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Finding a free means to track OKRs transparently, whether you’re a first-time OKR user or a seasoned follower embarking on a new project, can feel like an OKR in and of itself. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of some of our best free OKR software to assist businesses, teams, and individuals with goal-setting and tracking.
All of these are simple approaches for anyone in any organization to keep track of their objectives in a transparent manner.

Best Free OKR Software

Choosing the best OKR tools for your business could be tasking especially as a first-timer. You will need to try different to pick the one that best works for you. That’s why we have listed below the best OKR software you can try for free.

Google Sheets or Google Docs

It’s no surprise that Google provides robust, free tools to track OKRs, given that the firm was founded on them. Using Google Docs or Google Sheets to track your goals is an easy and convenient way to do so. Meanwhile, note that It won’t work until you’re signed into Gmail:


Koan, which was previously only available as a paid OKR program, now has an unrestricted free tier.

The free edition of Koan, like the commercial version, is simple to set up and incorporate within an organization. Further, the OKR user is taken to an intuitively tabbed dashboard and invited to “Create a goal to get started” after consenting to the privacy and terms of service.

We prefer Koan because it is both an OKR tool and an OKR “refiner.” As part of the guided goal-setting journey, Koan provides resources for producing “amazing” OKRs as well as some samples to get the mind working. Koan, like its commercial version, focuses on progress rather than status updates and weekly reflections, which help contextualize performance.

You can try out the free version of Koan.


Lattice is a people management tool that assists People Leaders in building highly engaged and productive teams. You can set business goals, conduct employee engagement surveys, and design frameworks for employee development and growth with Lattice, which includes a sophisticated analytics layer that surfaces actionable insights to help you build a high-performing and engaged staff. Employees are thrilled to utilize Lattice because of its user-friendly product experience, which saves HR departments time and resources. Lattice’s deep flexibility allows it to adapt to your corporate culture and scale with you as your business expands.


15Five is a human-centered performance management platform that helps managers become more effective, people become more engaged, and companies perform better. It is also the most comprehensive solution that combines software, education, and community to develop successful managers and unlock peak employee performance. This is the only platform that offers software linked to the most recent positive psychology research, as it was built utilizing the Positive Product DesignTM process.


Hirebook is a people-focused tool that assists businesses in empowering their staff through meetings, communication, goals, and actions. It also allows managers to check in with employees, gives a dedicated space to share progress and discuss employee development, and incorporates OKRs into everything your team does to ensure that strategy is aligned across the organization. Hirebook’s check-in function allows managers and their teams to easily exchange progress and future plans while also reducing roadblocks. Hirebook helps you to dive down into engagement and productivity while developing closer ties between managers and employees by adapting questions to your organization’s culture. Hirebook also aids in the promotion of accountability, achievement, and accessibility – the winning formula for any successful team. They offer Free trial and paid plan starts from $10/user/month. is the greatest platform for implementing OKRs in your company. Extremely simple to learn and apply. Aligned OKRs allow you to trickle down company-level OKRs to each individual contributor, ensuring total alignment throughout your business. Your one-on-one sessions will be exceptionally productive because they will be focused on outcomes and results rather than effort and output. Hence, integrates with key business software, allowing for faster adoption throughout the company. free version is available for a period.

Unlock OKR 

Unlock OKR is an OKR program that incorporates features such as people maps, goal maps, feedback, and reporting. The tool is designed to assist organizations in developing an outcomes-first culture and ensuring that OKR adoption is a shared vision that is formalized through a joint pursuit plan.

Unlock OKR has a straightforward user interface and user experience, as well as a user-friendly dashboard. Users may simply set Objectives and Key Results, as well as check in on them, using the application. Users can provide and request feedback within and between teams, as well as to conduct one-on-one meetings.

Unlock OKR provides pricing upon request, as well as a free trial and demo. OKR coaching is also available through the tool.


Wrike is an OKR management software used by over 20,000 businesses across the world. Kanban boards, Gantt charts, time tracking, custom request forms with auto-assignment, performance reports, resource management, and allocation, automatic reporting, and shared workflows are all available in one place to help you manage your OKRs more efficiently. Wrike’s 400+ integrations will help you deliver faster. With Wrike, you can also customize your team’s processes to see progress at every step and guarantee that your team meets its objectives. A free version is available. Wrike provides a risk-free trial.


The OKR software and coaching you’ll need to get your company or team on board with OKR best practices. Weekly Check-ins and progress reports keep Team OKRs in focus. Link Team OKRs to the broader Company Objective to engage personnel. Weekly progress reports and live dashboards make it simple to see how everyone’s OKRs are developing. With company-wide clarity on plans to move OKRs ahead, you can save time in meetings. Meanwhile, unlimited OKR coaching based on your specific needs. A free version is available. Weekdone provides a risk-free trial.


Perdoo is an OKR platform that helps tomorrow’s industry leaders transform strategy into action. It includes all of the tools and professional coaching you’ll however, need to get everyone on board with your plan and the objectives that will help you achieve it. A free version is available. Perdoo provides a risk-free trial.

Jira Free OKR Software

Jira is the most widely used software development tool among agile teams. It is used by teams ranging in size from two to 20,000 to manage every stage of their process, from planning to shipping and releasing. Teams can also use native roadmaps to organize their work and keep track of the big picture. So, with a few clicks, Jira’s no-code automation engine helps teams to save time and gain power by automating any operation or process. With a free edition, teams of up to 10 users can use all of Jira’s features for free, forever. Jira provides a 30-day free trial.


From daily activities to larger projects, Asana assists teams in orchestrating their work. Teams are more confident, move faster, and accomplish more with less when they use Asana, regardless of where they are based. Asana is used to manage everything from company objectives to digital transformation to product launches and marketing campaigns by over 100,000 paying firms and millions of more organizations in 190 countries. A free trial of Asana is available.


Productboard is a customer-driven product management solution that enables teams to quickly bring the right products to market. It also gives product teams a complete solution for understanding user needs, prioritizing what to build next, aligning everyone on the roadmap, and engaging with consumers. Productboard is simple to use, allows for cross-company collaboration, and interacts with existing workflows. Productboard is used by over 4,000 businesses across the world to create great products. A free version is available on Productboard.


Trello is a collaborative tool that divides your work into boards and allows you to “organize anything, together.” Hence, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on it, and where something is in the process all at one glance. So, all of your projects, tasks, and team members are organized, tracked, and easily accessible at a glance. New users pick up on the list and card paradigm right away and can be working on Trello in minutes. Trello’s monthly subscription starts at $12.50 per user but there is free version available. Trello provides a 30-day free trial.


You can relax knowing that your team is concentrating on the right things with Range. To also keep your team on track, and get regular updates on goals. They’re easy to set up and edit, and teams can use #Tags for each of their goals to keep track of progress and link them to their daily Check-ins. The range cost begins at $8.00 per month per user but there is a free version available. A free trial is available from Range.


Outperform your competitors by using our OKR system to properly execute your strategies. By generating OKR Performance Reports and Dashboards with a single click of a button, you can make better and faster business decisions. Further, you can use flowy incentive system, weekly check-ins, 1-on-1s, and internal rankings to engage and inspire your employees. Their Performance Knowledge Hub can help you close skill gaps among your employees and teams. Where employee attendance is tracked, and project efficiency is measured using Timelog. There is a free version available.


Intelli strategic HR platform enables performance by empowering employees and provides leaders with unprecedented real-time HR analytic insights. Hence, you can centralize all employee data, seamlessly onboard new team members, automate and transform team performance processes, align, track, and celebrate goals/OKRs, and develop culture with continuous employee feedback. IntelliHR’s monthly cost starts at $3.90 per feature but there is a free version available.


ProjectManager is a multi-award-winning project management tool that revolutionizes the way businesses get work done. World-class collaboration is also possible across the whole work cycle with cloud-based project planning, workflow management, resource management, and time tracking capabilities. So ProjectManager is easy to use for anyone, yet it’s strong enough that businesses in over 100 countries rely on it to make data-driven project choices. cost begins at $14.00 per month as a flat rate but there is a free version available. A free trial is available at


ESM+STRATEGY gives teams the tools they need to create, track, and present a strategic plan. ESM+OKR uses Objectives and Key Results to help businesses get work done tactically. Organizations can also use ESM+CYBER to manage risk, compliance, and cybersecurity. Employees can link goals to the organization’s strategy with the help of ESM+PERFORM. ESM brings strategy to life with automated Balanced Scorecards, strategy maps, dashboards, and rapid reports. Pricing for ESM+Strategy starts at $880.00 per feature, per month but a free version is available. You can get a free trial from ESM+Strategy.


Scientrix creates an environment where all team members and management can collaborate toward a similar goal. You can also match important results, aspirational aims, and strategic goals using Scientrix. OKRs have proven to be both successful and simple to deploy. When OKRs are implemented correctly, firms can experience significant improvements in employee productivity, attention, and company culture.
This software is Ideal for Financial, automotive, information technology, engineering, and government sectors.

KeepSolid Goals

KeepSolid Goals is a top goal management software that assists startups, business owners, and project managers in achieving their objectives. Users will be able to also set project goals and create mind maps, break down goals into tasks, assign tasks to team members, accomplish tasks using Sprint & Kanban boards, and track progress using Charts Reports all from a single platform. Business owners and managers may collaborate on project planning with The Goals’ project management workspace. This guarantees that the new strategies are well-founded and achievable. KeepSolid Goals’ price starts at $3.99 per month as a flat charge but a free version is available.


Heartpace is a cutting-edge Continuous Performance Management application. It is the OKRs management and strategic alignment solution of choice. On a single platform, you can develop links between vision, strategy, and objectives for all personnel. Hence, with great one on one talks and outward feedbacks can keep your employees focused, motivated, and aligned. Boost dedication, productivity, and profitability. The results are quick and have a favorable impact on the entire firm. Small to mid-sized businesses looking to boost dedication, performance, and profits. Heartpace cost starts at $5.83 a month at a flat rate but a free version is available. A free trial is available from Heartpace.


Airbox is a Management Technology company whose mission is to improve the management of B2B consulting firms. We create operations for general services that are well-organized. Companies who use Airbox achieve great performance in all aspects of their operations, including business opportunities, project management, processes, customer calls, and satisfaction reviews, during all working hours. Airbox is a platform for B2B advice service providers. Professional Services are ideal. Airbox pricing starts at $9.00 per month as a flat cost. A free version is available. A free trial of Airbox is available.


Plai is a people and performance management platform designed for forward-thinking businesses. OKRs will help you align and focus your team, and employee-centered performance will inspire growth. Reward performance and demonstrate business values with public acclaim, provide regular feedback to your team, and learn best practices with tips and templates. Plai integrates with the tools you already use, such as Slack, Google, and Microsoft. Your team will appreciate it!

Ideal For: Managers, HR professionals, directors, and executives working with forward-thinking early-stage businesses. Plai pricing starts at $7.00 a month as a flat fee but a free version is available. Plai provides a risk-free trial.

MPOWR Envision Free OKR Software

Align. Communicate. Execute. All of this is possible because of a single strategy execution platform. You and your team can increase communication, alignment, and transparency across departments and your whole business with MPOWR Envision, a user-friendly and intuitive cloud-based strategic planning and execution software. This simple platform offers sophisticated visualization capabilities, simpler reporting, and real-time notifications to help your team be more accountable, make better decisions, and be more committed. Businesses and non-profits can use MPOWR Envision to improve organizational agility, foster collaboration, align strategies across the board, increase goal achievement, and improve outcomes. A free version is available. A free trial of MPOWR Envision is available.


Complish enables remote teams to hold fewer, higher-quality meetings. It’s a place where you can communicate status updates, asynchronously discuss subjects, take meeting notes, set goals, and assign action items.

Ideal For: Teams who desire more effective meetings with fewer attendees. From engineering and product to marketing and sales, knowledge-worker teams have remote teams, supervisors, and team leads. Complish’s monthly subscription starts at $3.00 per user but a free version is available. Complish provides a risk-free trial.


Goals management software that aids in the delivery of meaningful results and the acceleration of growth. Don’t waste time tracking goals for an hour; with our tool, tracking OKRs will be as quick as composing a message. Employees can update the status on key findings during the time frame while completing the Ahundred report.

For CEOs and COOs, having a clear view of performance promotion dynamics and meeting defined goals is a goal. HRD is in charge of enhancing the performance evaluation and goal-setting process. The price of a hundred starts at $4.00 per month but a free version is available. A free trial is available from Hundred.

Anama Free OKR Software

OKRs and performance management software that helps your staff achieve better results, align, develop, and engage. Setting and managing goals and OKRs, conducting painless performance reviews, giving and receiving feedback, public recognition, and managing and tracking one on one meetings are all simple tasks with Anama.
Ideal For
Managers, Teams, SMBs, and Enterprises


Dragonboat is the fastest-growing product portfolio management platform for leaders who want to develop, prioritize, plan, and execute market-leading goods. Product teams can use Dragonboat to link OKRs to initiatives, create data-driven roadmaps, interact with engineering tools for execution, and use past results to shape future iterations all in one place. Finally, a product management solution that appeals to both executives and product managers. Product leaders and their teams must focus on delivering on commitments and driving actual business results. Dragonboat works with businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries.
The monthly cost of Dragonboat starts at $49.00 but a free version is available. A free trial is available from Dragonboat.


Tability helps teams focus and hold each other accountable by removing goals from spreadsheets. Complexity is being replaced by communication. What are we aiming for as a result? What are the best options for getting there? Are we on the right track? What are our options now? Tability makes it simple to respond to those inquiries by keeping the discussion going and putting all of the relevant information together in one location.
Ideal For
Designed for teams and businesses of all sizes who want to define and track goals.
Tability’s monthly subscription starts at $39.00 per user but a free version is available. Tability provides a risk-free trial.

Corvisio OKR

You can use free OKR software to track and assess your company’s goals throughout any time period.
Ideal For
Small and medium-sized businesses, as well as software firms (Up to 200 employees)
The monthly cost of Corvisio OKR starts at $29.00 per user but a free version is available. A free trial of Corvisio OKR is available.


Macorva’s employee and customer experience solutions are user-friendly and actionable, bridging the gap between input and action. Their technology combines frictionless feedback, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence to enable providing feedback faster and easier while also collecting more robust, detailed data than traditional survey methods. Spend less time analyzing and more time acting by providing every employee and manager with actionable next steps for improving outcomes. Companies who want to improve their employee experience and increase customer satisfaction.

Weekly Updates

Each week, collect brief written status updates from your team. This allows you to have shorter, more productive meetings, swiftly identify difficulties, and hold everyone responsible to their objectives. By giving succinct status updates each week, any team that wants improved communication, shorter meetings, and greater accountability may benefit.
Weekly Update subscriptions start at $19.00 per month per user but a free version is available. A free trial of Weekly Update is available.


An innovative Free Objective & Key Results (OKR) software solution that allows your company to track and guide your staff to improve their performance. In less than 30 seconds, you can create a free account and be up and running in less than 10 minutes!

Ideal For

Metrimap is extremely adaptable, and it may be utilized by particular departments or the entire company.

Metrimap cost starts at $3.00 per month as a flat charge but a free version is available. A free trial of Metrimap is available.

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Any organization committed to achieving its objective, according to Gtmhub, must deal with increasing change. We believe that in this climate, businesses will only be successful if they commit 100 percent to a proven cross-functional framework for predicting disruptions, modifying strategy, and realigning execution. This is why Gtmhub delivers the most adaptable Results Orchestration System in the industry. Gtmhub is a zealous supporter of over 800 enterprises and nearly 100,000 users in over 75 countries, thanks to its proven Objectives and Key Results (OKR) goal-setting approach, industry-leading security practices, and integration with more than 160 business applications.

Coda Free OKR Software

Coda is a new document that connects words, data, and teams. It all begins with a blinking cursor on a blank page and can expand to the size of your team’s desire. Coda comes with a set of building blocks that anyone can use to construct a doc as powerful as an app, such as infinite depth pages, tables that talk to each other, and buttons that take action inside or outside your doc. Coda docs have been created for anything from launching startups to scaling small businesses to studying for tests. Unlimited Editors and Doc Makers, unlimited Viewers for $0/month per Doc Maker.


Lattice is a people management tool that assists People Leaders in building highly engaged and productive teams. With Lattice, you can easily launch 360 reviews, share continuous feedback and public praise, facilitate 1:1s, set company goals, conduct employee engagement surveys, and create frameworks for employee development and growth, all while benefiting from a powerful analytics layer that surfaces actionable insights to help you build a high-performing and engaged workforce. Employees are thrilled to utilize Lattice because of its user-friendly product experience, which saves HR departments time and resources. Lattice’s deep flexibility allows it to adapt to your corporate culture and scale with you as your business expands.

Omnistrat Free OKR Software

Small and midsize businesses can use this application for strategic planning, project management, task management, document management, team communication, and business instant messaging. There is a version that is available for free forever. It takes a lot of effort to run a business. It makes all the difference to have a plan that your team can follow. Omnistrat makes strategic planning and execution simple and social, ensuring that everyone is on the same page, making daily decisions, and boosting your organization’s capacity to fulfill its objectives. The majority of strategic planning software is over-engineered and geared toward large enterprise accounts. Omnistrat was created with the goal of making life easier for small and medium businesses. Users are free to use for as long as they like.


OnStrategy is the only free OKR and strategy software that includes a professional expert strategist who will help you design, implement, and maintain your plan. Most CEOs struggle to keep their long-term vision tied to weekly priorities due to shifting demands. As a result, we developed a framework and an app to make it simple to change strategy, goals, and priorities. You get consistent outcomes when your team contributes directly to the broader picture.

Mesh Free OKR Software

Mesh is a social performance management platform for today’s workforce that makes it simple for employees, especially in remote teams, to manage goals, track activities, and exchange feedback. It integrates the greatest aspects of numerous OKR, productivity, and performance management tools into a single, easy-to-use platform that keeps employees engaged by serving as their daily work social network.

OKR Workgroup

Workteam OKR motivates your employees to set lofty goals that are in line with the company’s strategy. It promotes transparency and provides a collaborative platform for managers to provide feedback and coaching to their teams in order to assist them achieve their goals.


Just3Things is the only product that has been proved to work with Objectives and Key Results (OKR). Assisting businesses all across the world in productivity and meetings each year.

Businesses of all sizes desire to increase productivity, reduce silo behavior, improve team cohesiveness and general happiness, and gain a better understanding of how their work is moving.

Just3Things price starts at $6.00 per month as a flat fee but a free version is available. A free trial is available at Just3Things.

Incentivus OKR Software

Incentivus is the only company that combines OKR and tax-free bonuses. Furthermore, they mix everything in an easy-to-use program that is tailored to your business and industry. You don’t need to hire a costly, lengthy, and time-consuming business consultant; instead, you can use Incentivus OKR-software to get started right immediately. A free OKR software version is available. There is no free trial offered by Incentivus.

In Conculsion

Pen, printers, and paper were use and are still being used before the internet however, made it easy to track company-wide goals transparently. Whatever OKR tool or software you choose, you’ll find more resources, and posts right here on BusinessYield to assist you. Alternatively, if you come across any other free OKR-tracking tools or software, please let us know so we may add them to our list!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does OKR software do?

Dedicated tools for setting, discussing, tracking, and measuring goals and achievements in enterprises are called objectives and key results (OKR) software. Makes it easier for management to simply define and track goals for teams and individuals using OKR software.

What software does Google use for OKR?

Google provides robust, free tools to track OKRs, given that the firm was founded on them. Using Google Docs or Google Sheets to track your goals is an easy and convenient way to do so.

How do you write smart OKRs?

Measurable. Making your Key Result measurable entails converting it, if necessary, into a measurable outcome.
Achievable. A Key Result must be achievable….
It’s relevant.

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