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Chrysler Logo
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Chrysler is one brand that has changed its logo several times. But there is something unique about the brand, and that’s the fact that every new logo seems to convey a distinct image of the premium brand. Aside from that, it is always an improvement over the old Chrysler logo. The brand is currently under the ownership of FCA Corporation (Stenlattis). Like its leadership, the meaning of the Chrysler symbol has evolved over time, demonstrating various characteristics of speed, dependability, and class. The Chrysler brand has an interesting history behind its models, ownership, and logo. Let’s see what it is about.

Chrysler Logo
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The Chrysler logo is a chic and elegant emblem that reflects the brand’s value. It appears like two wings, has a blue badge at the center, and also a wordmark. The logo has smoother and fuller lines of three-dimensional wings that appear balanced and classy. It is blue and silver in color. The blue and silver color scheme of the Chrysler logo represents a professional approach, as well as the brand’s longevity and stability. There is more to this logo, let’s head over to what each element stand for as well as the brand’s history.

Since the company’s start, Chrysler has been continuously switching up its brand identity by, among other things, modifying its logo. On the other hand, considering that Chrysler is constantly improving its cars, we can understand the company’s need to make certain that its current emblem accurately represents the company’s core principles. Many people believe that the brand’s present logo is somehow comparable to the one used by Aston Martin; there’s no doubt they still stand for quality, luxury, and class.

Originality in Change

Even though the brand frequently updates its logo, each design manages to capture the essence of what it means to be a Chrysler vehicle. I’m trying to say that each and every logo exudes originality and class. The current logo for Chrysler is a streamlined and fashionable design that is primarily comprised of the colors grey, black, and blue. You’ll see the name Chrysler in the blank space in the middle of the Chrysler logo.

Above the Chrysler insignia is a large wordmark that displays the company’s name. It is written fully in capital letters and is gray in color. All of the letters are sans serif.

Chrysler Logo: Elements And What They Represent

Anyone who takes a look at Chrysler’s logo will pick out a few things. The first is that the logo is an emblem, the second is that it has wings, the next is the blue badge, and the last is the wordmark. If you’ve ever wondered what each of these stands for, relax, here’s the answer.

#1. Emblem

I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this or not, but the truth is that most of Chrysler’s logos are typically insignia. The question is, why do they continue to use emblems? Walter loves quality. There has been no compromise on this, even with the frequent change of ownership. Therefore, the insignia functions more like a seal of approval.

#2. Wing

Oliver Clark, the same individual who designed the very first logo for Chrysler, is also responsible for the design of the company’s present logo. When asked about the new design, he responded that the two wings that are located next to the emblem reflect two different things. The first was the Roman god Mercury, whose persona is similar to swiftness, and the second is the radiator of the automobile. If you recall, Oliver is not only an engineer but also an extremely intelligent designer who has a deep understanding of everything that the Chrysler brand stands for.

#3. Badge

The current Chrysler logo has a blue badge, and as everyone already knows, “blue stands for seriousness and professionalism.” On the other hand, for Chrysler, it’s about far more than that. It is the embodiment of trust. The emblem acts as a recommendation from the company to its customers.

The name Chrysler is always in full capital letters and sans-serif font. Chrysler started to use the sans-serif font in 1995.

Aside from this, merely looking at the logo, you will think it’s made up of various typefaces, however, the brand claims it’s called “Trade Gothic”, and it comes in a range of cuts.

Chrysler Logo: History

Generally, everyone has a history, there’s a story behind every brand’s identity as well as its logo.

Chrysler Logo 1924: The Very Beginning

1924? I thought Walter launched the brand in 1925. You are absolutely correct. Relax, it is not a puzzle. Planning is certainly one of the most important steps to success, isn’t it? That settles it. The brand’s first logo was ready before its launch. Oliver Clark, an engineer working for Chrysler, came up with the idea for the company’s emblem. Clark drew his inspiration from several Roman tales and legends. You are absolutely correct; the logo was ready in advance of the public unveiling of the brand in 1924. Why, then, would an engineer take on the responsibility of designing the brand’s logo in the first place?

Because of Clark’s prior experience in design, he seemed to be the most qualified candidate for the job of developing a new company logo. In addition, Clark was the ideal candidate for the position because the design he was responsible for had a significant bearing on the entire Chrysler brand identification up till this point.

The original Chrysler logo had a blue and gold ribbon dangling over the border of the circle. The circle itself is a golden wax seal.

This Chrysler emblem has a lot going on within it, including rope-style ornamentation within the wax seal, a bar containing the name Chrysler in capital letters, and also a series of golden lightning bolts to represent speed.

The official wax seal, which you’ll mostly see as a prize at government fairs, is the inspiration for the design of this first logo. Now, why will they choose something that looks like a government seal? This is because of what the brand represents, which are reliability, honesty, and quality. Believe me when I say that Clark was an incredible force; he was the one who figured out exactly what the brand stood for and incorporated it into the design.


In 1928, a new, more intricate variation of the original company emblem was introduced. The original logo now includes two wings. As a direct consequence of this, we now have something that exudes sophistication and opulence. In 1928, the company used a logo consisting of an image of a wax seal with two wings to indicate speed.

1930 – 1936

When the year 1930 rolled around, the Chrysler brand once again updated its emblem. The Chrysler 1930 logo is a seal with shades of burgundy and gold. Even while I prefer the 1928 version of the logo, the 1930 version successfully communicates the value of the brand, which is luxury and excellent quality. There is one major difference between the logo of 1928 and that of 1930 and that is the two wings. Suddenly they are out.

1936 – 1950

1936 provided a more sophisticated look to the original emblem that Clark had designed. This time around, the wings are present, but, they are floating freely. The silver tint is there once more. However, it now has stripes running horizontally across it.

1950 – 1951

The logo for the brand underwent a significant transformation in the 1950s, and it currently consists of a gold lion rampant holding a red crest on a shield that is black in color. The experiment lasted for a short period of time, with the logo being used on the product for only a single year. Nobody knows why it didn’t stay as long as others did, and the corporation didn’t disclose the reason why the logo changed after such a short period of time.

1951 – 1955

A new emblem for the corporation was designed in the same year, 1951. This time, it was a bird in three dimensions, signifying swiftness and advancement in the world.

1955 – 1962

The wax seal in the Chrysler logo was replaced by a pair of arrows pointing to the right in 1955, marking the beginning of a major redesign of the symbol. The arrow in the front was drawn in black and featured a sharp, angular shape, while the arrow in the backdrop was developed in red and featured a wider, shorter profile.

After some time had passed, the design of a V became an emblem, still in its V shape. An elegant advertisement adorned in shiny silver. The new Chrysler emblem conveys the company’s determination and self-assurance.


In 1962, one of the most iconic versions of the Chrysler emblem ever created made its debut. This time, Clark was not the one who made it. Lippincott and Margulies, which is a marketing firm, is responsible for the creation of the brand-new logo. The Chrysler brand adopted the colors blue, white, and black after the introduction of the Pentastar logo, which had five points. The brand underwent a number of significant changes in 1962, one of which was the introduction of a new logo.

The designer asserts that it expresses simplicity, energy, and flair all at the same time. The logo in question was a Pentastar. To be fair, it does provide the impression of simplicity, and Robert Stanley, the man who designed it, claims that the star gives the impression of movement to the observer, despite what other people believe.

1980 – 1990

In the 1980s, the brand went through several iterations of its logo redesign. They moved to a logo that was based on text. It has a contemporary wordmark that is written entirely in capital letters, as well as futuristic confident lines and letters that are round. The visual identity of the brand is given more personality by the open “R”s that are on the nameplate. If you ask me, I’ll tell you that the Chrysler emblem reveals everything there is to know about the brand. From sophistication to opulence, as well as speed, personality, and quality.

1990 – 1993

The winged seal makes its way back into the Chrysler emblem in the year 1990. The shape of the seal is altered to become oval, and the mistakes are tightened up and stretched out. This time around, the Chrysler logo manages to seem both fashionable and sophisticated.


In 1993, the company makes the conscious decision to pay homage to its origins by resurrecting the original seal logo and making some minor adjustments to the color scheme. When Clark, the engineer who created the first Chrysler emblem, was working on it, he wasn’t thinking about the year 1924 at all. This means that the choice you’ve made is an excellent one. Believe me when I say that the man was prescient. The blue-colored ribbon that had previously been seen in the emblem from 1993 was brought back for use in 1993. The emblem served as a reminder of the company’s rich history and its unwavering dedication to excellence over the course of its existence.


In 1995, the only change that was made to the brand’s logo was the addition of a watermark. This time around, the wordmark was written in a futuristic sans-serif font and was done so in a bold fashion.


Chrysler made the decision to change its logo near the end of 1998. This time, the wax seal was positioned in the middle of a pair of silver wings, each of which included three “feathers” on either side. Right above the image, you’ll see the modern Chrysler wordmark. However, it appears to be solid black this time around.

Although there’s a clear difference between this and the present Chrysler logo, we can boldly say that it got its origin from the 1998 logo. 

2000 – 2008

The year 2000 saw the return of Chrysler’s Pentastar logo. This time, it’s an insignia, not just a blue Pentastar. Turning the Penstatar into an emblem adds a bit of sophistication to the otherwise simple design that was created in 1962 by Robert Stanley of the Lippincott and Margulies marketing agency. It is located to the left of the wordmark, which features an updated typeface that is more conventional and has bolder lines.

2008 – 2009

In the year 2008, the silver Pentastar emblem was moved from the left side to the middle of the logo. Additionally, we saw an increase in the size of this Pentastar. In addition, you will see the Chrysler wordmark prominently beneath it.

2009/10 – Today

The Chrysler 2009 logo is a chic and elegant emblem that reflects the brand’s value. It appears like two wings, has a blue badge at the center, and also a wordmark. The logo has smoother and fuller lines of three-dimensional wings that appear balanced and classy. It is blue and silver in color. The blue and silver color scheme of the Chrysler logo represents a professional approach, as well as the brand’s longevity and stability.

The new Chrysler logo’s “wings” are also fenders, with a sleek metallic gradient to remind the viewer of the metallic elements of a vehicle. The Chrysler wordmark is now written in a sans-serif light grey at the top of the image. Today, you will agree with me that the Chrysler car logo is sleek, modern, as well as classy. While it may be a far cry from the first logo designed by Clark, we also know that nothing has changed in terms of class and quality.

Chrysler or Stellantis

Chrysler is one of the brands distributed by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which was once known as FCA and is currently known as Stellantis. Other brands distributed by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles include Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Fiat. Aside from its sedans, such as the 300, Chrysler is most well-known for its well-rounded, three-row minivans, such as the Voyager, Pacifica, and Pacifica Hybrid. In the United States, the production of a number of other automobiles, including the Chrysler 200 sedan, the Chrysler Town & Country van, and the automaker’s entire lineup of SUVs, was terminated. Ford, Toyota, and Chevrolet are among the most significant adversaries of Chrysler.

The Chrysler brand has become famous in the automotive industry ever since it was established in 1925. The brand was named after its founder, Walter Chrysler. In the United States, Chrysler is considered to be one of the “big three” automakers, which dominate the majority of the market.

Before now, Chrysler was both a subsidiary of the Daimler group and a separate business; however, it is now wholly owned by the Italian Fiat brand and is no longer a part of the Daimler group.

The Chrysler brand has undergone significant transformations over the course of its history, and its logo has changed to represent these transformations.


Chrysler was founded by Walter Percy Chrysler in 1925. He was an American industrial pioneer in the automobile business and also an American executive in the automotive industry.  Walter Percy Chrysler was born in the United States on April 2nd, 1875, and died on August 18, 1940, in Kings Point, NY. 

Chrysler Cars

There are both sedans and minivans with the Chrysler brand name. It’s more of a brand family.  The features of the cars are always on their site, and they encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the Chrysler 300, Pacifica, and Pacifica Hybrid, as well as information on dealerships, incentives, and other topics to check out their page. 

Chrysler Price

The price of Chrysler vehicles is one of the reasons why people think it is not a luxury brand. To them, it’s more of a premium brand than a luxury brand, and they may be right. Anyway, anyone can get a brand-new Chrysler with an average amount of  $28,000.

Chrysler Pacific $37,095

Chrysler Pacific Hybrid $ 46, 978

2021 Chrysler 300 #32,624- $37, 750

2021 Chrysler Voyager $ 28,160- $30,870

2020 Chrysler 300 $27,879 – $35,874

Chrysler Models

Stellantis is the new name for the automotive division of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, which includes the Chrysler brand along with Dodge, Jeep, and Ram Trucks. The Chrysler 300 sedan as well as the Chrysler Pacifica minivan are the only two Chrysler models that are currently available. However, the Voyager minivan, known for its affordability, is available as a fleet model in 2023. The Chrysler lineup comes standard with a plethora of useful compartments and storage areas, controls that are simple to understand, and an infotainment system that features a user-friendly touchscreen. There were several models before now. Let’s check some of these. However, they are no longer available under the Stellantis brand. 

#1. Chrysler 300

Chrysler 300 first appeared in 1955. In 2001, Ralph Gilles designed the new 300 as a luxury sedan, with the SRT-8 serving as a more sporty alternative.

The Chrysler 300 is a full-size luxury sedan that debuted as a concept car at the 2003 New York Auto Show. In April of 2004, as a 2005 model year vehicle, sales began in the United States. 

#2. Chrysler PT Cruiser

What does PT stand for? The “PT” in the PT Cruiser stands for “Personal Transport,” which is both the name of the car’s platform and its manufacturing code. Although it was modified in 2005 to carry about 4 passengers. Bryan Nesbitt was the person who designed the PT Cruiser. 

Chrysler’s PT Cruiser is a compact car with a vintage design that debuted in 2000 as a five-door hatchback and in 2005 as a two-door convertible. The PT Cruiser was once intended as a Plymouth vehicle, but it was rebadged as a Chrysler when it was released in preparation for Plymouth’s eventual demise in 2001.

#3. Chrysler Crossfire

The Chrysler Crossfire is a rear-wheel-drive, 2-door coupé and roadster built by Karmann of Germany from 2004–2008. The two-seater shares 80% of its components with the defunct R170 Mercedes-Benz SLK320. Eric Stoddard’s 2001 concept car was refined by Andrew Dyson before 2003 production.

#4. Chrysler Voyager

Chrysler’s Voyager or Grand Voyager is a luxury minivan. Chrysler Voyagers have been sold primarily in Europe and Mexico for most of their existence. The Voyager was launched in Europe in 1988 as a rebadged edition of the Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager sold in the US. 

#5. Chrysler Sebring

The Chrysler Sebring models are mid-size vehicles that were sold from 1995 to 2010. Three convertibles, two sedans, and two coupés were produced. The coupé shared the Sebring name and some styling cues but was mechanically unrelated. In 1995, Chrysler introduced the Sebring coupe. The Chrysler LeBaron was replaced. In 1996, a convertible replaced the LeBaron. In 2001, both body styles were redesigned and a sedan was added.

#6. Chrysler Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue was a Chrysler trim level and option model whose name was used from 1979 to 1993. After 1993, when Chrysler introduced the LH platform New Yorker, the Fifth Avenue name was dropped.

#7. Chrysler 200C EV

The Chrysler 200C EV models were plug-in hybrid electric concepts. It was based on a shortened Chrysler LX platform. The rear-wheel-drive sedan has a 268-bhp gasoline engine, a 74-bhp lithium-ion battery, and P245/45R20 tires. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 7 seconds and reaches 120 mph. A panoramic multimedia touchscreen controls uConnect features. It also has a “teen mode” that warns of erratic driving and limits top speed. The car debuted at the 2009 NAIAS.

#8. Chrysler LHS

Chrysler produced the LHS models from 1994 to 2001. It replaced the Chrysler Imperial as the division’s flagship. Concorde Limited continued for 2002.

#9. Chrysler Windsor

Chrysler built the Windsor models from 1939 to the 1960s. American production of the Chrysler Windsor ended in 1961, but it continued in Canada until 1966. From 1961 to 1966, Windsor, Canada was the US Chrysler Newport. From 1939-1950, the Windsor was above the Royal. The 1951 Royal’s demise made Windsor Chrysler’s price leader until 1960.

#10. Chrysler LeBaron

The Chrysler LeBaron was a 1930s classic luxury model with a LeBaron body and a Chrysler chassis. It also competed with Lincoln and Packard. Chrysler bought LeBaron and Briggs Manufacturing in 1953. Chrysler’s longest-running nameplate is the LeBaron. From 1957 to 1975, the LeBarons were Imperial’s top models. The Chrysler LeBaron was Chrysler’s lowest-priced model from 1977 to 1995.

#11. Vision

The Chrysler Vision models were full-size, front-wheel-drive sports sedans produced from 1993 to 1997. It replaced the AMC/Renault-designed Eagle Premier. Europe branded the Eagle Vision as the Chrysler Vision. The Vision debuted in Detroit in 1992. Automobile Magazine’s 1993 Car of the Year was an LH sedan.

#12. ChryslerAirflow

Between 1934 and 1937, Chrysler released the Airflow models. The Airflow was the first full-size American car to use streamlining to reduce air resistance. Chrysler’s Airflow was a commercial failure despite its radical design.

#13. Chrysler Pacifica

Chrysler produced the Pacifica models from 2003 to 2007 for model years 2004 to 2008. The 1998 Chrysler-DaimlerBenz “merger of equals” produced the Pacifica. Chrysler built the car in 30 months for under $1 billion. The 1999 Chrysler Pacifica and the 2000 Chrysler Citadel inspired the CUV. The production model debuted at the 2002 NYIAS. The brand marketed the Pacifica as a “sports tourer,” building it alongside long-wheelbase minivans from 2003 to 2007.

#14. Chrysler Concorde

From 1993 to 2004, Chrysler produced the full-size, four-door Concorde models. Fifth Avenue was replaced. People believe the Chrysler Concorde was one of Chrysler’s three original LH platform models and used a cab-forward design. 

#15. Chrysler Cordoba

Between 1975-1983, Chrysler sold the Cordoba models in North America. It was Chrysler’s first personal luxury model and smaller-than-full-size vehicle.

#16. Chrysler TC by Maserati

The Chrysler TC by Maserati was a “Q” body on a modified second-generation Chrysler K platform, introduced at the 1986 Los Angeles Auto Show. After 2 years of delays, the TC was released in late 1989, and 7,300 were made in Milan, Italy by 1990. All 1991 models were 1990 models.

Is Chrysler a Luxury Brand?

To date, this question is neither a yes nor a no. But the truth is, Chrysler was initially a medium-priced car, which changed its focus. Also, the change of ownership has made Chrysler vehicles the luxury division under the greater FCA umbrella. Although they have been able to come up with a few luxury cars such as Chrysler 300, it is more of a premium brand than a luxury brand. 

Is Chrysler a Dodge or Ford?

Chrysler is neither Dodge nor Ford. Ford is owned by another brand. While the FCA corporation owns both the Dodge and Chrysler brands. Before now, Chrysler acquired Dodge, but presently, both are owned by FCA.  

What is Dodge Called Now?

Before now, Dodge was acquired by Chrysler, but they later merged with the Peugeot brand’s parent firm in 2021 to form a new company called Stellantis. 

Is Chrysler a Good Car?

According to Consumer Reports, Chrysler had climbed 10 places, to be ranked as the eighth-best brand overall. The Chrysler 300 received 78 out of a possible 100 points; its expected reliability and owner satisfaction both received a four out of five.

What makes a good car differs for various people. To a sales clerk who makes less than $300,000 in a year, his definition of what makes a car good will vary from that of a billionaire who makes billions of dollars annually. 

Is Chrysler Owned by Mercedes?

Chrysler never owned Mercedes. As a matter of fact, Mercedes acquired Chrysler in 1998. Although the $36 billion deal was said to be a merger, we know that Daimler-Benz of Germany changed the name of Chrysler to Daimler_Chrysler later on. Is Chrysler owned by Dodge?

Is Chrysler a Cheap Brand?

You can get Chrysler cars for $30,000 and above. This is relatively cheap for someone who rakes in billions of dollars, but not for someone who earns less than $200,000 annually. However, the Chrysler brand is well known for safety, reliability, and repair costs. 


One of the lessons anyone must learn from the Chrysler brand is to ensure that your logo communicates your values at all times. Therefore, if at any point you feel it no longer serves its purpose, please go ahead and rebrand.

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