REPUTATION DEFENDERS: The Good, the Bad & 2023 Reviews


Have you ever had a horrifying interaction with a company that you felt compelled to share with everyone? Imagine that this happened to your company, and the negative customer experience circulated over the internet. You would want it gone quickly. Reputation defenders may assist you in doing this so that even if you have a stellar reputation overall, one unhappy customer won’t cost you a fortune in negative online reviews. In this post, we’ll be looking into reputation defender lawsuits for individuals, along with reviews of the company and a list of some of its competitors.

Reputation Defender Reviews

In the field of online reputation management, Reputation Defender is the market leader. For more than 15 years, this service has assisted companies and individuals in taking charge of their online presence.
You might be unsure whether a reputation defender lawsuit for individuals is appropriate for your particular circumstance, though, given the wide range of products and services available in the online reputation management industry. This guide can be used to find out more about reputation defender lawsuits for individuals and how they compare to their competitors.

How Reputation Defenders Compare to Top Online Reputation Management Companies

Our top list of online reputation management firms did not include Reputation Defenders:

  • WebiMax — Best overall
  • NetReputation – Best for ultra-responsive customer support
  • – Best for personal reputation management

You can read the following review to find out why, despite being one of the more well-known businesses in the industry, our research team decided against endorsing Reputation Defenders.

Reputation Defenders was formerly an aspect of, which ranked highly on our ranking. This is very important to note. The ideal company, in our opinion, is to monitor the reputation of your competitors.

Reputation Defenders: The Good and the Bad

One poor review can instantly ruin your online reputation. You need a reputation service that can help you maintain and safeguard your internet reputation since you don’t want to take that chance. Reputation Defenders does a lot of tasks successfully, but it also has several drawbacks. Let’s examine this service’s advantages and disadvantages.

What Reputation Defender Is Good At

If a corporation already has a poor reputation, you can’t trust them to improve it for you. That is absurd. Reputation Defender is a reliable tool because of the respectable reputation of its parent firm. People appreciate their honesty, and they take the time to explain the procedure to their clients. Consider some of Reputation Defender’s advantages.

#1. Personalized attention

You want a provider that adapts its strategy to your present circumstances and needs if you’re seeking to repair or retain your reputation. When you activate your service, ReputationDefender takes care of this by allocating you a unique reputation manager. No one method fits all in this situation.

#2. Swift response

Customer service is meant to make life easier when anything goes wrong or you have a query about a service you paid for. Numerous reviews attest to Reputation Defenders’ dedication to prompt, beneficial support.

Your expert reputation advisor contacts you back after you request assistance, answers your emails, and provides a timeline for when you can anticipate a resolution. Anyone concerned about a negative brand perception will find comfort in this level of service. One way reputation defenders reduce anxiety about enhancing your reputation is by responding to your questions promptly.

#3. Creating engaging content

Reputation Defenders combats poor brand results in part by producing natural content to obscure them. In this approach, Reputation Defenders will have a much more favorable opinion of you or your company on page one of the search results when people Google you or your company. The more positive things people discover about you, the more quickly the negative things fade away. Additionally, the material is of high caliber and does not contain filler, hastening the process of eradicating unfavorable outcomes.

What is Missing from ReputationDefender

Reputation defenders have many positive aspects for individuals, but there are a few important points to keep in mind that can make them a poor choice for you. Check out the shortcomings listed below to see whether any of them render this service a poor option.

#1. Less efficient for well-known websites

It will be more difficult to remove a negative review from a popular website quickly enough to prevent damage. This is due to the approach used by ReputationDefender, which requires time to produce organic material that promotes you.

Anything connected to popular websites typically ranks higher on Google. This means it will take a lot of effort and perseverance to move that unfavorable result from #2 or #3 off of the first page. Less well-known companies and websites won’t go through a drawn-out procedure like those with a strong online presence and a history of ranking on Google.

#2. Expensive

ReputationDefender offers a variety of service options. The majority of entry-level packages don’t offer the better standard of service that people demand and are willing to pay for. Having stated that a service of this caliber and thoroughness will cost a lot of money.

Several people claim to have paid high four figures, some even going over $10,000. However, it’s vital to keep in mind that the cost will vary according to how much work needs to be done on your reputation. Pricing won’t be as high if there isn’t a lot of false material online about your company.

#3. Broken commitments

Nobody likes to be sold a false hope, but some ReputationDefender customers have felt as though this occurred to them after they paid for reputation management assistance. Enough that we feel the need to include it here.
Some reviewers observed that unfavorable search results were still dominating Google’s first page after a year and $4,500 had passed.

Others had more ambitious ideas, but they were disappointed when Reputation Defenders was unable to erase hundreds of comments and reviews. When having a consultation, pay close attention to the caliber of the Reputation Defender lawsuit advisors you speak with and put them through their paces to ensure that you’ll get what you need for the money you’re spending.

ReputationDefender Options and Pricing

The Reputation Defenders toolset contains a wide variety of tactics and methods. Let’s look at the various choices this Norton product offers, even though none of these options have specific pricing (you’ll need an estimate and consultation to know what the cost will be).

ReputationDefender Search Results Management

This is the mainstay of reputation management. What appears about your brand on Google’s first page (and other search engines, such as DuckDuckGo) has a significant influence on how people perceive you.
ReputationDefender employs situation analysis and content production to counteract inaccurate or unfavorable information about you or your company if you want to manage what appears in search results. This gives you control over what others see about you online and lowers the ranking of unfavorable search results, so people only see the positive content.

ReputationDefender Individual Branding

ReputationDefender can assist in fending off false and damaging information, whether you are an influencer, a public figure, or an entrepreneur whose name doubles as your brand. They offer a particular service for personal branding that makes it simple for you to concentrate on creating your brand while maintaining the positive aspects of what people are saying about you.

Reputation Defender Online Reviews

A tried-and-true strategy for improving your online reputation is to increase the number of positive online reviews. This typical service is provided by reputation management firms; therefore, its inclusion in Reputation Defender packages is not surprising.

ReputationDefender does not relieve you of the responsibility for improving your online reviews; rather, it merely supports your efforts to do so. Here, the business provides you with a centralized platform to:

  • Keep track of your reviews on several websites.
  • Reply to platform reviews from customers.
  • Automate requests for reviews.
  • Control every social media account from a single location.
  • Coordinate your publication efforts across several channels.
  • Send out surveys to customers.

In other words, you’ll be doing the labor-intensive work, and you could probably find a tool that allows you to do that for much less money or even for free. The Local Essentials plan costs $2,000 per year, while the Local Premium plan costs $3,500 annually.

ReputationDefender Digital Privacy Management

Everyone is aware of how crucial online privacy is. You’re asking for trouble if your personal information is out there.
Utilizing ReputationDefender creates a significant barrier for anyone attempting to use your information maliciously against you. They eliminate all of your personal information from the web, preventing spammers, hackers, and other bad actors from buying it from bad actors that scrape for personal information. This service also blocks search engines from using your data to build online profiles of you or your family.

ReputationDefender Executive Protection

We have discussed particular services for C-level executives. CEOs, COOs, and other executives are particularly vulnerable to threats to their privacy, reputation, and personal safety. With the help of this unique product from ReputationDefender, you can stop anyone from learning your identity, guessing your passwords, or even knowing where you live and spend your time.

ReputationDefender VIP Services

ReputationDefender offers VIP services if you feel like you need something a little more special than what we’ve said before. This includes customized strategies of attack that address your unique reputation management requirements. This service is discrete and runs by a hardworking team that understands how to deliver the VIP-level outcomes you require.

Reputation Defender Competitors

Use the chosen selection of Reputation Defenders alternatives to help your company or organization. In 2023, SourceForge ranks the top competitors to Reputation Defender. To make an informed choice for your company, compare Reputation Defender competitors and alternatives on features, ratings, user reviews, cost, and more.

#1. Birdeye

Birdeye is the best-rated all-in-one platform for reputation management and customer service for local companies and brands. Birdeye’s all-in-one platform is used by over 100,000 businesses to easily manage online reputation, engage with prospects through digital channels, and learn about customer experiences to increase sales and prosper.

#2. Brandwatch

Over 5,000 of the most admired organizations in the world are equipped to comprehend and interact with customers at the speed of social media thanks to Brandwatch, a leading consumer intelligence and social media management solution. To help data-driven enterprises better understand how customers feel about their brands, products, industry trends, and hot topics, it offers AI-enriched data from over 100 million social and internet sources through its Consumer Intelligence service.

#3. Odoo

Odoo is open-source software that can be fully customized and is jam-packed with hundreds of finely made business apps. Most company requirements, including those for CRM, Sales, Project, Manufacturing, Inventory, and Accounting, to name a few, can be satisfied by Odoo’s user-friendly database. Odoo is a comprehensive software program made to accommodate all business requirements, independent of scale (or price range).

#4. Weave

Small businesses can use Weave as an all-inclusive platform for client communication and interaction. Weave connects the whole customer experience, connecting every touchpoint along the way, including the initial phone conversation and the final invoice. The software solutions provided by Weave revolutionize how neighborhood businesses reach out to, interact with, and engage with customers to expand.

#5. Podium

Webchat, online review generation, SMS text message marketing, and payment processing are all included in Podium’s all-in-one customer communication and payments platform, which operates from a single, user-friendly inbox. The operating system for local businesses created by Podium enables 150,000 customers to make payments via text and credit card readers, conduct customized text dialogues, increase the number of customer reviews, and deploy custom outbound marketing efforts.

What Is Reputation Defender and How Does It Work?

Reputation defenders assist professionals in creating and promoting an accurate and favorable online image, through proactive reputation management techniques.

Does Reputationdefender Work?

Yes. Most individuals and corporations may feel safe with Reputation Defender.

Is Reputationdefender Free?

It is completely confidential and free. Simply complete the form to receive your reputation score in less than 60 seconds.

What Is Norton Reputation Defender?

ReputationDefender combats false or untruthful information about you or your company by using situation analysis and content development.

Is Reputation Defense Network Legit?

Yes. This business communicates quickly, provides a genuine guarantee, and focuses entirely on finding solutions. The costs are quite inexpensive.

How Do I Get Rid of Norton Bloatware?

The best procedure is to inventory all the installed apps, software, and programs on your devices as soon as you unbox them.


Reputation Defenders can take all the negative internet criticism directed at you and stop it from influencing the perception of your brand online. With the help of this company, you can find a means to improve and restore your online reputation using targeted content tactics, search- and review-based techniques, and other methods.

However, they are by no means the sole choice. While is a reliable service for personal brands and Podium is a wise choice for solely focusing on encouraging good reviews from your consumers, we believe Webimax and NetReputation are comparable services to ReputationDefender that are also worth investigating.


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