Scheduling Software for Small Business: Best 2023 Picks (Updated)

Scheduling software for small business

Searching for and locating a scheduling system that meets your company’s needs can be extremely difficult at times. This is especially true when the basic things required for your business’s growth do not correspond with your scheduling software system.

Meanwhile, scheduling software can be defined as various apps that are built and designed for better scheduling processes that benefit both your employees and clients.  It is made to help you run your business and gives detailed information about the services you offer and when they are available. By having the scheduling software, it would create flexibility and reduce labour cost.

By the end of this post you will be able to decide which scheduling program is best for your small or large-scale business.

What is the best program for scheduling?

There are varieties of programs that are built for the purpose of creating schedules. Finding the right one, especially for small businesses, could be draining. Below are some of the best programs for scheduling softwares;

  • Calendly
  • Doodle
  • Acuity


This is a great program for scheduling one-on-one appointments or meetings. Calendly also offers  a free version, which is very limited.

However, there’s an advantage to this version because it offers one type of appointment, which is very suitable for customer support. This helps your clients schedule calls on the dates and time that are convenient for you (for free).

It also gives you an insight into the problems your clients are having. Once you get an upgrade by paying for Calendly, it will open up the platform to you. After getting an upgrade, you will be able to collect payments before people get on your calendar, schedule unlimited events, and so much more. With the help of this process, you will not just save time but also money.


Doodle is a program that is best for creating the perfect time and day for the coordination of a group of people.

One of the best parts of making use of this website is that it comes with a free version. Just in case you are trying to save time or money, you can easily create a doodle survey that consists of  dates and time that you’re available. By creating this survey, it would allow your clients to make comments on the time and dates that work for you.

After this, you would be able to pick the final date and time for your meeting. This is a lot better than going back and forth in your emails, asking your clients what works best for them. They can simply let you know about all these information in one location.

Doodle also helps you create a variety of options that suit your calendar. So if your type of business consists of multiple people that you are trying to coordinate, this website is a great pick.

On the other hand, the features of this website are built for collaboration. This simply means that it is not so good to use when you are scheduling just one person.


This is also great software for scheduling. By creating an Acuity account, this helps you integrate the site. You will also be able to use it for complex payments, selling of memberships, selling subscriptions and also enables your clients to schedule themselves.

Acuity can also be used for sending out reminder emails. This prevents you from going back and forth in emails with your clients and allows your clients to reschedule, just in case of an emergency. This website is a great recommendation for complicated scheduling.

How much does a scheduling software cost?

With the various schedules that are available online, there is no fixed price for scheduling software. Every website or app that is designed for scheduling software programs comes with different features and prices.

This creates flexibility and allows you to choose the type that fits the criteria of your business.

Scheduling software for free

There are different types of software schedulers that have been made available for small business owners. Most scheduling websites or apps have been designed to have free features, while others may also have free features but need to be upgraded by payments.

For a small business, you need a software scheduler that not only works efficiently and fits the criteria of your business, but also fits your budget. Some recommendations of these softwares are;

  • Koalendar
  • Square appointments
  • Hubspot
  • Calendly
  • Doodle

These software schedulers above all have free versions and are suitable for all business kinds, depending on your type of business and its size.

Do Quickbooks have scheduling?

Quickbooks is an accounting software that is designed for small businesses. The function of this is for the compilation of your income and expenses, also in the process, helping you to manage your business.

Moreover, Quickbooks Scheduling is created in order for you to manage shifts for your employees and clients. This software scheduler is very flexible for both you and your clients, including your employees.

The layout of this has made scheduling procedures very easy. You can easily set up specific times and dates with your clients by simply dragging and dropping jobs from your previous schedules.  It also consists of GPS tracking, Text or Email notifications..

Does Google have a scheduling system?

This particular question is frequently asked  by many individuals. Well if you have been wondering if google has a scheduling system, yes it does. It is popularly known as Google Calendar.

This is a scheduling software (like other scheduling apps) that saves your time by helping you to create schedules that suit your availability. It creates flexibility for your services and helps you to schedule meetings that are convenient for both you and your clients.

Some of its features are;

  • Switching between multiple calendars
  • Customising your own view
  • Time zone features

Other features are; Link managing appointments across time zones, keyboard shortcuts.

Appointment Scheduling Software for Businesses

If scheduling appointments is a part of your everyday life, it could be extremely draining. This simply means that you are dealing with rebookings, double bookings, and endless toggling between your emails.

After some time, you will come to the realisation that you have spent most of your time managing your calendars and schedules instead of  booking more appointments to grow your business.

Creating a scheduling calendar does not necessarily mean that the growth of your business is going to increase. Having a calendar is just a part of your marketing system, it doesn’t really help you to get more business deals.

However, by having the appropriate  scheduling software, you can be able to achieve otherwise. Appointments scheduling softwares doesn’t just help you to book appointments, it helps you to create an appointment funnel. This helps you to generate higher quality appointments and gives you the flexibility of closing more appointments.

Appointment schedulers are designed to easily adapt to your business type and help you to automate your booking management. Some examples are;

  • Setmore
  • Simplybookme

Other examples are; Appointy , Appointlet.

What Are Scheduling Tools In Business?

The main purpose of scheduling tools is for rescheduling your initial schedules. This simply means that, just in case something comes up or there is a sort of emergency, your scheduling tools would help you cancel and create new appointments.

This process takes place by calculating the schedule’s crucial path for the longest sequence of activities in the circle.

Here are some examples of scheduling tools for businesses, they include;

  • Schedule Network Analysis
  • PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Techniques)

Employee Scheduling Software for Business

Whether you are managing a big enterprise or a small business, one of the most suitable ways to manage your work is with employee scheduling software. Many times, business administrators find it quite difficult to manage the necessary day-to-day operations. This can lead to hindrance to growth in the business.

By acquiring employee scheduling software, it will help you transform the way you’re currently running your organization, which will lead to its growth. With the help of this software, management would no longer be a problem.

Employee scheduling software does not just help you manage your business organization; it also develops, coaches, and trains your employees. This software also integrates your sales data and graphs your expected sales and traffic, so that you can easily optimize the schedule of your team. This helps you to produce your payroll costs, hence yielding profit. It also keeps track of the number of employees you have to match your business demands.

Examples of Employees Scheduling Software

Here are some good recommendations of employee scheduling software that can coordinate their schedules effectively, they include;

  • Deputy
  • ScheduleAnywhere
  • Workschedule.Net
  • Ximble

What are the best Online Schedulers?

There are a lot of online scheduling softwares out there, and most of them claim to have the appropriate features needed for the efficiency and growth of your business.

How do I know the best scheduling software for my business?

Well, there are various types of scheduling software, but finding the best one that suits the criteria of your business could boost its growth.

For small organizations or companies, depending on your budget, you can start by making use of Koalendar or Calendly. These types of software schedulers come with free versions, and their upgraded versions are also very affordable. If the criteria of your business involve the coordination of multiple people, the best recommended website is doodle.

The website doodle is very suitable for coordinating multiple people, because it is designed for collaboration. Thai is a great website for scheduling groups.

For large organizations with multiple employees, you can make use of Seymore, Simplybookme, Appointy or Appointment.

What are the best ways for scheduling a meeting with multiple attendees?

One of the best ways to schedule a meeting with multiple attendees is by using the website doodle. This website is built for collaboration and scheduling groups.

To Wrap It Up

By finding the appropriate scheduling software that suits your business criteria, you would save a lot of time and money, and its flexibility would help you book more appointments, thereby helping you close more and more deals. With the help of these software programs, the growth of your business would be skyrocketed.


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