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Despite their expertise in finding qualified candidates, when a position opens up specifically for a recruiter, the ultimate responsibility is on them to prove why they are the best candidates. So, if you’re seeking a position as a recruiter, it’s a good idea to prepare for the kinds of questions that potential employers might ask during the interview process. Read on to learn recruiter interview questions and answers, including HR, healthcare, and tech recruiter interview questions.

What Makes You a Good Recruiter?

A good recruiter keeps in mind the positive aspects of their encounters with unsuccessful candidates and uses those in their follow-up messages. Strengths are highlighted, and potential opportunities are suggested, in these documents. They keep in touch for potential future openings.

Recruiter Interview Questions and Answers

Hiring managers understand that working with a top-notch recruiter improves their chances of locating qualified applicants. Recruiters are familiar with the interview process; therefore, it is up to the hiring company to devise targeted questions to gauge candidates’ strengths and weaknesses. The questions they pose will be broad in scope, covering topics like methodology in general and conduct in specific situations. Below are the recruiter interview questions and answers:

#1. If a Great Candidate Turned Down Your Job Offer, How Would You Handle the Situation?

This is one of the interview questions and answers for a recruiter. A candidate’s refusal of a job offer is typical. As a recruiter, it is your responsibility to contact the applicant and inquire as to what may have caused the delay. Your response should also consider how you would evaluate your actions. See this example below

“If a terrific applicant turned down my offer, I’d make sure to find out why.” This raises the question of how much they reveal. In any case, I’d look for a genuine impression and appreciate the time they took to talk to me.  “If I were in charge, I’d investigate the situation so I could improve my search for replacement workers.”

#2. Why Do You Want to Be a Recruiter?

The interviewer, just like in any other highly specialized field, may want to know why you want to work in this particular field. Take advantage of this opportunity to share your interests with others. Discover what it is about the recruitment process that most interests you, and focus on that.

For instance: “I’m drawn to the field of recruitment because I enjoy contributing to the success of others. “This profession gives me daily opportunities to feel the fulfillment that comes from knowing that you’ve helped someone else advance in their chosen field.”

#3. What Do You Enjoy Most About Your Role as a Recruiter?

This is also one of the common interview questions and answers for a recruiter used to determine whether or not a candidate is truly interested in the position being offered. Hence, you can discuss how being a recruiter aligns with your personal goals, interests, and expertise. Provide anecdotal evidence from your own experience to back up your claim and elaborate on what it is about recruiting that you find so rewarding.

It’s also gratifying to see a candidate placed advantageously, and it’s rewarding to establish credibility within a company.

#4. Tell Me About a Time One of Your Candidates Didn’t Get the Job

To test the recruiter’s knowledge and outlook, this is a great inquiry to make. However, from your response, the recruiting manager will learn whether or not you can carry yourself professionally regardless of whether there is no commission at stake. Respond by saying that you are committed to giving all applicants a positive and consistent experience.

For instance: “When one of my candidates is not selected for a position, I give them a call to break the news. I constantly tell my clients how the interviews went and how we can improve for the next one.  I also believe it is essential to keep my prospects and everyone else in the loop with regular updates.”

#5. Explain How You’ve Worked With Your Last Three Hiring Managers

This is also a great way to check the credentials of a recruiter. The hiring manager is interested in how you interact with customers, so they inquire about your experience with your last three clients. The skill with which a recruiter handles their partnerships is crucial to the success of their careers. That is to say, answers should exhibit a proactive attitude toward working with hiring managers and show that you see them as partners.

Example: “I am still in contact with the previous three hiring managers I worked for.” Interactions with coworkers ought to be mutually beneficial. “We’re both trying to fill the same position, therefore we work together to locate the best person for it.”

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Tech Recruiter Interview Questions

Technical recruiters are responsible for finding, interviewing, and vetting potential candidates for open positions in the information technology sector. As part of their duties, they must also advertise open positions on appropriate technical websites and reach out to qualified individuals through various networking channels. Below are the various tech recruiter interview questions:

#1. To What Extent Have Your Recent Efforts Yielded Measurable Results?

The return on investment question is one of my favorite tech recruiter interview questions since it reveals so much about a candidate’s confidence and ability to brag about their work. It’s also a chance for them to show off their expertise, which sets them apart from the competition.

#2. Why Are You Looking for a New Technology Job?

Always start an interview with this question, since you want to guide candidates toward a position that will be beneficial to their professional development. Hence, by learning about a candidate’s present work environment, you will be better able to place them in a position where they can thrive. I would hate to make someone’s predicament even worse than it already is.

#3. How Should You Contact a Job Applicant?

This is also one of the tech recruiter interview questions. The interviewer may also ask about your style of communication and soft skills. Showcase your communication skills by describing how you interact with candidates and inform them of the job opening. 

For instance:  “My first email or networking platform message is always professional. After evaluating a candidate’s profile, I tell them if they’re a good fit for the company I’m recruiting for and why.” Also, I always include my organization, position, and contact information in my business communications.”

#4. What’s Your Follow-up With Placed People?

Communication and professional relationships are stressed again. Show the interviewer that you can stay in touch with new hires while building your candidate network for future talent.

Example: “During the company’s new employee orientation, I always check in with hired candidates.” I also give them career resources. “I prefer candidates with networks I can use to find new hires.”

#5. How Would You Tell a Candidate They Weren’t Hired? 

Lastly, this is one of the tech recruiter interview questions. Here, the interviewer may ask this to test your ability to deliver terrible news and give constructive criticism. In your own words, describe how you have handled negative news, development criticism, and keeping in touch with future role opportunities.

For instance: “I immediately inform candidates of their rejection and offer constructive feedback from their interviews and applications to help them thrive in the future. I can help highly skilled applicants obtain long-term, meaningful jobs by helping them interview or highlight their strengths.”

HR Recruiter Interview Questions

As a human resources recruiter, going through the interview process can be nerve-wracking since it’s so similar to what you do every day. However, knowing what questions to expect and practicing responses that are more likely to secure you the job will help you feel more at ease during the interview. Here are some sample interview questions and answers that will help you prepare for an HR recruiter position interview.

#1. Why Did You Apply for This Position?

This is a standard first question used to establish whether or not you are a suitable fit for the company. Make a positive case for yourself by outlining your potential contributions to the interviewer.

Example answer: “Recruiting top people for new businesses is a personal mission of mine. In my opinion, for these organizations to succeed, they must have the best possible workforce. I hope that I can make a good difference at your company and contribute to your success by finding the most qualified candidates”.

#2. Explain Your Recruiting Strategy

A hiring manager may ask about your recruiting strategy to assess your fit with the company and HR team. Answer questions succinctly and stress your own opinions rather than repeat conventional knowledge or make broad generalizations.

Example answer: “I recruit diversely. Even if I’m under pressure to fill a certain number of positions, I know it’s unproductive to compromise on quality by hiring someone who isn’t right. I rarely recommend not hiring somebody, but when I do, I present proof of prior performance and current recruiting trends. As a recruiter, I must find the best candidate and the best way to fill the post.”

#3. Tell Me About a Time When You Had to Deal With a Difficult Recruiter

The interviewer may ask this to assess your teamwork skills. Assuming they’re a hiring manager, answer broadly and enthusiastically.

Example answer: “I’ve worked with demanding hiring supervisors, but it was usually due to our varied hiring methods. Sharing my ideas and presenting proof kept me focused on outcomes. I didn’t care if I was right as long as we were progressing toward our goals. Since hiring is a team effort, I think it’s important to be kind to everyone.”

#4. What Is the Best Advantage of Being a Recruiter?

This is a general question to start the interview and offer the interviewer some context before getting into more detailed inquiries. Well, interviews are discussions. So, this lets you establish the tone for the interview and guide the conversation.

Example answer: “Hiring well is my favorite part of the job. This matches workers with good jobs that benefit both the employer and the worker. Recruiters combine skilled people with firms that need them.”

#5. Give an Account of Your Everyday Activities

Describe your average workday. Answer this question on a busy day.

Example answer: “Day-to-day activities define my schedule. I get to work early to plan my day. I may have to meet with HR managers before viewing emails at my desk. Also, I check job posts for interest. I then check their references and give my opinion. Most times, I may meet with the company individually to learn about their skills. I may write candidate reports or join selection committees, depending on the timetable.”

Healthcare Recruiter Interview Questions

Here are the various healthcare recruiter interview questions:

#1. Can You Provide Some Information About Yourself?

This is one of the sophisticated healthcare recruiter interview questions. Include a high-level summary of your work and academic experience, and don’t forget to mention a personal interest of yours that relates to the role yet stands on its own.

For instance: I’ve spent the last five months working as a lifeguard because I’ve always felt compelled to assist others. The ABC Health Career Institute prepared me well for my chosen profession, and I graduated with the highest honors. I’m eager to launch my new professional life now.

#2. Why Did You Want to Work for This Company Specifically?

This is also one of the healthcare recruiter interview questions. Here, put forth your sincerity and the results of your study.

To illustrate: ” I have heard nothing but good things from my friends who work here, and I am impressed by the technological progress you have made in recent years. It seems like a creative, welcoming place to work”.

#3. Tell Me One of Your Greatest Strengths

Choose a quality that speaks to your potential as an excellent applicant. 

As an example response:  “I am excellent at connecting with others and helping them relax. Earning a patient’s trust is crucial, and I like to think that I’m good at it”.

#4. Tell Me About One of Your Major Flaws

Take precautions, but don’t be afraid to tell them how you’re working to better yourself. Don’t give an unconvincing response like, “I tend to be a perfectionist.”

For instance:  “I avoid conflict at all costs. In an effort to maintain harmony, I have avoided doing several actions that I knew to be right. When patients need to hear something they don’t like, it can be difficult to deliver the news, but I’ve found that oftentimes the message they least want to hear is the one that will do the most good”.

#5. Why Did You Leave Your Last Position?

Lastly, this is one of the healthcare recruiter interview questions. Here is no need to criticize your former employer right now. Be as optimistic as you can and start looking at everything from the perspective of new possibilities.

For instance:This chance is really exciting because they didn’t have the kind of creative atmosphere I was looking for at my previous position”.

What Are the Three Qualities a Recruiter Needs?

  • Confidence.
  • Ability to convey ideas effectively.
  • Personable disposition

How Do I Prepare for a Recruiter Interview?

They are:

  • Examine the employment offer carefully.
  • Examine your resume in detail.
  • Rehearse responding to interview questions.
  • Investigate information regarding the company.
  • Learn how to present yourself.
  • Dress in a proper manner for the meeting.
  • Prepare your belongings in advance.
  • Arrive on time for the job interview.

What Are Typical Recruiter Interview Questions?

  • Tell me your about yourself
  • Have you already worked for our company?
  • Describe a moment when you had a dispute at work and how you resolved it.
  • What was your favorite job and why?
  • How do you prefer to be supervised?

What Are the Top 5 Questions to Ask a Recruiter?

  • How would you describe the work values?
  • What would you say are the most essential traits you want in a candidate for this position?
  • What is the pay range for this position?
  • Why is the job vacant?
  • What is your organization’s policy regarding remote work?


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