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WhatsApp Logo
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WhatsApp was released in 2009 and quickly spread throughout the world. Its logo is on most phones. A small white call symbol in the middle of a green square has successfully covered the entire globe. The WhatsApp logo is simple and to the point. It already reflects the main function of the application with a modern overall overview. This article talks about the Messenger WhatsApp logo on the website for PC in the Status App.

Status for Whatsapp App

WhatsApp is a real-time online messaging service. Meta Platforms, formerly Facebook Inc., owns it. Within 6 years, WhatsApp has become the world’s most popular messenger.

WhatsApp is the name of one of the most popular mobile messengers, used by millions of people worldwide: the app allows for instant message sharing, voice and video calls, as well as file, music, and photo sharing.

The status allows you to share text, photo, video, and GIF updates that are end-to-end encrypted and disappear after 24 hours. You and your contacts must have each other’s phone numbers saved in your phones’ address books in order to send and receive status updates to and from them.

Make and Distribute a Status Update

Open the WhatsApp app and go to Status.

  • Tap: Text to write a status update. You can add emojis or GIFs by tapping Emoji, T, or Color.
  • To take a photo, record a video, or create a GIF, use the Camera or My status, or select an existing photo, video, or GIF from the picker. You can also add a caption to the photo, video, or GIF or edit it.
  • Press the Send button.

In your WhatsApp app, you can also create and send a status update with a picture, video, or GIF by going to the Chats tab and then tapping Camera. It should be noted that WhatsApp supports the video formats 3GP and MPEG4.

Check Out or Respond to a Whatsapp App Status Update

  • Tap the STATUS tab to get a contact’s latest status update. Then, tap the status update of the contact.
  • To respond to a contact’s status update, while viewing, tap REPLY.


Jan Koum and Brian Acton, two ex-Yahoo employees, founded Whatsapp in 2009. Their goal was to provide users with a more interactive way to communicate than SMS. The phrase “What’s up?” inspired the name of their company.

Despite early difficulties, the firm had more than 190 million users by early 2013. WhatsApp, which is simple and quick to use, has grown in popularity around the world. WhatsApp is a popular messenger service run by two hobbyists. And by the beginning of 2020, the number of people using this useful communication platform will have surpassed 2 billion. The WhatsApp logo is recognizable worldwide and is on 90% of current devices.

Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014. Facebook bought the organization to satisfy the market after acquiring Instagram. In early 2022, the Facebook Group changed its name to Meta. The company has about 45,000 employees all over the world and plans to make $86 billion in sales by 2020. WhatsApp has created a mobile (Android, iOS), computer (PC, Mac), and web browser version called WhatsApp Web.

The symbol is the only part of WhatsApp’s primary logo. There are, however, versions with the brand name. It’s a straightforward sans-serif font with rounded corners in the letters “W” and “A.” To stand out from the crowd, the typical “friendly” and “technical” fonts with rounded corners were not used. Also, capitalize the corporate name. This shortens the word and divides it into two distinct parts.

In 2009, the messenger was born. Brian Acton and Ian Kum, both Yahoo! employees, set it up. but wished to work on more global issues. They applied for a job on Facebook and were turned down. Then, young people considered developing a platform application for mobile devices that would allow them to communicate via live chat rather than SMS. So there was a convenient online chat messenger. It got its name from the English greeting phrase “What’s Up?” How are you feeling? What else is new?

Due to several crashes, the first iPhone app was challenging to develop. Ian Kum was unhappy with his kids and thought about leaving this “hopeless” situation, but Brian Acton had to persuade him to stay.

In 2013, the company had 50 employees and over 2 million users. The brand’s rights belong to Facebook for $1.9 billion, the highest transaction ever. However, Whatsapp is now an online chat that lets people make and receive voice and video calls and store data in the cloud.

The Color

There is no specific information as a distinctive green and white icon appears. Acton and Kum probably set it up while developing the app. As part of a mobile phone’s user interface, a simple but meaningful design has been shown to work very well.

The WhatsApp emblem and name are situated to the right of the trademark logo.

A huge icon is embedded in a basic icon: the green hue of the background represents that the WhatsApp lines are always available for conversation, and the elevated handset represents communication freedom and the capacity to call anybody, anywhere on the globe, at any time. All of the information is contained within a white cloud (a text bubble with a tail at the bottom) that serves as a message indicator.

The handset from the old landline telephone was not picked at random; it represents the ability to make calls, as opposed to modern smartphones with several functionalities. The logo’s visual image has not altered in ten years. For 2020, there are eight patented icons, each with a specific function: for Android, iPhone, Web, and so on. Some are already out of date and are no longer in use. All of them are copyrighted.

The background of the icon is green, and the main colors are white and green, which are used to send photos. In one of the options, which is the icon for Windows devices, black is used as an extra choice. The WhatsApp logo is divided into two sections. The first part of the callout is a green “bubble” callout with a white handset. However, the second component is a wordmark that contains the messaging service’s name. The inscription is in gray-green paint and written in a sans-serif font.

The Complete Logo Is Available in Two Official Colors:

  • On the white horizontally stretched plate, there is a green icon and the WhatsApp name, both in gray-green Helvetica Neue type.
  • A conventional icon and the name are white on the gray-blue plate.

The distinctive WhatsApp icon is a perfect illustration of how, by employing basic visual cues, you can effectively differentiate a product from competitors and attract a large number of users.

What’s the Difference Between Whatsapp and Texting?

It functions similarly to text messaging, with one important difference: messages are sent via the internet rather than the phone network. Each message sent via the WhatsApp Business API costs only a fraction of the price of a text message. It is simple to form groups, share data, and even receive files from clients. WhatsApp seems to be completely safe because it utilizes end-to-end encryption.

The main differentiation between SMS marketing and WhatsApp marketing is that the latter relies on carriers as well as cellular networks to send text messages. In contrast, WhatsApp requires an internet connection to send messages. We’re all addicted to our phones.

What Whatsapp Is Used For?

However, WhatsApp’s main attraction is that it allows you to send and receive calls and messages using only an internet connection, making it virtually free to use and ideal for international calling.

While text messages and phone calls are perfectly acceptable methods of communication, many people now use WhatsApp to send messages and make calls. It’s a simple way to stay in touch with loved ones while also sending and receiving photos and videos.

Whatsapp on Website

Whatsapp is a messaging service that allows users to communicate with their friends, family, and businesses. It serves as a portal for businesses to engage in personal, accessible, and informal conversations with their customers. As a result, many of them have added a WhatsApp chat button to their websites.

WhatsApp Web is a web-based version of WhatsApp that allows users to send and receive messages through their computer browsers. Working on your computer is an excellent way to keep in touch with your contacts.

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging app that lets users communicate without incurring SMS charges. WhatsApp Web allows users to extend their WhatsApp experience to web browsers on their computers. You must have WhatsApp installed on your phone and be signed in to your account to use WhatsApp Web. After signing in, you can use WhatsApp Web on your computer.

Whatsapp Web: What You Should Know

  • To access WhatsApp via the Web, you must currently use Google Chrome and a computer; using Chrome on a tablet or smartphone is not supported.
  • For the web feature to work, you must update WhatsApp on your phone to the latest version available from the relevant app store.
  • You must have an active WhatsApp account and use it frequently. An online WhatsApp account cannot be created.
  • Messages cannot be deleted or forwarded via the web version, and no new groups or groups can be left. You must first download the app in order to fully utilize it.
  • The web client is only available for a limited time. Nothing is kept on the computer. Extensions can also be viewed but not installed.

Why Should You Incorporate a Whatsapp Web Chat Into Your Website?

There are several compelling reasons why you should think about embedding WhatsApp on your website.

#1. Maintain Contact After the Visitor Has Left

You won’t be able to contact a website visitor who contacts you through live chat after they leave. Customers are leaving faster than ever before, as their patience wanes. Unless you have the time to respond quickly all day.

When a visitor contacts you through WhatsApp, they get the same experience without having to stay on your website to wait for a response. This enhances their experience while also allowing them more time to respond.

#2. Make It Your Own

Live chat used to feel casual and one-on-one, but now it’s become a way to communicate that many businesses see as similar to email. This makes it less appealing and unique to website visitors.

WhatsApp, in contrast, is an app that everyone uses daily to communicate with their families and friends. By putting your business into that setting, you make a more personal connection with your customer. Especially if you can respond quickly and in the appropriate informal tone of voice.

How to Incorporate a Whatsapp Chat Onto Your Website

You can allow your customers to contact you using WhatsApp as a conversation on your website.

#1. Tap the Chat Button to Chat

Customers can use the click-to-chat capability to directly start a WhatsApp chat with another individual or business by clicking a URL. To do this, you do not need to save any phone numbers on your phone. You simply open a chat and begin typing with the link. This is true for both the smartphone app and WhatsApp Web. You can use this feature to connect a statement like ‘WhatsApp us!’ to WhatsApp. 

You might also type your phone number and link to it. It’s fine to have a “click-to-chat” link on your contact page, but it gets more complicated if you want to use WhatsApp for the whole online customer experience. Sharing this link on every single page would make your website look disorganized. To create a click-to-chat link, change the following link: https://wa.me/ [WhatsAppNumber]. Replace ‘WhatsAppNumber’ with your preferred phone number.

#2. Barcode (Qr Code)

Customers may find it inconvenient to have to add a phone number to their contacts in order to begin a WhatsApp conversation. This is not a viable option, especially if you intend to offer this channel as a business. Examine the following procedures, which a client must accept:

  • They must first check your phone number.
  • They must then save you as a contact. This includes your company’s name and phone number. If they have to do this for every company with which they communicate, their contact list may explode one day.
  • Finally, the customer must navigate to WhatsApp, and search for you, and only then can they initiate a chat.

This does not take long. However, it does not guarantee a faultless customer experience. That is the goal. Because of this, a number of businesses have started making QR codes to start a conversation. All they have to do is write the code and install it on their website so that clients can quickly initiate a conversation. To make such a QR code, first, make click on the chat link. This link can then be converted into a QR code using tools like QR Code Generator or QR Code Monkey.

#3. Trengo Widget With Several Channels

Using a multichannel chat widget, such as Trengo, is the best method to add a WhatsApp chat button to your website. Customers can contact you using a WhatsApp button on your website. Another significant advantage is that Trengo allows you to use WhatsApp with numerous users, something the official software does not allow. Conversations under one WhatsApp account can be easily collaborated on by your team. They can tag each other in the inbox and allocate communications to specific colleagues or teams.

Whatsapp Messenger

The program allows users to send and receive messages instantaneously without using up their texting allotment. The program sends free messages to contacts all around the world via wifi or a network connection.

WhatsApp is a free chatting and video calling software from Facebook. It is used by over 2 billion individuals in over 180 countries. It’s easy to use, reliable, and private, so you can talk to your friends and family with no trouble. WhatsApp works on phones and computers, even if the connection is slow, and there are no monthly fees. Other characteristics include:

#1. Worldwide Private Messaging

End-to-end encryption protects your personal messages and phone conversations with friends and family. No one else, not even WhatsApp, may read or listen to your chats.

#2. Right Now, Simple and Secure Connections

Users only really need someone’s phone number; no profiles or logins are required. Users can instantly access their WhatsApp contacts as well as begin chatting with them.

#3. Voice and Video Calls of Exceptional Quality

Free secure video and voice chats with up to 8 people. One call works among mobile devices by utilizing the online service provided by the device, even over slow connections.

#4. Group Chats to Stay in Touch

Maintain contact with your friends and family. With end-to-end encryption, users can send and receive messages, photos, videos, and documents from and to their mobile and desktop devices.

#5. Keep in Touch in Real-Time

However, you can share your location solely with those in your individual or group conversations, and you can opt out at any time. To communicate instantly, make a voice message.

#6. The Status Allows You to Share Daily Events

Status lets you post updates with text, photos, videos, or GIFs. These updates disappear after 24 hours. You can also opt to share status updates with all or just a subset of your contacts.

What Is the Operation of Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is available for download on any smartphone that has a SIM card, an internet connection, and a phone number. Once installed on a smartphone, a WhatsApp user’s account can be linked to a desktop version of the software on a tablet or computer. 

WhatsApp functions similarly to other Wi-Fi-only messaging services, such as Facebook Messenger, which is available on both phones and computers. WhatsApp, on the other hand, identifies users by their phone number rather than requiring an account with a username and password. Anyone in the user’s phone contact list who is already on WhatsApp is added to the WhatsApp contact list, making it simple to search for and message friends and family across platforms.

Whatsapp for PC

The company released the WhatsApp business without the phone feature a few months ago, and it has been well-received by users. The intriguing aspect is that users can use WhatsApp on four linked devices at the same time without being connected to the phone’s network. In layman’s terms, this implies that you can use the web version of WhatsApp on your PC even if your phone is busy or switched off.

You are now aware that you can use the WhatsApp platform on your PC, tablet, laptop, or any other device even if your smartphone does not have an active internet connection. However, there is one thing that all users should keep in mind: you must use your phone to link WhatsApp on other devices, and you do not need to sign out of that device to access the app without the need for a phone. If you log out, you must reconnect to WhatsApp on your PC/laptop using your phone.

On Your Computer, You Can Use Whatsapp in Two Ways:

  • WhatsApp Web is a browser-based WhatsApp application.
  • WhatsApp Desktop: A program that you can install on your PC.

WhatsApp may be accessed without the use of a browser on your PC. Get WhatsApp Desktop first from the Microsoft Store, Apple App Store, or perhaps the WhatsApp webpage to put it on your PC. WhatsApp Desktop is only compatible with systems that match the following system requirements:

  • Windows 8.1 and later.
  • macOS 10.11 or later is required.
  • All other operating systems may be accessed through your browser.

WhatsApp Desktop

  • Go to the WhatsApp Download page in your computer’s browser and get the.exe or.dmg file.
  • Whenever the installation is complete, run the.exe or.dmg document as well as continue the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Is It Safe to Install Whatsapp Now?

WhatsApp is a generally safe messaging software due to end-to-end encryption on all chats. If you don’t encrypt your WhatsApp backup, your data is at risk; you can do it with only a few taps.

When Should You Not Use Whatsapp?

WhatsApp, like any other software or digital device, is frequently attacked by malicious individuals. The program also has access to your contacts and tracks where and how long you use it, jeopardizing your privacy and personal information.

Does Whatsapp Cost Money?

Your mobile provider should not charge you for messaging or calling on WhatsApp as long as you haven’t exceeded your mobile data allowance or are connected to a free Wi-Fi network. Data costs may apply if your phone is in roaming mode.

Can Strangers Contact You on Whatsapp?

Anyone who has your phone number can send you a WhatsApp message. However, WhatsApp allows anyone who has your registered WhatsApp number to contact you. You can also block them and report their number on the app if you do not want them to send you texts.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Whatsapp?

The following are the WhatsApp benefits:

  • User-Friendly.
  • Discreetly listen to audio messages.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • Reduce the amount of data used for phone calls.
  • PC App.

The following are the drawbacks of WhatsApp:

  • Face filters are absent.
  • It’s possible to hack it.
  • Messages That Were Deleted Make No Trace.
  • The Time Limit for Disappearing Messages was fixed.
  • Contact information is required.

How Do I Hide My Name on Whatsapp?

Navigate to the settings menu. Tap the pencil icon, then your current Whatsapp name. To change your name, remove the arrow symbol and tap OK. On Whatsapp, your name is blank.

Why Did a Random Person Message Me on Whatsapp?

WhatsApp allows you to send a message to anyone who has your phone number. That means spammers can scrape the web for contact information, purchase lists of active phone numbers from the dark web, and even hack other services that have your phone number on file before sending you an unsolicited message.

Can Someone See if You Are Viewing Their Whatsapp?

Yes, WhatsApp informs you when someone views your story. The small eye-icon at the bottom shows who has viewed your WhatsApp status and when. To check, just swipe up on the icon.

How Can You Tell a Fake Whatsapp Number?

When you receive a message, check the profile to see if the phone number begins with +91. Typically, spoof numbers begin with +1. If an Indian sends WhatsApp messages from a number with a different country code, it is most likely a bogus WhatsApp account.

If you call the number and it says it’s not in service, it’s a scam. It exists if it gets to voicemail. Every registered phone number has a voicemail, which is also a useful hint. The second method is to Google the number.

How Do People Find Me on Whatsapp?

People can only contact you on WhatsApp if they have your phone number. If they do not have your phone number, they must first locate it before they can begin chatting with you on the app.


WhatsApp has become the most widely utilized communication app in the world. However, WhatsApp presently has more than 2 billion users. And the numbers are steadily rising. WhatsApp Web and Windows pc seem to be internet extensions of one’s phone’s WhatsApp account.

However, messages sent and received are synced between your phone and computer, and you can read them on both. Whatsapp is a messaging app that also allows you to communicate instantly with friends and family all over the world, with contacts able to see your status and if you are online at any time. This article teaches about the “WhatsApp logo.”

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