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Insuring drivers who have had trouble getting or keeping auto insurance in the past is Kemper Auto’s specialty. You can choose the policy and level of coverage that work best for your needs and your budget, as they provide a wide range of possibilities. Having the necessary auto insurance gives you peace of mind and helps protect you from major financial consequences, while also safeguarding your community. This article talks about the Kemper Auto Insurance company, its payment, and customer service.


One of the most prominent niche insurers in the United States is the Kemper group of companies. Through its Auto, Personal Insurance, and Life brands, Kemper, which has over $13 billion in assets, is working to better the insurance industry by providing inexpensive and user-friendly customized solutions to individuals, families, and companies. Kemper takes care of more than 4.9 million policies and has about 8,800 workers working to meet the changing needs of its customers. It has about 26,000 agents and brokers.

Kemper Corporation has been providing insurance for both businesses and individuals since 1990. Insurance for recreational vehicles, motorcycles, ATVs, and boats is also available from Kemper. In addition to car insurance, they protect against floods, theft, vandalism, and other perils.

Your needs can be put into account when you change Kemper’s insurance plans’ deductibles and coverage amounts. For specifics on the types of auto insurance coverage Kemper provides, you’ll need to speak with an agent. 

#1. Collision Coverage

If you get into an accident with another car, collision insurance will cover the costs of repairs. In most cases, the negligent driver will have to pay for the other party’s damages.

#2. Liability Protection

Most countries have laws mandating drivers to carry liability insurance. Body injury coverage in the insurance pays for the victim’s medical bills and other losses that result from the accident. If you cause damage to another person’s vehicle or property, property damage insurance will reimburse the owner for those costs.  

#3. Medical Payments

Protect yourself and your passengers with medical payment coverage. It protects not only you and your passengers but also anyone else who might be hurt due to an accident you create.

#4. Coverage Against Drivers Who Are Neither Fully Nor Adequately Insured

Underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage may be mandatory in your jurisdiction, but you should still consider it to be optional. It safeguards you in the event of an accident with a motorist who carries no or inadequate liability coverage.

#5. Comprehensive Coverage

When an automobile breaks down, it is not necessarily the fault of an accident. Insurance covers not only collisions with other vehicles but also theft, vandalism, and natural disasters with comprehensive coverage.

Additional auto insurance options are available from Kemper.  

#1. Improved Auto Prime Kemper

Kemper combines various bonuses with greater auto insurance protection if you choose to upgrade your coverage. With Kemper Prime Auto Improvement, your deductible will go down the safer you drive after the first accident or moving violation, which covers you at no extra cost. Key or entry transmitter device replacement costs, for example, are an added additional.

#2. Kemper Total

Newer models benefit most from the comprehensive coverage offered by Kemper Total. If you experience damage, the policy will pay for the costs of fixing it or replacing it entirely.

#3. Umbrella Insurance for Individual Risks

If you need more coverage than what your standard auto insurance policy provides, Kemper can help you out with a personal umbrella liability policy. It’s not just for businesses; homes, boats, slander, and privacy invasion can all benefit from it as well. If you turn out to be at fault in an accident and your liability insurance does not cover the entire amount of the damages, your umbrella liability policy will. The minimum coverage amount is $1,000,000, with additional escalations of $1,000.

#4. Coverage for Car Loans and Leases

In the event of a total loss, vehicle loan/lease insurance, often known as “gap insurance,” covers the difference between the value of your car and the amount still outstanding on your loan or lease. This gives you peace of mind.

Kemper Auto Insurance Company

Kemper Auto Insurance has been “improving the world of insurance” since 1990 by specializing in providing auto insurance plans to high-risk drivers such as teenagers and those with serious traffic violations. Chicago’s insurer is gradually expanding rapidly during the past four decades since it is now in place as Unitrin, Inc., and now boasts $15 billion in assets, $5.2 billion in annual sales, and a spot among the S&P 400.

Kemper is a major insurance provider in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, with over 10,000 employees and 34,000 agents and brokers. 

  • Homeowner’s coverage.
  • Renters insurance.
  • Life coverage.
  • Health insurance and workman’s compensation policies.
  • Security for your priceless possessions.
  • Business insurance.

Find a licensed insurance professional in your state who can help you navigate the insurance market. After getting insured, all you have to do if you’re ever in an accident is file a claim, pay any deductible (if any), and your insurance company will foot the bill if it’s covered.

Kemper Auto Insurance Payment

You can make your payment for your Kemper auto insurance premiums via their mobile app or website. It’s important to keep in mind that discounts, such as the paid-in-full and advance quote, are conditional on the timing and method of payment. If you work with a Kemper insurance agent, they can look into possible rebates that could lower your premium. You can save money on your Kemper vehicle insurance coverage by qualifying for one of several available discounts.

#1. Prior Insurance Receipt for a Discount

If you can provide proof of having had another auto insurance policy before switching to Kemper, you will be eligible for a discount.

#2. Multi-Car Discount

If you insure numerous cars with Kemper, you might save money on each of your policies. You might be able to cover an infinite number of cars under a single insurance, but that depends on the laws in your state.

#3. Discount of  Your Defensive Driving Course 

Take a defensive driving course and get a discount on your Kemper auto insurance premiums. 

#4. Affordable Costs for Students

Full-time students with a minimum 3.0 GPA can receive a discount at Kempers as a reward for their academic success.

#5. Military Discount

As a current or former member of the military or National Guard, you may be eligible for a further reduction in your Kemper auto insurance premiums.

#6. Early Quote Savings

Get a quote and save money if you buy the coverage before its effective date.

#7. Prepayment Discount

When you pay the whole payment ahead for the entire policy period, you can earn a discount.

#8. Discount for Homeowners

You can save money on both your auto insurance and your house insurance by having them both in the same place.

For more information on Kemper Auto Insurance payment or make payments check here.

Kemper Auto Insurance Customer Service

From its simple online payment form to its online search engine that lets you locate a local agent who specializes in Kemper auto insurance, Kemper provides superb online tools. You can reach out to Kemper in some ways, including via the online contact form. Finding an agent, managing your insurance, retrieving a saved quotation, and making a payment are all options on Kemper’s website. If your vehicle sustains damage, you can file a claim and locate a repair facility. 

AM Best, a major ratings provider for vehicle insurance providers, best identifies a company’s financial strength. With an A+ (excellent) rating, Kemper is known for its solid finances and speedy claim settlements. J.D. Power & Associates is an organization that compiles annual rankings to assess customer satisfaction with various insurance companies. Its 2022 U.S. Auto Insurance Study rates automobile insurance firms in distinct regions of the U.S. Only in California is Kemper rated and among the lowest-rated insurers. Kemper’s score of 748 was significantly lower than the norm of 820. It doesn’t have a rating in any other American territories.

J.D. Power’s U.S. Insurance Digital Experience Study 2022 ranks providers in terms of both customer service and online purchasing convenience. There is no mention of Kemper during the service. Kemper scored 475 out of a possible 499 in the shopping section, placing it in 19th place out of 23 businesses. According to J.D. Power’s U.S. Insurance Shopping Study 2022, it received no ratings. The NAIC, or National Association of Insurance Commissioners, also surveys policyholders to gauge contentment.

More Information

The number of annual customer complaints is recorded, and an insurer is given an average score relative to the industry norm of 1.00. The lower the score, the fewer complaints a company receives relative to its size. A score above 1.00 indicates that complaints are more frequent than would be expected given the company’s size.

When it comes to client complaints, Kemper fares terribly. The number of complaints about it is consistently disproportionate to its size. In 2020, its complaint index was 6.14. The index for 2021 was 3.63, while the index for 2022 was 3.25.

The grounds behind the varying opinions on Kemper are several. Having received an A- from impartial rating agency AM Best, Kemper is in good financial standing and poses little risk of being unable to fulfill its contractual obligation to pay valid claims. 

Kemper has an A+ grade and BBB accreditation since February 2021. User ratings of 1.03 out of 5 stars tell a different story. In the previous three years, the Better Business Bureau has received 641 Kemper Auto Insurance complaints, and in the past year, 372 were addressed. Most BBB customer service reviews mention these reasons for negative ratings of Kemper auto insurance:

  • Ineffective dialogue.
  • Canceling policies without proper warning.
  • Deceptive practices intended to gain the business of others.
  • Giving current consumers the runaround.
  • Payment delays are due to costly administrative mistakes.
  • Claim processing has been quite slow.

Clearsurance rates Kemper above average. Some insurance ratings are like BBB complaints, but some are bad for these reasons:

  • Insurance prices have skyrocketed in a short time.
  • Claims not being paid on time or in the full amount promised.
  • Lack of prompt attention to inquiries and complaints.

For more information on Kemper Auto Insurance customer service, check here.

Pros of Kemper Auto Insurance

The following are the pros of Kemper Auto Insurance:

#1. Availability

Kemper Insurance provides car insurance in all 50 states, including DC.

#2. Massive Agent-Based System

When you work with one of Kemper’s over 26,000 agents and brokers, you get individualized attention.

#3. Accessible SR-22

If you’re a high-risk driver, Kemper can help you get your license reinstated by providing the SR-22 insurance you’ll need.

Problems With Kemper Auto Insurance

The following are some of Kemper Auto Insurance’s drawbacks:

 #1. Coverage Details Are Left Vague

The website for Kemper Insurance does not detail the many auto policy options available. For further information, please get in touch with an agent. 

#2. The Recent Settlement of the Class Action Lawsuit

Recently, Kemper settled a class action lawsuit over two cyberattacks. 

#3. Diverse Affiliates

It can be difficult to sort through the several Kemper Corporation subsidiaries to find the one that best suits your needs.

Is Kemper Auto Insurance a Good Company?

Furthermore, in the 2022 J.D. Power U.S. Auto Claims Satisfaction Study, Kemper scored the lowest, possibly indicating that consumers generally have a negative claims experience. Although Kemper Auto’s coverage options are restricted, the policy nevertheless has merit for some motorists.

What Happened to Kemper Insurance?

Kemper Corporation (Kemper), an insurance company, has decided to “actively reduce” its preferred home and car insurance business immediately. According to state laws, Kemper announced in a news release that it will not renew or cancel policies offered under its Kemper Personal Insurance brand.

Is Infinity Auto Insurance the Same as Kemper?

Kemper Auto has taken over the Infinity name. Please contact us at 1-833-954-1370 for further information.

Does Kemper Auto Offer a Paid-In-Full Discount?

Kemper Auto will give you a discount on your new policy if you can provide proof that you have had auto insurance in the past. Your auto insurance rate may be discounted if you pay for the entire year at once, as opposed to making monthly payments.

What Company Owns Kemper?

Having acquired the trademark on the Kemper name in 2010, Unitrin launched the Kemper Corporation on August 25, 2011, trading under the ticker symbol KMPR on the New York Stock Exchange. CEO and President Joseph P. Lacher, Jr. was named in November 2015.

What Is the Old Name for Kemper Insurance?

In August 2011, the company formally changed its name from Unitrin, Inc. to Kemper Corporation. Chicago, Illinois, is home to Kemper Corporation, which was established in 1990. The insurtech infrastructure includes the Kemper system. In April 1990, Henry Singleton’s conglomerate Teledyne split out to form what would later become Kemper Corporation under the name Unitrin, Inc. Founded in 1986 as a workers’ compensation insurance provider, Singleton hoped his new company would achieve the same level of success as the Argo Group.

Is Kemper Insurance Pulling Out of States?

Kemper Corporation has said it will discontinue its preferred personal insurance operations to better serve its specialty auto and life insurance divisions. The Kemper Personal Insurance name will be discontinued effective immediately, the Illinois-based insurer announced. The Chicago-based multi-brand public corporation announced a few months ago that it would cease operations immediately in all jurisdictions where it provided preferred home and auto insurance.

What States Have Kemper Insurance?

More than 6.4 million insurance policies are underwritten by Kemper, and they offer coverage in all 50 states plus DC.


Auto insurance from Kemper is available through an extensive network of local agents around the country. If you need help getting started, Kemper offers free online quotations for cost estimates. In addition, it has a sizable system of independent brokers and agents spread out in every state. With the help of these professionals, you may take advantage of all that Kemper auto insurance has to offer, from discounts and special features to complete coverage and more. 

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