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Campaign management tools
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Free and Best Campaign management tools and software are essential parts of campaign and marketing execution for teams and organizations around the world. Regardless of whether you’re a small or large team, campaign management tools will help you work faster and ultimately make your day-to-day work much easier. Even while planning is a difficult and time-consuming task in and of itself, there are other additional responsibilities you must attend to, like managing ads, monitoring performance, examining metrics, and more. Campaign management in CRM and email campaign management tools will be discussed in this article.  

What Are Campaign Management Tools?

A campaign management tool is a process of developing, launching, monitoring, and assessing a promotional effort. Furthermore, inbound and outbound marketing, customer segmentation, market analysis, email marketing, campaign planning, campaign performance, campaign execution, project management, analysis, and measurement of campaign effectiveness are all part of a typical campaign management plan.

However, since campaigns involve pushing prospects through a variety of channels and tactics (email, social media, print materials, surveys, freebies, etc.), you’ll need software or a platform to help you coordinate all of these efforts.

Additionally, a campaign management tool can help you learn about your customers so you can better position your brand and communicate with them, ultimately leading to more satisfied clients and higher sales. Here are some of the campaign management tools to consider.

What Are the Types of Campaign Management?

Here are the 5 types pf campaign management

  • Public relations campaign
  • Product launch campaign
  • Brand awareness campaign
  • Social media marketing campaign
  • Email marketing campaign

#1. Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is a campaign management tool that allows for multiple campaigns, digital marketing, content management, different communication channels, and other features. 

Furthermore, using the drag-and-drop editor and premade email templates, you can create email campaigns and messages that are both responsive and unique. It features a fantastic autoresponder feature that generates automated emails in response to customer trigger behaviors like opening an email, signing up for a newsletter, and more. In addition, it has preconfigured social media sharing, so you can update your various social media profiles with a single click. The pricing plans are as follows:

  • Standard plan $3/month
  • Professional plan $4.50/ month

#2. Mindmatrix

In addition to public relations management, direct sales, marketing automation, channel enablement, and market asset management, Mindmatrix provides a platform for social media marketing and advertising.

All of your direct sales, social media promotion, email marketing, and content administration needs may be met with this program. It helps with business marketing by automating process charts and supporting activation across numerous channels.

Furthermore, Mindmatrix allows you to create a powerful brand, market it, attract a large audience, and hit your sales targets without breaking the bank or your deadlines. It’s a great tool for campaign management thanks to its comprehensive reporting and analytics features, which provide complete insight into the lead-to-revenue funnel, content consumption, and campaign success.  Pricing plans:

  • Plan starts at $15/ user/ month

#3. Adobe Campaign

Abode Campaign is a content management and digital asset management tool with touch-friendly marketing automation to track, individualize, and improve digital and traditional marketing campaigns.

However, you can customize online and offline campaigns and assess the effectiveness of your cross-channel marketing efforts. It offers a 360-degree perspective of the customer, demonstrating past interactions between clients and various marketing channels.

Using Adobe Campaign, you can design emails using templates, produce email versions in many languages, and anticipate subject lines that will draw in the intended audience. Additionally, it sends you customized SMS, in-app messages, push alerts, and more. Pricing plans:

  • Starts at $9.98/ month

#4. HubSpot

Hubspot is another campaign management tool that includes marketing tools, CRM, and audience targeting.  With Hubspot, you can easily view all prospect and lead information and conversations, segment leads, and score leads. The landing page builder analyzes page views and conversions.

Additionally, Hubspot helps plan, schedule, measure, and monitor social media postings and video campaigns. Its reporting dashboard includes website data, sales activities, and more. price plans:

  • The Beginner Edition begins at $50/month.
  • The Professional edition starts at $890/month.

What Is Campaign Management in CRM?

A customer relationship management (CRM) campaign is the use of technology to introduce email, telesales, or social media marketing campaigns. You may track each channel’s marketing activities from a single platform with the use of a CRM system, allowing you to ascertain which strategies are most effective for your company.

The Benefits of Using Campaign Management Tools

A campaign manager’s responsibility is to combine customer and target market data to create powerful marketing campaigns.

Writing and editing campaign copy, managing implementation, ensuring consistency in brand message, and providing outcomes and data once the campaign is over are typical requirements. If you have a strong campaign management system, you may design, automate, and put into practice repeated operations to conduct successful marketing campaigns.

Here are some advantages of employing campaign management tools:

#1. It Makes It Possible to Personalize and Adjust

A campaign management tool is unique since it allows for customization and personalization. With the help of these capabilities, you may comprehend the distinctive tendencies and behaviors of different people and then tailor your emails, landing sites, deals, or even the complete campaign.

#2. Tracks Performance

A campaign management tool’s A/B testing capabilities allow you to identify what is not working and compare the success rates of other initiatives. This then makes it easier for you to monitor the effectiveness and development of your campaign activities.

#3. Saves Time

With a campaign management application, you can start, schedule, coordinate, and track your marketing campaigns across many platforms. Your campaign is divided into separate activities, which also helps you prevent blunders and errors.

As a result, the time needed to complete the marketing campaign execution process is much reduced, and the entire process is completed considerably more quickly.

Marketing Campaign Management Tools

Due to the numerous components that marketing campaign management tools consist of, even an effective performance marketer requires assistance. If you’ve read our essay on marketing campaign management tools effectively, you’ll know that it’s not only helpful but absolutely necessary to use additional tools to plan, administer, and measure your campaign.

Furthermore, using the proper marketing campaign management tools will make your process a lot more structured and streamlined and help you remain on top of all the many parts and duties, whether you’re a small or large team working with external partners. It can help you make the most of your efforts while making the most of your time and resources. Here are some of the marketing campaign management tools.

#1. Online Advertising Tools

It can be challenging to stay on top of executing online native advertising campaigns across several channels, such as SEA, social media, and others—from creating your landing page to managing and reporting. Fortunately, you can get help from marketing campaign management software (or, any third-party tracking platforms you work with).

#2. Project Management Tools

In particular, when working on significant, multi-team marketing projects, your to-do list, Google Docs, and Excel spreadsheets in various folders will only take you so far before stress and overload set in. Project management can benefit from the use of marketing campaign management tools.

#3. Marketing Automation and Data Analytics Tools

Reduce the time your team spends on mundane manual processes so they can concentrate on more strategic endeavors. The features of a typical marketing automation platform include the ability to plan out campaigns, divide up audiences, make content, and analyze results.

Campaigns can be monitored, analyzed, and optimized in near real-time with its assistance. In fact, accurately assessing your campaigns is critical to your performance since it allows you to base decisions on hard evidence.

#4. Email Marketing and Lead Nurturing Tools

After directing visitors to your website or landing page, you can begin converting them into customers by sending them personalized emails. Make use of tools that will assist you in nurturing your leads throughout the client lifecycle.

What Does Campaign Management Software Do?

The ability to design and implement repeatable processes is crucial to the smooth operation of any marketing campaign, and this is exactly what you get with a sophisticated campaign management tool. The job of a campaign manager is to develop successful marketing campaigns by combining data on the target market with information about customers.

Email Campaign Management Tools

Every email has value. Utilize the best email campaign management tools to maximize the effectiveness of your efforts. You can easily develop, approve, and organize your material using Zoho Campaigns from one location, making sure that all of the elements of your marketing campaign are well-organized and streamlined.

Furthermore, if you want to grow your business, you require email campaign management marketing software or tools that are user-friendly, cost-efficient, and efficient in order to nurture leads and turn subscribers into customers.

Additionally, the characteristics of most email campaign management tools are similar. Making a decision from among a variety of tools can be difficult. Compatibility with your digital environment and user-friendliness are important considerations. These are the best email campaign management tools.

#1. SendinBlue

Sendinblue replaced Newsletter2Go following an acquisition. The program presents itself as a GDPR-compliant German Mailchimp substitute. The program has SMS and chats features in addition to managing email campaigns. The tools allow for the placement and management of social media advertisements through the email campaign program.

Furthermore, users have noted the tool’s flexible layout options as a major plus. Users generally employ it for newsletter campaigns, analysis of said campaigns, and management of consumer data and leads. Many users appreciate the European server location, albeit at a higher price than MailChimp.

#2. Mailchimp

As a service software, Mailchimp. The functions include management of target groups, managing email campaign, managing creative tools, and performing analysis. The administration of target groups helps with segmentation, behavioral tagging, registration forms, and CRM. 

The analysis features of Mailchimp offer recommendations for content enhancement and are appropriate for A/B tests and surveys. The creative tools support subject lines and campaign templates as well as the structure of the emails.

Users mostly use Mailchimp for contact management, automated email campaigns like newsletters, and triggered emails in the e-commerce industry. Although the software is user-friendly, users have expressed worries regarding the hosting in America and the software’s potential GDPR compliance.

#3. CleverReach

As an easy-to-use newsletter tool, CleverReach places a strong emphasis on GDPR compliance. To make creating newsletters easier, there are free themes and a drag-and-drop editor. CleverReach, in contrast to the tools thus far discussed, provides a broad feature set for email campaigns but no other areas of competence.

Users mostly use the robust email newsletter features. Contact management and organization are simple and intuitive. For personalizing emails, HTML expertise is helpful but not essential. Therefore, it is challenging to apply appropriate corporate design.

#4. Rapidmail

Additionally created specifically for mailing initiatives, rapidmail Campaigns can be optimized using tools like spam score and scheduled sending. It is possible to set up trigger emails, and website integration works really well. As opposed to other tools’ monthly subscription fees, rapidmail’s pricing is per-mailing.

Types of Email Campaigns

  • Newsletter campaigns
  • Transactional mail
  • Trigger mail
  • Autoresponder campaigns

What Are the Five Elements of a Campaign?

  • Planning’s inherent entropy
  • Relationships
  • Location of Business Activity: “Where People Meet”
  • Creating and keeping the field in the shape
  • Requirements and Exceptions

Best Campaign Management Software

You may maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts while minimizing costs with the help of the free and best campaign management software and tools. By keeping tabs on which marketing efforts are producing results for your company and which ones aren’t, you can determine which ones aren’t by keeping tabs on them across various platforms (email lists, social media, inbound content, etc.). The free and best campaign management software and tools give you a more in-depth look at particular marketing campaigns than the standard marketing software does.

Furthermore, marketing professionals use this software to create profitable campaigns. Campaign marketing software can automate email and content marketing tasks. Market surveys, list builds, content marketing, SEO, social media, and PPC are software functionalities. The software has several benefits. Campaign automation reduces lead time. They boost campaign efficacy and SEO. Here is the best campaign management software.

#1. Screendragon

Screendragon is an effective project management tool for advertising and public relations firms. Companies such as Kellogg’s, BP, and the International Olympic Committee all use and praise it. It allows customers to oversee their campaigns from start to finish in one central location. Custom request forms, automatic approval procedures, visual proofing, individualized dashboards, resource management, forecasting, and budget management are just some of the features it offers.

#2. Postalytics

Postalytics is used by marketers that want to stand out from the crowd by using automated direct mail campaigns. In addition to email and digital marketing, targeted direct mail can help generate new leads and sales. 

However, direct mail, by virtue of its ability to produce trackable postcards and letters and its seamless interaction with HubSpot, Salesforce, and other CRM/Marketing Automation platforms, can pass for a digital marketing channel. Postalytics allows you to make a bigger impact than only through email by sending targeted communications straight to the hands of your target audience.

#3. Tune

We develop the infrastructure for cross-platform mobile and web advertising partnerships. When it comes to creating, maintaining, and expanding partner programs and networks, nobody does it better than the TUNE Partner Marketing Platform. TUNE, headquartered in Seattle and employing hundreds of people around the world, is relied on by leading affiliate marketers, top-performance advertising networks, and household names all over the world.

#4. Workfront

With Workfront’s centralized collaboration system and job automation features, your team will be better equipped to take charge of any project you throw at them. This is an excellent choice for marketing management because it not only monitors team efficiency but also displays real-time workflow charts. In addition, this is excellent software for managing projects, as it facilitates personnel and management’s ability to see how things are progressing.

Campaign Management in CRM

The ability to launch and monitor campaigns for marketing purposes from within a CRM system is a key feature of campaign management software. You can automate your marketing by setting up numerous campaigns and stages for various subsets of your consumer base.

Furthermore, email marketing campaigns, along with pay-per-click (PPC), Google Ads, and more conventional marketing tactics, may all be managed effectively with the help of CRM campaign management.

What is Campaign Management in CRM?

Management of a marketing campaign includes all the steps involved in the campaign’s preparation, launch, maintenance, and evaluation. This could be a large-scale marketing push for a new product or event, or it could be a much more modest promotion. Marketers can streamline their efforts by using software designed for campaign management.

How Exactly Can CRM Aid in Promotional Efforts?

CRM is the embodiment of “information is power.” With this tool, you can mine mountains of consumer information for actionable intelligence that will boost your advertising and sales campaigns.

There are numerous positive outcomes that can result from the implementation of a flexible CRM technology in campaign management.

  1. The success of a marketing campaign, as well as its income, return on investment, and ROI, can all be tracked with CRM software.
  2. Customers’ interests and purchasing behaviors can be used to build segmented advertising campaigns.
  3. With CRM’s integrated database, you can see your target audience from every angle.
  4. Understanding trends and routines allow for more targeted and interesting advertising.

What Is the Campaign Management Process?

Campaign management entails analyzing the expected advantages of the campaign, budgeting and costing the campaign while making sure that the necessary resources are provided, and then assessing the campaign’s impact on the target market.

Free Campaign Management Tools

Investigate these tools with the greatest ratings to find the best free campaign management tools choice for your company. With the best free campaign management tools, you can increase the efficiency of your advertising while decreasing its cost. Here are the free campaign management tools.

#1. Monday Marketer

Monday Marketer is the simplest way to run numerous campaigns at once, and it can be used by anybody without the need for tedious email chains or frequent synchronization meetings. Set up your boards to fit your specific workflows, and the software will send out automated status updates, freeing up your team members to get more done.

#2. EngageBay

Small and growing businesses can make use of EngageBay, an all-in-one marketing, and sales customer relationship management software. EngageBay provides effective tools for email marketing, helping you expand your business. Create highly specific email campaigns for optimal outcomes. Keep score and assess your performance. – and at one convenient location

#3. MobileMonkey

In order to create leads, re-engage customers, and provide real-time help, MobileMonkey enables businesses to proactively communicate with audiences via live web chat across different channels.MobileMonkey’s OmniChatR technology and chatbot marketing automation allow for instantaneous connections with customers and prospects via native online chat, SMS text messaging, Facebook Messenger, and other popular messaging apps from a single dashboard.

The marketing automation instruments included in MobileMonkey’s free campaign management tools, lifetime edition are as follows:

  • Chatbot drip campaigns
  • Customer support chatbots

#4. Pemcards

With Pemcards, businesses have access to a variety of tools for utilizing user-generated postcards in marketing and customer engagement initiatives. The Postcards’ designated space can feature several campaigns—offers, landing sites, and more—depending on the nature of the event, location, or effort. An app for Pemcards may be downloaded for free from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

How Do You Manage a Successful Campaign?

  • Set Objectives. Get specific with your objectives and how you want to evaluate your progress.
  • It’s important to keep your target market in mind. Think about who you’re writing for and what they care about.
  • Decide On Your Intended Viewers.
  • Choose your available tools.
  • Budget for marketing.
  • Campaign Content.
  • Follow Up on Your Campaign.


No matter what industry you work in, what market you aim for, or how big your company is, fully-featured campaign management tools will only make your work go more quickly. You can easily decrease errors and streamline your campaign design and administration operations using the best campaign management tools.

Campaign Management Tools FAQs

What is the tool used for creating campaign tracking?

CRM tools CRM (customer relationship management) tools are vital campaign management tools. They centralize customer information, align sales and marketing teams, and sustain customer relationships throughout the campaign’s lifetime.

How can campaign management be improved?

  • Make use of control groups, and conduct a large number of tests.
  • Controlling the flow and allocating time.
  • Boost the quality of the data.
  • Segmentation

Which of the following is used as a channel for campaign management?

The following channels are supported by Comarch Campaign Management: Facebook, Twitter, SMS, mobile push, direct mail, email, and SMS.

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