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All aspects of your organization are impacted by a customer-centric strategy, but live chat allows you to significantly and inexpensively increase customer service. Live chat has one of the best satisfaction percentages of any medium and is becoming more and more popular for resolving customer care issues. Also, you may add it to your current technological stack for a fair price. In this post, we will be looking at the best free video app for a live chat for Android.

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Live Chat App

Live chat software combines online chat, help desk software, and web analytics to provide online customer assistance. With the aid of these technologies, you can concentrate on consumer and company communication. A message-filtering feature is offered by several of these applications. It gives you the option to completely personalize the chat windows.

But it can be difficult to get started due to the numerous options for live chat apps. We’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you to make your way around. Around 30 live chat applications for customer service were reviewed, appraised, and the most promising ones were put to the test in-depth. From there, we chose the top live chat applications, ranging in price from zero to fully featured, with a few unique ones in between.

What Characteristics Distinguish the Top Live Chat Apps?

We evaluated each live chat service based on the same five standards to ensure consistency:

#1. Affordability.

Except for commercial subscriptions, most of the apps on this list start at approximately $20 per user per month and don’t go above $100. Some of them are even free.

#2. Easy Installation and Use.

Even if technology isn’t your thing, live chat is made to be user-friendly. Nonetheless, some customer service chat programs offer a better user experience than others. Throughout the testing, there was a clear notice that each of these apps was simple enough to install and use so it didn’t feel like learning a new language.

#3. Aspects of Management.

Live chat can enhance your customer service, but it’s only a tool. You must track, evaluate, and enhance your team’s chat performance if you want to succeed. Staffing forecasting, real-time activity reporting, chat monitoring, and automatic chat routing are a few features that can be useful. The apps we choose include a blend of these and other management-related tools.

#4. Choices for Advanced Support.

There are apps with sophisticated support capabilities to assist your customer service team to be more effective. For instance, having a knowledge base nearby can allow agents swiftly assist consumers in solving their difficulties without involving a more experienced partner. A publicly accessible knowledge base where users can assist themselves by doing articles searches is much better.

#5. Integration Skills.

There is a clear notice that all of the live chat applications I chose worked seamlessly with well-known CRM, help desk, marketing, and eCommerce systems either directly or through Zapier.

Video Live Chat App

You can use a video chat live app to virtually attend events you can’t physically attend. You don’t even have to be in the same time zone thanks to the power of the internet. Without having to leave the house, a video chat live app help you fill in the gaps and stay in touch with the people that matter. Which app, though, is best for you? There are many of them, so picking the right one might be challenging. Fortunately, we’ve compiled all the top choices so you can decide which of the best video apps is ideal for you.

#1. Zoom

The epidemic proved to be a significant event for Zoom, solidifying its status as the go-to video chat software for many individuals and organizations. Because of its broad feature set and broad platform support, Zoom is a well-liked option all across the world. Zoom has plenty to offer whether you prefer a web client, a desktop client, or both. End-to-end encryption is used to protect calls, and updated privacy policies make it clear who can record and share meetings. There are also new notifications that are privacy-focused.

#2. Skype

For up to 50 users at once, the Skype app, which has been in the video live chat industry for a very long time, continues to provide a strong range of capabilities. Also, it is available on almost every device you could need to utilize and has no associated charges. Many common functions are also available on Skype, such as screen sharing, live transcription, and occasionally real-time audio translation in chat.

#3. Google Duo

You can communicate with your pals who own iPhones using Duo on iOS without having to purchase an Apple device in order to use Facetime. They have little reason to stay away because it even has the same 32-person restriction as Facetime. Duo, a video chat tool that is remarkably simple to use and available within Android’s native phone app, thankfully came along to solve that issue. Duo also offers a ton of entertaining features, such as the capacity to record and send video messages, allowing you to stay in touch with loved ones even when they aren’t there.

#4. Instagram Messenger

You’re undoubtedly already signed up to utilize the Facebook Messenger app, which is one of its best features for video live chat. You may start video chatting with your Facebook pals right away if you have a Facebook account and the Facebook Messenger mobile or web app. Messenger can still be used even if your Facebook account was formerly active but has since been canceled. You can summon a single person or a chat group by tapping the tiny video camera icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Also, similar to Skype, up to 50 individuals can participate in a Facebook Messenger video conversation at once, which is far more than the 32 simultaneous users enabled by Apple’s FaceTime and Google Duo. However, you can still utilize Facebook Messenger’s countless other features, such as sending chat messages, stickers, and more, even when you are in a video chat.

#5. WhatsApp

Due to its ease of use and the likelihood that many of your friends and family members already use it, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging apps for smartphones today. Like chat conversations, WhatsApp video calls are likewise completely encrypted. In other words, you won’t ever have to be concerned about malevolent snoopers listening in on any of your talks. Prior to recently, video calling was only accessible through mobile devices. Via WhatsApp’s desktop client, video calls may be placed and answered. When utilizing a desktop computer rather than a mobile device, everything functions precisely the same.

Best Live Chat App Free for Android

Below is some free live chat app for Android products:

#1. Telegram

Ideal for a safe, cost-free, and private online connection without government digital eavesdropping. A German-based corporation owns Telegram, a free online chat application. It supports the most advanced encryption technology to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your communication. It offers an effective tool for editing videos and photos, emojis, and themes that can be changed. One of the quickest online chat platforms is Telegram. Unrestricted file and media sharing are supported. Different devices sync their data with one another. As a result, you can start a chat on one device and continue it on another.

#2. Viber

Viber, one of the most secure free live chat app for Android programs, is owned by the Japanese business Rakuten. One of the strongest levels of encryption is used by the app. The app allows audio and video chats with a single tap. The app’s Notes area, which allows you to store files, notes, and links, is a fantastic tool. If you are concerned about online surveillance, Viber is a safe software to use. Without having to worry about government agents listening in on your private communications, you can communicate openly with anyone.

#3. Signal

Ideal for journalists and human rights activists seeking secure online communication to communicate sensitive information. Scalable and secure online communications service Signal. The program was created by a Californian business and supports one of the most reliable peer-reviewed and open-source encryption methods. For safe communication, it is advised by security professionals including Edward Snowden, Bruce Schneier, and others. Viber does not provide any user data to law enforcement. Knowing that your communications are secure allows you to converse in perfect tranquility.

#4. WhatsApp

With billions of users, WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging application. There are tons of cool features in the Facebook-owned app. Emojis, photos, and videos can all be shared by users. For user promotion, businesses can also develop an online catalog. The fastest or most secure texting app is not WhatsApp. The video call function might be improved. A slow internet connection causes a lot of lags. Due to reports of Facebook and government agencies monitoring conversations, communication is not totally safe.

#5. Facebook Messenger

To communicate with people on Facebook, Instagram, Oculus, and Portal, download the free Facebook Messenger app. With the live video chat tool, you can watch movies, TV series, and videos with friends. Selfie stickers, message effects, and augmented reality effects allow users to convey their emotions. An Android app for online live chat is available for free on Facebook. The software has a lot more features than just chat. In contrast to many other chat apps, it offers online shopping and digital payments. Yet, because Facebook uses data for online ad retargeting, the app is not entirely private.

#6. Line

Ideal for people and those who reside in Japan and other countries in the Far East. The owner of the free messaging app Line is a Tokyo-based business. The Line Out feature allows users to make free calls. Line Health Care is a special function that enables consumers to communicate with medical experts. Digital payments for internet services are supported. The app also allows for the sharing of original video material and live streaming. For those who reside in Japan and other countries in the Far East, Line is a recommended app. In Japan, it is among the most widely used apps.

What Is Chat App Live?

A live chat app is a customer care solution that offers in-the-moment interaction to help clients and potential clients. Interacting directly via websites or mobile devices, it can immediately answer queries. Through phone chats, video conversations, or co-browsing, it offers omnichannel assistance and quickly responds to queries.

Which App Is for Chat with People in the World?

One of the greatest apps for talking to strangers, Omegle enables you to meet new people and form friendships all around the world. Millions of people use this site all over the world.

Is Livu a Dating App?

With the stroke of a button, LivU connects users for live video chat, facilitating a rich and engaging online social experience. In order to provide our users the freedom to choose how they want to meet and get to know their friends, LivU offers Video Calling, Video Matching, and Text Chat.

Are Live Chats Real?

Live chat does really involve real people.

Which App Do Americans Use the Most for Chatting?

During the past few years, Facebook Messenger users have steadily increased. The number of Facebook Messenger users in the USA increased from 133 million in 2020 to 135.9 million in 2021. Its number rose to 138.1 million in 2022.

Which App for Online Dating?

Best Free Dating Apps:

  • eharmony. 
  • Match. 
  • Zoosk. 
  • FriendFinder.
  • Bumble. 
  • Hinge. 
  • OkCupid.

Which Is the Fastest App for Chatting?

Telegram advertises itself as the fastest chat service available and claims to have millions of active users. It functions on all platforms, including desktop and mobile.


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