CUSTOMER ACQUISITION STRATEGIES: Guide To The Acquisition Strategies

Customer acquisition
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In business, customer acquisition is the process of bringing in new customers or clients. It is a part of every company’s growth. You can use customer acquisition strategies to acquire new clients by focusing on your target market, cost formula, and channels needed. The most important thing is to focus on creating a mutual relationship with your customers. This means providing them with great value and excellent service that will keep them coming for more.

While acquiring new customers is essential for and success of many businesses, it’s also a complex and ever-changing process that requires a delicate mix of art and science. In this guide, we’ll explore customer acquisition strategies, how you can apply those lessons to your business, and calculate your expenses using the customer acquisition cost formula. So, let’s dive in!

What Is Customer Acquisition?

Customer acquisition is the process of obtaining new clients for a firm. It involves various marketing and sales tactics, including internet advertising, cold-calling, and offering incentives. The purpose of customer acquisition is to increase your client base and, as a result, your income.

You can attract customers via online advertising__paid search, display advertising, or social media advertising. You can also use cold-calling, which can be effective if you have a well-trained sales team or ultimately attract new clients with incentives like discounts or free delivery.

The most crucial point is that acquiring new customers is not a one-time occurrence. It is an evolving issue that should be changed and enhanced regularly. So if you constantly draw customers to your services, you will ensure that your business continues to grow.

What Is Customer Acquisition In CRM? 

In customer relationship management (CRM), customer acquisition is about attracting new leads, converting those leads into paying customers and then retaining those customers for the long haul.

That’s, it employs many strategies and tactics, from lead generation and leads nurturing to targeted marketing campaigns and beyond. The key is to find the right mix that works best for your business, CRM, or customer relationship management. Thus, it is a system that businesses use to manage their customer data.

What Is Customer Acquisition Example? 

A customer acquisition example is where a company successfully gains a new customer. For a company to be successful in acquiring new customers, it must have a solid marketing strategy to reach the target audience and convince them to switch from their current provider to the new company.

For example, a company may place ads in strategic locations to attract potential customers. It may also offer discounts to first-time customers or to customers who refer new customers.

In addition, the company may try to generate word-of-mouth buzz by providing excellent customer service. The costs of recruiting new consumers are known as customer acquisition costs. It includes marketing expenses, sales commissions, and other costs of bringing a new customer on board. As a result, organizations must carefully track and control these expenditures.

What Is A Customer Acquisition Strategy? 

A customer acquisition strategy is a plan that shows how a company will find and convert new customers. It can include a mix of online and offline marketing tactics. The goal of a customer acquisition strategy is to lower the cost of acquiring new customers and increase the lifetime value of each customer. 

How To Create A Customer Acquisition Strategy

Below are a few key things to keep in mind when creating a customer acquisition strategy: 

#1. Define your target customer.

First, you should identify your target customer, understand what motivates them, and develop an enticing offer that will appeal to them. It triggers people to patronize businesses more.

#2. Research your business competitors

It is critical to conduct competitor research while developing a customer acquisition strategy. This will give you insight into strategies that work well and what you can do to improve them. 

First, you should search for them online and study their website and social media presence.

Reach out to them directly and ask for information or look at industry reports and case studies.

Remember to keep your competition in mind as you create and implement your strategy, as they may be able to provide you with valuable insights.

#3. Create a mix of marketing tactics or strategies

You can employ many marketing strategies to get consumers’ attention. You can use online advertising, direct mail, print advertising, and personal selling. Though these tactics entice customers, they have advantages and disadvantages. You should go for the best to get good results.

#4. Test and measure the results of your customer acquisition strategy.

Studies show numerous ways to measure the results of customer acquisition strategy. The most important metric is customer acquisition costs (CAC). This is the amount you spend to acquire each new customer, and it should be lower than the lifetime value of that customer.

To track your CAC, conversion rate, and retention rate, you need to set up systems to collect data and track progress over time. It is as simple as setting up Google Analytics tracking on your website or using a more sophisticated CRM system. Once you have the data, you can analyze it to see everything and adjust your customer acquisition strategy accordingly.

#5. Make adjustments to your strategy based on what you learn.

Based on what you learn about your target market and what works to reach them, endeavor to amend your budget, target market, marketing channels, or messages. Making these adjustments can help you gain new customers in the most effective way possible.

The Different Types Of Customer Acquisition Strategies

The most common and effective strategies include:

1. Word-of-mouth marketing: This is perhaps the oldest and most effective form of marketing. When your customers are happy with your product or service, they will tell their friends and family about it. This organic form of marketing is still the most powerful, especially in the age of social media.

2. Paid advertising: Paid advertising is a more traditional form of marketing where you pay to place ads in newspapers, TV, or online. This strategy is very effective, but it can also be very costly.

3. Public relations: Here is another marketing strategy involving generating positive publicity for your business through media relations, awareness programs, or events.

4. Social media: Social media involves using online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to connect with potential and current customers. It is well-known and has lots of users worldwide.

5. Search engine optimization: This focuses on improving your visibility in search engine results pages. You can optimize your website, blog, and social media content to rank on Google and others.

How Does Customer Acquisition Happen In Companies?

Most companies use advertising to generate potential consumers and encourage them to buy their products and services. 

Word-of-mouth is another technique for businesses to obtain clients. For instance, if your consumers are pleased with your products or services, they will more likely inform others, which can result in additional customers for you. 

And finally, some companies acquire customers through a process called lead generation. It is when a company uses various methods to generate interest in its product or service and converts it into sales.

How Do You Get Customer Acquisition? 

You can use various channels—television, radio, print, or online. For instance, if you want to use television to draw people to your goods and services, then your advertisement should be captivating and interesting. Of course, nobody would listen to unattractive ads. Hence, ensure you market your goods properly.

You can also acquire customers through events or tradeshows. This is a more direct way of marketing to potential customers and can be very effective in getting them to become actual customers.

How To Calculate Customer Acquisition Cost

The customer acquisition cost (CAC) is the cost of acquiring new customers. The formula for customer acquisition cost is:

CAC – Total Cost of Sales and Marketing divided by the Number of New Customers

Using this Customer Acquisition Cost Formula, you need to know how much you spent on acquiring new customers and how many new customers you got. To calculate CAC, divide the total expenses by the number of new customers.

For example: If you spend $50,000 to acquire 2000 customers, your CAC is $25. That’s CAC = ($50,000 Expenses) / (2000 Customers) = $25 per customer.

Therefore, follow the above calculation, calculate, and know your expenses. This formula will guide you through on the amount you spent to get people to your business and how much each new client cost you.

How To Reduce CAC

The best way to reduce CAC is to focus on marketing, advertising, sales, and product development and find ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Advertising is one of the expenses when acquiring new customers, so ensure your advertising budget is in the most effective way possible. One way to do this is to target your advertising to the people most likely interested in your product or service.
  • Sales is another essential factor in customer acquisition. The more effective your sales team is at closing deals, the lower your CAC will be. You can improve sales effectiveness through training, lead generation, and CRM software.
  • Product development is also a crucial part of reducing CAC. If your product is better than the competition, you can acquire customers at a lower cost. Hence, product development is also important.

Why Is Customer Acquisition Important? 

There are several reasons customer acquisition is so important. They are as follows:

  • Customer acquisition allows a business to reach new markets and expand its customer base.
  • It drives up sales and revenue.
  • You can use it to build brand awareness and recognition.
  • It helps companies to create loyalty and customer retention.
  • It aids in generating word-of-mouth marketing.

Therefore, to be successful, your business needs to focus on acquiring new customers. By doing so, you can keep your business growing and thriving.


Without customers, businesses would not exist. So customer acquisition is a basic necessity in every business. The acquisition process can be complex, but the above strategies can help you acquire new customers. 

The most important thing is to identify the target market and create a strategy that resonates with them. Then, use various marketing channels to reach them.

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