INVESTMENT PITCH: The Best Investment Pitch Decks with Examples & Templates

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A well-crafted pitch deck highlights your company’s financial plans. You’ll discover the best real estate investment pitch deck so you can raise capital for your startup or growing business. First, let’s go over the definition of an investment pitch deck. Then we’ll go over some investment pitch deck examples and templates so you know what to include and where to put it. Following that, we’ll show you the best investment startup pitch deck templates for creating your first pitch deck. Finally, we’ll show you real estate investment startup pitch deck examples that have raised millions of dollars.

What is an Investment Pitch Deck?

An investment pitch deck is typically a 10-20 slide presentation designed to provide a brief overview of your company, business plan, and startup vision. It also serves very different purposes, such as trying to get a meeting with a new investor or presenting in front of a stage, and each one should be structured differently.

A demo day presentation, for example, should be highly visual with minimal text. It will be seen from afar, and you will do all the talking. A pitch presentation that you intend to email, on the other hand, should be completely self-explanatory. Because it will be viewed on a laptop monitor, the small font is acceptable.

In these cases, it’s also very useful to track your investor’s activity during the presentation to see and read all the slides; this can be critical when deciding how frequently to send follow-up emails. It was critical in our case for raising our most recent round of funding. This is a feature offered by several investment pitch deck platforms.

How to Make an Effective Investment Pitch Deck

One of the most important tools in your arsenal is your pitch deck. When pitching your startup idea or product, you have the chance to make a lasting impression on potential investors. While there are many different types of decks available, the best ones concentrate on three key points:

  • What kind of problem do you solve?
  • How do you resolve that issue?
  • Why should someone put money into you?

The presentation should not last more than 15 minutes and should be simple to follow.

What Should an Investment Pitch Deck Include?

Several authors, venture capitalists, startup founders, and evangelists have developed their versions of what they believe are essential elements for successful pitching presentations. The majority of them agree on the following investment pitch deck structure:

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Product
  • Size of the market
  • Business plan
  • Magical underpinnings
  • Competition
  • Better/different
  • Marketing strategy
  • Team presentation
  • Progress / milestones

Investment Pitch Templates

Investment pitch templates are a good way to present your company to potential investors. It should be clear, concise, brief, and convincing. This document is used to persuade potential investors about a startup idea by demonstrating how your product or service works and the main benefits.

The goal of an investment pitch deck presentation is to persuade a potential investor to invest in your company. As a result, it must include information that effectively communicates to the audience why the proposed investment is worthwhile. You should include information demonstrating your ability to execute those plans in addition to presenting the core elements of your business plan.

In addition to the investment pitch deck examples we’ve provided here, we’ve created, curated, and redesigned several investor decks and made them available as templates on our platform. Our investment pitch presentation templates include a fill-in-the-blank outline to help you get started with your presentation workflow. Create a pitch deck that will help you get funded. Browse investment pitch deck templates from the world’s most successful startups. You can find them all here.

Best Investment Pitch Deck

If you’ve arrived here, you’re probably looking for ideas for a pitch deck for your startup. Yes, you’ve arrived at the right place. Let me begin by saying that this approach to pitching investors may not be the best one: “Each investor deck should be tailored to the company’s strengths.” Let’s start with the fundamentals.

The story you tell about your idea, team, and concept validation (yes, metrics!) will ultimately determine whether or not your deck is appealing. Still, drawing inspiration from previously successful startups is a great place to start.

Best Investment Pitch Deck Examples and Templates

We’ve compiled some of the best investment pitch deck examples below, complete with the outcome of their pitch and key highlights that make their slide deck great. Using the best investment pitch deck examples can be extremely beneficial in developing your pitch deck to successfully secure the funding you require for your startup or growing business.

#1. Uber Pitch Deck Template

On Uber’s ninth anniversary, co-founder Garrett Camp shared the first slides they created in late 2008. Uber was originally known as UberCab, and it has grown from a simple concept into a significant platform that has improved the car service industry.

#2. Facebook Pitch Deck Template

Today, it’s difficult to imagine a world without Facebook. But in 2004, Eduardo Saverin was just another entrepreneur trying to persuade people to invest in, a growing company co-founded by him and his friend Mark Zuckerberg.

#3. Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck

Given Sequoia Capital’s investment track record, it makes sense to follow in their footsteps. This slide deck outline is ideal for businesses preparing to develop a pitch for potential investors. A pitch, like a business plan, helps to answer potential questions that an investor may have before investing in your company. The slides in this presentation slide deck build on one another to form your overall investment pitch.

#4. Peloton Pitch Deck Template

Peloton entered the fitness industry with its stationary bike system, which uses the internet to connect users and trainers. The company, which was founded in 2012, sells gym equipment as well as monthly subscriptions to enjoy live and on-demand classes. “Peloton uses technology and design to connect the world through fitness, empowering people to be the best version of themselves anywhere, at any time,” says their mission statement.

#5. Buffer Pitch Deck Template

The buffer used this presentation deck to raise $500,000 for their startup, which Slidebean redesigned. The traction slide, which the founders describe as critical to their success, is the highlight of this deck.

#6. Doordash Pitch Deck Template

DoorDash is currently one of the most well-known food delivery services in the United States. It will become the country’s largest third-party delivery system in January 2020. Yet, as a startup, they appear to have arrived there through sheer hard work and well-aligned perfectionism. The Doordash investment deck is a great example of a pitch that uses traction to support your business.

#7. Tesla Pitch Deck Template

Tesla generates a steady stream of news. Also, Tesla Motors’ latest insights over the last few days include being ready to join the S&P 500 at S&P Dow Jones, from the electric car for the masses with accessible price points to the newest model launched in 2021. This is an exclusive market-cap-weighted index in the stock market reserved for leaders in top industries.

#8. Youtube Pitch Deck Template

The pitch deck for YouTube was used in 2005 when it had fewer than 10,000 users. In reality, it was quite simple. For fundraising, they used a simplified version of a 10-slide pitch deck in front of Sequoia Capital. Nonetheless, in November of that year, the company was able to raise $3.5 million in a Series A round. This costs approximately 30% of the company’s equity.

#9. Guy Kawasaki Pitch Deck Template

Guy Kawasaki is a well-known startup guru from Silicon Valley. He is the author of several books and was one of Apple’s first employees. People pay attention when he releases a template for creating a pitch deck. The template is based on his experience as an entrepreneur and investor, and it’s well worth a look if you’re looking to raise capital for your startup.

#10. Go To Market Strategy Template

The go-to-market strategy is a plan that outlines how a company will position its products in the market to achieve maximum penetration and profitability. It covers all business functions, from launching new products or campaigns to tracking results after they’ve been released – it’s very detailed. What is your marketing strategy? This template will assist you in summarizing it engagingly.

Real Estate Investment Pitch

Due to the legal complexities and experience and knowledge required to succeed in this highly competitive, capital-intensive industry, startups in the real estate space face special challenges when developing an investment pitch deck.

All successful real estate startups have one thing in common: they were once unknowns who had to pitch their ideas to investors or partners. If you’re not sure where to begin, here are a few of the best investment pitch decks from successful real estate companies to consider:

What are Some Successful Real Estate Investment Pitch Deck Examples?

Investment pitch decks that helped real estate startups raise millions of dollars:

#1. WeWork Pitch Deck

  • Amount: $335M • Round: Late Stage • Year: 2014

WeWork is a commercial real estate company that provides beautiful workspaces as well as services to communities. Furthermore, WeWork is simply an office-leasing company: it is a commercial real estate company that provides flexible shared workspaces for technology startups as well as services for other businesses, and it makes the majority of its money by renting office space.

#2. OpenDoor Pitch Deck

  • Amount: $10M • Round: Series A • Year: 2014

Opendoor is a startup that makes cash offers on homeowners’ homes within 24 hours of submitting an offer request on the company’s website. Following a $9.95 million venture capital round led by Khosla Ventures, the company began operations in May 2014. Opendoor had received $400 million in funding from the SoftBank Group Vision Fund as of 2018.

#3. RealtyShares Pitch Deck

  • Amount: $1.9M • Round: Early Stage • Year: 2014

RealtyShares was founded in April 2013 by Nav Athwal as a crowdfunding platform for real estate investing. Finally, it was a marketplace that matched investors with real estate sponsors (via an investment committee that vetted deals). Despite raising nearly $900 million in investment capital, the company was unable to continue operations due to a lack of risk capital.

#4. Mashvisor Pitch Deck

  • Amount: $200K • Round: Seed • Year: 2016

Mashvisor, a data analytics platform, enables property managers, agents, and investors to discover and analyze rental property returns, as well as the profit they or their clients can make from them. Furthermore, Mashvisor was founded by Abualzolof and Mohammed Jebrini in December 2015 and received investment from the Ibtikar Fund before being accepted into 500 Startups shortly thereafter.

#5. Silvernest Pitch Deck

  • Year: 2016; Amount: $590,000; Round: Seed

Home-sharing services are available. According to founder Wendi Burkhardt, Silvernest, which matches older homeowners with roommates, began just five years ago and already receives eight applications for each listing. In 2016, and again in 2017, she received funding from a Denver-based angel investor network.

You’re an entrepreneur with a great idea looking for funding. You’d like to find investors to partner with your real estate company, but you’re not sure how to create the ideal pitch deck. Don’t look any further. This list includes the best investment pitch decks from industry leaders like OpenDoor and RealtyShares.

These decks are ideal for learning more about what makes a pitch deck effective and how to create your own. The deck you present to an investor when pitching your company is an important part of the conversation. When creating your investor presentation, use these real estate investment pitch deck examples as inspiration.

How Do You Create an Investment Pitch?

What to Include in Your Investor Pitch:

  • Begin with an elevator pitch.
  • Tell an Interesting Story.
  • Don’t Ignore the Details.
  • Determine the amount of investment required and how it will be used.
  • Bet big on market potential.
  • Describe the competitive landscape accurately.
  • Discuss Potential Business Risks.

What Should Be Included in the Investment Pitch?

Value proposition and vision This is a one-sentence summary of your company and the value you provide to your customers.

  • The issue.
  • Market and opportunity identification
  • The solution.
  • The business model or revenue model
  • Progress and validation/roadmap
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Team.

How Do You Write a Good Pitch?

Here are some pointers:

  • Prepare some pre-reporting. Make certain that your pitch is well-thought-out.
  • Fill in the blanks with your information. Pre-reporting will assist you in answering the following questions in your pitch, which Stossel considers to be essential for a successful pitch.
  • Demonstrate your writing abilities.
  • Incorporate some drama.
  • Recognize the importance of the news.
  • Keep it on time.

What Makes a Good Pitch?

According to START UP, making a good pitch requires three steps: pique your audience’s interest take them on a logical and clear journey leave them with a strong call to action

How Do You Pitch a Business to Investors?

  • Determine what your audience expects from you. Make changes to this pitch deck template.
  • Prepare your elevator pitch.
  • Make use of visual aids.
  • Clearly explain your business model.
  • Incorporate your passion or story into your pitch.
  • Emphasize the advantages.
  • Explain how you differ from the competition.
  • Tell the story of your team.

What Does a Successful Pitch Look Like?

A successful pitch is brief. Most of the time, you only have a few seconds to catch someone’s attention and make your point. Your friends are focused and have momentum. A compelling pitch tells a story.

What Are the Three Kinds of Pitch?

You should prepare for three types of pitches: the elevator pitch, the short-form pitch, and the long-form pitch.


Creating a pitch deck is an important part of delivering a compelling investment presentation. A winning deck articulates a target audience, a problem that needs to be solved, and a scalable solution. It also reduces the three types of risk that investors are most concerned with: product risk, market risk, and execution risk.

Investment Pitch FAQs

What should be in a 5-minute pitch?

A five-minute pitch is when you can begin to stray from your main message. You’ll cover the problem your company solves and how you’ll solve it, but you can also include details like your competitive advantage and why your team is the best for the job.

How do I get people to invest in my small business?

Here are our top five strategies for finding investors for your small business:

  • Request capital from family or friends.
  • Apply for a loan from the small business administration.
  • Think about private investors.
  • Contact companies or schools in your industry.
  • Crowdfunding platforms can help you find investors.

How do private investors work?

Private equity is the investment in companies or funds that are not publicly traded on stock exchanges. Private equity investments provide high returns, but they are illiquid and require large minimums. Traditional private equity is only available to the wealthy, but newer forms of private equity are available to smaller investors.

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