WEB BASED PROJECT MANAGEMENT TOOLS: Meaning, Guide, and Offline Tools You Can Use

Web Based Project Management Tools
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Project managers who can’t physically be in the office all the time will find that web based project management tools are a great alternative. The best free project management tools and software will feature a strong offline and online platform with web-based resource management, timesheets, invoicing, portfolio management, project plans, workflow management, and more. Top and open source web based project management tools will be discussed in this piece. 

What Is Web Based Project Software?

Web based project management software is a set of tools, procedures, and data that can be accessed online and is used to oversee different project phases. Scheduling, critical path analysis, timeline development, task list creation, resource management, document control, and audit trails are all components of project management. However, project management software allows for the management and, in some cases, automation of all of these activities.

Web-based services are written in a web-friendly language like HTML, ASP, or PHP so that users may access them from any web-enabled device. Multiple users can share a single copy of the server-hosted program by connecting to a central location where the software is installed and updated.

What are Web-Based Project Management Tools’ Key Features?

  1. Easily accessed via browsers and mobile apps
  2. Even in areas without Wi-Fi, you can still get online.
  3. Connectivity, messaging, and tagging features are built right in
  4. Overviews of time monitoring and job management for mobile managers
  5. Simple calendars and scheduling tools with editable rights

Here are some of the  Web Based Project Management Tools

#1. Smartsheet

In addition to offering everything you’ve come to expect from a top-notch web-based project management tool, Smartsheet also has one of the best project template collections for any type of project plan you can think of. With the help of Smartsheet’s numerous project management capabilities, you can handle your to-do list, handle recurring tasks, and monitor project progress. Each subscription level offers access to hundreds of templates that are organized by type or industry.

With a minimum of 3 users and a maximum of 25, SmartSheet has a monthly cost of $7 per user. A trial period of 30 days is also available.

#2. Wrike

Wrike is an award-winning, web-based project management platform that supports an unlimited number of users, making it ideal for groups of five or more. Workflows, dashboards, reports, and request forms may all be altered to the user’s liking thanks to the tool’s extensive configuration options.

Wrike’s intuitive interface lets users navigate between Kanban boards, interactive drag-and-drop Gantt charts, and classic task views. Wrike includes task lists, subtasks, schedules, shared workflows, file sharing, and real-time collaboration. Performance reporting, resource management, and more give users superior project insights.

However, the price per user per month begins at $9.80. There are four different pricing tiers available, from free to premium (where premium users can invite additional free users to work together).

#3. Monday.com

As a web-based project management tool, Monday.com is highly adaptable and secure, with a UI that is both simple and inspiring to use. Even the least technically savvy members of a team will be able to use and benefit from the software thanks to the intuitive drag-and-drop interface and cheerful design.

However, users may tailor their experience for each task or set of activities with the help of hundreds of available add-ons, widgets, connectors, and automation, in addition to the greatest project management capabilities.

Monday.com starts at $6 per user each month, with a free trial for the first 14 days. It is a great option. They provide a free plan for up to two users.

#4. Celoxis

With more than 17 years under its belt, the team behind the award-winning web-based project management software product Celoxis knows what they’re doing. It’s packed with good to great features for businesses of all sizes, from solopreneurs to multinational conglomerates.

Celoxis is an online software application that helps project management groups coordinate many tasks and activities in one central location. With its 30-day fully functional trial, businesses may not only “kick the tires,” but also run through their list of business difficulties and software requirements using realistic project scenarios.

Additionally, with a minimum of 5 users, Celoxis charges $22.50/month per user and provides a free 30-day trial.

#5. Kintone

Kintone is a web-based project management tool utilized by over 23,000 companies worldwide. Their innovative approach to project and task management enables you to develop personalized “apps” for data management, business processes, and workflows from scratch, using templates or using existing spreadsheets. Kintone apps can be customized for project management, sales CRM, customer databases, expenditure reporting, shared to-do lists, document management, equipment management, and product feedback.

Furthermore, kintone lets you build an online project management app by dragging and dropping objects onto the page: rich text fields, date fields, drop-down menus, number fields with built-in calculations, attachment spaces, user or group selection menus, linked data from other apps, tables, and more.

Each of your team members will need to pay $24 per month to use Kintone. In addition to a free 30-day trial, nonprofits and schools also receive discounts and free support. The free trial version of Kintone provides one free custom app development.

Motives to Make Use of Web-Based Project Management Tools

It’s hardly surprising that businesses in diverse sectors would tackle a wide range of tasks. There is a need for efficient project management tools tailored to the specific needs of these businesses in order to ensure streamlined operations. Therefore, organizations need project management software for effective project management, administration, and monitoring. Ideally, project management software would enable all stakeholders to share updated status reports in near real-time.

However, there are two distinct types of project management software available today; those that require local installation on user machines and their web-based counterparts. There are many reasons why web-based project management tools appeal to project managers in the SME subsector. Here are some of the motives.

#1. Cost-effectiveness

The license fees for web-based project management systems can save users thousands of dollars. It is possible to implement the tools across an organization at a low total cost. However, these systems are accessible both financially and in terms of the appealing solutions, they offer, which have the potential to boost productivity. The solutions don’t simply help businesses cut costs; they also help them save time and effort by improving teamwork and communication.

#2. Flexibility

Collaboration in the workplace allows for greater freedom of action on the part of teams. Members of the team, especially high-ranking executives who are frequently away from the office, can check in from any location to see how things are going. Also, team members are not required to be at their desks every day and can instead complete their work from any location with an internet connection.

Furthermore, everyone involved in the project has a lot of leeway in terms of the technology they utilize, as they can get to all of the necessary files from anywhere, even if they’re physically far away.

#3. No installation

Users do not need to install project management tools because they are entirely web-based. The users of these systems can quickly set up hosted subscription solutions from these systems to utilize for their projects, and they can begin using them right away. System crashes and other types of system issues have become unheard of due to the system’s design.

How Do You Manage a Web Based Project?

Processes, including scheduling, determining a critical path, constructing schedules, making task lists, managing resources, controlling documents, and providing audit trails, are all part of project management. Project management software solutions allow for the control and, occasionally, automation of each of these activities.

Free Web Based Project Management Tools

In terms of project management, everyone has their own style. Many people find it helpful to use email’s task management features. Some people find it helpful to organize their tasks on a Kanban board, while others prefer to use a calendar view, and still others swear by good old-fashioned pen and paper. That’s excellent for solo efforts, but when working with others in a team, you’ll want free and open source web based project management tools that can scale to meet everyone’s needs.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a dime on free web based project management tools to get the adaptability you need to handle assignments, interact with stakeholders, and keep everyone apprised of progress. These are some of the free web based project management tools.

#1. Trello

Using Kanban boards, your projects may be easily organized with Trello, a lightweight project management tool. Since the basic plan is free and includes an unlimited number of boards and users, it’s a useful resource for anyone. Freelancers can use Trello’s personal boards to organize their work, and teams can use them to create a transparent workflow for their projects at every stage.

#2. Paymo

Paymo is a time tracker and project management tool with a free plan that helps freelancers manage their time and tasks across many clients and projects. Clients, projects, and tasks make up work. Each task can have due dates, priorities, descriptions, and attachments. You can see your tasks as a list or a Kanban board, or use Paymo’s filter to sort by status, due date, priority, and more.

#3. GoodDay

GoodDay’s adaptability means it can meet the requirements of teams with varying approaches to project management. Gantt, Agile, Scrum, and waterfall are just some of the methodologies and views that are supported by the app. All of these features are accessible on the free plan, making it the most feature-rich and adaptable free option.

#4. ClickUp

Fewer than a dozen task views, such as a list, calendar, or Kanban view, are available in the majority of project management tools. Extra perspectives, like Gantt charts, are sometimes an optional paid add-on. That’s not how ClickUp works.

It’s a free and straightforward project management program that offers 11 distinct perspectives on your work, such as Gantt charts and mind maps. Four distinct page layouts are available as well: With Chat, you can see conversations as you go about your chores; with Doc, you can make documents, wikis, and knowledge bases; with Embed, you can add applications and websites next to your tasks; and with Form, you can create and share forms (to add a form next to your tasks to gather, organize, and collect data).

The Best Web Based Project Management Tools

Effective project management is crucial to the success of any firm. The best and free web based Project management tools include tasks like creating a plan, carrying it out, monitoring progress, and closing the project. This procedure can be simplified with the aid of a project management application. Searching for the best and free web based project management tools for your business? Here are the top 5 best web based project management tools.

#1. Scoro

Scoro is a one-stop shop for all your project management needs, including but not limited to: projects, tasks, contacts, bids, team communication, billing, and reports. It possesses these great features.

  • The Instantaneous Key Performance Indicator Dashboard
  • Contact management
  • Work time recording and payment

Furthermore, scoro aids in streamlining the complete work process so that you don’t have to switch between numerous tools. In one convenient location, you may safely and securely keep all your most vital data. In addition, prices start at $26 per month per user.

#2. ProofHub

ProofHub is an all-in-one solution for managing projects that can replace methods like email and others. It possesses some features, like

  • Online conferences and meetings for groups
  • Division of labor and responsibility
  • Files are stored in a safe place.

In addition, the intuitive layout of ProofHub’s user interface promotes productive teamwork. Costs start at $45 per month.

#3. Asana

Asana lets teams manage their tasks without relying on email by combining features from project management, file storage, and collaboration. Its features are 

  • Assignment of duties and group work
  • Results and development as a group 
  • Reproduce and monitor sprints and bug reports.

Asana’s intuitive interface and focus on simplicity make it well suited for usage by smaller teams working on straightforward tasks. Pricing Payment rates start at $13 per user, per month after the first 15 users.

#4. Citrix Podio

Podio is an adaptable and customized platform for online collaboration and office communication. Top Features

  • Organize your workflow by assigning tasks, sharing files, and holding in-depth discussions all within the solution itself.
  • Distribute sensitive and huge files with ease.
  • Get your sales processes and project cost tracking all set up automatically.

By using Podio’s workflows feature, you may integrate conditional “if this, then that” functionality into your Podio apps. For instance, you may tell your app to add a comment or a task. Additionally, costs start at $19.20 per month for access to all features.

#5. Basecamp

Basecamp’s sleek social media-like interface and stress-free team collaboration tools have made it the go-to platform for thousands of project management teams. It has these features.

  • Task-coordination initiatives
  • Status updates on the project
  • A separate dashboard that clients can view

What Are the Tools in Project Management?

The top 5 project management tools for teams

  1. Teambuilding Activities
  2. Work breakdown hierarchy
  3. Project Baseline
  4. Management plan for communications.
  5. Gantt Diagrams One of the best project management tools is the Gantt chart.

Open Source Web Based Project Management Tools

Every process in project management, from project planning and implementation to final delivery, requires effective strategies. At every stage of a project’s lifespan, project management software is essential for organizing and managing various components of a project.

Furthermore, you have a wide range of options when looking for the best project management software. Shortlist software now, depending on the size of your team, your spending limit, and your needs.

The advantages of the former are that the source code is freely used by everyone and that you can alter and distribute it in accordance with your requirements. With the help of open source web based project management tools, the product can be improved by adding new features, fixing bugs, etc. So, here are the top 3 web based project management tools that are open source and free to use.

#1. OpenProject

An open source web based project management tool called OpenProject is flexible, effective, traditional, and hybrid. The best privacy and data security practices will be available to you so that you may protect your private information. You can have total control and data ownership by integrating it into your infrastructure.

Utilizing the tool will allow you unrestricted access to all of your data and its storage. Additionally, it will make working on projects with your team easier, more enjoyable, and more productive. Your team will also be able to track their work to produce better outcomes, organize jobs faster, and assign assignments to any team member.

#2. Restya

Use Restya’s web based open source project management tools to keep track of tasks, conversations, to-dos, and other things. Restya is a kanban board that resembles Trello and will provide advanced categorization. Extend Restyaboard in addition to a plethora of features like scripts, user styles, widgets, integrations, etc.

Furthermore, you may instantly import your work from Kantree, a versatile management tool that aids in organizing, collaborating on, managing, and planning projects, into this cloud-based project management solution.

#3. ERPNext

The use of web based open source project management tools like ERPNext improves your everyday working methods. Working together with your team to expedite the work enables you to organize your tasks, schedule, plan, and assess the projects.

With a comprehensive view of the plan, ERPNext can monitor the completion dates of your projects. By discovering a task-driven method, you may manage everything from a single workspace and streamline the projects.

What Is the Most Commonly Used Project Management Tool?

 JIRA is the most popular project management tool used by numerous businesses that adhere to the Agile SDLC philosophy.

Offline Project Management Software

Making accurate plans and estimates, coordinating resources, and staying within budget are all challenging aspects of offline project management software. It has produced a small universe of project management tools that aim to make the journey easier. Unfortunately, these tools frequently just serve to increase the workload associated with project management. Here are the top 3 offline project management software.

#1. TeamGantt

Using TeamGantt, planning projects is a breeze. You may make your own charts by just dragging and dropping data, so there’s no need for training even though the timeline charts it generates look sophisticated. TeamGantt is great offline project management software for those who work best with a visual representation of a project’s progression on a timeline, and it’s also useful for keeping all of your related chats and data in one central location.

#2. Timely

Timely makes project and time management easy. Automatic time tracking helps you track project time and finances accurately. All your team’s project activity is put into a central dashboard, so you can ensure everyone is working to your priorities with a balanced workload. Budget spend tracking and team capacity bars provide real-time resource visibility. Timely is unmatched at managing team resources, from meeting deadlines to spotting fatigue or availability. Its exact time records help estimate future projects.

#3. GanttPRO

Teams all across the world have found great success using the Gantt chart-based project management tool GanttPRO. It provides a visually appealing Gantt chart timeline where you and your team can effortlessly create, assign, and monitor tasks, assignees, dates, projects, and project portfolios. You may make extensive alterations to your layout with only a few clicks, and in many cases, by dragging and dropping components. Furthermore, for groups that need a central hub for all project-related data, GanttPRO is an excellent option.

Top Project Management Tools

If you’re in charge of running a company, you should equip yourself with the best and most effective project management tools available. The good news is that there are many excellent choices available. Here are the top 3 project management tools.

#1. MeisterTask

MeisterTask’s Kanban format makes it easy to handle complex tasks. This smart, intuitive online work management application is a favorite among organizations that place a premium on a streamlined visual design and straightforward navigation.

Features like watching, mentioning, tags, and task scheduling make collaboration easy and entertaining. It features a personal board for organizing tasks from any project. MeisterTask remains fast and logical thanks to intelligent automation and native integrations with G Suite, Slack, and GitHub.

MeisterTask’s free Basic version includes key features. Pro ($8.25/user/month) offers more features for single users, while Business ($20.75/user/month) and Enterprise (upon request) are excellent for teams.

#2. Zoho Projects

If you’re looking for complete and top project management tools with a streamlined UI, go no further than Zoho Projects. Document Management, Reporting Tools, Collaboration Software (to simplify contact between consultants, vendors, employees, and clients), and Project Planning (to break down projects into manageable chunks) are all included in this software suite. It’s also compatible with other programs like G Suite and Dropbox. 

Pricing In addition to the free plan, Zoho also has an express, premium, and business tier that cost $25, $50, and $80 per month, respectively, for a total of 100 GB of storage and 25 GB of project space. These remaining strategies fluctuate as project loads and available space change.

#3. Jira

A top project management software package JIRA is widely used by agile software development teams. This program provides these groups with the means to construct agile reporting, a Kanban board, and a scrum board, all with a high degree of personalization (in real-time). In addition to monitoring time spent on each job, users may also keep tabs on bugs and see if any are still open. JIRA offers a rich collection of application programming interfaces (APIs), allowing it to be integrated with a wide variety of other programs.

Prices start at $10/month and go up to $1500/month for a very large team. Additionally, for a one-time fee, you can install JIRA on your own server.

Is There a Google Project Management Tool?

No, Google doesn’t have a program or tool specifically made for project management. However, there is a substitute that you may use to make project plans and Gantt charts. Google Sheets is the name of it. You don’t need to know how to code; all you have to do is enter your data, click Share, and then add your team.

What Is the Best Project Management Tool in 2023?

The project management tool with the highest ratings right now is ProofHub. It is superior to the competition because it offers all the features for an excellent price and unlimited users.

Is Microsoft Project Web App free?

It costs money to use Microsoft Project Online. For a fully working version of MS Project Online, you’ll need to make an annual commitment of $55 per user/month in addition to many other separate subscriptions for Microsoft products.

Why Do We Use Web-Based Project Management Tools?

Users of web-based project management solutions can modify the programs to meet their particular requirements. This feature allows any business to employ web-based tools and enhance operations after personalizing the solutions. In the end, system users can be provided with the features best suited to their needs.

Is MS Project Online Going Away?

The company claims that coming forward, all innovation will take place in Project for the Web, while Project Online memberships will still be available. In order to begin organizing their move, they help users comprehend the new Microsoft Project solutions, as well as when and how they will best serve their business needs.


Web based tools for project management make it easier to complete tasks faster, improve communication, and save time and money. I sincerely hope the above-discussed open-source and free project management tools assist you in achieving these advantages to effectively complete each project.

Web Based Project Management Tools FAQs

What is a Web based project management software?

Web-based project management software is a set of tools, procedures, and data that can be accessed online and is used to oversee different project phases.

How do I choose the best project management tool?

Make a list of your organization’s present and future needs in order to discover the best project management software.

What are project planning tools?

Charts and graphs meant to track progress, repetition-based ways to test and alter routine operations, and other actions that assist organizations to manage and enhance critical projects are examples of project planning tools.

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