Franchise Opportunities

Utilizing franchise opportunities is among the best ways to launch a new company. Franchise opportunities include considerable business support from the franchisor in addition to ready-made marketing materials and strong brand recognition. So in this article, we are going to give in detail all you need to know about franchise opportunities and the top 21 best options, inclusive.

What is a Franchise

A franchise is a type of business where independent business owners use the rights to a larger company’s brand, products, and services to run a single location. The franchisee is a third party who owns and runs the business sites, whereas the franchiser is the owner of the bigger corporation that offers the rights to license their business.

The Best Way to Assess Franchise Opportunities

There is no one-size-fits-all franchise. When evaluating a franchise opportunity, business owners must consider their financial limitations as well as the franchiser’s support network.

Here are a few standards you ought to take into account.

#1. Franchise Costs and Startup Expenses

Every franchisor demands a deposit. This can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few hundred thousand dollars.

The franchise fee should ideally be paid out of pocket (though some franchisers offer financing options). In either case, we advise having at least $10,000 available to invest right away.


It’s crucial to consider whether the possibility is worthwhile when assessing a company’s investment.

Although determining a franchise’s profitability isn’t a precise science, there are a few things to take into account, such as unit growth, new franchisee success rates, and the franchiser’s financial statements.

#2. Systems of Assistance for Franchisees

When choosing a franchiser, consider the support systems they’ve put in place to guarantee the success of their new location.

For example, 

7-Eleven flies franchisees to their Dallas training facility. A resource center with seminars and activities is also available. Even tiny franchise operators might not have as many resources as 7Eleven, so make sure they provide some fundamental training.

Commitment to Time

You can’t run a business and leave after a year; operating a franchise will require a decades-long commitment, ideally longer. For instance, McDonald’s has a 20-year franchise term.

Make sure you’re willing to stay for a while without taking on any other time-consuming obligations (such as an additional career). Choose a company whose franchisees are simpler to sell if you believe you’ll want to quit in less than ten years.

Brand Growth or Recognition

How well-known is the brand you intend to franchise? Has the smaller brand, if any, experienced considerable growth in the last 12 months?

These two factors will determine whether running a franchise for a potential brand will be successful. Sometimes choosing a huge, well-known brand isn’t the best option because of the hefty upfront price.

What Franchise is the Most Profitable to Own?

Here are lists of franchise opportunities you can own:

#1. Mathematics

A learning facility for children that focuses on mathematics is called Mathnasium. These kinds of tutoring and educational services have become incredibly popular recently. Additionally, there are other revenue sources available. The franchise’s total upfront cost varies between $112,860 and $148,655.

#2. McDonald’s 

McDonald’s is one of the best food establishments to grow into a global food chain. Worldwide, there were about 40,031 McDonald’s franchises in operation.

One of the sectors with the quickest rate of growth is the franchise business, which may present the ideal chance for financial development. The company’s annual income and location count are also reliable signs that it is the most lucrative franchise to buy.

#3. The Maids 

The Maids has been a franchise for more than 40 years, and the company’s strong support system is supported by the data. The company claims that the annual revenue of the typical Maids franchise is around $1.1 million and that the most profitable franchise earned $6.5 million in 2017. Additionally, compared to most other cleaning franchise possibilities available, their initial franchise fee and other startup expenditures are far lower. The initial investment is under $200,000 at the high end. In total, you should budget $200,000 for your first year of operating a Maids franchise.

#4. Dunkin Donuts

Due to its high-quality doughnuts and coffee, Dunkin Donuts is the most well-known brand. Next on our list, it is one of the highest-earning franchises both domestically and internationally.

The business expanded from a modest coffee shop in the 1950s to become one of the biggest food franchises in the world.

Dunkin’ Donuts is the fastest-growing food business and one of the most successful franchises, with more than 11,300 locations worldwide. The business additionally offers franchises to suitable candidates.

#5. Pearle Vision 

When Pearle Vision was established in 1961, it revolutionized eye care by combining the retail and medical worlds under one roof. This business strategy is still effective today. Since Luxottica, the biggest eyewear company in the world, now owns them, Pearle Vision franchise owners have access to a wide selection of both mid-range and designer glasses and sunglasses. All of this points to a franchise system with a sizable opportunity for revenue generation: In 2018, Pearle Vision locations with optometrists generated an average of $1.325 million in revenue, of which $1.04 million came from retail sales.

#6. Taco Bell 

If you want to enjoy regular, incredibly rewarding profits, Taco Bell is another well-known fast food chain that you must take into account. It is one of the market’s safest choices and is renowned for its distinctive and cutting-edge products as well as regular menu updates.

#7. Subway Franchise

 is a multinational food company that conducts business all over the world. They are one of the most reputable brands for franchising and have a higher ROI because they have thousands of stores around the world.

One of the best-rated businesses, Subway has numerous locations just in the United States. Thanks to their wide selection of flavors, bread, and sauces, they advertise themselves as a healthy fast food option.

#8.  Anytime Fitness Franchise

This is the fastest-growing gym franchise, having only been founded in 2002. It provides a range of services, such as weightlifting, Crossfit, and group exercise.

Each year, the company welcomes thousands of new members, and in the coming years, it is anticipated that this number will double. One of the most successful franchise health and fitness business models globally, it has more than 4,000 franchises spread across about 40 locations.

The fact that Anytime is open around-the-clock, every day of the year is its best feature.

#9. Ace Hardware

Three different franchise opportunities are available from Ace Hardware to prospective investors: They can either start a brand-new Ace Hardware store, turn their current space into an Ace Hardware, or start a new Ace Hardware Grocery, which turns unused space inside of current grocery stores into an Ace Hardware “store-within-a-store.” The latter is the more affordable choice, especially considering Ace does not charge an initial franchise fee for these kinds of franchises.

#10. Papa John’s 

With more than 5,000 locations worldwide, Papa John’s is one of the most popular pizza franchises. Locations can be quite compact, and staffing expenses are typically very low. Estimated startup costs range from $130,120 to $844,420.

#11. Sonic

The cold drinks and beverages that Sonic offers are what make this American fast food chain famous. They offer some of the best assortments of food, which has led to their rapid growth as a food chain in the U.S. Sonic has one of the most straightforward B2C business models, which has helped it succeed over time.

One of the companies that sell beverages the fastest is Sonic, which has stores and franchises in 46 states. Sonic is the best franchise opportunity to own if you’re looking for good revenue and high profit by the end of the year.

#12. Planet Exercise

They have been in operation for more than three decades and have developed into among the most prosperous businesses. The success of Planet’s franchise company can be attributed to its primary focus on meeting the needs of its clients.

They differ from other wellness programs, though, in that they actively discourage serious bodybuilders. They encourage users to make changes they can maintain over the long term and a more balanced approach to fitness.

Due to a higher fee structure, Planet’s clients have some of the best options for exercisers.

#13. Jan Pro 

This is a well-known cleaning and disinfecting business with operations all over the world for maintaining and cleaning properties.

They provide a wide range of services, such as disinfecting homes, cleaning offices, and cleaning ducts. It has more than 8,000 franchises, all of which are excellent for a cleaning business.

They have experienced consistent financial success. It is the best opportunity for franchisees looking for more opportunities across multiple locations because they have outlets and stores all over the world.

#14. .SuperCuts 

SuperCuts has more than 1,200 franchise locations worldwide and is one of the most popular hair salon chains in the United States. Its business model is still profitable today.

The company has a long history of offering grooming and hair care products and services. It serves both men and women, making it the ideal option for anyone in the United States seeking a reputable hair salon.

SuperCuts has shown tremendous financial growth in the industry, making it a profitable franchise store in the market. The main reason for the brand’s success is its low costs for a unit.

15. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is one of the most iconic pizza brands worldwide. Its unique business model has remained successful for around six decades, making it one of the best-suited brands for franchising. They had over 18,381 restaurants in 2021, which has increased over the years.

Pizza Hut is the go-to brand for most pizza lovers worldwide because they have focused on making their brand the best franchise in the industry. Pizza hut has also been a part of the franchise 500 counter several times, making it one of the most profitable franchise opportunities available in the market.

#16. UPS Store

This is a division of the United Parcel Service that offers the client a variety of services. For many years, UPS Store has offered delivery, packaging, and other services.

What Franchise Business is the cheapest?

#1. Dream Getaways

  • Initial investment: $9,800
  • 1.5% to 3% of annual commissionable sales are loyalty fees.
  • $336,971 on average in annual sales
  • 1,200+ U.S. franchises are present.

Dream Vacations can be the best franchise for you if you enjoy traveling and want to make a living doing it. The home-based travel business, which was founded in 1991, has more than 1,200 franchisees today and focuses on both land and cruise vacations. Starting out costs $9,800 and includes six days of training in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, company headquarters, website design, invoices, and booking software, as well as ongoing business development support. Without any prior travel industry expertise, Alex Greene launched her Dream Vacations franchise in Fountain Hills, Arizona, in 2017. By the end of this year, she expects to have booked more than $1 million in sales.

#2. Homes in Showrooms

  • Initial investment: $10,000 (*based on statistics from 2018)
  • Royalties: 10% of yearly gross income
  • Average yearly sales are $377,258.
  • 55 franchises throughout the United States.

If you’ve ever marveled at the exquisitely designed homes on HGTV, Showhomes Home Staging might be the right franchise for you. In order to make unoccupied and other homes for sale look neat, clean, and elegant, the company redesigns them with temporary furnishings and accessories.

#3. Photography by TSS

  • Initial investment: $10,000
  • Royalties: Costs associated with printing (costs vary)
  • Annual sales on average are $148,222.
  • There are 176 U.S. franchises.

The core of TSS Photography is taking pictures of sports and school teams. The firm has a long history of assisting people in starting and operating their own enterprises; it was founded in 1983 and started franchising the following year. Franchisees receive photographic training, assistance with day-to-day operations, and sales and company growth support for a fee of $10,500. The fact that TSS doesn’t charge franchisees a normal monthly royalty and instead makes its money by marking up products and providing printing services means that the franchisee keeps more of their earnings.

Is Owning a Franchise Good Money?


Aspiring business owners frequently struggle to find the funding needed to start their companies. A potential business owner may find the strict requirements and risk mitigation processes of creditors to be an insurmountable obstacle. On the other hand, while deciding whether or not to offer to finance, lenders consider the track record and reputation of a franchisor.

Banks and investors might offer lighter conditions and make it easier to secure an initial investment since they perceive a franchisor’s experience and reputation as posing a lower risk than an unknown business concept.

What is the Number One Franchise in America?

The best source of easily accessible and analytical data about franchises and other firms available in the US is Vetted Biz. Our research team has examined more than 7,000 franchises and is familiar with the crucial information and figures that denote successful franchise opportunities. In this article, we are able to create a concise list of the “Top 21 Most Popular Franchise Opportunities in the United States” after doing a thorough analysis using a variety of online research methods.

What is the Easiest Franchise to Run?

Given the huge demand for them, starting a franchise in one of these areas will make running it simpler.

#1. Fast-Food Establishments

One of the most typical sectors that comes to mind when considering franchising is fast food. After all, they are practically ubiquitous.

$500, worth

#2. Transportation

The movement of both people and things is the main focus of the transportation sector. There are several franchise opportunities in this sector, including: 

  • Trash Works; which removes waste and trash from homes whether a homeowner is renovating or getting ready to sell. Additionally, they provide homeowners the choice of driving items to a recycling or donation center. As a franchisee, you can choose your own hours and work from home. To start it, you’ll need $100,000 in cash.

#3. Fitness Franchise

A fitness franchise is a wise choice because the U.S. fitness market has been expanding at a rate of at least 3-4% each year for the past decade.

#4. Services Providers

Companies in this sector offer services like house cleaning, lawn care, and hair salons. If you decide to start a franchise in this sector, a few to take into account are:

What Franchise can you Buy for 10K?

#1. Food and beverage

With the food service sector, you can never go wrong. Numerous F&B franchises have affordable franchise fees, making it simple for you to get started with absolutely no prior business expertise.

 Krispy Krunchy Chicken

Krispy Krunchy Chicken, often known as KKC, has been the nation’s fastest-growing premium grocery store-based chicken business since its founding in 1989. They have continued to succeed. Due to some of their innovative restaurant redesigns, quick-service food is now available to consumers directly from vending machines and refrigerators.

Java Dave’s Coffee House

The popularity of gourmet coffee among Americans who work in offices and other businesses has led to significant success for Java Dave’s Coffee House.

The business already has franchises in a number of states, and it wants to grow even more. This franchise’s inexpensive setup cost is one of its best features.

#2. Fit4Mom

The Fit4Mom franchise gives a lot of opportunities to entrepreneurs to run small businesses that have a significant influence on their neighborhoods. The company’s goal is to help pregnant and postpartum women transition from being exhausted to having better overall health and wellness.

#3. Jazzercise

Jazzercise is taking Zumba and Aerobics to the next level by allowing anybody to join as a teacher and get paid for lessons taught, or as a franchise owner and be in charge of hiring your own instructors and purchasing your own equipment. For your convenience, they offer updated routines, training, a music playlist, and all of these things in one package.

Why do Most Franchise Fall?

Franchisees struggle for a variety of diverse and particular reasons, but in my opinion, these are the primary ones:

#1. They do not desire to be Business Owners

When it comes to running a business and being your own boss, franchisees occasionally lack the genuine motivation necessary to succeed. It’s not a good idea to consider franchising because you’re sick of your boss or are having a bad day at work. You should not rush into starting a business because it can have a significant influence on your personal, professional, and financial lives. Once more, franchising is not a solution to or a way out of a miserable job or a long commute.

#2. Low Effort or Dedication

A lot of work goes into becoming a business owner. Whether you are looking at franchising full-time or part-time, you must put in the effort required to succeed and/or appoint capable management. Do your research thoroughly to ensure that you are aware of all the requirements and the work required to meet them. If you are unable to devote the necessary time and effort, franchising, or at least the brand you are considering, is not for you.

#3. Lacking in Skills

If you suffer in your current position due to a lack of fundamental abilities, such as time management, management, operations, and sales, similar deficiencies will follow you into business ownership. According to my experience, management and sales often have the most skill gaps. For some franchises, this is a significant challenge. The outcomes won’t be ideal if you can’t manage or sell, which are essential to the franchise. Get clear on the essential key skills during discovery, and be honest with yourself. Joining that brand will be a mistake if you lack them.

#4. Undercapitalization

Money is needed for corporate operations. The initial capital investment is the first obstacle, but it is only the start. Until the franchise starts to generate positive cash flow, working capital (the cash needed to keep the business functioning) is essential. Poor performance is frequently caused by a lack of working capital because when a business is run on a shoestring budget, it is shortchanged. For instance, if you can’t invest money in marketing and sales, your organization would suffer. Examine the FDD, and during validation, inquire with the franchisees about the amount of funding required and any unexpected costs or cash flow difficulties. Many firms fail due to poor financial strategy and execution.


As we previously discussed, you must conduct research to choose the franchise that will be the most profitable and also provide many opportunities for you. It’s a good idea to speak with as many current franchisees from each franchise as you’re contemplating, in addition to analyzing your potential franchisor’s FDD inside the larger franchise agreement (preferably with the assistance of your lawyer or accountant). The most accurate technique to get comprehensive and useful responses to the subject of profitability is in this manner.


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