USAA Renters Insurance Review, Coverage, Cost, Claim and Quotes
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When it comes to customer experiences, claims, cost, coverage, and reviews, USAA Renters Insurance routinely outperforms many of its rivals with high ratings for satisfaction. USAA claims that its members can purchase renters insurance coverage for as little as $10 a month. You can call USAA at 1 (800) 531-USAA (8722) to speak with a representative and receive a renters insurance quote over the phone

USAA Renters Insurance

USAA renters insurance is available in all 50 states as well as Washington, D.C. When members meet the criteria, USAA will also provide international insurance coverage while they are deployed or living abroad. In addition to liability and property coverage, USAA renters insurance also protects against natural disasters like floods and earthquakes.

As one of the top providers of renters insurance, USAA also offers life, auto, umbrella, and travel insurance. As a result of its monopoly, the company can provide exceptional deals and services to military personnel, veterans, and their families. USAA is the insurer of choice for many military families. The USAA insurance plan is not available to everyone. If you are not a member of the armed forces, a veteran, or their immediate family, you will not be eligible to purchase a policy.

Financial Stability Rating

AM Best assigns rankings to insurance firms based on their financial security and stability. A firm’s financial health indicates it can pay its insurance premiums. AM Best gave USAA its highest possible rating of A++. An A++ rating indicates that USAA provides excellent coverage in the event of a claim. They also have an A+ rating with BBB.

Customer Satisfaction Rating

Despite receiving a customer satisfaction rating of 894 out of 1,000 from our survey, USAA did not cut JD Power’s rankings in their 2023 Home Insurance Study. However, when comparing renters insurance providers, USAA ranks at the top.

Positive comments frequently highlight the affordable prices and helpful staff. Several generations of happy reviewers have been regulars. However, there have been complaints from regulars about the quality of service they have been receiving as of late. We found that the most common complaints were about how long it took to get in touch with customer service and how unaffordable the prices had become. 

There are a lot of complaints and poor reviews of USAA renters insurance on BBB’s website. In the last three years, the company has resolved nearly 2,000 customer complaints. Understandably, a national insurance provider like USAA would receive more complaints than a regional one.

USAA Renters Insurance Coverage

#1. Liability Insurance

This coverage keeps you from having to pay a lot of money if you are legally responsible for an accident. If you are at fault in an accident that hurts someone or damages their property, liability insurance can help pay for their medical bills or the cost of fixing it. For instance, your personal liability insurance helps pay for the injured party’s medical expenses if your pet bites a guest and requires stitches. If someone sues you for an insured accident, your liability policy will pay for your legal defense costs up to your policy maximum.

#2. Personal Property Insurance

One of the most common reasons for service members to purchase renters insurance is so they can protect their personal belongings. In the event of a covered loss, it reimburses you for the full or partial cost of replacing your belongings. While most renters insurance policies do not cover flood or earthquake damage, USAA does. If policyholders choose, their insurance will contribute toward the full cost of replacing any damaged property.

#3. Additional Living Expenses

Loss of use coverage, which helps pay for alternative accommodations if your rented home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered peril, is part of your renter’s insurance policy. If a pipe bursts in your barracks and causes enough water damage to the walls that you have to evacuate until a restoration crew can clean it up, you will be compensated for your inconvenience. You might have to stay in a hotel for a while, which is much more expensive than on-base housing. Your USAA renters insurance policy will cover your temporary living expenses.

Additional Coverages

#1. Valuable Personal Property (VPP)

If you have expensive belongings that are not covered by your standard renters insurance, this supplemental policy can help. A VPP policy could cover things like jewelry, guns, and fine art. There is no deductible for VPP coverage, and bundling it with renters insurance could save you money. 

#2. Electronic Coverage

Most renter’s insurance policies will not cover the cost of fixing or replacing your electronics if you damage them by dropping them or spilling liquid on them. These are non-covered accidents. To protect their electronics from common mishaps, USAA members can purchase an endorsement. Smartphones, desktop and laptop computers, televisions, game consoles, and stereo systems are all included in the endorsement’s scope.

USAA Renters Insurance Discounts

Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for discounts on your USAA renters insurance premiums. Several of USAA’s most significant insurance discounts include:

  • Bundle your USAA auto and renters insurance.
  • Claims-free discount
  • Protective devices like security systems
  • Residing on base, whether in dorms or other types of housing
  • U.S. military academy residents get a discount on service academy enrollment.

USAA Renters Insurance Cost

USAA renters insurance quotes are not available until the company sends them. Find out how much your monthly renter’s insurance premium with USAA will be by visiting their website or calling to speak with a representative to request a quote. USAA claims that its members can purchase renters insurance for as little as $10 a month. The price may change depending on several factors, including the location of your home, your claims history, and your credit rating. This cost is a lot less than the national average of $15 per month and a lot less than what home insurance usually costs.

There are four options for your USAA renters insurance deductible: $250, $500, $1,000, or $2,500. To receive a personalized USAA renters insurance quote, you must first establish your eligibility by responding to questions about your own or your family’s military service.

USAA Renters Insurance Claim

Both the USAA website and the USAA mobile app provide 24/7 access to policy information and claim filing. You can reach the appropriate division by dialing either 210-531-8722 or 800-531-8722 to speak with a customer service agent. While our claims center is available around the clock, our other divisions have more restricted hours.  

USAA renters insurance policyholders can manage their coverage and make monthly payments with their online portals. USAA customers can file a renters insurance claim online, though they may need to speak with an agent at some point. 

Filing a Claim

Customers with USAA policies can submit claims via phone, online chat, or the USAA mobile app. USAA will need specifics, such as the extent of the damage and what caused it. You might need to send pictures too. After submitting a renters insurance claim, you can expect to hear back from an adjuster within two business days.

How Do I File a Renters Insurance Claim With USAA?

If you have a policy with USAA, you can submit a claim via the company’s website, mobile app, or main phone number. Visit the website’s claims page and select the “Report a claim” button to submit your claim electronically. Your policy number, the date, details about the loss, and a short explanation of why you are filing a claim are all required. To help speed up your claim, USAA provides a virtual inspection tool where you can upload supporting materials like photos and videos.

The next step for policyholders is to await instructions from USAA. Customers can check the status of their claims at any time by logging into their account online or by using the USAA mobile app.

USAA Renters Insurance Quote

USAA’s renters insurance online quote tool makes it easy to obtain reliable pricing information. To get a quote, go to and find the renters insurance section to get started. Click “Get a Quote” and start filling out the required fields, including your ZIP code. When you sign up for an account, you will have the option to save quotes and return them at a later time.

Alternatively, you can call USAA at 1 (800) 531-USAA (8722) to speak with a representative and receive a quote over the phone. Make every effort to have the following information at your disposal before making a call or logging on, as you will likely require it to reference the quote process:

  • Your insurance history
  • The worth of your possessions
  • Your apartment’s size and how many pets or roommates you have
  • A smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, and other safety devices in your apartment
  • Details about the company you run from the rental property, if any 

It is a good idea to shop around for insurance rates before committing to a single company. 

Does USAA Renters Insurance Cover Lost Items?

Renter’s insurance can help replace or repair stolen or damaged belongings. It can serve as a shield for your valuables, including clothing, electronics, and home furnishings. It may also protect your belongings while they are in storage or transit. If your jewelry is stolen from your home, car, or workplace, USAA will pay for a new piece without taking into account any wear and tear. 

How Do You Cancel USAA Renters Insurance?

USAA policyholders have the option of canceling their coverage via phone, online chat, or fax. USAA’s online policy cancellation form makes it simple for renters to terminate their coverage.

Who is Eligible for USAA Insurance?

USAA caters almost exclusively to members of the armed forces, and its insurance policies, including its renter’s insurance, are tailored to the unique requirements of the military community.

Does USAA Renters Insurance Cover My Laptop?

A renters policy will protect you against identity theft in addition to replacing the laptop. USAA provides comprehensive protection for your electronic devices, including laptop insurance. The policy offers protection for a wide range of electronic devices.

What does USAA Provide?

Helping active duty military members, veterans, and their families with insurance, banking, investments, and retirement planning with financial services. Members of the military, their families, and dependents are welcome to join USAA.

Does USAA Renters Insurance Cover Pets?

Insuring all dog breeds is rare, but USAA is one of the few insurers that does it. Some renter’s insurance companies might make you buy extra protection against liability claims related to your pet, but USAA covers all breeds, even “malicious breeds” that have not been covered in the past. 


When it comes to finding a reliable renters insurance provider, USAA is a top choice for military personnel, veterans, and their families. Residents of military bases and academies can get huge discounts on renters insurance from this company. USAA could be one of the most cost-effective choices if you are eligible for their discounts.

USAA is one of the best insurance companies if you qualify for their policies. It offers reasonable prices and, in many cases, more comprehensive coverage than rival firms’ equivalent policies. USAA is an excellent insurer to work with if you are a military member because of its familiarity with the special circumstances of military life.

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