CALL CENTER SOLUTIONS: 19+ Cloud-Based Solutions for any Business (+ Reviews)


Moving your call centre to the cloud from an on-premise architecture is virtually vital to stay competitive and boost efficiency throughout your whole organization, especially with digital call center solutions projects dominating today’s business landscape.

Virtual agents can naturally talk with clients and assist human agents in obtaining information needed to tackle more complicated problems that come through the call centre.

Partnering with a cloud-based company to help your migration is a crucial factor to consider when shifting your contact centre to the cloud.

Call centres are no longer solely for large enterprises. Any company can set up a call centre thanks to modern technology.

You’ll need an effective call centre solution that allows your service team to do their best work if you want to provide excellent phone assistance to your consumers. Customers will be put on hold if there isn’t a good solution in place, and operators will struggle to address questions.

Choosing the appropriate tools to develop your call centre is crucial, whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation.

This article will give you a rundown of the best call centre software solutions on the market for your business.

Call Center Solutions

A call center solution is a platform for handling client calls and interactions that is available via the internet.

Your ability to provide excellent customer service can make or break your company. A cloud call center’s core and value proposition is to provide a pleasurable experience across numerous channels.

Customers that engage with your business and have a pleasant experience doing so become brand advocates, resulting in increased customer retention, revenue, and loyalty.

Customers can effortlessly interact with your company in a multi-channel approach by leveraging voice and chatbots to receive prompt remedies to their issues by creating a call center in the cloud.

Why call center solutions

There are many benefits of using these solutions. They generally come under three main categories:

  • Improve customer experience
  • Scale your contact center elastically
  • Add communications channels easily
  • Global reach

Improve customer experience

All of the advantages of a cloud-based contact center eventually boil down to one thing: better customer experience.

Assume your company operates an inbound call center. Your consumers are contacting you because they are looking for something that isn’t available on your website or app; they may require technical assistance or want to place an order.

Your consumers expect to be connected to someone who can help them straight quickly, whether they contact your company by phone, in-app chat, or social media.

What kind of customer experience do you believe you’re providing if your consumers are stuck on hold or, worse, trapped in an endless IVR menu? This experience has a direct impact on the bottom line of your company.

Of course, you would never intentionally create a negative consumer experience. It might be tough to keep up with changing customer expectations when using legacy contact center technology.

APIs, on the other hand, can help you develop an experience that anticipates your clients’ requirements and gives excellent service.

You may collect information about your consumers from a variety of sources and deliver a customized and personalized experience every time.

Scale your contact center elastically

It’s common for business demands to change over time, so don’t let your licensing and hardware hold you back. Also, as business demands and use cases change, you can simply scale up or down with no consequences when building a call center solution. Are you ready to engage with your customers in new methods, such as video or in-app chat? Increasing the number of agents in your contact center? However, you have control over generating the customer experiences you need to be competitive because call center solutions scale automatically. And you can do it with little to no prior knowledge of telecoms.

Simply modify in real-time as your contact center evolves, without having to worry about capacity or hardware planning.

Add communications channels easily

Communication styles have shifted as a result of digital technologies. The majority of your clients would rather communicate with your company through means other than the telephone.

In fact, according to studies, nine out of ten users globally desire to communicate with businesses via text messaging.

You don’t have to update your entire system to incorporate additional channels like SMS/MMS or social messaging apps with Call Center Solutions. Because Call Center Solutions are modular, you can easily add new channels to your current contact centre.

When your clients choose web-based chat, for example, they are connected immediately from your app or website to a contact center representative.

To deliver better customer service, the agent gains context from the consumer’s engagements in the app.

Similarly, there are occasions when face-to-face talks are preferable, such as when verifying identity, providing content, or resolving visual issues. That’s when you should consider including video in your communication channels.

Global reach

When you want to reach out to numerous nations and regions, cloud-based communications offers a large local number pool and unbeatable reliability thanks to global carrier connectivity. This helps you to avoid having to negotiate contracts with carriers in every country where you conduct business.

You can acquire instant multi-region connectivity and on-demand phone numbers from one platform because call center solutions are cloud-based.

You can give a local experience from anywhere in the world thanks to its global infrastructure.

19+ Cloud-Based Solutions for any Business

Here are effective proven call center solutions for any business:

#1. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk is a multichannel call center system that has won numerous awards. It’s offered as cloud software as well as on-premise software. Helpdesk management, call center management, complaint management, and issue tracking are some of Zoho Desk’s key features.

#2. AgileCRM

AgileCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) and calls center management software system designed for small and medium-sized organizations. It includes a robust feature set, including sales monitoring, marketing automation, contact management, and more.

#3. Freshcaller

Freshcaller is a cutting-edge call software solution for IT, HR, sales, and support organizations. A cloud-based architecture powers the call center tool. Cloud PBX, call center, and inside sales are just a few of the important features.


AVOXI is a cloud-based call center solution that allows you to manage your corporate interactions more efficiently. This web-based program works in tandem with our voice service to provide you with virtual phone numbers in over 170 countries.

#5. RingCentral

RingCentral is a cloud-based call management technology that helps you boost customer satisfaction and loyalty. It’s an omnichannel solution that lets your customers contact you via their preferred channel.

#6. Voiso

Voiso is a high-end call center phone system that helps call centers run more efficiently. It provides DID numbers from 120+ countries in only a few clicks, in addition to customisable dashboards, agile historical reporting, and advanced call recording options.

#7. Adversus

This is a call center software solution that includes advanced contact center and customer relationship management features. Small and midsize enterprises of all sizes and industries that rely on outbound dialling can benefit from this solution.

#8. CrazyCall

CrazyCall is one of the top call center phone systems for sales and customer support. Pipedrive, Shopify, and Hubspot are just a few of the platforms with which the program interfaces. Softphone functionality is also included.

#9. Aavaz

Aavaz is a contact center and telemarketing software designed specifically for outbound teams. Call recording, campaign management, call logging, escalation management, and progressive dialer are all included in this cloud call center software for small organizations.

#10. ChaseData

One of the top call center phone systems on the market. It has cutting-edge technology that allows you to present your consumers with incredible experiences. The software is comprehensive, yet it is also straightforward and simple to use.

#11. RingOver

RingOver is a popular call center solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. With capabilities like videoconferencing, collaborative messaging, and interactive voice, the program boosts the productivity of your customer service staff.

#12. JustCall

For businesses wishing to engage with foreign clients and prospects, JustCall is the best call center software. You may get phone numbers from 58 countries using this approach. JustCall also offers cloud-based management options.

#13. Five9

Five9 is a cloud-based call center software system that allows you to provide your consumers with smart and tailored omnichannel experiences. Modules such as auto dialer, call recorder, and contact center are included in the software.

#14. Aircall

Aircall is a call center management system for forward-thinking businesses looking to boost their sales and customer service efforts. It works with all of the major helpdesk and CRM platforms, including Hubspot, Salesforce, and others.

#15. Talkdesk 

For customer-centric businesses aiming to improve their customers’ experience, Talkdesk is the best call center software. Call recording, escalation management, IVR, predictive dialer, and other functions are available through the software’s user-friendly interface.

#16. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is the most effective call center software for personalizing client interactions. It integrates your communication channels, such as email, chat, and social media, to give your customers an awesome experience.

#17. CallTools

CallTools is a call center software solution that enables you to mix inbound and outbound calling activities. It allows you to streamline contact center administration responsibilities while also increasing the efficiency and productivity of your agents.

#18. CallHub

CallHub is the best call center software for businesses that wish to reach out to their consumers via voice and SMS. It’s appropriate for a variety of industries, including sales teams, political organizations, and so on.

#19. HoduCC

HoduCC is a call center software package that offers comprehensive call center management solutions. Predictive dialling, auto-dialling, multi-tenant, ACD, multi-level IVR, skill-based mapping, and other features are available.

Cloud Call Center Solutions

A cloud call center solution is a company that handles customer phone calls, both inbound and outbound.

A cloud call center, also known as a cloud-based call center, is one whose call center technology is hosted and supported by a third-party provider in the cloud.

The automatic call distributor (ACD) and the interactive voice response (IVR) system are common basic technologies in a cloud call center.

Other modules, such as workforce management, analytics, and more, can be included in a cloud call center.

With a good internet connection, cloud technologies may be accessed from anywhere. A cloud call center can use this to assemble a team of at-home agents.

Being able to hire agents who can work remotely is advantageous in markets where it is difficult to recruit and hire skilled agents.

Call Center Solutions for Small Business

From an easy-to-use cloud-based contact center platform, Call Center Solutions for Small Business makes it simple to manage your communications.

Every call is crucial, and small business call center software gives you the tools you need to manage your client interactions.

Setting up your small business call center solution is quick, easy, and surprisingly economical with the right call centre solution.

Here are call center solutions for small business

  • Dialpad
  • Five9
  • 8×8
  • Aircall
  • Avaya Contact Center

contact center solution

Both ‘call’ and ‘contact’ center solutions assist clients in contacting businesses for assistance. Many businesses use call center solutions to provide phone support, which is a significant customer service extension for any firm. Customers can also engage with call center support employees via multiple channels using contact center solutions.

They can integrate multiple channels, such as:

  • email 
  • live chat 
  • social media
  • SMS messaging

Companies can use these tools to handle all aspects of their corporate communications. Customers can communicate with you inward or outgoing (or both) through a variety of methods.

Sales and customer care teams will be empowered by the correct solution. Customers will be able to have customized, real-time discussions with them as a result of this.

How Do You Solve Problems in Call Center?

  1. Define the problem.
  2. Determine the root of the problem.
  3. Determine how the problem affects the customer.
  4. Check-in with the customer.
  5. Consider possible solutions.
  6. Evaluate each solution.
  7. Implement the solution
  8. Survey the customer and the agent

What Software Tools are Used in Call Center?

  • CRM Systems.
  • Call conferencing.
  • Call Barging.
  • Computers.
  • PBX Switch.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVRs)
  • Metrics and Analytics.
  • Real-Time Reporting

What is a Call Center Solutions?

Contact Center as a Service is an on-premises call center alternative. It includes a complete communication solution centered on scalable client experience. Companies use CCaaS software solutions to build a contact center without the need for any infrastructure.

What is CRM in Call Center?

Customer relationship management (CRM) in call centers refers to a software solution that call center agents utilize to improve the customer experience and increase efficiency. Customer records, such as account information and contact history, are stored in call center CRM systems.

What is the Best CRM for Call Center?

Some of the best CRMs for call center include:

  1. Salesmate.
  2. Pipedrive.
  3. Freshworks.
  4. Nextiva.
  5. Bitrix24.
  6. LeadSquared


With a good call center solution, you can talk to your customers in many different ways. That way, they’ll have more options for contacting you, which will help to ensure client satisfaction. Think about adding email, live chat, and social media to your call center solutions as ways to communicate. Your agents will be able to better satisfy your clients’ demands at every level of the support process as a result of this.

Also read

FAQs on Call Center Solution

What is call center solutions?

A call center solution is a platform that works together to communicate with customers, prospects, or leads over the phone. Traditionally, all of these agents would have been housed together in one location.

How can I improve my call center?

  • Monitor All Channels. …
  • Make Feedback and Coaching Routine. …
  • Focus on Your Low Performers. …
  • Follow Up Coaching by Tracking Improvements. …
  • Encourage Self-Monitoring. …
  • Motivate Your Agents. …
  • Don’t Forget the Fun. …
  • Display Real-Time Statistics Prominently.

What is cloud call center?

A cloud call center is a platform for handling client calls and interactions that is available via the internet. Customers are increasingly using email, chat, social media, and text to communicate with businesses, necessitating the need to modernize call centers.

What is the best call center solution to choose?

Here is the guide on how to choose the best call center solution

  • Be mindful of integrations. “ …
  • Service is a big part. “ …
  • Ensure security and compliance. “ …
  • Look for call volume distribution. …
  • The easier it is to implement, the better. “ …
  • Ask reps if they like the software. …
  • Know the latest call center trends.
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