Acadian Asset Management: Best Practices and all you need to know


Acadian Asset Management is a global investment management firm founded in 1986, with its headquarters in Boston.

The firm works only with institutional clients, meaning it doesn’t manage the assets of people. It comprises a talented team of staff financial advisors managing billions in client’s assets.

Keep reading to find out more about Acadian asset management – its careers, LLC, salary, and internship.

What is Acadian Asset Management?

Acadian Asset Management is referred to as a global, quantitative investment manager. Founded in 1986, Acadian is headquartered in Boston, with affiliates in London, Singapore, and Sydney.

In our expanding world of information, meaningful conclusions are hard to be made. Well documented, recurring behavioral errors drive irrational actions in financial markets–behaviors that are often contrary to investors’ best interests. Structural challenges also limit market efficiency.

Together, these factors create mispricing on a world scale. This can be where Acadian Asset Management finds its advantage.

Acadian applies fundamental insights to search for attractive and unique investment opportunities.

They make their decisions from empirical evidence and their processes are repeatable and transparent, and risk control could be a central focus.

They measure success by how effectively they attain their clients’ desired outcomes. Acadian is led by a team with a wide array of experience, together with decades of industry knowledge.

Acadian’s executive committee fosters an environment that drives its clients and teams toward innovative investment strategies.

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History of Acadian Assets

Since its founding in 1986, Acadian has steadily developed from its roots, while applying the active, systematic approach in new and exciting ways to nascent markets around the world.

1992 saw the launch of our Global strategy, expanding within the subsequent years to incorporate regional approaches.

In 2002, they used stock selection processes to search out the poorest-performing companies.

In 2006, supported research showed that a portfolio of low-risk stocks has the potential to supply market-like returns at lower risk than the equity market. Then they launched pioneering Managed Volatility strategies across a variety of implementations.

More recently, they developed a Multi-Asset Class capability in 2017, further expanding the products and instruments which will apply to their clients’ needs.

Acadian’s commitment to research, the pliability of processes, and therefore the collaborative nature of relationships underlies the potential for Acadian’s offerings to still grow and develop to satisfy the investment outcomes required by their clients.

It is in over 25 different countries, with its client base spread across Asia, Australia, the center of East, Europe, and North America.

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How does Acadian Management Operate?

Acadian invests on behalf of a good range of institutional clients across the world. They lessen their client types into four major groups: public, private, endowment & foundation, and sub-advisory.

From the most important, global corporations, to sovereign wealth funds, local municipalities, and public pension funds. They’re known for serving a large range of client types.

However, Acadian offers an identical level of service and customized, investment solutions to institutions large and little.

They have worked with many of the highest 50 Fortune 500 companies who rank among several world’s most sophisticated institutional investors.

Also, among public fund clients, Acadian contains a long history of working with several most important public pension plans in North America and currently invests on behalf of a variety of top 10 plans.

They partner with all levels of public pensions, from large sovereign wealth funds to local municipalities. Each has different needs, starting from Taft-Hartley and ERISA mandates to personalized SRI requirements for local unions and governments.

Globally, they work with public institutions within the Mideast, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Endowment and foundation clients are another pillar of Acadian’s client base, with its global reach helping to make ties with endowment and foundation investors, both domestically and abroad.


Acadian Asset Investment Strategies

The academic roots of this firm have led to long-term relationships with many of those institutions and help Acadian understand and address the unique needs of endowment and foundation investors.

In addition, partnerships within sub-advisory channels are the means by which Acadian can supply institutional-quality asset management to a high net worth client base.

This can be done through their sub-advisory work with several most important global financial institutions and personal banks, hedge fund of funds structures, furthermore as traditional investment company sub-advisory services.

They included a broad array of investors among Acadian’s diverse client base, and this exemplifies their ability to style and structure investment strategies to satisfy the unique and diverse needs of all investor types.

Acadian is pleased with its legacy of offering the identical high level of non-public service, transparency, communication, and collaboration to all or any clients, irrespective of location, investment mandate, institution size, or unique requirements.

Here’s a breakdown of the various investment strategies Acadian asset management firm works with:

  • Investment portfolio management
  • Risk-adjusted investment planning
  • Active management
  • Customized to clients’ needs
  • In-house risk modeling, return forecasts, and transaction cost estimates
  • Responsible investing
  • Portfolio monitoring

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Other strategies include:

#1. Core Equity:

Strategies that use measurement to optimize a portfolio of equities tailored to a client’s needs.

#2. Alternative Strategies

This can be like the Core Equity strategy, but it involves long-short practices. this is often the act of shopping for and holding onto equities you think will increase in value and short-selling equities you suspect will decrease in value.

#3. Managed Volatility

This is often a technique that seeks to take advantage of the mispricing of risk within a cross-section of equities. Low-risk equities are the centerpiece of portfolios using this strategy.

#4. Multi-Asset

A method within which advisors construct a portfolio containing several diversified asset classes, including equity, fixed-income, currencies, commodities, and more.

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Acadian Asset Management Careers

Acadian is an equal-opportunity employer dedicated to promoting an environment of respect, acceptance, tolerance, and cooperation.

They value and support differences in age, gender, race, national origin, physical abilities, religious beliefs, and sexual orientation.

They believe supporting diversity not only helps their employees develop as individuals, but makes Acadian a stronger company and a more rewarding place to figure for all.

See below the duty positions for all positions and departments:


  • Director of Legal and Compliance (London)
  • Portfolio Compliance Officer – Charles River experience needed (Boston)

Global Client Group

  • Business Development Specialist – Support Sub Advisory Client Group (Boston) – Business Development
  • Business Analyst – Marketing Visualization Group (Boston) – Marketing Visualization
  • RFP Writer (Boston) – RFP & Investment Writing
  • Business Development Specialist (Boston) – Business Development

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Information Technology

  • Senior computer user – Full Stack (Boston) – Information Technology
  • Full Stack Engineer – Platform Team (Boston) – Software Engineering


  • Quantitative Analyst – New Role for ESG Team (Boston) – Investments/Research
  • Senior Quantitative Analyst, ESG (Boston) – Investments/Research
  • Senior Analyst, Implementation (Boston) – Portfolio Analytics
  • Data Analyst – Python, SQL (Boston) – Investment Analytics & Data
  • Senior Quant Researcher – Global Equity Group (Boston) – Global Equity Research
  • Portfolio Manager – Core (London) – Global Equity Portfolio Management
  • Analyst, Implementation (Portfolio Analytics) (Boston) – Portfolio Analytics

Acadian Asset Management LLC

Acadian Asset Management, LLC provides investment management services.

The Company offers wealth management, portfolio construction, financial planning, and investment advisory services. Acadian Asset Management serves customers globally.

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Executive Positions

Ronald D Frashure “Ron” – Chairman
Ross A Dowd – Co-CEO
Mark J Minichiello – Exec VP/COO/Treasurer

Board Members

Ronald D Frashure “Ron” – Acadian Asset Management Inc
Churchill G Franklin
John R Chisholm – Acadian Asset Management Inc

Acadian Asset Management Salary

Acadian Asset Management average salary is $106,081, median salary is $100,000 with a salary range from $45,000 to $225,000.

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Is Acadian a Quant Fund?

The quantitative investment manager Acadian Asset Management operates on a global scale.

Are Sjp Funds Any Good?

The “balanced” pension fund is one of the main funds at St. James’s Place. It’s also substantial, containing almost £5 billion. The fact that it is actively managed means that their experts are constantly evaluating the investments and making changes, making it a good candidate for a performance review of their experts.

Is Blackstone the Largest Asset Manager?

The company was the biggest alternative investment company in the world as of Q3 2023 with approximately US$951 billion in total assets under management. American company Blackstone Inc. Peter G. Blackstone established Blackstone in 1985 as a mergers and acquisitions business. (thedentalspa)

Are Sjp Funds Poor Value?

The company’s expensive funds underperform, and in order to attract and convert customers, they rely on the sales prowess of their partner distribution model. The majority of SJP’s customers are unaware of their expensive fees and subpar long-term performance.

Are SJP charges high?

Despite not typically charging an initial fee, SJP levies one of 5% for ISAs. In relation to the market, this is high. The ongoing fees for the funds are typically inclusive of an adviser and range from 1.6 to 1.9%.

How Much Do Sjp Partners Earn?

In the UK, the average salary for an Associate Partner is £118,984 annually, which is 126% more than the average St. James’s Place Wealth Management salary of £52,500.

Why Quant Funds Are Doing Well?

This plan, like all other multi-cap funds, must allocate at least 25% of its assets to large-caps, mid-caps, and small-cap stocks, respectively. It is the ideal match for Quant’s fund management approach, which chooses stocks using the VLRT methodology.

Internship at Acadian Asset Management

An Acadian internship is a hands-on opportunity to become a worldwide asset manager whose creative use of ideas and technology puts it at the forefront of the investment industry.

It gives individuals the chance to expand their skills through a mixture of on-the-job experience, mentorship, and training opportunities.

Acadian’s internship program is continuous, with positions available for the summer similarly as for winter and co-op timeframes.

It also offers opportunities for both graduate students and undergraduates (all years).

Interns have the chance to figure new knowledge with senior staff and collaborate on meaningful projects supporting all areas of our firm. They build skills, expand work experience, gain insight into future career choices and contribute demonstrably to Acadian’s business.

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Acadian Asset Management is arguably a large investment fund that has over 10 years of experience.

The firm manages billions of dollars across the globe for many clients, utilizing a spread of investment strategies suited to different investment needs.




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