview

Platform: Web

Support: Chat. Email. Phone. FAQs 

Training: Live Online. Documentation. Videos. Webinars.

Pricing: Subscription And Free Trial


  • It offers discount management 
  • Supports API
  • It Comes with Document management
  • Supports Parcel shipping
  • Good Customer management
  • Easy-to-use Interface


FreightView is one of the best cargo management systems. It has an easy-to-use interface suitable for all users.

 It is a web-based platform. FreightView supports parcel shipping, and it has good customer management. You can use FreightView to send parcels at low rates.

#2. Logisoft:

visit logisoft

Platform: Web-Based

Support: Phone, Email, Chat

Training: Live Online, Videos, And Documentation.

Pricing: Free Trial And Subscription


  • Access to third-party integration (NetSuite)
  • API
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Shipping management
  • Status tracking


Logisoft is a web-based cargo management system that provides profound shipping management to forwarders, customs brokers, shipping agencies, and more. It is reliable and secure, offers faster delivery, and you can expect the best from this platform. It provides a free trial for new users and a monthly subscription to get the full features of this software.

#3. CargoMax:

visit cargomax

Platform: web-based, application

Support: phone

Training: live online, videos, and documentation.

Pricing: free trial and subscription


  • Offers direct damage stability module.
  • Unique interface
  • Full feature 
  • International shipping
  • Lower costs


CargoMax is another cargo management system that offers exceptional delivery globally. Its interface provides top-notch services. However, you can only contact CargoMax via phone only. They also offer a direct damage stability module while you can also track your parcel through their web-based application platform.

#4. AscendTMS:

Platform: web, iPhone/iPad, android

Support: Chat, Email, Phone, FAQs,

Training: Videos, Webinars, Documentation

Pricing: Free Plan And Trial, Subscription ($79 monthly)


  • API
  • Third-party integration
  • Transportation management
  • Order management 
  • Real-time industry truckload rate index


AscendTMS is one of the leading cargo management systems. It is suitable for freight shippers, trucking companies, freight brokers, and freight forwarders. 

We love this platform for its flexible pricing plans. It can be accessed from various devices. 

AscendTMS provides full transportation and load management logistics for freight carriers, shippers, carriers, and more. 

Visit the official site for more information

Truck Cargo Management Systems 

Transport by truck: this type of transportation is referred to as land transportation. It is used to transport goods or people from one place to another. 

Truck transportation is one of the most used modes of transportation in the United States. Although they do cause delayed deliveries (whether due to traffic or weather conditions), they remain the most suitable mode of transportation for a quick solution for transporting your goods and delivery.

Truck cargo management systems deal with transporting cars, trucks, or vans transporting belongings for people from one place to another, and shipping goods. 

Here are a few benefits of a truck transportation system

#1. Reduction of lost or damaged goods

when using truck transportation, your good is only loaded and unloaded goods once it reaches their destination. The possibility of your goods getting lost or damaged during the transportation is low.

#2. Cost-effective 

Truck Transportation is one of the most affordable modes of transportation with less packaging cost and cheaper transportation.

#3. Suitable for shorter distances

Truck Transportation is the best choice for transferring goods and products at a shorter distance. It is fast, trustworthy, and affordable.

Best Truck Cargo Management Systems 

#1. Truckstop:

visit truckstop

Platform: web-based

Support: phone, chat

Training: videos, live chat 

Pricing: $39 monthly subscription


  • Double broker load board
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Available free trial
  • Available RMIS system
  • Status tracking

Overview is one of the fastest cargo management systems suitable for all shipping. It offers a double broker load board. You can expect the best from this platform, and there is a free trial for new users with affordable monthly subscriptions to users.

#2. ShipHawk:

Platform: web-based

Support: phone, FAQs, email, chat

Training: live online, videos, webinars

Pricing: free plan and subscription.


  • Reporting/analytics
  • Document management
  • Real-time data
  • Activity tracking
  • API
  • Status tracking


ShipHawk is a unique cargo management system. It is ideal for businesses that regularly ship packages, whether they specialize in high-volume retail, wholesale, eCommerce, or LTL. One of the best courier services around, they use GPS tracking to keep an eye on your deliveries at all times. It Integrates with NetSuite, Shopify, adobe commerce, and other wholesale companies 

#3. Transfix TMS:

Platform: web, android, iPhone/iPad

Support: live, chat, email, phone, FAQs

Training: documentation, videos, live videos, webinars

Pricing: free trial and plan, subscription


  • Accounting integration
  • Activity tracking
  • Status tracking
  • Cost tracking
  • Customer support
  • Document management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Transportation management


Transfix TMS is one of the top best cargo management systems. It is best for small-size shippers, and its solution assists shippers with full control over the parcel. Transfix TMS offers real-time monitoring and document management.

Visit the official page to learn more about transfix TMS.

Air Cargo Management Systems

Air transportation is the fastest means of transport. It is the transport of passengers and cargo through helicopters and aircraft. Although it is one of the most expensive methods of transport, air shipping is also one of the most reliable and swift approaches to moving cargo.

Air Cargo Management Systems have no physical barriers like other transportation systems, and they can be used to ship goods to their destination. When other modes of transportation are blocked, air travel continues to function (whether due to crisis or flood).

Air Cargo Management Systems helps individuals provide employment opportunities by connecting people, cultures, and countries and providing entry to global companies and markets.

Best Air Cargo Management Systems

#1. GoFreight:

visit gofreigh

Platform: web-based

Support: email, chat, phone

Training: documentation. Live video. Videos. 

Pricing: free trial and subscription


  • You can track air, sea, and inland delivery
  • You can visualize specific information
  • Status tracking
  • Transportation management
  • Real-time monitoring 


GoFreight is one of the best cargo engagement systems. Consider this cloud-based Freight Forwarding software if you want a smooth delivery process. It is best for fast shipping as it can help track the progress of your air, sea, and inland delivery. The GoFreight interface is simple and easy to understand. If you encounter any problem with your parcel, you can get in touch with their customer support via phone, email, or phone.

#2. FreightPOP:

visit freightpop

Platform: cloud-based

Support: email, phone, chat, FAQs

Training: live online, documentation. Webinar.

Pricing: Subscription


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • 3PL management
  • Accounting integration
  • Air and sea shipping
  • delivery tracking
  • Freight shipping
  • Status monitoring
  • Package tracking
  • Supply chain management


FreightPOP is one of the best cargo management systems. It is best for air and sea shipping. Its interface is easy to use and offers delivery tracking for all goods. 

FreightPOP offers the best solution to assist with shipping, shopping, auditing, and tracking of outbound and inbound parcels.

#3. CargoWise:

Platform: web-based

Support: chat, email, phone 

Training: videos and documentation

Pricing: Subscription


  • Deeply integrate global logistics
  • Air shipping
  • 3PL management
  • Ticket/Bar-code scanning
  • Bills of lading
  • Location tracking
  • Parcel shipping
  • Status tracking
  • Audit management


CargoWise is another cargo management system that provides better integrated global logistics into air shipping and status tracking. With this platform, you can get more control over your parcel with its location tracking.

The platform does not offer a free trial but has a monthly subscription. To get more accurate information on the pricing plan, visit the official web page.


#4. ShipStation:

Platform: web, iPhone/iPad, android

Support: email, FAQs, phone, chat

Training: videos, webinars, documentation, live online

Pricing: free trial, subscription


  • Unique solution
  • Accounting integration
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Bar-code/Ticket scanning
  • Audit management
  • Cost tracking
  • delivery tracking
  • Multichannel management
  • Order management 


ShipStation is a leading cargo management system. It is one of the best global platforms for logistic service providers and shippers. It offers a full feature you will not find in other cargo management systems. 

Its pricing plan includes:

Starter plan- $9

Bronze plan- $29

Sliver plan- $49

Gold Plan- $69

Platinum plan- $99

Enterprise- $159

#5. Shippingeasy:

Platform: web-based

Support: email, phone, chat, FAQs

Training: videos, webinars, videos. documentation

Pricing: free trial, subscription


  • Air shipping
  • API
  • bar-code recognition
  • Carrier management
  • Freight shipping
  • Real-time data
  • It has Third-party integration with PayPal, Shopify, stripe, Xero, etc.
  • Easy return process


Shippingeasy is also one of the leading cargo management systems. Just as the name implies, shipping with this platform is much easier than the features provided. Their interface is very easy to understand and has unique status tracking. 

Shippingeasy pricing plan includes:

Starter plan- $5

Basic plan- $29

plus plan- $49

Select Plan- $69

Premium plan- $99

Enterprise- $149

What Is a Factory Cargo Management System?

A factory cargo management system is a productive system that deals with the distribution of goods. Factory cargo management systems allow you to keep records of your daily production and distribution in your business.

What is Cargo Transport Management? 

Cargo transport management refers to the control and improvement of all transportation procedures along all commercial transport and supply chain.

What is Meant by Cargo Management:

Cargo management refers to the process of handling and overseeing the activities of transporting, shipping and moving cargo, and delivering goods from one place to another.

Why Is Cargo Management Important? 

#1. Safer Cargo Monitoring

Whether you are shipping items or receiving items from merchants, your goods are monitored properly.

#2. Reduction of Risk

Once your goods are shipped, whether by truck or airline; cargo can only be loaded once. That is when it reaches its destination. That way loss, theft, or damages of cargo are reduced.

#3. Cost Reduction 

If you are transporting a lot of goods, whether over a long distance or short distance, you can bring down the cost by storing your products in an area that is closer to your customer’s place.

What Is the Role of Cargo Management? 

One of the main role of cargo management is handling activities, for example, shipping cargo to its destination, unloading cargo, and ensuring that the shipping process did not affect the cargo in any way.

What Is TMS In the Supply Chain? 

Transportation Management System (TMS) is a system that provides businesses with a plan on how to improve the actual movement or shipping of goods, by manufacturing and distributing to buyers.


Cargo management software is a necessity for any freight company. It has a lot of usefulness for handling your freight company well, and it also helps in managing freight trading either through water, air, or land. We hope this truck and air cargo management systems overview was helpful in your search.

Cargo Management System FAQs

What is truck cargo management systems?

Truck cargo management systems are systems that deal with transporting cars, trucks, or vans, transporting belongings for people from one place to another, and shipping goods. 

What Is a Factory Cargo Management System?

A factory Cargo management system is a productive system that deals with the distribution of goods, factory Cargo management systems allow you to keep records of your daily production and distribution in your business.

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