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With increasing remote connectivity and freelance workforce, the need for adequate and engaging presentations to properly convey desired information from person to person(s) has further increased. Using online presentation tools, you can create the most effective and captivating presentations to properly convey visually appealing and compelling content to your audience. Let’s have a look at some intriguing free online tools and interactive presentation tools.


Online presentation tools are application software specifically made to enable users to put together text, graphics, and audio or video to create presentations of their ideas. These tools are available for usage by individuals and companies to display their data in a slideshow manner. Online presentation tools frequently enable users to add and modify text in accordance with their unique requirements as well as options to add and alter images. These can be used by both individuals and businesses to aid in the visual presentation of their content and maintain audience interest.

Online presentation tools comprises of three main elements which assist in performing functions. They include;

  • The text editor: this element allows inserting and editing of text content.
  • Import Function: this element aids in the addition and editing of media content such as; images, videos, and audio.
  • Presentation or Slide-show feature: This component serves as the presentation’s finishing touch, displaying the content in a stylish slideshow format.

Features to Consider in Free Online Presentation Tools

The features and functionalities of free online presentation tools may slightly differ from each other, hence it is important to work with free online presentation tools that offer the features you need or require to create your presentation.

When choosing free online presentation tools, it is important to consider the following:

#1. Import and export features

Popular file formats should be supported by your preferred online presentation tool. Make sure that you are able to import or export files from any location with the online presentation tool. Also, ensuring the program is compatible with different video formats as well as being able to export files to other software tools is also advantageous.

#2. Cloud access and backup

Online presentation solutions with cloud features allow you to store and access your slides from any computer with an internet connection. Online presentation tools with cloud capabilities, enable you to have a quicker upload and download procedure, while accessing and synchronizing your presentation from any location or device, allowing you to work efficiently on the go.

#3. Ease of use

When searching for free online presentation tools, it’s crucial to look for ones with user-friendly interfaces and intuitive functions. Before beginning a presentation using any of these tools, you shouldn’t have to waste time reading through a ton of time-consuming training in order to know your way around the interface.

#4. Real-time collaboration

Team members should have the ability to collaborate on presentations in teams with other teammates while they work remotely. Working together on projects with team members usually results in higher-quality output and more effective workflow.

Free online presentation tools, should enable various team members to keep track of changes made to the slides/presentations and share their thoughts through suggestions, comments, and other means. Additionally, it should permit the exchange of files through a variety of channels and file types, including emails, links, and others.

#5. Video and audio capabilities

Presentations that include multimedia usually have a distinctive and interesting appeal. When choosing an online presentation tool, it is imperative that you select one that can accommodate high-quality audio and video to enable you to create outstanding presentations.

#6. Outstanding technical support

When using free online presentation tools, you could run into a number of technical problems when designing slides. In order to minimize needless delays in your job, make sure to take into account online presentation tools with prompt and effective technical assistance. A comprehensive virtual assistance section and affiliated tutorials are examples of good technical support tools.

#7. In-built templates

To assist users in creating presentations rapidly, free online presentation tools should offer built-in templates in a variety of areas such as education, new product launches, marketing, and finance, among others. This will enable, users—particularly novices—to concentrate on the information being presented.

#8. Customization and dynamic elements

Themes, fonts, colors, layouts, along with other components of presentation slides should be customizable by the user. Online presentation tools should provide users with the freedom to edit and add text, images, videos, transitions, and effects, as well as options to use dynamic forms, charts, grids, and various other design components.

Interactive Online Presentation Tools

One of the best ways to keep visitors interested and involved in your presentation is to include interactive features. Interactive online presentation tools enable users to interact with various elements of the presentation’s content items, such as hotspots, navigation, pop-up windows, animations, etc. This interactive function aids in capturing the audience’s interest and maintaining it throughout the course of the presentation.

There are several interactive online presentation tools that make it easy to create highly interactive presentations. A few of the most notable are listed below;

#1. Mentimeter

Mentimeter is an interactive online presentation tool that makes it simple and quick for anyone to make interesting slideshows to share with others. With Mentimeter, getting started is simple. As a cloud-based service, signing up for an account is quick and easy, so you can get started right away. Mentimeter will first ask you a few questions about your intended usage of the service, but this is all for your own good. With this online presentation tool, you can add pictures, GIFs, polls, and fast votes to get more information.

There are also options for creating presentations utilizing; various styles and presets, exams with 13 distinct query types, GIFs, and images from built-in free imagery and GIF libraries. When your presentation is prepared, simply provide your audience with a link and they can view and interact with your presentation.

Mentimeter is ideal for building presentations for a variety of needs rapidly. After creating your Mentimeter presentation, a code will appear at the top of your slides. By entering the code on the Mentimeter website, any smart device can access and interact with the presentation materials.

#2. Prezi

Prezi is a fantastic middle-ground choice if you’re searching for an excellent online presentation tool with some minor interactive capabilities. With Prezi, you can create animated content and then display it over video. Prezi allows users to make; any type of graphic, animate any object, filter any image, and alter presentations however they deem fit.

Prezi provides the option of starting with a blank canvas for digital presentations or using pre-made templates from a library. Users can also import pre-made PowerPoint slides if need be. When you’re done using Prezi to update your slides, you can turn it into a video and use it on various platforms for speech or webinars.

For companies with a creative mindset, Prezi is an ideal interactive presentation tool. In Prezi’s group presentation mode, users can generate and share a link to update or display presentations concurrently.

The ability to enable viewers to make remarks on presentations is where Prezi excels. It gives users the chance to present and receive feedback in ways that otherwise wouldn’t be normally possible. It is ideal for group projects.

#3. Keynote

The finest app for creating presentations is Keynote by Apple. Since it is Microsoft PowerPoint compatible, this convenient tool is ideal for collaborative presentations with Keynote users. Keynote is made to neatly combine your illustrations with your material and offers 30 simple themes to pick from. The format panel will save you time by automatically highlighting the tools you need to edit your content. Slide boundaries are removed, giving you a complete preview of how your presentation will appear right away. You may improve the engagement of presentations that are information-heavy by using this tool’s simple yet elegant range of charts.

You can include original designs, graphs, photographs for the background, and cinematic effects. This free online presentation tool lets you incorporate YouTube or Vimeo videos and graphics to make presentations more dynamic.

Only Apple devices may use the free Keynote online presentation tool and it offers materials and technical assistance to guarantee easy use.

#4. FlowVella

Although you may use the web version from any device, FlowVella is an online presentation tool that is accessible through iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. The platform’s drag-and-drop functionality allows you to include web resources and digital media content such as video, audio, and text, in your presentation. The interactive user experience that FlowVella helps to create encourages the user to abandon typical linear slides.

Similar to most interactive online presentation tools, it also has a cloud storage feature and a unique URL generation feature that users can use to share presentations with their audience.

#5. Genially

Genially is one of the most complete online interactive presentation tools currently available. It offers a wide variety of features. The ability to produce standard slides, info-graphics, and highly interactive work is provided by the general focus on presentations with interactive material. The platform offers numerous choices for lengthy and excellent animations. You’re sure to discover something that matches the style and format you’re searching for because there are over 10,000 possibilities available.

You can pick from buttons, buttons with text, interactive queries, markers, and more when it comes to interactive components. Regardless of the subject matter of your presentations, using these features will enable you to include an interactive component that will keep your viewers interested.

Best Online Presentation Tools for Students

Students can use a wide range of online presentation tools, from classic slide-based programs like PowerPoint to incredibly creative and avant-garde new forms that include both live and recorded audio and video. As a result of these online presentation tools, students now have the resources to make their work enjoyable, intriguing, and engaging.

Regardless of the subject matter, having students create vibrant presentations and interesting materials helps them communicate their points while also giving them the chance to acquire excellent techniques in employing online presentation tools to assist them organize their thoughts.

Below are a few of the best online presentation tools for students;

#1. Google Slides

Google Slides provides a wide range of significant features, all of which are free. Along with the standard editing functions (such as adding photos, text, and shapes, changing colors, etc.), Google Slides now has collaboration tools that enable collaborators to work together in real-time on the same presentation.

Participants in the collaboration can provide opinions and interact with others watching the presentation. The original creator of the presentation, can always keep track of edits made and go back to prior versions whenever necessary.

This online presentation tool provides options to assist students; in identifying the content that will be most helpful to their audience and in honing their visual presenting skills. Additionally, they can be used in combination with screencasting or screen sharing to make presentations a lot more interactive and live.

#2. Zoho Show

In addition to a free presentation platform, Zoho Show provides a whole office suite. To manage structured data in presentations, the Zoho Show online presentation tool provides a variety of choices for charts, shapes, tables, and other elements. Additionally, you can format photographs via opacity adjustments, filter additions, and other methods.

With Zoho Show, it is simple to preserve the design and formatting across all presentations when there is a master slide. It also provides for collaborations in real-time by sharing slides with your team and prospects outside of your immediate audience.

You’ll find Zoho to be a quite helpful online presentation tool to liven up dry statistics and figures – it’s great for teachers and students.

#3. Canva

Users of the Canva graphic tool are able to build presentations using a variety of free resources, including a ton of photographs, videos, audio, and backgrounds. To get you started, there are category-specific designs for fields including education, sales, finance, listings, medicine, and advertising.

A broad variety of amazing templates designed especially for the education sector are embedded in the Education area. Its drag-and-drop capabilities make it simple for students to add their materials and visual elements or choose from a collection of cost-free images and graphics.

Teams can also collaborate on projects using Canvas’s built-in comments and team folders, among other capabilities. Select the team members you want to work with, and after the invitation is accepted, you can immediately begin putting your presentation together. After creating the presentation, you can create an interactive website from the presentation, export them as PowerPoint .pptx files, or save them as PDFs for handouts.

#4. Haiku Deck

Another effective tool for creating presentations in the classroom is Haiku Deck. Haiku Deck is completely cloud-based and users can access it online. Some important features of the Haiku Deck are its automatic picture search and intelligent text analysis. This online presentation tool for students makes suggestions for images and slide layouts that are suitable in the sense of the text that students contribute to their slides after carefully analyzing the content that they provide.

Utilizing your mobile device as a teleprompter so you may use it as a remote during presentations is another intriguing feature offered by Haiku Deck. You have a variety of choices when it comes to sharing your Haiku Deck presentations, including; the ability to publish decks via email, on social media, project decks, embed or export decks to PowerPoint or Keynote, save as PDF, and more.

The educational sector has its own version of the Haiku Deck called Haiku Deck Classroom. This feature enables teachers to utilize it to assist students in developing compelling presentations that highlight their learning.

What Are the Five Modes of Presentation?

– LINGUISTIC/ALPHABETIC ― written and spoken words.

– VISUAL ― images (moving or still).

– AURAL ― sound, music.

– GESTURAL ― movement, expression, body language.

SPATIAL ― position, physical arrangement, proximity.

How Do You Do an Online Presentation?

To do an online presentation, here are some steps to follow;

– Simplify Your Slides

– Prepare Beforehand

– Eliminate Distractions

– Dress the Part

– Use the Right Lighting

– Present in a Quiet Space

– Make Eye Contact

– Keep Your Audience Engaged

What Are the Five Ways of Presentation?

The five ways of presentation include;

– Using Your Audience.

– Adding humor.

– Incorporate Music. Or Memes. Or a Dance Ensemble.

– Making use of Projections Wisely.

– Taking the Time to Brainstorm.

What Are the 4 Types of Presentation?

The 4 types of presentations are;

– Informative Presentations.

– Persuasive Presentations.

– Demonstrative Presentations.

– Inspirational Presentations.

What Are the Online Tools for Presentations?

Online tools for presentation include;

– Visme

– Haiku Deck

– Google Slides

– Canva and so on.

To Wrap Up

The development of online presentation tools has come a long way, from previously being limited to text and few images offline to more comprehensive interfaces powered by highly interactive online presentation tools with cloud-based storage. The best online presentation tool makes slideshow presentations simple to create, maintain, and distribute.

You can select the online presentation tool that you’re most confident using according to the goal of your presentation as most of these free online presentation tools make it relatively easy to create and share interactive presentations with whatever category of audience you might be addressing.

Online Presentation Tools FAQs

What Are the 5 Keys of Presentation?

The five key principles for any great presentation include the following; — keep it SIMPLE, make your messages CLEAR, make it ORIGINAL, keep it RELATED to your audience, and make sure it is ENJOYABLE for them

What Is the Best Online Platform for Presenting?

The best online platform for presenting is the Prezi online presentation tool

What Are Presentation Tools?

Presentation tools are programs and software individuals or organizations can use to display their information in a slideshow format.

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