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Is accounting taking you too long? Do you hire professionals who charge you ridiculous amounts of cash to manage your accounts? Or do you use exaggerated accounting software that gives you overwhelming results? If the answer to all these questions is a big Yes, then the right Android app for business analytics is what you need. But how to decide when there are as many viable Android app analytics solutions as there are online slots?

We’ve gone ahead and done the research for you and tested several Android app actions and Android app development trends, and we believe we have the answer! So, without further ado, here are the top 5 apps to analyze your business finance in 2023!

#1. FreshBooks

When it comes to accounting software, the first Android app that springs to mind has to be FreshBooks. Indeed, it is an excellent tool for both professionals and companies. Even though this is one of the more expensive products for the task at hand, the best features of FreshBooks are simply too good to pass on. Making it the most complete Android app analytics solution of the moment.

We’re talking about a super-responsive interface that will allow users to manage several accounts on basically any device, all while being cloud-enabled and hyper-secure. Then there’s the automatic calculation of taxes in conformity with federal regulations. Lastly, this software is super-fast billing and compatible with numerous cash-free payment gateways. We recommend hitting that Android app download right away!

#2. Invoicera

Invoicera is another excellent Android app for business, and one of the best accounting solutions for individuals and businesses alike. It allows very fast billing, easy payments, time tracking, and a multitude of other useful Android app actions.

For example, you can get customization directly proportional to the field and amplitude of your business. As for the particularities of Invoicera, we have to mention the hyper-intuitive, multilingual and multi-currency dashboard, the AI operated financial forecast for better expenditure management, dedicated support for over 30 channels for faster contribution collection, billing apps for Android and iOS, as well as the easy customer and employee’s management features. And the best part, you can benefit from the Invoicera Android app guidelines for 15 days straight without paying a dime. This goes for a maximum of three customers, while for a larger volume, we recommend going for the paid plan. 

#3. Hiveage

Hiveage is not only a solid billing software and a very pertinent FreshBooks alternative, but also a well-rounded Android app for businesses that can do wonders in terms of financial analytics. You can easily create receipts, invoices, estimates, as well as expenses accounts, all in one single place. It can even generate detailed reports on your companies’ financial condition.

There is a good reason for which no less than 60.000 small companies are using this Android app on Windows, and it probably has to do with the advanced tools for hourly customer billing and simultaneous expense tracking, the builder estimate for sending free quotes when launching for projects, and the automatically generated Android app notification, which you can plan according to the terms of the contract. It also features advanced collection gateways, so you can keep the cash registers ringing all the time. Depending on the volume of transactions, you can purchase Hiveage from $15 to $79. 

#4. Harvest

Are you looking for a time analytics solution with additional features such as billing and payment schedule? Harvest provides high Android app quality with essential data about both your non-billable and billable efforts. Then, you will also get total shipping from either clients or projects. It will also help you identify the wasteful effort that consumes your budget.

You can then use this information to increase your cash savings. As for the unique traits that separate Harvest from the crowd, we have to mention the high-end reporting programs that provide detailed analysis on your income efforts, the possibility of integration with Google, Trello, Slack, PayPal, as well as other popular applications, Android app tracking for exceeding project budget and payment days, very easy setup for timesheet approval, and, of course, highly useful applications for Android ad iOS. Individual professionals can purchase Harvest for as low as $12 / month per single user, which is practically a bargain. 

#5. QuickBooks

Android App Analytics

QuickBooks has to be one of the most commonly used Android app analytics software solutions nowadays. With this intuitive program, you will have instant access to functions such as tracking projects, managing payrolls, and generating invoices at an unbelievable price. QuickBooks also allows you to be prepared for taxes while automatically making deductions on salaries and wages.

You will be able to enjoy the full benefits of a sharp calculator for project profitability, which takes into account deductions and overheads, automatic reminders on the due date, so you can never forget to make a payment, live tracking of all outstanding invoices, automatic mileage tracking for business travels, credit/debit card integration for monitoring various expenses, automatic Android app updates, and lastly, serial invoicing for larger companies. Professionals can purchase this high-end app for an almost insignificant $4 a month. As for small businesses, The QuickBooks package prices may vary from $12 to $45.

How Do I Get Analytics on My Android App?

Select your app’s Analytics account from the menu under Analytics. See whether the google-services. json file you included in your project has the Analytics tracking ID if you’re having trouble remembering it. Just paste that number into the search bar when selecting a report in Analytics.

What Is Analytics App in Android?

Data and accounts from Analytics may be accessed from anywhere using the app. Get summary data about your device’s performance using this app. For the greatest possible experience on any platform, the app has adapted the Analytics report layouts and features for mobile use.

Is Google Analytics Still Free?

If you want to learn more about your customers and boost your marketing’s return on investment, Google Analytics provides the tools you need for free.

Final Thoughts on the Best Android App for Business Analytics 

To conclude, business analytics software can save you a lot of time and unnecessary effort. Many of these Android app analytics alternatives enlisted above offer free trial versions, so you will have enough time on your hands to evaluate them properly. And once you’re convinced that the software meets your organization’s accounting needs, then you can upgrade to the paid plan. You will have all the time to focus on growing your business, all while advanced software keeps your financial information updated.

Let us know where you currently stand! Did you by any chance use the Android app options mentioned so far? How about other software solutions that you might know of and that weren’t mentioned here? Please feel free to share your experience and honest thoughts with us!

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