How To Sell Concert Tickets: Step-by-Step Guide

How to sell concert tickets

Have you ever thought of how to sell your concert tickets? Then you should know that before selling tickets, your goal as an event marketer or organizer is to build a strong early demand for your event.

How, then, can you go about these ticket sales? Read on and find the step-by-step guide on concert tickets sale.

How To Sell Concert Tickets

#1. Use Online Ticket Sales.

There were 1.8 billion internet purchases done just in the past year. The smartphone was the most commonly used device for digital shopping worldwide as of the first quarter of 2019. One of the most important business trends you can leverage to increase your sales in the upcoming year and beyond is the popularity of mobile for both big-ticket and small-ticket transactions.

To sell event tickets on mobile, in addition to having a conventional ticketing website, make sure your website is mobile-friendly or has an app. This mobile sales platform makes it extremely simple for prospective attendees to sign up for your concert on their mobile devices.

#2. Initiate a Referral Scheme.

If your ticket sales are underwhelming, it’s possible that you’re not meeting enough prospects, like most salesmen. It generated only 250 or fewer leads in the past year, according to 66.7% of survey participants.

Additionally, it is a numbers game, even if there is no hard and fast rule for how many leads are often required to close a transaction. This is only one of the several benefits of referral systems for boosting event ticket sales.

92% of survey participants trusted client suggestions from people they know personally.

#3. Use Drip Email Campaigns.

Sales are typically up 20% for businesses using email drip programs. Because prospects who have connected with your brand over a sustained period are 47% more likely to make larger purchases, nurturing leads through automated and well-timed communications is a terrific long-term approach.

Thus, email drip campaigns are a terrific way to sell out quickly and more effectively if you’re presenting an industry-wide conference or a seminar with lots of bells and whistles.

#4. Display Eminent Speakers.

Having outstanding industry speakers is one of the best ways to sell concert tickets. Create articles on your speakers and their themes after that to help increase ticket sales.

It works because highlighting outstanding speakers is an effective method to boost the legitimacy of your event brand.

A B2B audience will look for your event speakers as one of the most important marketing trust criteria when deciding whether to attend. Hence, flaunting them pays off!

#5. Share Feedback From The Previous Event.

It turns out that 90% of respondents think that positive online reviews will affect their purchasing decisions. This statistic also takes into account independent review sites. You may envision the effect it would have on your landing page for event ticket sales, over which you have total creative control.

How To Sell Concert Tickets Online

#1. Select The Resale Sites Where You Want To Post Your Tickets.

The speed at which your tickets sell and the costs you or your customer must pay will differ from site to site. Pick one or more websites that best suit your sale’s specific needs.

Use StubHub or Ticketmaster, for instance, if selling the tickets as soon as possible is your top priority. These sites see a lot of traffic.

#2. Create Excitement On Social Media.

Similar to how Marvel handles it for their films, create excitement. It begins with oblique allusions that pique viewers’ interest and spark conversation. While keeping the performer’s identity a secret, you can leave clues at your concerts to confound your audience.

They should then release progressive teasers. A brief video of the performer would keep fans on edge discussing an album they’ll release at the show.

#3. Apply FOMO

To increase sales, Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) instills a sense of scarcity about your concert.

With a ticket counter on your website, you can achieve this by limiting the number of tickets or even by giving better seats to early purchasers.

People are more prone to take quick action when they believe they could lose out on something unique. The same holds for purchasing a ticket to a premium concert before it sells out.

When used effectively, FOMO can encourage customers to make decisions about purchases now rather than later.

#4. Advertise In Certain Areas

It is more profitable to put advertisements around those areas or times because the concert will take place there. This guarantees that you are not wasting advertising funds on potential attendees who may be unable to make it owing to the venue.

#5. Make Meaningful And Distinct Hashtags.

You can reach out to your speakers and attendance audiences by using a distinctive hashtag. They will draw attention to your event when they use the hashtag when discussing it with their followers, which will increase the visibility of your event.

How To Sell Concert Tickets on Facebook

#1. Make A Facebook Event For Your Excursions Or Other Events.

Can you accomplish that? The answer is “yes”! It’s not just for lectures, games, shows, meet-ups, and parties to create a Facebook event.

No laws will be broken here, so don’t worry. Additionally, given that they are still enjoyable activities taking place nearby, excursions and activities are fundamental events. Even if they regularly happen and are not isolated occurrences.

The chance for free publicity is the main factor making Facebook events a wonderful idea. To see what you offer, a Facebook user would typically have to find your Facebook business Page organically or through paid advertising. Similar to getting people to visit your website.

Here’s a quick guide to creating a Facebook event:

  • Go to your Facebook page and select the Events option next to Create at the top.
  • Include a mesmerizing picture or video of the trip or activities.
  • Add a succinct but compelling event title. Your tour or activity’s name works fine, but don’t be afraid to get creative.
  • Add a description and the event’s location (also known as your meeting place) to let participants know what to anticipate from your tour or activity.
  • Opt for a category. Because there isn’t a category for things to do, this is where things become complicated. So, pick the nearest choice; a vineyard tour, for instance, may work with drinks. But if nothing does, choose Other.
  • Set the event’s recurrence period. Using the Customize dates and times button, you can enter all of your time slots or start by entering just one. Make sure to post an event on Facebook at least a week beforehand to allow it time to generate interest.
  • They can include any businesses involved in the tour or activity as co-hosts to aid with publicity. Just let them know that they will have editing rights and to be aware of that.
  • Include your booking page’s URL and pertinent keywords in the Tickets area.
  • Finish the process, then click Publish.

#2. Use A Facebook Messenger Bot To Respond To Visitor Questions.

Forgetting to interact with your audience, whether it be through comment replies or Facebook Messenger queries, is one of the most frequent Facebook marketing errors.

Customer service frequently suffers when your only goal is promotion and growing your following and likes.

How To Sell Concert Tickets On StubHub

StubHub is an online marketplace for buying and selling tickets. As a marketplace for fan tickets, fans primarily used StubHub to resell tickets to other fans, and they designed its platform for doing so for a few tickets to a big event.

You may resell tickets wherever you are because of their platform’s compatibility with both computers and mobile devices.

Listing your tickets online is simple with this well-known ticketing platform: Register for a StubHub account to begin selling tickets.

When selling tickets on StubHub, you must:

  • Make an account on StubHub.
  • Choose the event’s date and the sort of ticket you’re selling by finding or creating the event for which you are selling tickets.
  • List the ticket’s information and your preferred payment option.
  • Examine and release your StubHub listing.

Where Is The Best Place To Sell Concert Tickets?

Although there are many choices available, if you want to sell your tickets in a marketplace, then consider any of these:

  • StubHub
  • Vivid Seats
  • TicketsNow,
  • TicketExchange 
  • Ticketmaster, and
  • TickPick

StubHub makes it simpler than ever to sell tickets. I would advise anyone to try to sell tickets to do it. Even with those last-minute tickets, I’ve had fantastic success selling them on StubHub. Both the consumer and the seller benefit from customer service’s commitment to reliability.

How Do I Sell the Concert Ticket I Already Bought?

  • To access your tickets, enter your ticket barcode or log into My Account and click on your order.
  • Press the “Sell” button.
  • The ticket(s) you want to sell should be chosen and priced.
  • Describe the payment method you prefer.
  • After checking your listing, you’re good to go.

What Is The Fastest Way To Sell Event Tickets?

Selling your ticket online is one of the fastest ways to sell your event ticket.

Where Can I Sell Concert Ticket And Get Paid Instantly?

StubHub. Here is a review from one of the customers.

I quickly and easily sold my last-minute Billie Eilish tickets on StubHub. They were more expensive than I had originally advertised when they were sold in a single day.

Is It Hard To Resell Tickets On Ticketmaster?

No, reselling tickets on Ticketmaster is a simple process. You need to:

  • Have a U.S. bank account to resell your tickets for American events.
  • After selling your tickets, they’ll deposit your compensation normally within 5-7 business days.
  • You must provide them with information about your taxpayers before we can pay you. Please look over our assistance page:

How Can I Sell Concert Ticket Without Getting Scammed

Ensure you:

  • Purchase tickets at the venue’s ticket counter.
  • Purchase tickets from reputable brokers and online secondary market vendors.
  • Check to see if the vendor is using legitimate phone numbers and addresses.
  • Ensure the resale ticket seller’s website is as stated on the address.
  • Inquire about the seller’s bad reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I quickly sell event tickets?

Make the procedure as simple as you can by utilizing the greatest technology. Early bird prices, time-limited offers, and marketing content can all be used to create urgency. Make negotiations with sizable groupings. Spend money on marketing your event to spread the news.

What is the cost of event tickets?

Do some research on the costs of similar events nearby. Calculate the number of participants you’d need at a few different price points to recoup your expenses or make a profit, and use that data to drive your pricing.


Getting to sell a ticket for a concert is very important in a concert. I hope you now know how to do this after reading this article.


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