Reputation management services

Online reputation management services can assist you in creating a positive brand image or repairing a shattered one. This is not something you should attempt on your own for the first time unless you are quite confident in your abilities.
Booking a consultation with one of the best online reputation management companies will save you time and money while also positioning your business for success.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management is the process of boosting your company’s standing among Internet users, specifically in Google search results, online reviews, and other high-traffic locations online.

What are Online Reputation Management Services?

Online reputation management entails developing the finest online image for your company. These services work to ensure that positive news and reviews are the first thing clients (and potential leads) see when searching for your business online.

These services use a variety of tactics to push bad stories and reviews off the first few pages of search results for businesses that have unfavorable information about them online.
Online reputation management services watch the web for businesses with a positive online image to guarantee that the reputation remains positive and that the business can respond quickly if anything negative appears. Online reputation management can also help you handle your negative online reviews. Some companies execute a crisis response in the event of a catastrophic incident that may harm your brand’s reputation.

Who Would Benefit From Reputation Management Services?

Whether your online reputation is good, awful, or nonexistent, employing a reputation management agency for your business or yourself is likely to benefit you. The distinction is in which techniques would be most beneficial to your organization or personal reputation.

Companies and professionals with positive online reputations, for example, might benefit from maintenance techniques such as review management and website monitoring. Those with a terrible online reputation may require more sophisticated techniques to eliminate negative search results and accentuate positive accomplishments. They can profit from review and social media management tactics, particularly because reputation services can assist companies in responding to customer complaints.

Building a new reputation can be tough; organizations and professionals without an existing online reputation might substantially benefit from employing a reputation management agency. Unless you have an experienced in-house team working on your social media presence and SEO, content creation, gathering and managing customer reviews, and monitoring your website and general online reputation, you might consider employing a reputation management service.

Why Do You Require Online Reputation Management Services?

While some may believe that only firms with bad reputations require this service, all businesses and professionals can benefit from some kind of online reputation management.

These companies can help anyone with a bad reputation improve their image. These companies use measures to reduce or conceal bad brand discourse. Among these techniques is the creation of new, positive content that pushes negative items lower in search rankings. If there is a significant situation that demands quick attention, crisis management measures might be used.

Anyone who has a positive online reputation can use these services to keep it that way. Having these services scan the web for mentions of your brand might be beneficial. When positive news and reviews about you come online, reputation management businesses can promote them, and if something unfavorable appears, they can swiftly tell you so you can reply and remedy the problem as soon as possible.

What Is the Pricing for Reputation Management Services?

The size of your business, the number of locations your business has, the services you utilize, the agency you work with, and other factors all affect the pricing of reputation management.
Businesses can expect to pay between $500 and $10,000 per month for reputation management services. Some agencies may charge an initial fee as well as a monthly fee. If you pay by location, you should expect to pay somewhere between $50 and $1000 per place.

10 Examples of Reputation Management Services

Do you want to learn more about reputation management? Here are some instances of reputation management services and the value they provide to your business.

  1. Saturating search results: Negative news is suppressed by releasing positive content that floods Google search results.
  2. Keeping an eye on Google search results: To ensure that they consistently portray your business favorably.
  3. Social media Optimization: Using free accounts to fill Google search results for your business name.
  4. Owning social media: Controlling the conversations about your brand on social media.
  5. Promoting your brand: This entails promoting your business and its website on other influential websites in order to increase brand awareness and favorable publicity.
  6. Reworking search results: Using a variety of tactics to drastically alter search results.
  7. Distinguish CEO reputation: Promoting articles and blog postings that positively highlight company leadership.
  8. Creating multimedia: Creating photographs and movies can help your business rank in multimedia search results.
  9. Communicating openly: On a frequent basis, we will report to you on what we want to do, what we did, how it worked, if it worked, and so on.
  10. Tracking results: Showing you where your money has gone and how it has aided in the development of your online reputation.

Websites for Reputation Management

Corporate reputation management utilizes other essential online assets in addition to your own website to boost your company’s image.
These three sites are also the top three sources of online reviews.
So, what are the top three sites for reputation management?

#1. Google

Google is the king of practically everything online, including your company’s reputation.
It prefers to rank websites high when it is satisfied that the websites give a favorable user experience.

That means you may convince Google to rank your own website by designing an intuitive, user-friendly website for your visitors.
Unfortunately, Facebook and Yelp already exist, and they are two of Google’s favorite websites in the world.

That implies Facebook and Yelp have an advantage over you when it comes to creating a website. They’ll frequently appear in search results for your brand, and they may even outrank you for a few months before Google’s algorithm realizes it should be placing you ahead of the review sites it prefers.

In addition, Google is now a review site. Customers can provide you with favorable and bad feedback, which appears in search results.
That implies that if someone searches for your brand name, they will also search for your reviews!

Positive Google reviews are critical to improving your company’s reputation. Remember that 92% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase. Because Google is the most popular website on the planet, you can bet that many of your clients will check your reviews there.
However, Google is not the only review site that has an impact on your company’s reputation!

#2. Facebook

Facebook is the world’s most popular social networking site. With over a billion users, it’s safe to suppose that many of your potential clients, in addition to Google, will look for you there.
Controlling your Facebook reputation is a little easier than controlling your Google reputation.

Simply follow these steps:

  • Create an account
  • Complete all fields.
  • Begin posting about your business.
  • React to comments
  • Encourage customers to submit feedback.

As you use Facebook, you’ll organically build a loyal following of potential clients who want to hear from you.

You will eventually receive a client complaint. You can, however, exert control over this by reacting to the complaint and addressing its conditions.
This demonstrates to your consumers, particularly the complainant, that you value their opinion, and it passively encourages favorable ratings.

Facebook reviews are also significant because they appear in Google search results. If you have unfavorable Facebook reviews, potential clients will see them and flee.
That is why it is critical to have a credible presence on Facebook. It allows you to convert new clients from both social media and search results.
After you’ve mastered Facebook, it’s time to move on to the final crucial site for reputation management – and it’s a large one.

#3. Yelp

Yelp was one of the earliest websites dedicated to online reviews on the Internet. With each passing year since its inception, it has risen in influence and strength.
Yelp is now the centerpiece of online reviews. Its ratings can be found in search results, apps, and a variety of other media types.

If you haven’t begun using Yelp yet, someone else may have already given you a review and you aren’t even aware of it! Users can set up your listings for you, therefore you should claim it as soon as possible.
You can do so by going to Yelp, searching for your business, and then selecting the “Claim” button.

If you haven’t already created an account on Yelp, you may do so here.
Once you control your Yelp listing, you can begin replying to user reviews. These include both bad and good evaluations, as it is critical to reply to both types.
With Yelp on your side, you’ve seized control of the three big sites that influence your online reputation.

Best Online Reputation Management Services Providers

#1. WebiMax – Overall Best

WebiMax is a well-established digital marketing firm that specializes in online reputation management. They have assisted a wide spectrum of individuals and businesses in maintaining a positive public image over the last two decades.

They distinguish themselves from the competition by providing excellent tailored solutions. When you contact WebiMax, the firm will create a plan that meets your objectives and budget.
WebiMax develops a unique strategy for each client. They favor low-cost strategies for burying unwanted opinions and promoting a positive image.

Their process is kept private and is protected by a non-disclosure agreement. As a result, no one will know if you’re employing a third-party service to develop or repair your online reputation.
They also provide a free comprehensive reputation analysis to determine where your brand requires assistance and how WebiMax can assist in improving it.

This preliminary reputation assessment includes:

  • Timetable for achieving your objectives
  • Reporting and removing negative content
  • Report on positive content
  • Profiles that have yet to be claimed
  • Price quote on demand

All of their methods are tailored to the individual demands of each brand, and there is no contractual obligation to use their services. You have the option to leave at any moment if you are displeased with the results.
It is a very adaptable and cost-effective method that will benefit any business that requires assistance with reputation management.

#2. NetReputation — The Most Responsive Customer Support

NetReputation is regarded as one of the industry’s leading reputation management companies, having been named the “World’s Leading Online Reputation Management Company” by Newsweek in both 2020 and 2021.

Start here if your company needs unfavorable content deleted, erroneous business listings corrected, or asset visibility boosted.
NetReputation provides a comprehensive suite of online reputation management services, including:

  • Reputation monitoring
  • Review management
  • Branding
  • The field of public relations
  • SEO
  • The management of social media
  • Content deletion
  • Solutions for Wikipedia pages
  • Individual Internet privacy solutions

NetReputation is well renowned for its professionalism and timeliness, in addition to its knowledge. Users appreciate the NetReputation team’s compassion, understanding, and prompt responses.

NetReputation utilizes a five-step strategy to manage anyone’s online reputation after thoroughly interviewing business owners to understand their needs. It all begins with reputation analysis, which entails conducting extensive studies and detecting potential dangers.

Following research, NetReputation produces or modifies assets owned by your firm, such as blogs, websites, social media profiles, business directory listings, and YouTube channels.

The next stage is to create content. NetReputation designs a publishing schedule and conceptualizes, creates, and posts content on owned assets via their online platform.
The final stage is to promote the content via email lists and blogs, organic comments, and paid advertisements.

NetReputation is an excellent alternative for prompt, competent, and knowledgeable support. is the best site for managing your personal reputation. takes a comprehensive approach to assist companies and individuals in managing their online reputations. They develop tailored plans for each business and are experts in general reputation management, branding, and privacy monitoring.

#3. – Best for Individuals is a US-based women-owned boutique firm. They approach each scenario individually and provide tailored methods for each client. Why? Because reputation management does not come in one size fits all.

Aside from providing tailored solutions for each client, is also great for healthcare professionals who want to keep their sensitive information private while still receiving HIPAA-compliant comments and evaluations on industry-leading review sites such as HealthGrades and Google.

With automated messages sent immediately after a visit, the firm has assisted many small medical offices in receiving more and better evaluations.
They provide new clients with a free consultation to define specific reputation management goals. Then, a tailored strategy is created to assist you in managing your online reputation, suppressing negative content, managing your reviews, or running autosuggest campaigns. Every client is assigned a personal account manager who will assist them throughout the process and offer weekly progress reports.

#4. Reputation Defense Network – Best for permanently removing false content

Reputation Defense Network (RDN) distinguishes itself from most other services by not accepting payment until the work is completed. There is no upfront payment, and if the incorrect content is not completely deleted, you will not be charged.

RDN, which focuses almost entirely on material removal, has been successful for over ten years by combining a technical and strategic strategy with a legal one. The organization does not only work in-house; they also consult with industry experts and outside attorneys to keep their tactics current and to gain access to more knowledge.

The pay-only-for-results promise is a significant draw for prospective clients, and RDN says its agents frequently reject down potential clients if they don’t believe they can deliver the desired results.

This assurance is fuelled by the company’s value of customer transparency, which includes individualized strategies, measurable and guaranteed outcomes, and creative solutions. According to RDN, most unfavorable, misleading, or defamatory content can be removed in 2-14 days, with others taking up to 90 days.

RDN does not provide a comprehensive suite of reputation management capabilities such as SEO, marketing, gaining reviews, and so on. Instead, it focuses on tactical material removal and search control, allowing businesses to influence how they are seen online.
RDN removes bogus content such as:

  • Articles
  • Photographs and videos
  • Complaints from customers
  • Social media posts
  • Blog entries
  • Fake testimonials
  • Information on the law

If you need unfavorable content removed to safeguard your brand or identify defamers and cyberattackers, Reputation Defense Network is an excellent option.

#5. Rhino Reviews – Best for fully managed support

Rhino Reviews distinguishes itself by going beyond simply providing software to manage your online reputation. It begins with software and then adds a team of reputation management experts to assist you in achieving your reputation goals.

Rhino’s review creation software interacts with over 85 different business listings and provides the following features:

  • Monthly reporting and live dashboard analytics
  • Email and SMS campaigns are unlimited.
  • Notifications for instant reviews
  • Social media updates that are automated
  • Widgets for displaying reviews on your website

The program makes it simple to automate and manage real-time client reviews. This allows you to discover and resolve unfavorable reviews fast before they become a problem.
But where Rhino Reviews truly shines is in the personalized service they provide in addition to their review production software. They have a staff of reputation specialists who are Google AdWords and Google My Business certified.

When you choose Rhino’s fully managed online review service, this team collaborates with you to develop specific plans and manages all aspects of execution. You will be able to concentrate on what you do best: running your business.

Yes, live assistance is an additional fee, but we believe it is worthwhile because it effectively adds a reputation manager to your team with no overhead responsibilities on your part.
When you sign up with Rhino Reviews, you’ll be assigned a personal account manager who will handle everything. This person is also an expert in Google My Business. With monthly performance and strategy calls, you’ll remain on top of progress and activities.

Your Rhino staff will also respond to all reviews within 24 hours, ensuring that your Google My Business presence is fully optimized at all times, creating testimonial infographics for social sharing, monitoring employee feedback, and more.
Rhino Reviews offers a free reputation analysis to get you started. Rhino will then create a plan for your business and provide a price quote based on your requirements.

#6. Birdeye – The best tool for obtaining Google and Facebook reviews.

Birdeye provides a comparable service to Podium, yet they’re not your ordinary ORM. On the other hand, the tool assists you in generating evaluations of all kinds through automated methods such as personalized pop-ups, messages, and emails.

However, it differs from Podium in that it integrates with Facebook and Google.
This startup enables you to automatically send messages to customers using Facebook Messenger in order to get feedback. It also provides an excellent direct connection with Google’s proprietary API. This encourages people to directly review your business on Google.
You’ll also be notified once there is a new review. This allows you to quickly follow up with customers while their engagement is at its peak.

Furthermore, Birdeye provides a fantastic customizable process that allows you to visualize and modify how a review is generated.
They, like Podium, provide a survey tool that allows you to collect client insights and opinions in order to enhance your business.
Birdeye also provides a wide range of review management systems, including:

  • Examine monitoring
  • Review creation
  • Management of review
  • Examine marketing
  • List management
  • Webchat and Messenger
  • Surveys
  • Benchmarking
  • Insights
  • Ticketing

Birdeye is a great option if your small business doesn’t have enough online reviews or if it needs additional reviews across many platforms.

How to Choose the Best Online Reputation Management Firm for Your Company

Not every online reputation management company will be perfect for your business. Based on your exact requirements, the following process will assist you in narrowing your search to only one or two top possibilities.

#1. Methods and Ethical Practices

There are two methods to improve your brand’s online reputation and presence: the ethical approach and…the less ethical way.

Ethical tactics involve acts such as social media monitoring, positive review management, and SEO content development to improve a brand’s reputation. These are proactive methods of immediately reacting to clients and disseminating more information that highlights your company’s strengths.
Of course, I’ve only chosen online reputation management services that adhere to these ethical standards.

However, you must be able to identify the bad apples among them. These are the companies that, in the end, do more harm than good by being overly aggressive and unscrupulous in their descriptions of how they would boost your reputation.

Unethical practices include keyword stuffing and link farming in an attempt to “trick” search engine rankings. They may even threaten or coerce negative reviewers to remove their evaluations.
It’s an unusual twist, but the online reputation management company’s reputation is also important. You don’t want to work with someone who uses shady ways to “improve” your reputation.

#2. Complete Transparency

Make certain that you understand exactly what you’re getting from your ORM provider.
Are the methodologies and procedures plain and clear? Or, following your consultation, do they leave you with more questions than answers?

If a service is vague about how it will work to improve your online reputation, this is a warning flag.
Improving a business’s online reputation should not be difficult. It demands hard work on measurable outcomes. Any competent ORM should be able to convey these concepts in simple terms.

Your online reputation management company should also have a good online reputation. After all, if the corporation can’t keep its own reputation positive, it’s reasonable to wonder if it can do better for you.
A strong ORM firm should be able to provide you with real-life examples of how it manages its own online reputation.

Not every business partner you interact with will be completely honest with you. However, in the case of ORM companies, openness is essential.
All of the services on this list provide detailed information on how they will collaborate with you to achieve your reputation objectives. WebiMax and SEO Image, in particular, will go above and above to demonstrate how much they can accomplish for you.

#3. Solutions for Specific Channels

Every business has its own plan for improving the company’s online reputation. The ideal alternative for you will be determined by the type of business you have and your current reputation.
A startup with little online presence will not require the same online reputation management strategy as a well-established business that has recently received negative press.

#4. Expertise in a Specific Industry

Focusing on individuals who consistently work with brands comparable to yours is one way to limit your list of online reputation management candidates.

If you can’t discover similar businesses, think about hiring a reputation management firm that specializes in industries similar to yours. Even if the company does not expressly represent brands similar to yours, you should consider it if it has characteristics that are in line with your industry’s requirements.

Many online reputation services, for example, understand the importance of consumer reviews. As a result, they include features aimed at increasing your performance there. Most software programs that I considered will regularly monitor your online reviews.

However, there are some areas where online reviews may make or break you, such as retail, healthcare, hospitality, and automotive companies. If you work in this business, instead of just supplying the basics, focus on a reputation service that specializes in monitoring customer feedback.

#5. Proactive Reputation Management

You might wish to use an online reputation management agency to assist you fix and improve your online reputation. Rather than reacting simply when something bad happens, these software tools may be able to assist you with preemptive suggestions such as:

  • Constantly monitoring your online reviews
  • Creating campaigns to improve your reputation
  • Collaborating with others to boost your reputation
  • Assisting you in rapidly locating client questions left on social media so that you can react
  • Making recommendations to optimize your content for SEO purposes so that you may control which information appears at the top of search results

One of my favorite resources for suggesting campaigns to execute to fit your aims for your online management reputation is With a professional account manager on your side, you can collaborate to develop the best approach imaginable.

Customers who are pleased with your service may not be as motivated to post a review as dissatisfied customers. You may potentially urge some of those pleased customers to show what they enjoy about your business by having Podium seek reviews proactively.


When you have the proper firm behind you, reputation management becomes much easier. Many businesses have no idea what they’re doing. Most understand how to solicit consumer feedback, but many are confused about how to handle the critical components of reputation management.

If you feel the same way, you should seek professional assistance.
Businesses that handle reputation management will routinely enjoy significant revenue increases. Good reputation management leads to greater revenue by completing easy chores such as claiming your review management profiles, responding to customers online, and seeking reviews.

Use our guide to identify the best reputation management companies for your business. Set your beliefs, expectations, and needs ahead of time, and selecting the perfect organization will be simple.


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