CAREER COACHING: Definition, Types & Services

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You typically picture an athletic coach when you think of a coach—someone who inspires athletes to give their best effort. Outside of athletics, though, there are other kinds of instructors who can inspire you to give your best effort. A career coach is one of those coaches. Whether or not you are familiar with the word, you may be wondering what a career coach is, what they do, and whether or not you need one. How are they going to inspire me to succeed in my career? Is exercise a part of it? Read on to learn about the certificate in career coaching and the types of career coaching service.

Career Coaching 

Career coaching is the practice of a specialist in development who offers one-on-one direction and advice to individuals to help them modify and enhance their career pathways. In order to obtain a new job, change careers, or work toward a promotion, you might think about hiring a career coach. So, consider a career coach as a partner in your personal and professional development. Regardless of how you define your career potential, you can maximize it with the proper coach.

The Function of a Career Coach

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to career coaching because career coaches come from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. All career coaches, however, have one thing in common: they all wish to assist you in determining what you must do to achieve the job you desire. A career coach can also assist you with a variety of things, some of which include:

  • Determining which occupations fascinate you
  • Establishing a credible brand
  • Create and update your resume
  • Tips for doing a successful job search
  • Create and keep motivation

What to Expect From a Career Coach

A career coach can help you reach your career goals by giving you professional advice and feedback that is unbiased and objective. This includes:

  • Accountability: Making sure you carry out your obligations
  • Focus: The goal is to prevent you from falling into a rabbit hole.
  • Encouragement: Boosting your spirits while you’re feeling low
  • Structure: to serve as a model and aid in organizing things

Types of Career Coaching 

As they work to succeed professionally, candidates may take into account a variety of career counseling options. Here are some types of career coaching that will help you work toward a certain career goal:

#1. Career Discovery Coaching

Career discovery coaching is one of the types of career coaching. People can use career discovery coaching to help them find a job that fits their needs and interests. Hence, with the help of coaches who offer these services, candidates can talk about their background, skills, motivations, and goals. Coaches can help candidates find a career they can succeed in and love from this point on.

#2. Resume Development Coaching

This is one of the types of focused career coaching services that enables individuals to produce well-organized and successful documents like resumes and cover letters. Hence, with the help of coaches who offer resume-building services, professionals can make these papers and write well about their experience. In addition, candidates may learn how to adapt their resumes during the job application process.

#3. Mentorship

Some experts who have built successful careers in fields with significant entry barriers might provide career coaching services using a mentorship model. These mentors frequently offer advice and direction on career advancement and development. Candidates may then gain more clarity about their career path and confidence in their capacity to succeed.

#4. Interview coaching

This is one of the various types of career coaching service. Candidates who receive interview coaching may gain the self-assurance and technical expertise necessary to perform well in screening procedures. Candidates may be given tools and techniques by those who offer interview coaching services for speaking persuasively about their qualifications, conversing with hiring managers, and controlling their anxiety during interviews. Hence, with this help, candidates might improve their ability to advertise their value and present themselves in a professional setting.

#5. Job search coaching

Candidates may be able to locate more opportunities and jobs that are a good fit for them through job search coaching. Those who offer job search coaching work with prospects to examine best practices for the procedure and create tactics for quickly finding positions. In order to help professionals land a job, job search coaches may also offer further assistance, such as writing resumes and cover letters.

#6. Networking Coaching

This is also one of the types of career coaching service. Professionals can acquire useful techniques for establishing connections with others in their field by participating in networking coaching. Coaches that employ this strategy frequently assist their clients in comprehending the value of networking and the resources available to them for effective networking. With this support, professionals may build a stronger network and discover new opportunities that they might not have discovered otherwise.

Career Coaching Service 

When comparing career coaching to a do-it-yourself strategy, the advantage is that your career coach should have expertise in crossing waters that you are unfamiliar with. Hence, by using an expert who has already had success assisting others in similar circumstances, hiring a career coach can help you save time. The various career coaching service include:

#1. Be Productive Coaching

Vimari Roman founded the job counseling firm Be Productive Coaching in 2013. The Global Certificate in Leadership Coaching was awarded to Vimari. In addition, her business provides a wide range of services, such as career strategy, professional branding, mental wellness, and more, in addition to standard coaching. Redesigns of your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are included in all of their packages. However, no matter where you are, you can use their online career coaching service. A career coach with more than 20 years of expertise is also available to you.

#2. A Path That Fits

Throughout the past 15 years, more than 1,000 people have benefited from A Path That Fits. Also, they all have at least ten years of professional experience as career and life advisors. You have the option to work with the coach of your choice while doing so. Most of their clients are trying to change careers or find their real calling.

Furthermore, both group sessions and one-on-one coaching are available. They truly mix one-on-one coaching with all the advantages of their group coaching in their one-on-one coaching option. Both in-person and online coaching sessions are available in San Francisco. The business also employs a mindfulness-based strategy to help you accomplish outcomes in your work by bringing clarity and taking specific action.

#3. Jody Michael Associates

Jody Michael founded Jody Michael Associates in 1996. Customers of the company’s career coaching services range in experience levels and include C-level executives, senior managers, and even students. Although they have a Chicago base, they currently have offices in five different cities. Meetings with your career coach can be arranged over the phone, in person, or on location. Their entire staff consists of Professional Certified Coaches (PCC). Furthermore, their website contains in-depth information about their career coaches.

#4. Ama La Vida

In 2016, Nicole Wood and Foram Sheth founded Ama La Vida. Ama La Vida is an online career coaching business based in Chicago, Illinois, that provides its services globally. However, more than 1,000 career experts have received their coaching, and they have been highlighted by publications like Business Insider. The Ama La Vida staff takes into account your career demands and goals before allocating you to one of their many coaches. However, if you’re unhappy with the coach you were assigned, you do have the option of switching.

#5. Coaching 4 Good

There is more to Coaching for Good than just career coaching; it was once known as Wolfgang Professional Coaching. A variety of services are available from them, including executive and leadership training, developing LinkedIn profiles, career transition, job searching, career counseling, interview training, and more. Whichever stage of your career you’re at, Coaching 4 Good is here to support you. A wide range of services is provided by Coaching 4 Good. Coaching 4 Good is a service tailored for you, whether you are a fresh graduate unsure of how to start your career or an executive looking for leadership coaching. Also, they provide a free introductory consultation to learn more about your needs.

What Should Career Coaching Certification Programs Have?

Here are some things to consider while choosing a career coaching certification program:

  • Accreditation: An ICF or AC-accredited program is best. This guarantees the curriculum is high-quality and rigorous.
  • Practice: Career coaching certification should cover assessment, goal planning, and marketing. Coaching-passionate professionals should lead the training.
  • Experience: The certification program should give coaching experience. This will help you coach and comprehend client work.
  • Evaluation: Testing or case studies should be part of the career coach certification program. Most evaluators are trained professionals.
  • Support: The training course should provide graduates with tools, networking, and online forums. This will help you learn new coaching methods and network with other career coaches.

Top Career Coaching Certifications

Let’s get started! Six top-rated career coaching certification programs are available today. They include:

#1. World Coach Institute

The ICF-accredited Global Coach Institute’s Career Coach Certification Program. Coaching training includes assessment, goal setting, and marketing. Coaching practice is included. Coaching-passionate professionals lead the program. The program also offers networking, resources, and assistance. It is costly and time-consuming.

#2. Career Coach Certification Program

The University of Illinois at Springfield Career Coach Certification Program teaches career coaches how to succeed. The four-course, two-elective program is for bachelor’s degree holders. This program helps individuals help others accomplish their career goals. They also assess needs and establish career strategies. An online learning portal and career coaching community are also available. The program is costly and time-consuming. The program’s skills and knowledge are transferable, making it a worthwhile investment.

#3. IAP College

A comprehensive and inexpensive certification program is the IAP College Career Coach Certification Program. $377 for 12 weeks. Coaching or counseling expertise is helpful but not essential. This certification also gives you access to a private forum to ask questions and network with other coaches, a certificate, and the right to use the IAP College logo on your website and marketing materials.

#4. NCDA-Certified Career Counseling

The National Career Development Association (NCDA) certifies career counselors who desire to exhibit their expertise. NCDA Certified Career Counseling costs vary by membership level. Professionals pay $595 and regulars pay $395. NCDA-Certified Career Counselors must pass a single exam within two years after purchase. The NCDA Certified Career Counseling certification requires two years of career counseling experience.

#5.Career Development Network

Three-year Career Development Network credential. The $1,500 certification includes an online forum, a self-paced course, and career development mentoring from a trained expert. No requirements, 120-hour program. In addition, a certified career development professional, an online forum, and a self-paced course are certification benefits. The certification’s cost and self-paced course are drawbacks. Your career choice determines how you use the qualification. Career changers can use it.

#6. Udemy Career Coaching Certification

The graduate and postgraduate Udemy Career Coaching Certification is new. There are no requirements, it takes 12 hours. A two-year certification costs $199. The Udemy Career Coaching Certification includes an email course, a forum, and a certificate. Students can connect with other career coaches. It’s unaccredited. It expires after two years. Udemy Career Coaching Certification is best for industry-specific experience. It complements other qualifications and degrees.

What Are the Benefits of Career Coaching?

  • Giving you a sense of who you are as a professional and at work.
  • Assisting in determining the ideal position and employer profile for you.
  • Assisting you in becoming crystal clear and career-focused about what comes next.
  • Presenting an objective viewpoint on you and your circumstances 

What Is the Difference Between Career Coaching and Mentoring?

A mentor is someone who imparts their knowledge, expertise, and/or experience in order to aid another person’s growth and development. A coach is a person who counsels a client on their objectives and aids them in realizing their full potential.

What Questions Does a Career Coach Ask? 

Examples of coaching questions:

  • What are your objectives?
  • What holds the biggest significance for you?
  • Have you taken any action to date to fulfill your objectives?
  • What schedule do you have in place to accomplish your objectives?

What Are the Steps of Career Coaching?

  • Career guidance on how to handle particular difficulties.
  • Assistance with making a job transition.
  • Methods for formalizing some of your career planning objectives.
  • Determining one’s career goals.
  • Making a plan to aid in obtaining your ideal position.

What Should I Prepare for Career Coaching?

How to get ready for a coaching session in your job:

  • Take a moment to think.
  • Take a career appraisal into consideration.
  • Develop a growth attitude.
  • Consider what you hope to gain from the coaching experience.
  • Decide what aspects of your current position you appreciate (and dislike).
  • Get rooted in your goal.

What Is a Career Coaching Plan?

It offers advice on mobility, skills, and career preparation. Attend individual coaching sessions, learn how to evaluate your values and capabilities in relation to your professional life, determine how you may advance in your present position, improve your resume-writing abilities, and create a career plan.


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