Every company does some consumer data collection and storage, and they all desire straightforward systems. However, the use of traditional methods, such as spreadsheets, to manage contact details is not only laborious but also inefficient. In addition to being extremely wasteful, this method has a substantial margin of error. Consequently, plans for contact management need a potent tool that assists in the organization of data and enhances the accessibility of that data. The organizing of contact information in a way that is both simple and effective can be very advantageous to businesses.   Personalizing the experiences you provide for your clients through efficient contact management software will help you generate more revenue from those clients. We have compiled a list of the top 10 contact management systems for small business software programs that can help you organize your contact data and make your operations more efficient. 

These solutions offer a very efficient method for keeping track of your customer contacts and gaining insights into your customers’ behaviors that can be used in your business. 

Find out the benefits of using these tools and their drawbacks so that you can make an educated choice for your company.

What Is Contact Management Software For Small Businesses? 

The term “contact management software” refers to applications that maintain contact information in an organized and readily available format. 

These technologies make keeping track of contact information, managing it, and using it simpler and more efficient. 

This may contain the history of your communications with your prospects and customers, their purchasing patterns, and any other pertinent information you have about them.

10 Best Contact Management Systems For Small Business 

Contact management systems can significantly impact the success of a company.

 To be successful in this endeavor, you will need to track down the most efficient and effective contact management software available. 

A tool of this kind should maintain the contact data organized, ensure that it is kept up to date, and make it easily accessible.

Because there is such a wide variety of choices, concluding this matter might be difficult.

To make this process simpler, we have compiled a list of the 10 best contact management systems that are deserving of consideration:

#1. BIGContacts

Our first list of the best contact management systems for small businesses is BIGContacts. 

BIGContacts provides outstanding features for managing contacts, which contribute to the delivery of more personalized experiences.

 On a single screen, it presents all of the client’s contact information, a history of interactions with the customer, transactions, social media profiles, and scheduled activities related to the consumer.

 In addition, you can include Google Maps for addresses, make notes, and add additional information by using the tool. 

Additionally, the tool supports custom fields for adding additional information. In addition, bulk actions are supported, further improving contact management.

 It is one of small businesses’ top Real estate contact management systems. 

#2. HubSpot 

HubSpot is an effective customer relationship management (CRM) tool that automatically enriches new contacts that are added to the database. 

This contributes to more personalized interactions with customers. Additionally, the program may schedule and manage projects, manage support tickets and follow up with prospects at the appropriate time. 

In addition to being an outstanding contact management tool, it also features robust analytics that provides you with invaluable insights into the activities of your business.

 It is also one of the best contact management systems for small businesses. 

#3. Bigin 

One of the best software for managing contacts used by small organizations is Bigin by Zoho CRM.

 It enables enterprises to get a higher level of control over their data. 

This tool can achieve improved engagement by taking advantage of its 360-degree view of your contact records. 

This view takes into account all of the prior touches as well as activity on social media. 

It enables you to connect with your potential customers through various channels, such as e-mail, phone, and social media platforms. 

The application is a low-cost solution that performs admirably for newcomers to the field. It ranks among the top real estate contact management systems for small businesses. 

#4. Streak 

Streak is another contact management software for small businesses.

It is one of the most dependable choices available if your requirements call for straightforward contact management software integrated with your Gmail account. 

This contact manager software provides a comprehensive context of the individuals you are interacting with, including pertinent contact information and a record of previous interactions taken directly from the pipeline. 

Streak operates within your email, ensuring you never likely miss key conversations with potential customers or existing ones.

#5. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is another contact management software for small businesses. 

It has the potential to be an efficient tool for managing contacts because it centralizes all of the relevant data and makes it easy to retrieve it. 

Pipedrive allows you to store useful data through custom fields, adjust the sales process steps, and keep better track of all prospects. 

This straightforward app for managing contacts features an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface.

Additionally, it helps you monitor all the prospects currently available through its visible sales pipeline. 

Pipedrive is also one of the best real estate contact management systems for small businesses. 

#6. Zendesk Sell

Another top contact management software for small businesses is Zendesk Sell. 

With Zendesk Sell’s efficient contact management services, you can keep your contact information up-to-date and easily accessible. 

Effectively keeping track of, managing, and engaging with your clients is possible when you utilize Zendesk Sell. 

By intelligently capturing crucial information, this program significantly reduces the amount of time and effort spent manually entering data. 

The built-in metrics and integrations offered by Zendesk Sell have the potential to enhance the software’s efficiency as a contact manager significantly.

#7. can improve your consumer connections’ quality by making each interaction more specific and pertinent. 

It allows you to gather information and automatically log it against the appropriate contact records.

 Because will take care of your contact data, you won’t have to worry about the quality of your customer interactions.

 This client interaction software is highly modifiable, so you may adapt its workflows, procedures, and pipelines to suit your company’s specific requirements. 

Monday. Com also ranks among the best contact management systems for small businesses. 

#8. Covve 

Covve significantly contributes to improving your business’s relationships with potential consumers and existing ones by preventing the loss of any important communication opportunities. 

This personal contact management system keeps track of your involvement and gives you insights into the best time to contact clients at the proper moments. 

This intelligent customer relationship management system can potentially increase retention rates by delivering positive and individualized experiences to every customer. 

Additionally, you can use Covve to program automatic reminders for essential occasions and activities.

#9. Salesforce 

Salesforce combines contact and sales management to boost your company’s conversion rates. 

The enterprise-grade functions of this cloud-based solution make it a top choice for large enterprises.

 You can fully personalize this online contact management tool and modify it however you like. 

Additionally, Salesforce reporting and analytics can help you better understand and use your business data.

 It ranks among the top real estate contact management systems for small businesses. 

#10. BitRix24

Bitrix24 is a comprehensive platform that makes transaction monitoring, customer engagement, and business contact management easier. 

To close more transactions, the technology makes it simple to gather more leads and manage all interactions with them. 

Additionally, Bitrix24 provides robust automation solutions that raise corporate productivity. 

Your team can track and edit documents in the tool’s collaborative workspace.

Is HubSpot a CRM or CMS? 

The HubSpot CRM platform, which is the entire system, includes CMS Hub as one component to help your business flourish.

What Does the Contact Management System Do? 

Contact management is keeping track of contact information and interactions with a company.

What Is a Contact Management Database?

A contact management database serves as a single truth source for all your contacts.

This practical tool, also known as contact management software, often has records of every client encounter and current contact information.

How Do You Make a Contact Management System?

Here are the steps in creating a contact management system:

  • Design your contact management database 
  • Review your database design 
  • Set up tables and fields 
  • Finally, Establish Relationships 

What Is the Difference Between a Contact Management System and CRM?

A CRM tracks the entire course of a client encounter, whereas a CMS is fantastic for organizing contacts and keeping general tabs on significant people. 

CRMs support the relationship before and after the contract is signed. A comprehensive software program for managing client contacts is known as a CRM.

What Are the Steps for Managing Contacts?

Here are the steps in managing contact:

  • Firstly back up your data 
  • Pause any active integrations
  • Remove duplicates
  • Delete all outdated data 


Each company’s tech stack implementation has a unique scope.

To discover areas where your team members need assistance, you must communicate with them. The following stage investigates a few crucial aspects that can improve any contact management system’s functionality. 

These consist of the integrations, level of automation, features, and usability that it offers.

 You may use these variables to select your company’s best contact management system.

The top 10 contact management programs are extremely dependable options for handling consumer information. By streamlining your contract management procedures, these technologies let you establish long-lasting partnerships. 

BIGContacts is a gadget that effectively stands out on this list. This straightforward yet effective application comes with some features that improve contact management.

 These consist of instant notifications, data synchronization, instant profile enrichment, marketing automation, and thorough reporting. This top contact management program also provides tools like workflow automation to help your team work more efficiently. 

These factors all work together to boost sales and hasten business expansion.


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