Cheapest Non Owner Sr-22 Car Insurance in Ohio
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The cheapest non-owners SR-22 insurance coverage will suffice to meet the state of Ohio’s minimum liability insurance requirements. This will demonstrate to the state that you have the minimum levels of liability coverage in place. In Ohio, Progressive offers the cheapest minimum liability SR-22 car insurance at the annual and monthly rates of $292 and $24, respectively. Non-owner SR-22 insurance from Auto-Owners Insurance Company is the most affordable option in Ohio.

Sr22 Insurance Ohio

In Ohio, SR22 paperwork serves as proof of financial responsibility rather than insurance. It is a form your insurer fills out and submits to show you have the legal minimum in liability coverage following an infraction like a DUI, not having insurance, or driving recklessly.

In Ohio, drivers must maintain SR22 insurance for a minimum of three years; however, the court or Ohio BMV may decide to extend this requirement.

How to Get SR-22 Insurance in Ohio

If you commit a driving violation that requires an SR-22, you must contact your insurance provider and request that they file the form on your behalf. In the event that they do not provide SR-22 form fillings, you must do the following:

Find an insurance provider that will insure you even if you have a driving record full of tickets and accidents. Next, you can compare quotes for an auto insurance policy that covers at least Ohio’s legal minimum liability requirements. After that, have your insurance company submit an SR-22 form on your behalf to prove that you have adequate financial coverage. The final step is to update the SR-22 form and pay any applicable fees.

A lot of people think that an SR22 is insurance, but it is really just a form that you need to attach to your current policy to meet state requirements. Depending on the severity of the conviction that led to your license suspension, Ohio law mandates that you maintain an SR-22 filing for three to five years. Obtaining an SR-22 will necessitate that you maintain insurance with at least the required limits for your state. Your insurance company will notify the Ohio Department of Insurance of the SR-22 filing.  

Cost of SR-22 Insurance in Ohio

The rates are not a flat percentage but instead are based on the insured’s driving record, geographical location, and other rating factors. Some insurers will not process SR-22s because they will not cover “high-risk” motorists. The average cost to file an SR22 with an insurance company is between $5 and $25 per term. Dairyland Insurance is one of the few companies that offers free coverage. Travelers, State Farm, State Auto, Safeco, USAA, Nationwide, and American Family are among the insurance providers that do not provide SR22 coverage.

Ohio License Reinstatement Fee

Depending on the specifics of your suspension, obtaining your Ohio driver’s license back after filing an SR-22 can cost anywhere from $40 to $600. You should double-check with your state’s DMV for the most up-to-date information on these fees.

Sr22 Car Insurance Ohio

An SR22 order can result from more than just a DUI, despite what many people believe. If you owe Ohio child support and do not pay it, you could lose your driving privileges. An SR-22 is mandatory for between one and three years if this occurs.

In Ohio, the state mandates a minimum insurance coverage of 20/50/25. If you are at fault in an accident, your insurance company will pay the other person’s medical bills and repair costs (up to the limits of your policy) if you have enough coverage. In addition to a $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident cap on bodily injury liability, property damage liability is similarly capped at $25,000.

In Ohio, you have to keep SR-22 forms for at least one year and no more than five years after a conviction. For more serious crimes, the time frame is longer.

Keep in mind that your insurance provider will submit a Form SR-22 on your behalf, increasing your premiums because of your high-risk driving status. The state of Ohio requires that you file a Financial Responsibility Cancellation Form with your insurance provider once you have fulfilled your financial responsibility obligations. You can use this to show that you have met the requirements for your SR-22.

Cheapest SR-22 Car Insurance in Ohio 

For full coverage on their SR-22 insurance policies, drivers with DUI convictions in Ohio pay an average of $1,293 annually, or $642 for minimum coverage. If you have a traffic conviction, such as for speeding or being at fault in an accident, you may need to fill this out. Insurance rates may increase if you have a history of traffic violations because of your increased risk to the insurance company. Insurance premiums for drivers in Ohio who have a DUI conviction on their record are roughly $282 more expensive per year than for drivers without such a mark. 

Cheapest Sr-22 Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Ohio

These insurance providers in Ohio offer the most affordable SR-22 policies for drivers who have been convicted of DUI and are only interested in the barest minimum of coverage.

In Ohio, Progressive offers SR-22 insurance at the lowest annual and monthly rates, at $292 and $24, respectively. Erie has the second-lowest minimum SR22 insurance premiums in Ohio. It costs $311 per year, which works out to $26 per month.

Cheapest SR-22 Full Coverage Car insurance in Ohio

In contrast, American Family offers full-coverage SR-22 policies in Ohio for the most affordable price of $619 per year, with Progressive coming in second at $841 per year for SR-22 insurance.

Non-Owner SR-22 Insurance Ohio

Renters and full-time workers are two examples of people who typically do not own cars and can benefit from purchasing non-owner car insurance. When you need to reinstate your driver’s license but have been told you must submit an SR-22 form, this may be the way to go. If you get into an accident while operating a vehicle that does not belong to you, this policy will pay for the medical bills and property repairs of those who were hurt. 

If a person has a history of serious driving offenses or a revocation of their license, they may be required to file an SR-22 even though they do not own a car. The best option If you want to restore your license and need liability insurance, non-owner car insurance is

In general, non-owner policies cost less than traditional car insurance but provide less protection. Even if you do not have a car, having a suspended license in Ohio is still possible. When you break the law while driving someone else’s car, you may find yourself in this situation. Should this occur to you, you might need to obtain non-owner SR-22 insurance. 

For those who do not own a car, non-owner car insurance is a minimal policy that typically only provides the minimal liability protection required to operate a vehicle. The SR-22 form can still be added to the policy in the same way it is done with standard auto insurance.

Cheapest Non-Owner SR-22 Car Insurance in Ohio 

Non-owner SR-22 insurance from Auto-Owners Insurance Company is the most affordable option in Ohio. In Ohio, the cost of SR-22 insurance for drivers who do not own a car is $272 per year or $23 per month.  

If you are looking for cheap SR-22 insurance in Ohio but do not own a car, GEICO is your next-best bet. In Ohio, a non-owner SR-22 policy will cost you $474 yearly, or $39 monthly. USAA has the most affordable insurance policies for active-duty military, veterans, and their families, costing an average of $258 per year.

How to Lower Your Auto Insurance After a DUI 

#1. Shop Rates Over Time

It is a good idea to keep looking for cheaper auto insurance rates, even if you already have a policy that meets your needs. Your insurance rates may drop with other providers as long as you maintain good driving behavior and your record stays clean. 

#2. Practice Safe Driving

One of the best strategies to obtain less expensive coverage following a DUI is to drive carefully and keep a spotless driving record. Do your best to stay out of trouble on the road and obey all applicable regulations. If you can show that you are a cautious motorist, your insurance company may be willing to lower your rates.

#3. Look for Discounts

Policyholders with good driving records often qualify for discounts from their auto insurance providers. The completion of a defensive driving course or the installation of a tracking device both qualify for discounts. Always contact your insurance company to see if there is a discount for which you might be eligible.

#4. Complete DUI Classes or Programs

Some states require drivers with a DUI conviction to take part in DUI education programs before they can apply to have their licenses reinstated. The goal of these sessions is to equip participants with knowledge and skills that will help them avoid drinking and driving in the future. Successful graduates of DUI programs may be eligible for premium discounts from their insurance companies.

How much is SR-22 Insurance in Ohio? 

Insurance companies typically charge between $15 and $25 to file an SR-22 form with the DMV to prove that the driver satisfies the bare minimum required by the state. 

What does an SR-22 cover in Ohio? 

The state of Ohio requires a minimum insurance policy of 20/50/25. Bodily injury liability is capped at $25,000 per person and up to $50,000 per accident, and property damage liability is also capped at $25,000.

How do I know if I need SR-22 Insurance in Ohio? 

If you have your license taken away because of an Ohio OVI, you will need to post a surety bond in the amount of an SR-22. Ohio has stringent laws against drunk driving. You may need to submit an SR-22 form to Ohio authorities if you have had your license suspended. A state may do this if it determines that you are a dangerous motorist.

Can you get an SR-22 without a Car in Ohio? 

Non-car owners in Ohio are considered high-risk and must purchase non-owner SR22 insurance. You need to do this to reinstate your driver’s license in the state. Non-owner SR-22 insurance is available for drivers who do not own vehicles. 

How long is an SR-22 required in Ohio?

In Ohio, the length of time you will need to file an SR-22 depends on the severity of the traffic violation(s) and the number of times you have been pulled over in the past five years. Ohio State requires a driver to keep SR-22 insurance for 3 to 5 years.

Why do you need an SR-22 in Ohio? 

Those who have racked up 12 or more points in the past two years as a result of traffic violations such as a DUI or reckless driving, or who have not maintained a clean driving record,

How do I get my SR-22 removed in Ohio?

In Ohio, having an SR-22 on your record will stay there for 3–5 years. After the filing period has ended, you can usually contact your insurance provider to have the SR-22 expunged from your record. If your SR-22 insurance coverage ever lapses, you may have to keep your form on file for a longer period than usual.


Having an SR-22 certificate may cause your car insurance premiums to increase because of your classification as a high-risk driver. The precise effect on premiums, however, may differ from one insurance company to the next and from one person to another. When it comes time to renew your SR-22 insurance in Ohio, it is a good idea to shop around for the best possible rate. Doing so will allow you to find the most cost-effective insurance policy.

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