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Replacing a windshield is an expensive proposition, but repairing chips and cracks is simple and inexpensive. If you have full coverage on your car insurance policy, your provider may pay to fix or replace your ADAS windshield camera, as well as pay to have it readjusted if necessary. That brought us to the question: does insurance cover windshield replacement in California, Texas, or Florida? Read further if they do. Enjoy the ride!

Does Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement?

You might have been wondering if the insurance covers windshield replacement. Windshield damage may be covered by your auto insurance policy, depending on the policy’s deductible and comprehensive coverage limits. If your policy covers windshield replacement or repair, you’ll likely need to meet certain criteria. For instance, prior to paying anything for insurance, you may be responsible for meeting your deductible. Some auto insurance policies include zero-deductible glass coverage.

Some insurance companies may only pay for windshield replacement in limited circumstances, so you might have to prove what caused the damage. You need to check your insurance policy to see if it covers the cost of repairs when your windshield needs replacement.

Types of Coverage for Windshield Repair and Replacement

Different car insurance policies provide different levels of coverage for windshield replacement and repair. The following are the different levels at which insurance covers your windshield replacement:

#1. Comprehensive

Damages to your car that aren’t caused by an accident are covered by comprehensive coverage. A few examples are water damage, broken glass from gravel, and vandalism. This sort of insurance typically has a fixed benefit level and kicks in when you’ve met a deductible. Comprehensive car insurance may be more expensive than liability insurance alone, but it provides a higher level of protection for your vehicle. However, if you have a car loan, it could be mandatory.

#2. Collision

Accidental damage to your car is covered by this policy. Collision insurance, like comprehensive, typically has policy limits and a deductible that must be met before coverage kicks in. Damage to your windshield caused by, say, a rear-end collision may be covered by collision insurance.

#3. Full coverage

Full-coverage insurance covers you from every conceivable type of loss thanks to its inclusion of collision, comprehensive, and liability policies. However, the damages to your windshield, whether or not they were caused by an accident, are covered under comprehensive insurance.

#4. Full Car Glass Coverage

If you opt to acquire full car glass coverage, you won’t have to worry about paying out of pocket for costly windshield repairs or replacements. As long as you match the policy’s other terms, your comprehensive deductible won’t apply to a broken windshield if you live in Florida, Kentucky, or South Carolina. Full glass protection may be available as an optional rider in several other states.

How Much Does Fixing a Broken Windshield Cost?

The size and placement of the cracks, the number of cracks, and your deductible all play a role in determining whether you should repair or replace your windshield. A small chip in the windshield, for instance, might be worth fixing. Parallax or damaged glass? You’ll need a new windshield if yours is shattered or cracked. Talk to an expert at a reliable repair shop if you aren’t sure whether you need repairs or a replacement.

Your premium will not change because you filed a claim for a cracked windshield, but it could go up if you file repeated claims for glass damage in a short period of time. Take this into account while evaluating if it’s worthwhile to pursue a claim.

#1. Cost to repair

Cracks or chips smaller than six inches in length can usually be mended on a windshield. A single chip in a windshield can range from $60 to $100 to fix, depending on criteria such as location, car glass service provider, and severity of damage. Repairing a windshield with a large chip or crack will probably cost extra, between $125 and $150. If you fix many chips in the same windshield, you may be eligible for a price break.

#2. Cost to replace

If the crack or chip is more than six inches, if it creates a hole in the windshield, if it joins numerous other small fixes, or if it is directly in your line of sight, you may need to replace your windshield. The cost to replace a windshield can vary widely based on factors such as the type of car you drive, where you live, and who you choose to replace your glass for. The average cost to repair a windshield on a non-luxury vehicle is between $250 and $400. In the upper range, the cost to replace the windshield of a luxury vehicle might reach $4,500.

#3. Filing a claim

You should register a claim as quickly as possible if your windshield has been damaged, as this can compromise your driving safety. To do so, follow these procedures.

#4. Notify your insurer and make a claim

The majority of insurance claims can be submitted electronically or over the phone. If the damage was caused by another party, your insurance company may direct you to or require you to file the claim with that person’s insurance company. Prepare to give the following information before filing a claim:

  • Date and time the windshield damage happened
  • Automobiles in Play
  • In what way did the injury occur?
  • Identifying information and policy number

Does Car Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement in California?

Car insurance typically covers Windshield replacement in California. The type of insurance and any associated deductibles will depend on the nature and magnitude of the damage. Repairing or replacing a windshield is frequently covered by insurance companies. However, if the damage is the consequence of an accident, your collision coverage may pay for it. Both coverages normally have a deductible to meet before the insurer will pay their half.

The deductible for car glass claims may be lower than the deductible for comprehensive or collision claims, or even nonexistent, with some insurance policies. Windshield chips and cracks, as well as entire windshield replacements, may all be covered by your auto glass insurance policy. Many insurers won’t apply your deductible if the damage is merely a minor chip or crack that can be repaired, even if you don’t have complete glass coverage.

A chip or crack can be mended reasonably rapidly by injecting resin into the affected region. While the process of replacing a windshield is more difficult, it is possible that professionals can complete the job in a single day. Your glass claim may also include payment to have the cameras in your advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) readjusted. You might have to go to the dealership for repairs if your auto glass installer can’t handle the recalibration. Get in touch with your insurance provider or agent to find out if the added cost is covered.

Choose Whether to Fix the Problem or Replace it

After a claim is filed, an insurance company will usually provide a list of approved repair facilities they work with. These could include local body shops, nationally recognized shops, or mobile shops. If you find a repair facility you’d prefer to use, you’ll need your auto insurer’s permission before switching.

In order to get your windshield fixed or replaced, you’ll need to either take your car to a glass shop or make arrangements for mobile service. The following details may be required by the repair shop:

  • Car insurance provider’s name
  • Number of auto insurance coverage
  • Make, model, and year of the car
  • Discretionary Funds
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)

Receive Payment or Reimbursement

You may have to pay the car glass business a deductible that your insurance policy stipulates before it will cover the cost of windshield repair or replacement. Another option is to pay for the windshield repair or replacement out of pocket and then submit a claim to your insurance provider for reimbursement. Repair charges should be disclosed to your insurance company to ensure full reimbursement. You should avoid having repair costs exceed the amount your insurer will pay out.

How Much Does it Cost to replace a damaged windshield?

It might be expensive to repair the glass in your car if you don’t have collision or comprehensive insurance. Because of technological advancements in automobiles, replacing your windshield may necessitate recalibration of costly safety measures. The best option is to get car insurance that covers a windshield replacement.

Insurance Companies that Cover Windshield Replacement

The following are some of the insurance companies that cover windshield replacement:

  • Allstate
  • American Family
  • Farmers
  • Nationwide
  • Progressive
  • State Farm
  • Travelers
  • USAA

The windshield coverage you receive depends on the insurance you have and the circumstances under which the windshield was damaged. For instance, if you have collision coverage and your windshield cracks in an accident, the insurance company will pay to repair it. Broken windshields are not covered by standard liability insurance. However, never assume that your car insurance covers your windshield replacement without first checking the specifics of your policy.

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Guide to Filing a Claim for Windshield Replacement

Have you gotten car insurance that covers your windshield and you don’t know how to fill the claim? Here is how to fill a claim for windshield replacement:

#1. Be Familiar with the Policy’s Coverage

You should check the details of your policy’s coverage before rushing to submit a claim electronically. Whether or not your auto insurance will pay for a windshield repair or replacement is contingent on a number of circumstances, including whether or not the damage was caused in an accident, the rules in your state, and your deductible.

#2. Determine Promptly if Your Vehicle Needs Windshield Replacement or Repair

Windshields frequently take on minor scratches and dents from regular driving, but fixing them is easy and inexpensive. But major cracks and punctures are another story. Bear in mind that waiting too long to remedy an issue can end up weakening the structural integrity of the glass or causing a full collapse of the windshield.

#3. Check with Your Insurance Provider to See if They Cover Windshield Replacement and Claims

If the accident that cracked your windshield was the other driver’s responsibility, their car insurance should pay for the cost of repairs, including glass replacement. It is possible that shattered glass in a driveway caused by fallen branches or stones would be covered by a homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy.

#4. Check Your Full Coverage Insurance Deductible by Calling Your Insurance Carrier

Once you’ve assessed the degree of the damage and whether or not it’s covered by insurance, you’ll need to determine if making a claim is actually worth it. Get in touch with your insurer to find out exactly how much of your comprehensive or collision deductible will apply toward fixing or replacing your windshield.

#5. Get Quotes from Car Glass Repair Shops that Work with Your Car Insurance Company

In most cases, getting multiple quotations is the best option, and glass repair is no exception. Find out if there are any discounts available for filing glass claims directly with your insurance company by contacting the glass repair firms you are considering.

#6. File a Claim or Get Reimbursed Through the Glass Claim Process

You must file a claim or engage with a glass company that will file a claim on your behalf if you want to utilize your insurance to pay for a windshield repair or replacement. If you choose an out-of-network provider, talk to your insurance carrier to find out how much you can anticipate paying out of pocket.

Deductibles for Car Glass

A car glass deductible is the portion of the cost that you are responsible for paying out of pocket before your insurance policy begins to pay for the rest of the windshield repair or replacement. Damage to your windshield will not count toward your deductible if you live in a “zero deductible” state like Florida, Kentucky, or South Carolina. Know your policy’s deductible and the total cost of the repair or replacement if you don’t live in a zero-deductible state. If the price difference is negligible, you should probably just pay it yourself.

Will Your Insurance Rates go up if You Make a Claim to Replace Your Windshield?

Any time you make a claim, your insurance rates may go up. A windshield replacement claim may cause your rate to rise, but it probably won’t by much.

Do You Need Full Glass Coverage?

Full glass coverage is optional but may be worthwhile to invest in. You may get your windshield fixed or replaced with free or a reduced deductible thanks to this policy. Having separate glass coverage as a policy or rider is not available in many states. There may not even be a deductible if you have full coverage.

How to Replace a Windshield With Insurance in Texa

It’s up to you to decide if you want to use your insurance to get a new windshield. If the price of repairing or replacing your windshield is more than your insurance deductible, you may want to consider it. Insurance premiums and claim histories are rarely affected by glass claims. However, this varies from state to state, insurance provider to provider, and claim to claim. And you need to be sure if the insurance you’re going for will cover your windshield replacement in Texas.

Glass claims are frequently worthwhile, especially if your automobile includes an ADAS camera that needs recalibration and your deductible is low or nonexistent. A windshield replacement can cost anywhere from $300 to $600, but including ADAS recalibration can add another $1,000 to the bill. However, get in touch with your insurance provider or agent before submitting a claim to find out how a glass claim may affect your coverage.

Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover Windshield Replacement in Florida?

In most cases, comprehensive car insurance covers a windshield replacement in Florida . Damage to your windshield from something other than an accident, such as a rock, would be covered by comprehensive insurance. Having this protection is often required by your car loan servicer.

Is a Windshield Replacement Part of Your Car’s Warranty?

Damage to the windshield is typically not covered by car warranties. At times, coverage may be extended under certain conditions. A warranty may cover the cost of replacing a windshield that cracked due to normal use if the glass was defective during manufacturing.

Can My Windshield Be Replaced By Someone Else’s Insurance?

Have you been wondering if some else’s insurance can cover your windshield replacement? Check this out:

  • It all depends on what caused the chip, crack, or break in your windshield.
  • If an accident occurs and another driver is at fault, their liability insurance will cover the costs. 
  • Your windshield will need to be repaired or replaced using your own collision insurance or your own money if you are the at-fault motorist in an accident. 
  • If the damage wasn’t caused by the driver, like a chip from a rock or theft, your full coverage insurance should pay for it. You can also elect not to file a claim and pay out of pocket instead. Your neighbor’s homeowners or renters insurance will most likely pay to repair your windshield if a rock from their mower breaks it.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to check if the insurace you’re going for covers windshield replacement as a motorist. Never ignore that fact. I do hope this article has been able to answer every of your questions and worries on if an insurance covers windshield replacement .


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