The TOP 100 FRANCHISES for 2023: Detailed Ranking

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There are reasons to be optimistic about franchising in 2023, despite the ongoing economic turmoil. Here are some franchises to think about if you want to run your own restaurant business and are aiming to succeed in 2023 and beyond.

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Top Franchises 2023

It is safer to own a franchise than to start your own business from scratch because franchises have a 2-year success rate that is 8% higher than independent small businesses. Because franchises are more successful than regular businesses, they are becoming a more common form of business ownership. It provides parent brands (franchisors) with an additional source of income, which is very positive. Additionally, because of advancements in supply chain logistics and technology, franchising has gotten simpler for firms.

What are the greatest franchises to purchase, and what does a franchise entail specifically? Let’s look at the responses to these questions and a few of the best franchises to purchase in 2023.

What is a Franchise?

A franchise is a division of the main company (known as the franchisor). The franchisor’s trademarks, operational methods, and other proprietary information may be used by franchise owners. It permits you to promote goods or services under the original brand’s name. By purchasing a franchise, you can avoid a lot of the difficulties associated with starting a new company. A franchise owner would typically be required to make both initial and ongoing fees in order to be authorized to operate the business.

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How to Choose a Lucrative Franchise

While looking for the most lucrative franchise for your situation, picking the proper franchise should be your first priority. People are different from one another, situations vary, and there are other elements at play as well, such as location and market demand. Based on your individual interests, you can find the right franchise in the area where you want to operate.

Which Franchises Are the Best to Purchase in 2023?

The top franchises to purchase in 2023 are listed below in order of importance.

#1. The Franchises With the Lowest Costs

Your financial capabilities will have a big impact on the franchise opportunities that are available. If your resources are tight or you want to avoid taking on too much debt, find the best, most affordable franchise.

#2. Franchises to Watch in Emerging Markets

In a declining industry, no one wants to open a franchise. If you can find a franchise in a market that is growing, you can better position yourself for future success.

#3. The Franchise Carries the Least Risk

Franchises are a well-liked option among business owners because of their safety. There are various options for luxury franchises available, which helps to lower the risk of failure.

Topmost Franchises for Owning 2023

The following are the best franchises to purchase in 2023:

#1. Dunkin’

Dunkin’ Donuts just enhanced its standing as a reliable news source by declaring that it would stop referring to itself as Dunkin’ Donuts and start using the name Dunkin instead. A new non-Styrofoam cup, a client tap system, and a new coffee alternative are some of the company’s emphasis on refreshments. Even while the business continues to sell doughnuts, it is building a reputation for its coffee and positioning itself as the best alternative to expensive Starbucks goods.

#2. Planet Fitness

Opening a Planet Fitness franchise is a fantastic way to break into the fitness industry. One benefit of owning a Planet Fitness franchise is the opportunity to choose your own hours, be your own boss, and make a good difference in people’s lives.

If you’re looking for a business opportunity that allows you to control your own destiny, a Planet Fitness franchise may be your best option. At Planet Fitness, monthly memberships begin at $10. Owning a health club these days is like having a savings account. You put a lot of money into a record, and then you sell it and make money.

#3. Supercuts

Who these days, especially a guy, wants to spend $100 on a haircut? Simple cuts, trimmings, and styles work well for men. Supercuts is without a doubt one of the best hair salons to use as a client and own as an owner since it meets a need for simplicity. For something that will only grow back, a quick haircut only costs between $14 and $21, which is not too awful. $150,000 in liquid assets and $500,000 in net worth are needed to open a single Supercuts franchise location. The total amount invested ranges from $151,370 to $321,020. Franchise candidates must be financially independent while running their new salon.

#4. The UPS Store

Another excellent franchise opportunity for aspirant business owners is opening a UPS Store. The fact that it dominates its industry thanks to cutting-edge innovation that supports its dissemination capabilities, shipping reputation, and immaculate reputation suggests that the public seems to agree.

The drawback is that starting a UPS Store franchise costs more than $1 billion. The two main concerns for franchisees are benefits and requirements.

#5. 7-Eleven

One more of the best franchise opportunities is starting a 7-11 store. 7-11 has been in business for more than 80 years and is one of the most well-known convenience stores in the world. Customers have a handy choice in 7-11 stores because they typically are open 24 hours a day and offer a wide range of products and services.

To assure their success, 7-11 offers its franchisees a tried-and-true business plan as well as a network of assistance. Customers usually desire convenience at 7-11 stores, and franchisees can capitalize on this need by meeting customer needs for goods and services.

Top Franchises Restaurants Opportunities 2023

Restaurants start to turn into franchise opportunities as a result of their success and outstanding food. With their uplifting tales of success in the face of adversity, they also stand for the American ideal. To ensure consistency, whether you’re in the US or abroad, franchises continually try to uphold the ethical standards and culinary standards of their flagship locations. There are several opportunities for restaurant franchises, from quick food chains to family-style diners, that have locations and devoted customers all over the world. According to the rating of the best restaurant franchise opportunities, there are many options for your upcoming breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack excursion.

#1. Another Broken Egg Cafe Franchise

A tantalizing menu of wholesome, fresh food is available at Another Broken Egg Cafe®, where “foodies” can indulge every day. The opulent cafe allows visitors to “feel like you’re on vacation” whenever they want in a cozy, welcoming environment of casual elegance.


To ensure the success of their franchisees and staff, Another Broken Egg of America Franchising, LLC has a strong culture of support. The company, which has been operating cafés for almost 25 years, is in a position to successfully grow across the nation swiftly.

#2. BIGGBY COFFEE franchise

In addition to espresso-based drinks, coffee, tea, and other types of beverages, Biggby Coffee also sells sandwiches, pastries, other snacks, whole-bean coffee, merchandise, and coffee-related accessories.


We at BIGGBY® COFFEE consider running a coffee shop to be a greater calling. No other area of the economy has the same capacity to unite as many people or to significantly improve a community. We keep to our promises to provide top-notch customer service, good coffee, and continued community involvement.

Franchising with BIGGBY® COFFEE is an affordable, low-barrier-to-entry business for entrepreneurs who are ready to build the life they love, with higher-than-average sales compared to the rest of the coffee shop industry, a streamlined business model that maximizes profitability and keeps ongoing costs low, as well as multiple models to ensure that our franchise owners get the ideal location.

We are 100 percent franchised and 100 percent purpose-driven. Their mission for each and every member of the BIGGBY® family, including their great baristas, franchise owners, and vendor partners, is to support you in creating a life you like.

#3. Bahama Buck Franchise

The greatest Sno® is made by Bahama Buck’s, the top franchise for tropical treats in the country. You’ll be surrounded by novel, creative ideas, standout goods, and a straightforward, effective way to cater to Bahama Buck’s Flavor Fans. In order to stay true to its objective of Blessing its Guests, Bahama Buck’s adopts the straightforward strategy of offering visitors fantastic items, excellent people, and excellent locations. Franchise owners that are eager to jump into a hands-on business opportunity are sought after by Bahama Bucks.


Bahama Buck’s has more than 100 locations and has mastered the art of tropical fun by offering Mini-Vacations to its visitors. The Bahama Buck has a long history of surprising guests and coming up with new ideas for their advantage.

Bahama Buck’s depends on its devoted franchise family to lead and propel the brand to the next levels of success as it continues to reap the benefits of expansion. Join Bahama Buck’s and use your unique talents to help the business succeed while putting constant emphasis on preserving a positive culture.

#4. Donatos Pizza Franchise

The Ohio-based corporation Donatos Pizza owns franchises for pizza delivery establishments. In eleven states, there are around 200 of its locations. The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and Ohio Stadium are the only two places that sell donators.


For the more than 1,900 business employees who run its top-performing locations, Donatos offers training programs. For this, specialized curricula must be developed, and management personnel and franchise partners must get continual coaching, training, and support.

#5. Clean Juice Franchise 

Clean Juice offers organic juices, smoothies, bowls, toasts, and other meals. The company is committed to health, well-being, and the power of positivity. Clean Juice firmly believes in the fundamental value of natural, healthy foods.


Franchise owners may completely profit from a thriving sector while receiving significant franchisor assistance by investing in the healthy lifestyle and franchise opportunity provided by Clean Juice.

#6. The Culvers Franchise 

The majority of Culver’s customers are from the Midwestern part of the country. The company is well known for its frozen custard and “butter burgers.” In addition, salads, chicken, fish, and cheese curds are available.


Franchisees of Culver’s receive access to a well-established operating system with 37 years of practical, proven experience, assistance when they need it most, and the marketing power of a well-known brand without giving up their independence as a business owner.

#7. Joe’s Aroma Joe’s Franchise

Because it blended community support for their favored coffee shop with shrewd commercial judgment and environmental concern, Aroma Joe’s was a success. The business places a priority on providing a positive customer experience as well as giving back to the communities they serve. They provide handcrafted, ethically sourced beverages with many flavor combinations, all-day food items, and “a daily dose of positivity.”


Aroma Joe’s experience feeds your soul as well as your day with its products. This franchise enhances people’s lives by being ardent, compassionate, and dedicated to excellence in the areas they are happy to serve. Due to their handcrafted coffee and espresso drinks, unique infused blends, iconic AJ’s Rush® Energy Drinks, and all-day food options served in a welcoming and energetic environment, they have quickly become a well-liked attraction. Every customer should leave with a sense of inspiration and optimism. Positive effects flow from that for people.

#8. Happy & Healthy Products Franchise

Happy & Healthy Products, Inc. (H&H) believes that healthy food selections should still taste great. This product provides tasty, practical, individually-wrapped grab-and-go snacks and frozen novelty items that assist in leading a healthy lifestyle.


Happy & Healthy Products franchisees have access to a well-known brand, premium products, in-depth training, and ongoing home office support. Their flexible timetable and lack of storefront are part of their franchising strategy. They are listed on both the Top Low-Cost Franchises and the Top 50 Food Franchises lists.

#9. Golden Chick Franchise

The Golden Chick chain is a quick-service restaurant (QSR) that welcomes families and offers dine-in, drive-thru, takeaway, and third-party delivery options.


Low startup expenses, excellent new construction or refurbishment design, and comprehensive marketing and promotion help packages are benefits for Golden Chick franchisees.

What is The No.1 Franchise? 


Since its founding in 1954, one of the most well-known franchises in the world is McDonald’s. The corporation currently has more than 33,000 outlets across the globe and has earnings of more than $89 billion.

Do Franchise Owners Get Rich? 

Owning a franchise has the potential to make you incredibly wealthy, but this is not a given. Your ability to generate money may still be somewhat constrained even if you pick the perfect company in the right sector and have some prior entrepreneurial experience or fortune.

What are The 5 Largest Franchises in the United States? 

  • McDonald’s. 
  • 7-Eleven.
  • KFC. 
  • Burger King.
  • Domino.

What is the Most Sold Franchise? 

The most sold franchise include: 

  • Pokémon costs $92.121 billion.
  • Hello Kitty costs $80.026 billion.
  • Winnie the Pooh costs $75.034 billion.
  • Mickey Mouse and Friends costs $70.587 billion.
  • Star Wars costs $65.631 billion
  • Apanman costs $60.285 billion

What is The Most Successful Franchise? 


The corporation has annual global sales of over $90 billion and has the biggest franchise system ever. There are few areas where you can’t buy a Big Mac, with approximately 40,000 locations worldwide.

Why Do Most Franchises Fail? 

A variety of market environment elements, including unsatisfied clients, expensive suppliers and raw materials, rising bank interest rates, and industry downturns, are some of the elements that cause businesses to fail.

What Are the 4 Types of Franchises? 

The four franchise company categories you can invest in:

  • Job or operator franchise
  • Retail and fast-food franchises
  • Investment franchise.
  • Management franchise

Do Most Franchises Fail?

A majority of them do fail. Depending on the franchise you select. Looking at failure rates for specific franchises is a lot better idea than doing so for the concept of franchises as a whole. This will lead you to discover that some have failure rates as low as 10% or 20%. Particularly when compared to a start-up, these might be fairly stable.

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