How To Make Money On Facebook

While Facebook may no longer be the social media darling it once was, it still has a staggering amount of monthly active users: more than 2.9 billion, compared to Instagram’s 1.3 billion, TikTok’s one billion, and Twitter’s 396 million. Facebook is introducing new and intriguing ways to make money, mostly for companies and creators with huge Facebook followers. Here are thirteen ways to monetize your Facebook audience in 2023, whether you want to make some extra money on the side or find additional clients for your present business. But first, let’s know who can make money from Facebook.

Who Can Make Money on Facebook?

Anyone can make money on Facebook. Like anything else in life, you must be persistent and not give up if your campaign fails the first time.

The quality of your Facebook profile will be your best strategy to make a first impression for the majority of these tips. There are many spammers on Facebook that promise the world but never deliver.
You don’t want to be one of these folks because your prospects of money are small.
Make sure your Facebook profile makes you appear to be a real person. Put a photo of yourself or your company’s logo in the profile picture or cover photo section.
Also, make sure you list your city correctly so that people don’t believe you unintentionally posted in the wrong group.

Finally, if you own a local or online business, give contact information and a website link.
You should also consider opening a separate account depending on how you intend to make money with Facebook. You can keep your personal and commercial activities separate this way.
If you want to keep everything in one account, that’s OK if you’re an independent seller looking for a Craigslist alternative.

How To Make Money On Facebook

Once your profile is complete, you can begin earning money. In many circumstances, you’ll be selling things or services that you already own. However, we will also offer a few other options.

#1. Make a Facebook post.

You can publish a post if you only want to sell to your current Facebook friends. Start typing what you wish to sell in the “What’s on your mind?” area. You can also send a photograph of the item.
Posts can only be shared with friends, but they can be seen by those you don’t know about if your buddy shares the post.
Perhaps you’ve seen friends sell vehicles, real estate, and other things rather than go through the inconvenience of selling to a stranger. If you’ve never sold anything on Facebook before, you can model your post after theirs.

Keep in Touch Through Facebook Messenger

Continue the chat on Facebook Messenger whenever a friend or group member indicates interest. This private chat messaging service allows you to stay in touch with existing customers and potential consumers who did not make it the first time.
If you’re continuously flipping used items, keep these people in mind and send them a message when you find an item they initially wanted.

#2. Participate in Local Buy and Sell Groups

If you’re selling locally, there’s a good probability you won’t sell to a buddy. This is why you should also join your local buy and sell groups. Facebook makes it really simple to sell because you can usually create the post in one group and then choose other groups before it goes live.

Consider the following scenario: you wish to sell your car. Most likely, your city or county has at least two buy-and-sell groups that accept used automobile listings. Even if you simply make one post, it appears in many groups, allowing you to reach more Facebook users.
Garage sales and autos are two of the most popular groups. Click “Buy and Sell Groups” under the Explore menu to instantly find groups in your region. You can also search for group names to narrow down the available alternatives.

Every group has distinct selling regulations, so check the group guidelines before posting. Otherwise, the group moderators have the option of deleting your message or removing you from the group.

Form Your Own Group

If there isn’t a local group for the products you wish to sell, you could think about forming your own.

#3. Make a Sales on Facebook Marketplace.

Don’t forget to sell on Facebook Marketplace as well. The Marketplace is a free-for-all feature that allows you to buy, sell, or exchange practically anything in your immediate vicinity.
Although it is not as specialized as local buy-and-sell groups, everyone has access to the Facebook Marketplace, which allows them to simply share their post with their friends and possibly find that particular gift they’ve been looking for.

#4. Collect Refer-a-Friend Bonuses

Do you have a favorite online service that you want to share with others? Word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most effective types of advertising. Companies are aware of this, which is why they provide a refer-a-friend bonus when your friends join through social media.
To share your referral link, send email invites or use the social media share icons in your account. You can earn money if a buddy signs up using your referral link!

More companies that you use on a regular basis than you may think to provide referral benefits. Take a few moments to check if you can earn some money by sharing your favorite applications and websites on social media.

#5. Create Facebook Ads

You can make ads for someone else’s or your own page.
As a business owner, you can run ads to help your company develop. For this idea, you must first create a Facebook Page for your company or website. Consider Pages to be “Facebook for Business.”

Creating a Page is free, takes only a few minutes, and is open to any business or website.
After creating your page, you may share posts with your Page followers in the same way that you can publish articles on your own timeline. Facebook Pages are the social media equivalent of a mailing list; you may send messages to your most devoted followers on a regular basis.
Ice cream shops, for example, might make a weekly post announcing the flavor of the week.

However, make in mind that you can earn money by running ads on Facebook to target those who do not currently like your Page.

How To Make Money On Facebook With Ads

While Page postings might make you in making money, you must also employ paid Facebook ads to reach a new audience. When you make a post on your Page, you’ll see a blue “Boost Post” button appear. You will be directed to the ad maker tool after clicking the button.

You must pay particular attention to three tools:

  • Would you like to communicate with your audience or make sales?
  • Should you target a specific audience or not?
  • How much money are you willing to spend per day?

A significant advantage of Facebook ads is the ability to target a specific audience depending on where they live, age, gender, and hobbies. If you choose, you may also promote it to your followers and their friends.

You may also track the number of people reached and the number of engagements. After the campaign has ended, you can calculate your cost-per-click (CPC) by comparing the number of engagements to the total campaign cost.

If you’ve ever advertised elsewhere for business, you know how pricey it can be in a hurry.
Advertising on Facebook is comparatively inexpensive for paid ads because you may select your target audience for a few dollars as opposed to hundreds or thousands of dollars for each campaign.

Running Facebook ads is a trial-and-error learning process. Because of the low-cost requirements, don’t be afraid to attempt numerous short campaigns with different target demographics for $10 to $15 apiece to see what works best for you.

#6. Participate in Contests

Some businesses and blogs hold contests, and you can enter by posting your link on Facebook or liking their Facebook page. You can also join contests and giveaway groups to learn about the latest possibilities.
Many of these contests are free to enter, so your only investment is your time. Each giveaway is unique, but you may win Amazon gift cards, culinary gadgets, or a new backyard barbeque set.

#7. Make An Investment In Facebook.

This is just another idea that anyone may utilize to make money on Facebook. You don’t even need to have a Facebook account! While this may seem paradoxical, Facebook is a publicly-traded company on the Nasdaq.

The ticker symbol for Facebook is FB, and it can be purchased with any brokerage in your IRA or taxable brokerage account.
Facebook, like any stock market investment, is not guaranteed to make you money. Its stock price can fluctuate on a daily basis, so you should invest and plan to keep it for the long term if you want to profit.
If you want to invest in Facebook in a less volatile fashion, you may buy an index fund that currently has Facebook in its portfolio.

#8. Organize a Fundraiser

While you will not personally benefit from this idea, you will be able to help raise funds for a personal cause or a non-profit. Crowdfunding has grown in popularity as a means of assisting people who are unable to pay their bills without the assistance of others.
You can set up a fundraising page for one of the following causes:

  • Personal crisis
  • Crisis intervention
  • International Faith Sports and Health Education

There are numerous excellent initiatives that members of the Facebook community are prepared to help. The only issue is that they have no idea where to look. This feature, thankfully, helps to address that issue.

#9. Apply for a Job

Facebook also has its own career board to assist you in finding a new job. Local businesses will post open positions under the “Jobs” page.
This page contains full-time and part-time possibilities in a variety of industries, so scroll down and have a look.

Aside from the Facebook Jobs button, there are several groups that advertise internet employment leads. You can join several groups to discover career leads and learn about the application procedure and work experience from other members.

#10. Work as a Social Media Manager

If you’re good with social media, you can get paid to handle company social media accounts.
Your responsibilities may include the following:

  • Social media post scheduling
  • Reacting to comments
  • Creating visuals for social media
  • Tracking Ad campaign stats.
  • Increasing the number of the audience

There’s a considerable chance you’ll need to handle social media accounts on sites other than Facebook. As a result, it is a good idea to be familiar with larger platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.
If you’re familiar with Facebook, this could be an excellent opportunity to work from home and make a part-time income with flexible hours.

#11. Participate in Facebook Groups and Help Others

Joining groups and answering people’s queries is another way to potentially make money on Facebook. Bloggers and business owners will find this a feasible choice.
All you have to do is look for groups that are related to your area of expertise. In some ways, these groups have taken over the role of online forums that were popular prior to the advent of Facebook.

If you’re an astute investor, you can join different investment groups and assist others with their varied financial concerns. You can, for example, evaluate free investment applications or whether to roll over a 401k.

Even if investing isn’t your forte, you can discover a group that is. As you assist others, you can establish a reputation and even provide links to your website to assist the reader.
Each page visit increases website traffic, which can potentially boost your search engine ranks and earn you an affiliate commission.

You must follow the posting guidelines of the group, just as you would with the Facebook Buy and Sell groups. You may not be able to post affiliate links or self-promotional articles unless you are a moderator.
Many groups have similar restrictions in place to reduce spam to a minimum and to ensure that readers receive sound and impartial information.

#12. Create Facebook Live Videos

If you’re not afraid of being in front of the camera, Facebook Live can be a fun method to establish your own brand. Maybe you make films showing how you work from home or use a product in real-time.

Alternatively, you can organize a live question and answer session in which live viewers message their questions and you respond to them live.
As internet bandwidth speeds grow, live streaming becomes more prevalent, and YouTube isn’t the only video outlet in town.

#13. Get Off Facebook and Do Something Useful!

Finally, the most important strategy to make money on Facebook is… not to.
Facebook can be an amazing tool for building communities and connections, but I’m guessing that for most people, it’s just a meaningless way to pass the time.
Be truthful to yourself. Are you on Facebook… or is Facebook on you?
I’ll give them credit: they created an immensely addictive app and website. And, absolutely, there are numerous ways to profit from it. But for many of us, it’s just a bad habit that isn’t helping us achieve our goals.

Here are three strategies to consider:

  • Install the Chrome News Feed Eradicator plugin. This program will conceal your news feed on Facebook’s desktop version. I was skeptical as well, but I’ve had it for years and can’t see going back. This allows me to check up on my notifications and groups without being caught in the never-ending scroll. It’s a major time saver, believe me.
  • First, check off your most critical priority. Make sure you’re making progress on your most important tasks before rewarding yourself with a Facebook check-in.
  • Quit cold turkey. Try going a week without using Facebook to see how much you miss it. It might not be a big deal if you don’t rely on the platform to engage with clients or customers.


If you want to discover how to make money on Facebook, we hope this post has shown you all of your options.
Depending on the strategy you use, you could even be able to quit your work and start your own business.
Making money on Facebook is perfect for anyone with spare time, such as stay-at-home moms, college students, and people who have a debt to pay off.
If you have any queries about side hustles on Facebook, please leave them in the comments section below. Please let us know if there are any additional options!


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