MESSAGE TO HIRING MANAGER: Examples and Guide to Email a Hiring Manager

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Messages to hiring managers can be brief, but extremely crucial. You spent weeks honing your CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile in preparation for a wonderful job, but with an average of 250 individuals competing for each corporate job vacancy, you’re wondering whether there’s anything else you can do to get on the hiring manager’s sensor. By drafting a captivating message to the hiring manager of a job you really desire, you may turn a difficult process into an opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Even if you are not actively looking for work, you can contact a hiring manager by email. 

You may be hesitant to message the hiring manager directly at first. This could be because you want to precisely adhere to the application process’s regulations or because you want to be respectful and avoid appearing tenacious. Avoid overthinking it. There are two significant advantages to contacting a hiring manager: Direct contact with a hiring manager can be advantageous and assist you in streamlining your job search process. Contacting the hiring manager one-on-one will enable you to quickly network with them and, eventually, create a meaningful professional relationship.

Message to the Hiring Manager

The same fundamental information should be included in an email cover letter as in a paper cover letter. The only variations are how your cover letter is formatted and how you provide your contact information.

#1. Subject

You can start writing your message once you have the recruiting manager’s contact information. Begin the email by addressing the recruiting manager by name, and then write a quick, direct, and respectful message. You should just include basic information, such as specifics about your candidacy or relevant skills—remember, your purpose in contacting a hiring manager directly should be to introduce yourself professionally and show your interest in the work, not to start a lengthy conversation.

#2. Include Your Name as well as the Job Title.

When writing the body of your email, provide your name and the job title you’re applying for. A hiring manager should be able to quickly and simply refer to your application and materials, using your email as a guide. Not only do most hiring managers have multiple job positions and candidate contacts open at the same time, but introducing yourself is a big part of why you’re emailing them in the first place. 

#3. Request to Stay in Touch.

When emailing a hiring manager after submitting your application, keep in mind their timeline and the application process. As a result, at this early stage in the application process, avoid requesting an interview or an update. Instead, you can ask to stay in touch with them and establish a professional relationship.

#4. Closing and Signature

Your full name, address, phone number, email address, and, if appropriate, your LinkedIn URL should all be included in your signature. Make your email address appear professional. Close your message with a formal closing such as “Sincerely,” “Best regards,” or “Yours truly.”

LinkedIn Message to Hiring Manager

LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for connecting with and messaging recruiters in your target field. But how do you approach a hiring manager on LinkedIn in a professional manner? Or, how can you approach a recruiter on LinkedIn without appearing intrusive while also increasing your chances of receiving an interview with the recruiting company? To begin, you must understand how to approach a recruiter on LinkedIn. Second, learn to design a brief but compelling message that will elicit a response from the recipient. 

#1. Make the First Move With a Short but Personalized Message to Connect With the Recruiter

When contacting a hiring manager on LinkedIn, it is best to start with a connection request. Don’t forget to include a letter with your request as well. Here’s how you approach recruiters on LinkedIn and establish a positive relationship: Open the recruiter’s profile and click Connect. Then, click “Add a Note,” and a message box will appear. That is where you will type the message that will accompany your connection request.

#2. Send the Recruiter a Thank You Message for Accepting Your Request.

When the recruiter accepts your connection request, send them a personal message to express your gratitude. You may, for example, thank the recruiter for approving your request and express your interest in what they have available. Even if there are no current openings in their firm, networking is always a good idea to keep on recruiters’ radars. Make sure to send a brief but focused message. You might also include your résumé with your message.

“Short Message to Hiring Manager Example”

There are several techniques you might take when directly engaging with a hiring manager, depending on the function you’re seeking, the business, your background, and other environmental circumstances. However, there are a few key steps you can take in writing an effective email to help you make a good impression during the job application process.

After applying for a position, you can send a note like this to the hiring manager or recruiter. When compared to all other applicants, this can be a simple but significant differentiator for your application. For instance, let’s take an example from

Email Subject: Product Design at Resume Worded

Hi [Name of Hiring Manager],

I recently applied for the vacant [job title]. I understand how busy you are, but I just wanted to check in on your decision timetable. I’m thrilled about the prospect of joining [business name] and [performing a job task, such as designing cutting-edge software or working on a much-needed policy change].

I’d love the opportunity to discuss how my experience [relevant detail from your previous experience, such as generating sales leads] can help your team [achieve a specific goal, such as becoming the leading software developer in the country]. I’ve attached my application materials for your convenience, and I’d be happy to provide any additional information as you progress to the next stage of the process.

Example 2

Sample Message to Hiring Manager: Email

Dear Mr. Emmanuel

I hope this communication finds you in good health. I recently applied for the position of receptionist at Business I am delighted about the opportunity to be considered for this position since I believe my interpersonal and people skills would make me an excellent fit. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

I’m excited to learn more about the possibility. In the meantime, I’d like to stay in touch. Could you please add me to your Business community network?



How Do You Text a Hiring Manager?

5 Guidelines for Sending an Initial Message to a Hiring Manager

  • Find the name and contact information of the hiring manager.
  • Keep it short and to the point.
  • Include your name and the position for which you are applying.
  • Incorporate a call to action.
  • Check for grammar and spelling errors.

How Do You Tell a Hiring Manager You Are Interested?

“I’m really looking forward to working with this company,” is another example of a request.

“You all seem like a great team, and I’d be honored to work with you.”

“I’m very interested in the job, but do you have any reservations about my ability to perform?”

How Do You Say Hello to a Hiring Manager?

“Hello,” or “Dear,” followed by their first and last name is appropriate. If the hiring manager’s name is included in the job description, or if you’ve figured it out through research (which we’ll cover below), an easy greeting is a full name followed by “Dear” or “Hello.”

What Do You Say to Impress a Hiring Manager?

How to Make an Impression on a Hiring Manager During an Interview

  • Recognize the culture.
  • Conduct background research on the interviewer.
  • Display relevant experience.
  • Show your enthusiasm.
  • Demonstrate that you are easy to work with.
  • Explain why you want the position in detail.
  • Ask probing questions.
  • Before the interview, talk to people at the company.

How Can I Impress an Interviewer in 10 Minutes?

You are not required to take over the floor for the entire ten minutes. Turn the tables by asking thought-provoking questions that demonstrate your genuine interest in the position. Avoid questions about income, benefits, or working hours in favor of questions about the position and the organization.

What Hiring Managers Want to Hear

What Hiring Managers Want to Hear from Candidates During a Virtual Interview

  • Match core competencies.
  • Determine cultural fit.
  • The synthesis should be demonstrated.
  • Be specific about why you want the job.
  • Simulate an actual interview situation.
  • Pose intelligent inquiries.
  • Avoid reciting from a piece of paper.


It takes time to put together the correct message for recruiting managers. Following your application, think about what you want to say and use these examples as a template for your message. What is the worst-case scenario? You haven’t received a response, but you’ve already applied, which may be enough to get your foot in the door for an interview. What is the best-case scenario? The hiring manager responds to your message by either scheduling a chat with you or offering helpful information about the next steps in the process. In either case, you can get a step closer to landing the job you want by sending the recruiting manager a quick, straightforward, and personalized note. 

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