SEO SPECIALISTS: Definition, Salary, Duties & How to Become One


Consider that your organization assists in bringing clean water to remote areas in Guatemala. A volunteer might enter “water project Guatemala” into Google to find an organization to which they can contribute their time. The volunteer doesn’t look past the third page of Google search results because your organization is buried there. You lose out on chances to recruit more volunteers and, of course, more donations as a result. Fortunately, there are many resources available that can assist you in strengthening your SEO strategy, including professionals who have devoted a significant portion of their professional lives to understanding search engine complexity. The list of the top local SEO experts, the certification course required to become a freelance SEO, and the salary applicable to SEO specialists will all be discussed in this post.

Best SEO Specialists

Do you want to boost your website’s SEO? There are a lot of freelance SEO specialists available that are willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you to help you out. You should follow the greatest freelance SEO specialists on the list I have put together to learn more about SEO.

Your brand’s exposure and position at the top of search results depend heavily on SEO. You may encounter several challenges in getting your website ranked on the first few pages of search results if you are a beginner and have no prior knowledge of SEO. So let’s get started on the list right away without wasting any more time.

List of the Best SEO Specialists in 2023

You have arrived at the ideal location if you are searching for the best freelance SEO specialists worldwide. The world’s top freelance SEO specialists are listed below.

#1. Brian Dean

As a leading SEO specialist, Brian Dean has earned the titles of “brilliant entrepreneur” and “SEO genius” from Inc Magazine and, respectively. Forbes has ranked, Brian’s award-winning blog, as one of the top blogs to follow. He founded the Backlinko blog and YouTube channel and is an SEO expert.

#2. Sandy Rowley

One of the top SEO consultants is Sandy Rowley, an entrepreneur, author, and expert in search engine optimization. She is the creator of the digital marketing firm EVOLVE Agency. One of the greatest SEO experts in the business, Sandy Rowley works with customers on both local and national SEO strategies.

#3. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin, a former CEO of Moz, is the CEO and co-founder of SEOmoz, a pioneer in SEO tools, resources, and community. He was listed as one of BusinessWeek’s 30 Best Young Tech Entrepreneurs Under 30 in 2009, and articles on him appeared in the Seattle Times, Newsweek, and the New York Times.

#4. Mandeep Chahal

Mandeep is an SEO expert with over 22 years of experience providing outstanding SEO results for companies of all kinds, including startups, SMEs, and huge corporations. He is the founder and CEO of one of the leading SEO agencies, SEO Discovery, which has 300+ in-house SEO professional teams serving clients all over the world.

#5. Matthew Cutts

The top SEO expert, an American software engineer, and the former leader of Google’s webspam division is Matthew Cutts. Cutts oversees the U.S. Digital Service at the moment. He was confirmed as full administrator after being appointed as acting administrator In October 2018.

#6. Joost De Valk

The top SEO guru is Joost de Valk, who is most recognized for his work with Yoast SEO. Based in Wijchen, Netherlands, Joost de Valk is an entrepreneur and software developer. Yoast, one of the most well-liked WordPress plug-ins, was created by De Valk, a consultant and writer.
Do you know that, according to Google’s advice for hiring SEO, the term “search engine optimizer” refers to both SEO specialists and search engine consultants?

#7. Danny Sullivan

American technologist Danny Sullivan is a well-known SEO expert, writer, and businessman. Chief Content Officer for Third Door Media and co-founder of Search Engine Land, a publication that covers news and information about search engines, search marketing, SEO, and SEM.

#8. Stephan Spencer

Stephan Spencer is the finest SEO specialist, inventor, podcaster, speaker, and founder of Netconcepts. He has written three books under the O’Reilly Media imprint.

#9. The Enge Grou

Eric Enge is a businessman, author, public speaker, SEO consultant, and top SEO expert. Stone Temple Consulting was started by him.

#10. Barry Schwartz

Barry Schwartz, an SEO specialist, blogs about search engines and search engine advertising. Schwartz established and serves as editor of Search Engine Roundtable, a news website that focuses on search engines and search engine marketing.

#11. Neil Patel

Among the best SEO experts, Neil Patel is also a New York Times best-selling author. He is referred to as a prominent digital influencer by The Wall Street Journal, Forbes lists him among the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine lists the company he founded as one of the 100 smartest businesses ever. President Obama named him one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 30; the United Nations named him one of the top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35.

Local SEO Specialists

Local SEO is essential for companies that cater to local customers. Google displays the top results for terms like “dry cleaner” or “nail salon” based on the user’s location. You’ll find it challenging to attract new clients if your company doesn’t appear in local searches.
The top local SEO specialists are aware of what’s needed to dominate location-based searches. They’ll aid in web optimization.

You may read in-depth assessments of each of our top choices below. Every local SEO specialist service on our list stands out from the competition in the review for a certain offering or use case. Continue reading to learn more about all local SEO specialists services.

#1. WebFX

Local SEO is a specialty of the digital marketing firm WebFX. More than 255,000 local companies have achieved page-one positions on Google as a consequence of this expertise. Over the past five years, clients have earned more than $3 billion thanks to WebFX’s success. This kind of track record speaks for itself when you’re looking for a local SEO service.

#2. Hibu

Hibu is a unique digital marketing company that provides a wide range of local SEO services. Look no further than Hibu if you want to combine your local SEO demands with other marketing solutions.

Hibu is cool since it takes a comprehensive approach to local SEO. Listing management, online reviews, and reputation management offer a complete online presence solution. Then, to increase your local SEO visibility, you can add local ranking services.

#3. Searchbloom

Award-winning agency Searchbloom is well-known for its proficiency in SEO and PPC advertising. They have a ton of excellent evaluations from pleased customers on a variety of reliable review sites. Searchbloom’s local SEO technical auditing procedure is unmatched if you want to go beyond the basics of keyword research and on-page optimization.

#4. BrightLocal

BrightLocal markets itself as a comprehensive local SEO service. But with its local citation solutions, it stands out from the competition. You may manage how your business is listed on hundreds of various websites using BrightLocal’s citation builder. You may improve the performance of your local SEO by removing duplicate entries and cleaning up erroneous citations.

#5. 1SEO

1SEO is a 2009 startup that offers full-service digital marketing. They offer support to a variety of small businesses, including those in the plumbing, HVAC, garage doors, gyms, gardening, NGOs, dental, and legal fields.

SEO Specialists Salary

The average salary for SEO specialists in the United States as of April 27, 2023, is $57,609. That comes out to about $27.70 an hour, in case you need a quick salary calculator. This amounts to $4,800 each month or $1,107 every week.

The bulk of SEO Specialist salaries presently varies between $45,000 (25th percentile) and $68,500 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $83,500 yearly across the United States, according to ZipRecruiter, which reports annual incomes as high as $94,000 and as low as $22,500. The wide variation in the typical salary for SEO specialists—up to $23,500—indicates that there may be numerous prospects for promotion and higher pay based on experience level, location, and skill level.

According to recent job ads on ZipRecruiter, there is a high need for SEO Specialists in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as the nearby areas. Local SEO specialists in your area make an average salary of $57,032, which is $577 (1%) less than the $57,609 national average. Georgia earns the 48th-highest salary for SEO specialists out of all 50 states.

SEO Specialists Course

You can master the tricks of the trade for appearing on Google’s and other search engines’ top pages by taking SEO specialists course. You learn everything you need to know to improve your website’s rating from the top SEO specialists course.

Finding a course for SEO specialists that gives up-to-date information is crucial because search best practices are constantly changing. The top SEO courses available online are listed below, many of which could be ideal for starting or advancing your career in digital marketing.

Best SEO Certificate Course for Specialists

The courses listed below are some of the best available for SEO specialists. These businesses and organizations have a solid track record. Additionally, their courses are comprehensive, well-organized, and instructed by subject-matter experts.

#1. Search Engine Optimization Specialization

Because it is a highly regarded course that transforms learners from novices to experts with an in-depth course that you can audit for free, we chose Coursera’s Search Engine Optimization Specialization from UC Davis as the best overall option.

#2. Semrush Academy

The greatest free choice is Semrush Academy, which is maintained by a prominent figure in the SEO field and offers a wide range of free courses on numerous SEO topics.
If you are involved in SEO, you probably use Semrush or a rival to keep track of the rankings for the keywords that are most important to your websites. The free Semrush Academy offers a wealth of information, including how Semrush works.

#3. The Beginner’s Guide to SEO

The Beginner’s Guide to SEO from Moz is a free, simple-to-follow course that teaches you the fundamentals of SEO and is offered by one of the most well-known names in the industry. It’s our choice for the top beginner option because it was made especially for people just getting started in SEO.

#4. The Blueprint Training

Blueprint Training is the top option for advanced training because it teaches you how to start your SEO firm or content marketing company in-depth. The Blueprint Training is an SEO course that teaches you the ability to do SEO for yourself and others as a business if you’re ready to make a significant financial investment.

#5. SEO Training Course

Our choice for the finest course for digital marketers is the HubSpot Academy’s SEO Training Course since it is a free course based on real experiences creating a blog that ranks #1 on Google.
For digital marketers seeking an SEO course that is both brief and comprehensive, the HubSpot Academy SEO Training Course is an excellent option.

#6. SEO Starter Guide

We like this course from Google Developers because it teaches SEO fundamentals to those who are already familiar with development and coding. Because the course is structured for that industry, developers will benefit the most from it.

#7. Yoast SEO Academy

Yoast SEO is one of the most well-known SEO plugins for the WordPress platform, and if you use it to manage your blog or website, you probably already know about it. Also, Yoast is a good resource for learning about SEO for blogs and other WordPress websites as a result. Because it is free, packed with information that is helpful for blogs and other websites, and created by the company behind one of the most well-liked SEO tools on the internet, we decided it was the best choice for bloggers.

What Does an SEO Specialist Do Daily?

SEO specialists monitor website performance and data on keyword position to assess how things are progressing. Due to user dynamics, Google algorithm adjustments, and other factors, the results may vary from day to day.

Is SEO a Well Paid Job?

Yes. ‘Highly sought after’ SEO talents can earn up to $125 per hour.

Is SEO an IT Job?

Yes, SEO is a good IT career, to put it simply. Professionals in SEO can earn well and have a healthy work-life balance.

Is SEO a Stressful Job?

Although I wouldn’t describe search engine optimization as a stress-free job, it does have less stress than many other occupations.

What Is the Top Salary for SEO?

Specialist Positions with High Paying Search Engine Optimization:

  • Search Engineer. Salary range: $92,500-$140,000 per year.
  • SEO Engineer. Salary range: $42,500-$82,000 per year.
  • SEO Consultant. Salary range: $46,500-$81,500 per year.

How Many Hours Does an SEO Specialist Work?

The majority of professionals (59.7%) concur that SEO requires, on average, 4 to 15 hours of work every week.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a concept that many digital marketers are familiar with, but not everyone is aware of the finest SEO techniques. How can you install anything on your website if you don’t even know what it is? If you are experiencing the same difficulties, you should pay attention to these business professionals and learn about SEO from them.


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