HOW TO BECOME AN ESCORT: Detailed Step-by-Step Guide

How to become an escort

Due to the rate of insecurity in the country, people with high influence would typically want to go out with an escort. Being an escort for security is a noble job, and you can learn how to become an escort. There are qualifications for becoming an escort for as many as would like to venture into it.

In this article, we’ll discuss who security escorts are, how to become an escort and the required skills. So, kindly follow through.

Who are Escorts?

To know how to become an escort, it’s important to know who escorts are.

Security escorts are responsible for ensuring the safety of individuals and property in a variety of settings. They commonly work as part of a security team but may also be employed by private companies or organizations that require additional protection.

Security escorts typically work under the direction of a supervisor to ensure that their area of responsibility is always secure. They may also interact with guests or other personnel to answer questions or resolve issues.

How To Become an Escort: Step By Step Guide

Step #1: Choose the best training provider.

Your effectiveness in the field depends on selecting the best training provider. An excellent training provider will work closely with you and invest in your future.

Before enrolling in a course, don’t hesitate to ask and ensure you are entirely satisfied.

When evaluating the training provider, there are some important things to keep in mind

Verify the registration of the provider. All of a registered training organization’s marketing and advertising materials must include the registration number.

Browse the testimonials and rankings submitted by former students. If you can, speak with them. Go over the qualifications and profile of your trainers to learn more about them.

Step #2: Begin a security course

The nationally recognized entry-level course CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations (Crowd controller and Unarmed Guard) permits you to apply for a private security license.

After obtaining your security license successfully, you are qualified to serve as a Crowd Controller or an Unarmed Guard. With a license, you can work in places like:

  • Sports Facilities
  • Shopping Malls
  • Corporate buildings
  • Airports
  • Educational Establishments

Step #3: Get More Certification 

You will have a second career option as a Control Room Operator if you complete extra Control Room units in addition to the CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations.

The Control Room Operations course typically lasts four to five days.

Training providers usually offer this as part of an upgrade package for the unarmed guard’s course.

Step #4: Increase Your Skills and Credentials

Consider upgrading your skills by earning a CPP30411 Certificate III in Security Operations if you are ready to operate in a high-risk setting (Armed Guard Cash-in-Transit).

This training teaches security guards how to safely use a revolver handgun, batons, handcuffs, and defensive techniques. It also teaches them how to collect, transfer, and/or deliver money or other valuables.

Step #5: Seek Employment

You can’t talk about how to become an escort and not talk about getting employed. 

The security sector operates around-the-clock, seven days a week, and can place you in interesting places to protect the public.

Networking and initiative will always be advantageous to you. Maintain contact with your instructors and former classmates after completing your course since networking is important in security.

Remember that people frequently discuss their current relationships rather than those they had lost touch with.

Lastly, register with your training provider to receive regular news and updates from both parties and the sector. Regularly, training providers post job vacancies on their sites and social media. Being in their database is advantageous since you will receive these changes first.

Security Escort Job Duties

Security escorts often carry out a variety of duties. On your road to how to become an escort, you’ll need to know some of these duties.

Some of these may be as follows:

  • Preserving security by keeping an eye on CCTV and other surveillance tools.
  • Escorting visitors as they leave a location or event and delivering them to their cars or hotel rooms
  • Securing government representatives or other prominent people who might be in danger.
  • When necessary, physically search persons for weapons or other banned objects.
  • Patrolling the property and responding to crises like fires or ongoing crimes.
  • Announcing guests’ presence when an event or function, opening doors for them, and assisting them to their desired location
  • Monitoring computer networks or CCTV for evidence of sabotage or entry.
  • Supplying safety for public events like sporting events or music festivals
  • Accompanying people to places that require passcodes or secret rooms, such as lifts, stairwells, and doors,

On how to become an escort, know that security escorts are frequently compensated hourly, and their pay may differ depending on various variables.

Job Requirements for Security Escorts

Candidates for security escort positions may need to satisfy the following criteria:


Security escorts are usually expected to hold a GED or a high-school diploma. Some companies may prefer a degree in defense, law enforcement, or criminal justice.

Security escorts learn most of their skills while working, according to their training and experience. They may undergo a brief training from their company. Still, they will understand the details of their job, such as the geography of the facility, the paths they will take, and the protocols they will adhere to when escorting a customer.

Security escorts must have the required certifications and licenses to operate in the field in which they are hired. Every state has a different licensing procedure, which may involve passing an exam and accumulating clinical experience.

Security Escort Skills

To perform better, security escorts require the following abilities:

#1. Communication

Security escorts frequently interact with clients, other staff members, and other security industry employees. They should be capable of clearly communicating directions and information to someone else. They ought to be capable of listening to others and giving suitable responses.

#2. Detail-oriented

Security escorts frequently need to be detail-oriented to guarantee the security of their clients. Paying close attention can help you see potential dangers and threats, ensuring the security of your clients. Additionally, it can help you remember specifics about your service users, like their names, room numbers, and other information that might be useful in identifying them in the future.

#3. Patience

Security escorts frequently deal with sizable crowds, such as a sizable number of guests at an event or a sizable number of kids at a school. Security escorts must be patient to safeguard the group securely and ensure that everybody stays together.

#4. Fitness

Security escorts frequently walk or run alongside the customers or people they guard. Maintaining a quick pace and keeping up with others can be made easier with physical conditioning. To remain fit for your job, try to have a healthier diet.

#5. Resolution of disputes

Security personnel frequently escort people when visiting private spaces like boardrooms or executive offices. It’s crucial to settle any potential disagreements in these circumstances. For instance, you can respectfully ask a guest to lessen their voice if they are talking too loudly. This guarantees everyone’s safety and the smooth operation of the meeting.

Security Escorted Workplace

Office buildings, industries, airports, and other public and commercial facilities employ security escorts in various situations. They can work in any weather, both inside and outside. They might be obliged to have a weapon and wear a uniform. Although security escorts usually put in 40 hours a week, they occasionally have to work extra hours, weekends, and holidays. They might be available at all times. Security escorts should be capable of handling challenging situations quietly and successfully because their job can be stressful.

The three trends that are affecting security escorts are listed below. Security escorts will have to stay informed of these advancements to keep their skills up to date and beat the rivalry in the job.

#1. Greater Consciousness of Security Is Required

The requirement for increased security consciousness grows in relevance as firms become more technologically dependent. This results from hackers’ increasing sophistication and ability to discover fresh ways to exploit system flaws.

Security escorts can meet this requirement by offering instructions on keeping safe online and what to do if you believe your account has been compromised. They can also aid in educating staff members about current dangers and how to defend themselves against them.

#2. Responsibility & Tasks

Assist in escorting visitors, contractors, and staff to the site in compliance with security protocols

Keep an eye on and manage access to the building to ensure that only authorized workers are permitted entry.

As appropriate, do pat-downs and bag inspections to keep a safe environment.

#3. Awareness Of Surroundings and looking out for unusual behaviors or actions.

  • Any occurrences or issues should be instantly reported to the security commander. Carry out daily logs and findings outlining all of your shift’s activity.
  • Regularly update your training to stay current on new security standards and practices.
  • Follow all safety guidelines and directives
  • Always be respectful and professional.
  • being able to stand for extended durations and travel great distances
  • Lift and carry 50 pounds if required.

The simple answer is no. One can have personal escorts for security reasons.

Escort-Friendly States

When establishing a career as an escort, some places are better than others. Alaska, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts are the top states for someone in this position. Escorts earn the highest in Alaska, earning an average of $39,667 per year. In Vermont and New Hampshire, the average would be $38,002 and $37,674, respectively. While escorts earn an average of $37,411 in Massachusetts, they still earn more than the rest of the country. These are the best states in terms of job availability and income.

Average Salaries For an Escort

Escorts in the United States earn an average of $29,252 per year or $14 per hour. The top 10% earn more than $37,000 annually, while the bottom 10% earn less than $22,000 annually.

What is escorting in security?

Escorting in security can be called safety services offered physically. 


A career in security escort can be a great way to enter the security industry. It’s a good way to learn about different security areas and see what works best for you. You may find that you enjoy working with people, or you may prefer working alone. You may also find that you like working in a certain environment, such as a corporate setting or a hospital.

No matter which area of security you choose, it’s important to keep learning and developing your skills. 


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