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Yelp is an online directory for businesses. It is a user-review website that allows its users to rate and review local businesses. It also has a mobile app that allows users to access the website on the go. Since its inception in 2004, it has grown to become one of the most popular review websites, with over 140 million reviews and an average of 19 million monthly visitors. In this blog article, we will discuss what Yelp is, how to use it, and guidelines to consider while using it.

What exactly is Yelp?

Yelp is a crowd-sourced review site that debuted in 2004 and is available both online and through its app. The website contains listings for millions of businesses and caters to customers in a specific geographic area. Users can rate and comment on local businesses performance.

Yelp does not verify user reviews, but it does employ a sophisticated algorithm to detect fraudulent or malicious postings. Yelp is a popular website with more traffic than YellowPages.com and WhitePages.com, making it an excellent way to attract potential customers and convert them into buyers.

How to Use Yelp for Business

Yelp is a great tool for businesses. It is a platform to showcase your business, connect with existing customers, and attract new customers. Here are some tips on how to use Yelp for business:

  • Claim your business page: Claiming your business page on Yelp is free and easy. All you need to do is search for your business, click on the “claim this business” button, and fill out the required information.
  • Update your business page: Once you have claimed your business page, it is important to update the information on the page. This includes your business hours, contact information, a description of your business, and photos.
  • Respond to reviews: Responding to reviews is a great way to engage with customers and show them that you care about their opinion. Responding to both positive and negative reviews is important.
  • Get involved in the community: Yelp has a large community of active users. You can get involved in the community by attending Its events, joining Yelp Elite, and engaging with other users on the site.
  • Monitor your business page: It is important to monitor your business page to ensure that all the information is up to date and that you are responding to reviews in a timely manner.

How do I respond to negative Yelp reviews?

Naturally, business owners are concerned about dealing with negative customer reviews on Yelp and other platforms. Bad reviews are unavoidable and must be addressed now more than ever, especially in light of a 2010 court ruling that granted Yelp the legal right to manipulate the order of reviews.

The ruling clarified that Yelp can control how prominent bad reviews are on your Yelp profile. The bad news is that you must pay to advertise with the company in order to have those negative reviews pushed to the bottom of the pile or removed.

If your company receives a negative Yelp review, here are the best – and most cost-effective – ways to respond:

Take nothing personally.

People have the right to their opinions, no matter how erroneous you believe they are. Make it your goal to settle the dispute rather than to prove the critic wrong.

Never let a crisis go to waste.

Although a negative review is not an existential crisis, it may feel that way in the moments following its reading. Instead, look at the review as an opportunity to learn how to avoid making the same mistake again.

Respond to the review as soon as possible.

Respond to the customer within two days, preferably one week.

Be courteous.

Thank the reviewer for bringing the issue to your attention and sincerely apologize for their negative experience. Furthermore, offering a discount on a future purchase never hurts.

Directly address their concern.

According to a ZenBusiness study, one in every three customers will change their reviews if they believe the company has dealt with the issue adequately.

Try to move the conversation offline.

In many cases, dealing directly – but privately – with the customer will resolve the problem. It is preferable to avoid having a detailed conversation about your company’s perceived failures in public.

Respond to the review and explain how you addressed it.

Remember that most people will abandon a company due to poor customer service, so set the tone for a positive relationship from the start to reduce the likelihood of receiving a negative review. Consider providing a future discount to customers who leave a review; they may appreciate it and provide a positive one in return.

Is Yelp Reliable

Yelp is a reliable source of information. The reviews on the website come from real customers and are often a reflection of their genuine experience with the business. It also has a strict policy about fake reviews and takes steps to make sure that only real reviews are posted on the website.

It also takes steps to ensure that the reviews are not influenced by businesses. The website doesn’t take money for reviews and doesn’t let businesses change what people say about them. It also has a filter that can find and remove fake reviews from the website.

Finally, It has a strict policy on content. Reviews that contain offensive language or personal attacks are not allowed on the website. Overall, Yelp is a reliable source of information and reviews.

How It Works

Using its website or the official apps for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, you can search Yelp. Results are filtered by geographic area, price range, and special features like outdoor seating, delivery service, or the ability to accept bookings. Listings are sorted by business category.

It encourages users to give written reviews, star ratings, and photos of their interactions with each business they visit as it has a significant social component.

Each account has a friends list that may be filled out by linking the app with Facebook and the address book on a smartphone or tablet. Other users may also review reviews that have been submitted on it, and popular reviewers may be elevated to Yelp Elite status.

What Is Yelp Elite

Yelp Elite is a program for Yelp’s most active users. It is an exclusive community of users who are passionate about the community and have a track record of writing high-quality reviews.

Yelp Elite members are invited to exclusive events and get special discounts from businesses. They also get access to Yelp Elite-only content, such as exclusive offers, contests, and giveaways.

Four strategies for growing your Yelp presence

It is simple to claim a Yelp page. But, business owners can really optimize and enhance their Yelp presence by taking a few more steps.

Taking care of the essentials:

Adding even the most basic information, such as a brief history of the company, areas of specialization, and hours of operation, can have a significant impact on search results, Yelp, and other social channels. Without operating hours, your business will not appear in searches if users are looking for local businesses that are open right now. Businesses must remember to update their Yelp page whenever their operating hours, phone numbers, website URL, or other details change. They can also track page visits and other relevant information by checking dashboard metrics on a regular basis and updating their page as needed.

Adding images:

People like to know where they will be shopping or dining and who they will be meeting — both employees and customers. Businesses can post an unlimited number of photos on their Yelp page. Experts recommend at least ten.

Respond on a regular basis:

Reviews, whether positive or negative, commendable or disparaging, are the lifeblood of local businesses.

Many business owners claim that they do not have time to respond to each and every review. However, most people only get a few each week.

Whether it’s thanking a satisfied customer or offering to make amends for a bad experience, business owners benefit by demonstrating to customers—and potential customers—that they care. Entrepreneurs who closely monitor Yelp reviews may notice trends that can be used to improve operations or customer service.

Consider paying for advertisements:

Businesses looking to expand their reach may want to consider placing advertisements. According to Yelp, businesses that place Yelp Ads generate an additional $23,000 in revenue each year, which is nearly triple the amount of revenue gained from claiming a free Yelp page. Also, because of the flexible rewards you can earn on your spending, consider purchasing these types of ads with the Chase Ink Business PreferredSM card.

Who Uses Yelp Anymore?

Yelp is still a popular website among consumers. According to a recent survey, over 60% of consumers trust its reviews when making their purchasing decisions. This number is even higher among younger consumers, with 70% of 18-34-year-olds trusting Its reviews.

It is also a popular website among businesses. Over 85% of businesses have claimed their business page on Yelp, and the website has over 140 million reviews.

What Type of Website is Yelp?

Yelp is a user-review website. It allows users to rate and review local businesses. It also allows users to search for businesses, read reviews, and find deals. The website is free to use, but businesses can pay for advertising on the website.

What Is the Difference Between Yelp and Google?

Yelp and Google are both search engines, but they are used for different purposes. Yelp is a user-review website that allows users to rate and review local businesses. Google, on the other hand, is a search engine that allows users to search for websites and information.

It also has a mobile app that allows users to access the website on the go. Google has its own mobile app, but it does not offer the same features as Yelp.

Is Yelp Free or Paid?

Yelp is free to use. It is free for both users and businesses. Users can view reviews and search for businesses without having to pay any fees. Businesses can also claim their business page on them without having to pay any fees.

Businesses can, however, pay for advertising on Yelp. This includes showing up in the top results on search pages, as well as displaying ads on the website.

How Do You Make Money With Yelp?

Yelp makes money through advertising and paid subscriptions. Businesses can pay to have their business page featured in the top results on search pages, as well as display ads on the website. It also lets businesses pay for subscriptions that give them access to more features and analytics.

Does Yelp Work Outside the US?

Yes, Yelp works outside the US. The website is available in over 30 countries and is available in multiple languages. It is especially popular in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It is the second most popular online review site in the U.S., with half of Americans consulting it before they make a purchase

Is Yelp a Dating Site?

No, it is not a dating site. Yelp is a user-review website that allows users to rate and review local businesses. It is not designed for dating or finding romantic partners.

What Kind of People Use Yelp?

Yelp is used by a wide variety of people. The website is popular among both consumers and businesses. Consumers use it to find and review local businesses, while businesses use it to showcase their businesses and connect with customers.

It also has an active community of users. These users are often passionate about the community and enjoy engaging with other users.

What Is Yelp Reviews

Yelp reviews are user-generated reviews of local businesses. The reviews are written by Yelp users and are often a reflection of their experience with the business. It also has a filter that can find and remove fake reviews from the website.


Yelp is an online directory for businesses. It is a user-review website that allows its users to rate and review local businesses. It also has a mobile app that allows users to access the website on the go. In this blog article, we discussed what is Yelp, how to use it, and guidelines to consider while using it. Yelp is a reliable source of information, and businesses can use it to show off their business, connect with customers, and find new customers. It also has an active community of users who are passionate about the Yelp community and enjoy engaging with other users.


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