The MessageBird Integrations API includes endpoints for building and retrieving message templates. The Integration API employs HTTP verbs and a RESTful endpoints structure, as well as an access key for API authorization. This links to their global clients using the world’s quickest and most reliable SMS, Voice, and Chat APIs. Today MessageBird is driven by a global workforce of over 20 nationalities based in Amsterdam, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney, London, Hamburg, and Shanghai. The Integration API of MessageBird includes endpoints for building and retrieving message templates. MessageBird’s objective is to update and simplify the too-complicated world of consumer communication. MessageBird, the only major cloud communications platform with its own telecommunications carrier infrastructure, links over 15,000 organizations

Messagebird Integrations

The MessageBird is a platform for communication between customers. You may send voice messages, incorporate video calling, and connect to carriers all around the world. MessageBird centralizes your consumer communication with no complexity. Communicate with your audience across different channels, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack. MessageBird is a communications platform-as-a-service (CPaaS) that allows users to integrate multiple voice and messaging capabilities into their website and communication system via apps, services, and APIs. As a modern CPaaS supplier, MessageBird provides a wide range of applications, services, and APIs. These services enable SMBs and large organizations to integrate SMS messaging, VoIP telephony, and other modern communication methods into their corporate website, web app, or communications ecosystem. Among the platform’s VoIP capabilities are answering machine identification, call transcription, and call recording. Calls are billed per second, and the technology is highly scalable. 

MessageBird Voice can transmit text-to-speech voice messages in addition to voice calls and SMS messages. The platform is capable of sending secure messages. MessageBird is designed to connect companies of all sizes to their clients. They also connect end users all over the world, ensuring seamless and cost-effective communication. The CPaaS solution can also be utilized as a marketing tool to assist businesses and professionals in engaging with their target clients via various channels such as WhatsApp, voice conferencing, SMS messaging, and live chat. The technology enables B2C businesses and marketing organizations to track client engagement and interactions, as well as access full customer profiles on a single platform. The Flow Builder feature of MessageBird allows customers to simply create automated workflows to collect important customer data. It also reacts to inquiries, book appointments, send confirmation messages, and enhance marketing activities and other key operations.

Benefits of MessageBird

MessageBird is a powerful and feature-rich worldwide omnichannel communications platform. It is intended to improve every encounter and engagement with the consumer, from personalized customer service and tailored notifications to faster workflows, optimized authentications, and video conferencing. MessageBird, as an omnichannel CPaaS solution, pulls together every channel that modern customers like to use in one unified platform. This is advantageous for companies of all sizes wishing to increase the quality of their existing communication channels. It also advantages those who want to communicate with clients in a more current way, such as Messenger, WhatsApp, LINE, Viber, or even Google maps and Instagram Direct.

Messagebird API 

The MessageBird Conversations API is an omnichannel messaging solution that allows you to send and receive messages from any platform in a single conversation thread. A conversation is a consolidated view of all messages exchanged between you and a customer via any of your configured channels.

  • A single conversation displays messages from various channels and the same contact.
  • A conversation is automatically started when the first message is sent to or received from a contact.
  • A conversation’s status can be active or archived, but each contact can only have one active conversation at any given moment.
  • Archiving can be used to end a conversation so that when the consumer contacts you again, a new dialogue begins. This is very useful in support use cases where interactions are required.

If the number of requests per second (RPS) exceeds the following limits, Conversations API will refuse HTTP requests with the status code 429 Too Many Requests. The burst represents the maximum RPS in a short period of time, whereas the limit represents the maximum RPS over a lengthy period of time. In a nutshell, read requests are limited to 500 RPS, whereas write/update requests are determined by the customer tier. The Conversations API allows you to send messages in three ways: initiate a conversation, send a message to a specified conversation, and send a message. Regardless of how you submit the messages, they are all processed asynchronously, which means that Conversations API will take your message and process it later, and as a result, webhooks are required to receive status updates regarding the messages you send.

Messagebird Whatsapp

MessageBird’s WhatsApp Business lets you send and receive WhatsApp messages for alerts, notifications, customer assistance, and two-factor authentication. All WhatsApp Business capabilities will be accessible via a single API. The Whatsapp API employs HTTP verbs and a RESTful endpoint structure, as well as an access key for API authorization. Request and response payloads are JSON with UTF-8 encoding and URL-encoded values.

WhatsApp Message Templates

Outside of the 24-hour window, template messages are used to initiate a dialogue with a customer or to respond to a customer’s message. They make use of one of your pre-approved WhatsApp Templates (alerts, appointment reminders, shipping notifications, and so on) and must be submitted and authorized by WhatsApp before being used. You can submit WhatsApp Templates through the MessageBird Dashboard’s WhatsApp Template Manager. Because these are frequent reusable messages that a company may want to send, a company can transmit just the template identification together with the required parameters rather than the entire message content. It also enables message localization and reduces the likelihood of being blocked on the first contact because the message is pre-approved by

WhatsApp requires you to utilize a pre-approved message template called a Message Template (formerly known as a Highly Structured Message or HSM) to start a discussion with a client. Message Templates are message formats for commonly recurring messages that a company may want to deliver. This enables a company to send only the template identity and the required parameters rather than the entire message content. It also enables message localization and reduces the likelihood of getting prohibited on the first contact because the message is pre-approved by WhatsApp. Onboarding for WhatsApp Business in steps

#1. Register for WhatsApp Business.

Register for WhatsApp Business. MessageBird will review your application and forward it to WhatsApp for approval. Your application’s status will be visible in your MessageBird Dashboard. You will be asked for your Facebook Business ID during the flow. Go to “Facebook Business settings,” then “Business info,” and you’ll find your ID below “Business Manager info.” To connect your business account with WhatsApp, you must enter your ID. If you don’t already have a Facebook Business account, you can create one at Facebook Business Manager

#2. Accept the Invitation and Verify Your Business.

After completing the WhatsApp Business signup process, you will receive an email from the service delivery team requesting you to accept WhatsApp via Facebook and authenticate your business:

Accept: Go to Facebook Business, select “Requests,” and accept the invitation.

Verify: WhatsApp asks you to verify your business on Facebook.

#3. Choosing a Number and a Name for Display

The service delivery team will contact you as soon as WhatsApp approves your application to connect the number you’ll be using for WhatsApp. This is the number where clients may contact you and where you can send WhatsApp messages. You can use one of the free MessageBird Virtual Mobile Numbers (VMN) or one of your existing phone numbers:

VMN: Your WhatsApp plan includes one or more free VMN calls from certain countries.

Your personal phone number: This should be a phone number that has never been associated with WhatsApp. It could be a cell phone or a landline.

#4. In Your MessageBird Account, Turn on the WhatsApp Channel.

MessageBird Service Delivery team will send you an email when your channel is ready for activation. Navigate to Channels on the left sidebar of your MessageBird Dashboard, then choose WhatsApp to find your first WhatsApp channel. “Activate channel” should appear as a green button. To activate the channel, send the following code to your WhatsApp number:

What Companies Use MessageBird? 

MessageBird, headquartered in Amsterdam, handles over 5 trillion messages, calls, and emails every year for over 29k customers, including Google, Facebook, and Uber, via channels such as WhatsApp, Email, SMS, and others.

What Is Messagebird API? 

Through a REST API, MessageBird’s SMS API allows you to send and receive SMS messages to and from any country on the planet. Each message is recognized by a unique random ID, allowing users to always verify the status of a message by using the provided URL.

Is Messagebird HIPAA Compliant? 

Maintain global compliance. Maintain your and your customers’ data privacy by adhering to global regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, 10DLC, and CCPA.

Does Messagebird Have an App?

Installing the MessageBird app will allow your company to combine your SMS and WhatsApp channels with customers and engage with clients all around the world from a single platform.

Is Messagebird API Free? 

To utilize MessageBirds APIs, you must first register for free at

Is Messagebird a Unicorn? 

MessageBird, an Amsterdam-based cloud communications platform, has raised a $200 million Series C fundraising round headed by Spark Capital, the majority of which will be used for acquisitions. With a $3 billion value, MessageBird becomes Europe’s newest unicorn.

Is Messagebird Profitable? 

MessageBird does not provide financial information, yet it is purportedly profitable. According to Atomico, which participated in its first investment round in 2017, Vis bootstrapped the business to a $100 million run rate over six years before raising any outside capital.

What Is Messagebird Valued At?

MessageBird, a cloud communications firm, has raised an additional $3.8 billion in funding.


MessageBird is a powerful communication platform-as-a-service (CPaaS). It includes a plethora of strong solutions and technologies designed to assist organizations with their customer interactions and engagement at scale. MessageBird, being a modern SMS marketing platform, is fully capable of assisting businesses, marketing teams, and agents in engaging with their client base through a wide range of channels.

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